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Trojan innovations: Tech Industry

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Tech Industry: Trojan innovations

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If Trojan has any innovations, you can be sure that CNET's own Brian Tong has the scoop at CES 2011 in Las Vegas.

-Brian Tong here at CES 2011 and when I come here, I'm always looking for like the best in hardware and software and who better to help me then, Adrian, from our friends at Trojan. Adrian, thanks for joining us. -My pleasure. -Now, why don't you just show us what you got? That's what we came here for. -Okay, alright. Oh, by the way, we'll start with our latest software-- -Okay, I want that. -innovations, okay? -What type of applications you have, right? -Okay, yeah, exactly! Well, yeah, how bigger the size your applications, I mean-- -Let's find out. -Okay, alright. So, this is our new Ecstasy condom, so-- -Whooh! -revolutionary new design, bulbous tip. -Bulbous, she said. -ribbed, lubrication inside and out, best selling condom on the marketplace right now, and free virus protection with every purchase. -So [unk] better look out, that's competition now. I'm curious about-- I'm kinda interested in this, but did you guys make anything bigger? -Yeah, we can accommodate you. It's-- -Then I'm interested, okay, good. -It's called the Magnum. -Thank you. I knew that. Alright, next stuff. -Okay. -Hi, we've got hardware. -Hardware. -A hardware, our portable wireless devices, hand-helds. -Is it Wi-Fi connected? -No. -Not yet-- -Not yet-- -but-- -working on it. -coming soon, coming soon. So our vibrator line. So this is our pulse. -I'm gonna have to check it out. -Yeah, go here. -Okay, yeah. I'm gonna-- Okay, cool! What else do you have? -6 different speeds Tri-Phoria. This one has the interchangeable heads on it, so there's 3 different interchangeable heads on the Tri-Phoria device. -Excellent! -So, and then we've got our Trojan to go. So this is a credit card-sized condom; 2 condoms credit card-sized, fits in your wallet, protection-- for your protection. -[unk] thing, you have it? And also you guys have what? These giveaways to go? -We have tons of samples, samples. -Alright, excellent! -Magnum, Ecstasy. -That's for you, that's for you at home. -Ribbed, Ultra Ribbed. -This one is for me. Okay. Anyway, we're gonna be enjoying the rest of our time here at CES 2011. For cnet.com, I'm Brian Tong.

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