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Top 5 en Español: Top 5 Coolest Concept Cars
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Top 5 en Español: Top 5 Coolest Concept Cars

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During the summer 2013 lull in the international auto show calendar, we take time to rank our favorite high tech concept cars so far this year.

We see a lot of concept cars on the international auto show circuit and, to he honest, a lot of them bore me.: Nowhere are the more pipe dreams that are never heard of again. But a few stand out as important and fascinating, and actually going to change the market. I am Brian Cooley with my top 5 favorite concept cars from recent international auto shows. Number 5, The WRX is SubieÃ?s hero car -- without it, they wouldnÃ?t have less street cred, theyÃ?d have non. At least not until the BRZ earns legend status. The WRX concept that came out at the 2013 NY Auto Show has a distinctive and appropriate new style: i.e., it looks badass, and not in the sort of Ã?hotly homelyÃ? manner of the current WRX . No details have been confirmed about its future powertrain, but that probably wonÃ?t stray far from the boxer turbo, AWD DNA of the current cult car. 4. Lexus LF-CC The LF-CC makes the list because it could redefine a large part of what you think when I say Ã?LexusÃ? without being utterly impossible for that company to get its head around. Launched at the 2012 Paris Motor Show, it has a high-strung 2.5 liter turbo 4 plugged into the most popular hybrid system in car history. LED headlights sit behind the best iteration yet of the Lexus Ã?spindle grilleÃ? and a center console with a hugem vertical main LCD screen, that you would laugh off if it werenÃ?t for the Tesla Model S already doing it. 3. Panamera Sport Turismo If Porsche calls this Panamera Sport Turismo concept the Ã?sports car of tomorrowÃ?, where does that leave the 911? LetÃ?s not thing about that. Instead, letÃ?s focus on this Panamera conceptÃ?s butt: The most hideous part of the current car, Porsche did what they should have done in the first place and made it hot. This is also envisioned as a lithium-ion plug-in hybrid lashed to a 3-liter supercharged V-6, which is the basic engine in the current Porsche hybrids. LED headlights up front and the taillight look from the latest 911 out back. 2. Ford Atlas (video) The Atlas concept is clearly a windvane of the next F Series pickup. When it arrived at the 2013 Detroit auto show, we noted how Ford plans to keep displacing V8s, once considered the third rail of pickup truck religion. But now that FordÃ?s turbo V6 pickups handily outsell their V8s, the Atlas envisions that kind of power train and active body aerodynamics. The power ladder brace in the back is probably not heading to production, but an around-view camera system totally could. Trailer Backup Assist helps you make sense of backing a trailer into a spot, one of those things that can make a man look like a fool...and thereÃ?s also tech to coordinates of the trailer hitch on the center screen display so you can back up and hitch it without help. See Ã?look like a foolÃ? above. 1. Nissan Terra The Terra SUV is real concept car stuff, in case you didnÃ?t notice: Suicide doors and a fuel cell power and that face give that away. But what made a lasting impression on us at the 2012 Paris show was how the Terra envisions some bold but just believable trends. Like the idea of a tablet docked inside becoming the instrument panel. navigation and entertainment rig and even the way you start the thing. Putting electric motors at each of the four wheels is also an idea whose time has probably come for electrics, offering a highly addressable powertrain and reduction of weight and mechanical complexity. Now they just got to throw out that sheet metal and start again. If you want to stay on top on all the new concept cars coming out of the big auto shows, you want to be checking in at I am Brian Cooley, thanks for watching.

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