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Tomorrow Daily 023: Amazon Fire phone reviews, a huge TV price, virus art, and more: Tomorrow Daily

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Tomorrow Daily: Tomorrow Daily 023: Amazon Fire phone reviews, a huge TV price, virus art, and more

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Today, Amazon Fire phone reviews started dropping (and they're not very good), Samsung puts a price tag on its 105-inch curved TV, and artists create a gallery of computer virus art.

Reviews are in for the Amazon Fire phone. And based on those reviews, they should have named it the Amazon Lukewarm phone. Samsung put a price tag on its curved, 105 inch Ultra HD TV. And it's so expensive, it even made the folks at Monster blush. And a group of artists have created a gallery of computer virus art. Try telling your Smart Home you're hanging that up on the wall. Tomorrow Daily. [MUSIC] Greetings, citizens of the internet. Welcome to Tomorrow Daily, the, best, tech talk show in the known universe. I'm your host, Ashley Esqueda. Joining me as always. My partner in crime, my right hand man, Rich DeMuro. What is up? How's it goin'? Good. I like your intro. I like how our show is in the known universe. What about the unknown parts of the universe? See, oh, I can't say that for sure. I can't be sure You never know. But by the time our signal reaches out there, it's probably gonna be. We'll be,We'll be dead anyway. Or we'll, or we'll, gain more popularity. Oh that's true. But I also have concerns that here could be a better tech talk show in the unknown universe. If they have better technology. They probably, maybe do. [CROSSTALK] Maybe they have robot versions of us? How weird would that be. That would be weird. Alien, lizard people versions of us, could also be very strange. Halloween episode. Okay, lots of news to talk about, and especially this first story, I'm dying to hear about it from Rich, so, let's hit the headlines. [MUSIC] All right. So, you have it? Check it out. Here it is. That's the Amazon Fire Phone. The Fire Phone. So, made its way to my hot little hands today. And have you seen the perspective yet? I haven't yet, no. I haven't seen this phone at all in person. Okay. There it is. Look at that. So, you can see it. The dynamic perspective. [INAUDIBLE] Woe, woe. Yeah, see. It's like a little 3D. So, 32 gig Amazon Fire Phone. It's got the 13 megabyte, megabit 13 megapixel camera. My gosh I can't talk today. The Firefly recognition. And Mayday. And here's the thing. I haven't really played with this phone much just yet. I just got my review unit. But here's the thing. The reviews from the rest of the folks out there. In the world of the internet. Are not very good. So not so great. So that's not a good sign for Amazon. Not even from us at C]net. Yeah. So here's what Jessica Dulcort said. C]net the new fire phone will alienate anyone expects the flexibility of a modern Android phone.>> Yeah no Google services is a big minus.>> Now here's the thing. You can sideload a lot of these apps, but the average person is not going to know how to do that. LIke if you're my mom, my dad, kind of phone person buying this, not gonna happen, That's what I'm looking at right now, the Easter Island heads kind of thing, with the A, there's a UFO that flew by. I know, its kinda fun but its kinda useless as well that little feature. Yeah, it is kinda useless. David Pogue from Yahoo says if Amazon thinks so, the Fire phone has some. better do some amazing tricks. It better stomp the competition. It better be pretty persuasive to make you turn your back on the 1 million apps and features of a more established phone. Ouch. Oh, boy. So basically, they just go on and on like this, they're not very good. Getting this especially before the iPhone 6 comes out. What are you thinking? Yeah, maybe not the best idea ever. Also I just feel that Android wise there's so many great phones. Especial, like you have the LG G3 right now as well. And that's a really good phone with really good battery life. I mean, I don't know. I don't know Amazon but of course. Here's the big problem with Amazon, is they don't reveal their sales numbers. And so we don't, number one, this is already the best selling phone. Number one best seller in phones made by Amazon. On Amazon. Number one best seller. That's, that's the category. That's like the Kindle is the number one, they do have a great reading device, for sure. No, I, the Kindle is amazing. But here's what I think is interesting about the Kindle phone. They are going to sell a lot of these based on the fact that this is not for me and you. This is for a very general tech consumer. Joe Q consumer. This is, this is not even a, a tech head. This is for someone like my mom, my dad. Someone who wants something that works, it's simple and it, it really is easy. And I think And they use the hell out of Amazon Prime. Well that it It makes it easy to buy. It's kind of a nice thing. But I'll be. My thing about this just in the short time I've had it. It's so foreign, it's like a whole new platform. Like, even though it runs like, based on Android. Yeah. And not necessarily in a good way. So it's one of those things where. They're gonna probably sell it to the average consumer out there. And they'll sell. Yeah. A lot of them to those people. But for the, the real techies or the techhead, I don't know. And the second version is going to be better. That want flash and like crazy good flagship device. I mean, yeah, I'm sure, I mean I, Second version'll be much better. I have to give them the, the credit of every phone manufacturer, their first time out of the gate, it's usually a little bumpy. So maybe the