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CNET On Cars: Top 5: Future car tech innovations

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CNET On Cars: Top 5: Future car tech innovations

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The next revolution in car technology that is about to go big.

After people stop their heads spinning from the tech in cars today, they ask me, whatÃ?s coming next? ThatÃ?s when I give them a long look and decide if they can handle the truth. But you can. IÃ?m B.C. with my Top 5 Future Car Tech Innovations: Not a bunch of Sci Fi, but tech this is the next revolution and about to go big, ranked in rough order of imminence. ----- Bio monitoring. From the Ford EOS concept that can tell if youÃ?re having a Ã?health eventÃ?...to possible new federal regulations that to require passive booze detectors in all new cars, our vehicles are getting their virtual hands on us toward the goal of safer driving. You know it will one day tell you your fattening ass is killing its fuel economy and then the next car tech trend begins: Vehicucide. Partial autonomy. The road to self-driving cars goes through the valley of semi-self driving cars. Well equipped VolvoÃ?s and Infinitis can already 70% self drive today in some conditions. But Cadillac will press the matter soon with something it calls Super Cruise Control: Automated accelerator, brakes, steering, lane maintenance and adaptive cruise. Not much left for you to do except remain liable if the whole system chokes. LCD Instruments. LetÃ?s face it, dial gauges in the dash are about as up to date as Lederhosen in the boardroom. Jags and Land Rovers were among the first mainstream cars with LCD instruments, but out of most of our reach. But when I stroll the car shows and see the Chevy Spark EV and 2014 Caddy CTS with gaugeless IP, the race is on to dial out the dials. Apps. Connected apps were exotic literally just 12 months ago. Now it actually causes doubting murmurs at car shows when a new car is introduced without them. Kia Soul, Ford Fiesta, Prius C - thy names spell apps and not in rarified air. Natural Voice. Yes, one day voice command in cars will actually work. Carmakers seem to know their systems are lame compared to your phone and are making big strides. And not just because they love you, but also because they want to keep federal distraction regulations are bay. BMW iDrive 7.2 uses a version of DragonDrive; Chevy and Honda are the first with an Apple Siri button on the wheel. All of this gets close to just plain talking to the car, no stilted grammar. The more natural the convo, the lower the cognitive distraction. I make this #1 because it makes almost everything else in the car better. Stay on top of high tech cars and modern driving with the only show that does only that at CNETOnCars.com.

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