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CNET Update: Toys 'R' Us takes on tablets with Tabeo
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CNET Update: Toys 'R' Us takes on tablets with Tabeo

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Toys 'R' Us has its own Android tablet for kids, Amazon has a change of heart about lock-screen ads on the Kindle Fires, and T-Mobile will demo the iPhone in stores -- but won't be selling it.

You don't have to grow up to be -- at your kid. I'm Bridget Carey and this is -- -- -- Toys arrest has made its own and carry tablet just for kids. It's called the tab -- it goes on sale in stores October 21 for 150 dollars -- now taking pre orders we could only -- -- in the stores. It's designed -- -- -- say tablet with safety preinstalled apps for teens education looks. Even apps for cooking and adding status and -- 7000 more apps available through the App Store. It comes with four gigs of memory but is expendable memory card slot. Amazon has changed its mind about advertisements on the lock screens of its new Kindle fire tablets. -- now where customers pay a one time eighteen dollar upgrade fee to remove the sponsor screen savers from the lock screen. Seems Amazon had a change of heart one day after telling reporters that it wouldn't offer way to remove ads from tablets. Although that -- themselves are not a new concept the fact that they would not optional on tablets upset many commentators. Since. In it each year you won't need to download desktop software to listen to Spotify multiple reports are out that Spotify is working on a week for users to access -- streaming music. Through a web browser so you can jump on any computer to listen instantly. Google -- eyewear has hit the runway during new York fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg had models wearing Google -- headsets. The models we're taking photos and video during -- -- And -- -- say the designer will post a video -- but it's taken by the models. T-Mobile may not be selling -- but -- usual marketing campaign will be showcasing talent in its stores. And it will air commercials encouraging customers with unlocked eighteen -- models. To -- money and sign up to run it on a cheaper T-Mobile data plan -- the country unlocked iphones can only run on T mobile's slower two G network. -- some areas have an upgrade it happens faster speeds so before you switch check area has been upgraded. You'll see that T-Mobile campaign kick off right when Apple announces its next iPhone on Wednesday event is being held at San Francisco's Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. At first glance those went to -- house just look like political stripes. But the blog Mac rumors points out that these are super stretched out versions of IOS -- like this purple over here -- supposed to be actions and this -- -- red blob that's you know music and got some -- center over here well why they stretch perhaps because the new phone has stretched out screen widely reported to be more. Of course they would for live coverage when they -- -- am Pacific 1 PM eastern edge tech news roundup for today -- -- is in New -- average.
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