next time around, they'll, they'll learn from their mistakes that were made in this phone, and then they'll course correct and they'll be very, very. So we have to talk about this 105 inch curved television. We have both seen this TV. It was at CES. It was unveiled in a very grand manner at CES this past January. This is it right here, so if you're standing right in the middle there, that's what it looks like. It's a little. Little bit warped, like that perspective. But the point is if you are not familiar with Samsung would like to call it curved, not warped. Yeah, yeah. It's kind of like the curved [INAUDIBLE]. But the Curved makes it sound like I'll have to return it to Best Buy. They want you to feel that it immerses. And that's the term that everybody really loves. Then they talked about curved TVs. So, the big price tag on this, which they announced today, because they showed off the TV back in January, now they're finally saying the price tag is. . They're telling us how much. How much? One hundred and nineteen thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine dollars and ninety-nine cents. I think I just had an ulcer. I just developed an ulcer, immediately. Now, for someone like Marc Cuban, no big deal. He can order one of these. Well, we can't, but someone like these, you know, big-time celebrities that wanna have a home theater. Elon Musk. In their house. Elon Musk, those kind of people. They're going to buy this thing. I guess the real question is, is this going to be a technology in the future, like the curved TV. Is that long for this world, or not? I, you know, honestly, I feel like this is almost. Just like 3D I feel is a stop-gap between high def and 4K, I feel like this is a stop-gap between transparent and foldable, like bendable display. So I feel like this is, a lot of people will have these, and as they come down in price over the next five years, I feel like they'll be very prevalent, like you'll see them in homes. Yeah. 'Cause they are beautiful. I mean, And,. Accurate version. Think about it. Like if you go to a movie theater the screen has always been slightly curved. Right. Like no movie theater, I mean except for like kinda not the best movie theaters. Like it's just a flat screen. But the big movie theaters always have a curved screen. But to get that immersion though you have to have a movie theater sized screen and that's the thing that. That's what this is 105 inches. But 105 inches is a lot different than Joe Q consumer who is like I need a 55 inch screen TV cuz that's all I can afford. But think about how the prices have come down on TVs like- But even- Literally ten years ago- Even these TVs are, you know, sub a thousand dollars, which is fine. But- That's it? They're still expensive for a lot of people. I'm done Rich is like I'm outta here. But they're still expensive for a lot of people. I mean like for you and I that's, for me, like I don't know about you, Mr., Mr. Wealthy DeMuro. His first name is Rich for a reason. I don't have 3 tv's like that. There's no way. But for me, it's something that we would have to save up for. And so I can't imagine that an average consumer, would just be like, willy nilly I want to go buy a $3,000 tv. It takes a lot of saving force, so. You want it to last a long time. It does. And a lot of people, I mean, this is the thing about like, cell phones and TVs, use them pretty much every single day of your life, and you spend a lot of time with them. So I see people walking around with like, cracked screens on their phones and stuff Aw, that makes me so sad. And it makes me sad, like, my dad, he didn't want to upgrade his phone because it's just slow and it's old, but I'm like. You literally use this thing, I haven't seen you put this thing down. Everyday, yeah. So why not pay, it's like oh, it's like $150 for the upgrade, I'm like, you went to a concert last night you spend 100 bucks on a, two t-shirts. But for a lot of people that's a lot of money, my sister has a part time job like that is a fortune for her, and it takes a lot of time and money to save up to be able to buy something like that, so. But the reality is the prices are going to come down. Do we think that all TV's will be curved in the future? I'm not sure, Samsung also showed off a TV that goes from curved to flat, so you can kind of like turn it Yeah,that I prefer, because in some ways I feel, when I was looking at curved TV's at ? ? ? at some point you get a bit of distortion if you're not in the perfect sweet spot for a curved TV. And so if you have an oddly shaped living room, or if your couch is not quite far enough away like Yep I feel like that's the situation where you would want to have. Something that would switch back at birth. But again to me that goes to stop gap between what we have now flat TVs and rollable bendable [CROSSTALK] Hopefully in the future we'll be able to spray you know some sort [CROSSTALK] Just spray it and it lights up like [CROSSTALK] sort of OLED. Whatever. That would be amazing. Spray OLED. That's going to be and infomercial. Come on. It's right in your can it's like [CROSSTALK] spray the whole wall. [CROSSTALK] And they're gonna patch the boat with the TV. How much [CROSSTALK] would that be. Let's get the spray [UNKNOWN] going. Spray [UNKNOWN]. Spray the whole, spray the walls, spray the kids, Yeah. spray the dog. You're kids, their televisions, they're like, mommy! Mom, do you really have to watch Ricki Lake on me? Ricki Lake? Yeah. Kinda universe are you living in? Is she still, is she not on anymore? I think it's been about 15 years since she's been on a television show. Oh, all right. But, you know, okay, sure. And our last story today is a story about art. As a mentioned there are some artists who got together to make visual representations of computer viruses, so most of the famous computer viruses that we've seen in history, and they're really interesting. I really really love these. So you can see all the different types, and they tell you. When it came out so heres this one virus, heres when it came out and heres what it did. Hm. And heres what computers it affected so a lot Oh this one, it looks like the. That's the. It's called the Olympicaids. Oh wow. That's terrible. But it works. But it goes all the way back to unbelievably all the way back to the 1960's. We had viruses in the 60's? We did! Oh, lsd virus. yeah like these are crazy.