First Look: Toshiba Satellite L655
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First Look: Toshiba Satellite L655

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Though not particularly inspiring, the basic 15-inch Toshiba Satellite L655 has a current-gen CPU and can be found for around $600, making it a worthwhile budget choice.

-I'm Dan Ackerman and we are here taking a look at the Toshiba Satellite L655. Now, Toshiba has a whole bunch of different laptop lines all with letters in front of them. There's an L. There's an M. There's an A. There's an R. As far as I can tell, this L series is not the lowest end. It's a step up from that, but that's about as far into the numerology or letterology of Toshiba's laptop lines as I am willing to go. What you do end up with, however, is a laptop with a fairly updated set of components that's not gonna cost you a lot. This 15-inch model, we've seen it for as little as $619 online. So for that, you get a new second-generation Intel Core i3 processor at a pretty standard 4 gigs of RAM, 500-gig hard drive combination. Like a lot of the other Toshiba Satellite laptops we've seen recently, this guy is the same sort of silvery gray finish. It's actually very glossy. It picks up fingerprints very easily and the standard Toshiba keyboard has become very familiar to us as well. On this 15-inch size, they managed to fit in a full-sized number pad with actually really big number keys, which is nice and some of the other important keys that sometimes get shrunk down like the shift key, the caps lock, and the tab key. Those are also a nice size. One thing that drives us crazy about this Toshiba keyboard is the spacebar. It's super short. And if you're a touch typist, that could really drive you nuts. The touch pad, not the biggest that we've ever seen on a Toshiba laptop and it's sort of very plain, just sort of sits flushed against the keyboard deck here. But these big mouse buttons, we've always liked big mouse buttons, but I'm not really sure why these are sort of chromed and curvy at the same time. At the lower end of the price scale, you do lose out on a couple of extras. There's no bluetooth. There's no high-speed data port like a USB 3.0. or an eSATA. We really like to see those on pretty much every laptop these days, but you do get one unique Toshiba feature to help to stand out from the competition that is called Sleep and Play. And what means is even when the laptop is off or asleep, you can plug your iPod, your iPhone, or whatever into a USB port and it will still draw power whether it's from the AC connection or even from the battery when it's not plugged in so you can recharge and use your devices without having to boot up the entire laptop. I'm Dan Ackerman and that's the Toshiba Satellite L655.

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