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Always On: Torture-testing the BlackBerry Q10 at the spa

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Always On: Torture-testing the BlackBerry Q10 at the spa

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Molly takes the business-minded BlackBerry Q10 for a spa-inspired torture test. See what happens as it's rubbed in massage oil and dunked in the hot tub.

-Time for our torture test of the BlackBerry Q10. Today, I booked myself a spa appointment 'cause I was thinking the thing about the BlackBerry is it's crackberry. You can't put it down no matter where you are. Let's see what happens. I'm Molly Wood. I'm checking in for my treatments. -Okay, great. So, we have you all checked in. -Massage time. I'm just gonna go ahead, though, and leave my phone right here because you'll never know when I might get an important e-mail. Kind of a big deal. Okay. -So, this is the one you do. -Cool. Oh, my gosh. That smells amazing. Oh, no. Oh, no. I got it all over the phone by accident. That can't be good. Sorry about that. Oh, thank you. -Be careful. -These keys seem very greasy, but I'm just gonna, real quick, see if I can type anything. Reminder: do not drop oil on phone. Keyboards are nice. It's okay. They really make it a soak for a long time in these tubs, but luckily, my phone's still okay from the oil. So, I can do a little-- it's slippery, though. Oh, oh, oh. Uh-oh. Oh, oh. You know, I noticed already, actually, that the row of buttons, these ones are darker at the top, which I think may be from the oil. Now, the whole screen's gone kinda dark. And it's, oh, freaking out. I can't say it's doing all right, actually. It's freaking out. I'm so relaxed right now. I hope my phone is okay, though. It's still a little slippery and-- oh. That's not very silent or relaxing. Bat came off. Still a lot of oil in it. I think a lot of oil. The screen seems okay, though. Just one more. Just like, you know, it could happen. The corner is really the key to this. I'm learning. Oh. Oh. But you know what? No damage at all. All right. It can take like a minor drop. But let's be honest. The oil and the bath water, probably gonna kill it. We will dry it out an check back later. Time to check in on the BlackBerry Q10 and see how it handled its day at the spa. I came away very relaxed, in case you were wondering. It's been in a little dry bag here. All right. But we took it apart. Now, this is sometimes the thing that saves these things. Let's put the battery back in here. I'm gonna plug it in. Oh. We have red light. This could be good news for the BlackBerry. Let's see. Come on, little guy. And we're not ready to call yet. Let me just charge it for like a minute. Just one minute. Okay. It's been charging for a minute or two and the light just sort of keeps coming on and then going off. I'm gonna give it one last try. But I don't have a good feeling. In the end, all that's left is the iconic BlackBerry red light and nothing more.
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