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First Look: Trendnet's TEW-818DRU AC1900 router is worth the wait.
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First Look: Trendnet's TEW-818DRU AC1900 router is worth the wait.

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CNET editor Dong Ngo demonstrates just how smart he is (VERY smart, that is) with the Trendnet TEW-818DRU AC1900 Wireless router, and reminds us all of what is important in life! You don't wanna miss this!

What. Hi guys that was here this is the -- UT EWX one are you Robert from -- it is the latest. -- 19100. Dual band Wi-Fi router so what is AC 300 while he's not the button in your car. -- -- -- old two point you have an AC Wi-Fi standard. That off with the top speed up to thirteen hundred megabit per second. Now -- -- it -- on the five you know frequency band but these -- you also work on the -- 2.4. Ban. And -- -- it gives you up to 600 -- -- -- the second. So basically and lazy in 19100 router is the one that you viewed the combine a Wi-Fi bandwidth of up to 19100. -- -- the second page. That of course the ceiling the only speed. In ability the actress -- is -- it must slow but steel. AC 900 designation for the past the is Wi-Fi -- on the market now. So that's that actually very cool -- conditioning it make your life quite comfortable being on line. So how fast -- -- -- right well in my testing it was actually very fast. Offering up to 465 and give it the second sustain real world speed on the fighting frequency -- And on the -- what are the badly off closed up 200 and producing -- -- the second. That put it to be one of those three fast is -- on the C analysts in a lot of them so this is very significant he also has. The long range and very stable Wi-Fi signal. -- also one -- the mostly for what route and on -- and it has -- the right of Audi lightness of the status of the router. I love these live because just like laughing -- them and exactly what's going out on the back here he has for -- Gigabit Lan port and want to -- -- wan port. And that means you can use this router he it would even though fast is it -- that rock and some of these. Without having to worry not getting what you pay -- You can also use up to four -- client -- these before having to be used in speech. -- it has to just be port one of them is it -- three point oh and the other one is used beat 2.0. And it is port to host an actual hard drive. And it printer that prints that might biggest complaint about this -- in my testing it could recognize any of the horrible drive I tried with. Maybe the port -- would do not provide enough juice to power the drive may -- are the reason. Is not a big deal really because when it comes to network storage -- -- -- -- -- you need to get a dedicated NASA anyway. Now this -- he is also very easy to set up. And assign it and see that the label we've all that people settings of the -- including the -- Wi-Fi network one for -- ban. And also how to access -- web interface right it also -- it on the bottom. I guess I can remove these plastic you -- you now. Now this router -- actually -- -- it very easy TUL organized wept in if it's an opera. A standard -- -- a feature and -- such as guest networking and and make the it has quality it's obvious I PV six and so are. Now you know I fight a very fast walk horsepower and you view it very robust home network. Among this wanted to check out my full review at dot com you know it's a great -- 180 Dulles which is a lot less than many are those of this inspect. I'd say that this is a great -- even -- -- -- problem I mentioned Aaliyah. That's not because I'm not because -- -- Smart. You see you need to look past the imperfection in the future you don't really need to get the best deal what you actually do. Go ahead and applied that many other things in life. As long as you remember one important thing that is unbelievable -- has been the most as the AC nineteen hundred's dual band wants route. -- -- --

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