>> That was a DOS virus, wow.>> Yeah, it's called computer virus catalog and it's sort of an homage to these viruses. This, the guy who started this, he's like we're all just very fascinated by these viruses, like what they can do to your computer, the damage they can cause, but they're still really fascinating to even think about. This reminds me of what they do in hollywood movies, they have to somehow illustrate. That's the 1960's one, cookie monster. Viruses for dummies? That's it, that's a, that's a 1960's virus. [UNKNOWN] Cookie Monster. See, I, I remember reading something about that. But you have to, it reminds me of something like in Hollywood. They have to illustrate what's happening on the computer screen. Yeah, yeah. Because computer stuff it doesn't really, it just sorta does it. Does things, yeah. But they have to show it like on the screen, like things moving and scanning. Scanning and [UNKNOWN]. So ridiculous. But, so this story reminds me of that. I love it, I love there's all the hacker that's like, one minute, one minute. Yeah, yeah. Like, always like freaking out, [CROSSTALK]. And then there's like a line of code, just a bunch of code that's coming down. Oh yeah, code just running down the screen. Yeah, cuz you see that all the time. Sort of reminds of this. Like, it's like, you have to, to put it into art form is not easy. No. But this is really cool, it looks neat what they did. If you're, if you're so inclined, I believe it is just computerviruscatalog.com. You can just do checkup. And if it's not, you just got a virus on your computer. Yeah, and if not, I am so sorry but your computer is about to explode. And you probably won't be able to watch this show anymore. And it'll be held for ransom. Yeah. It'll be held for ransom. 600 bucks payable to the Microsoft rep that's calling you on the other line. We are responsible for any viruses that may or may not show up on your computer if you mis-type in computerviruscatalog.com. That's our disclaimer for the show tonight. Or if you try to save those images to your drive. Yeah, if you just. Just don't. We're gonna take a quick 30 second break. We'll be back with what we are into this week and we will also be talking about your user feedback including your hashtags for [LAUGH] your hashtags for your digital tattoos. So don't click away Tomorrow Daily. Welcome back to the show. We are, we are done with the news. I do still have concerns about people going to that website No, it'll be fine. and misspelling it. Don't misspell, guys. Don't misspell. Google won't lead you. If you go to like a spoof site, it'll be like Yeah. don't [CROSSTALK] go there! Just start at Google, and type in computer virus art. Yeah. And then, it'll be right there. Well that's like, when I watch some. Some people, I won't name names like Google stuff. They literally go to google to type in but I guess on Chrome you do that anyways but I'm saying on AOL, you know? It's like a one two punch, they'll type in the website they're going to. Have you ever seen if" Google was a guy" Oh yeah [CROSS TALK] They have three of them now, they're on collegehumor. So funny. Oh, God, so funny. It is funny, the stuff you tell Google. It is very funny. And I also love how you like omit words and stuff so it just sounds like random gibberish, but, enough of that. We gotta talk about what we're into. So Rich, you had some really interesting Into Its this week that I was probably not expecting, so please, indulge us. Okay. You have two. I'm into, I mean, I'm into several things, but two come to mind right now. First off is the laser focus on the g3, LG's new flagship phone. This is a beast of a phone. It's 5.5" on the screen, but they actually made it in a pretty good form factor. Anyway, now that I've seen laser focus for the auto focus, I can't go back.>> So, is it like. How it is in the actual like promo videos. Is it that fast or is it a little slower? It. No, it's very fast. So, it's one of these things where like you literally go to lift your camera up and take a picture and it takes it pretty fast. Like it not only takes the picture fast but it focuses it like. Super fast. And. Laser fast? Laser fast. [LAUGH] And, here's my only thing. Is I wish that they actually had lasers coming out of the phone. Cuz that would make it more fun. That'd be so fun. But thank you LG for introducing me to a feature I never thought I needed, and now when I look at my other phones, I'm like. Oh! Not as good anymore? Where's the laser focus? The second thing that I'm really not right now, and I just discovered this on, the Samsung Galaxy S5, is the last pass works with the fingerprint reader. Oh, very interesting. I didn't know. So I didn't use the fingerprint reader on S5 because it. It's like the iPhone [UNKNOWN] kind of hit or miss. You can put your thumb on the iPhone like any different way. This one you literally have to swipe like perfectly down the center for it work. So I just kind of disregard, I just use the other ways to unlock the phone. Your digital tattoo obviously. Ya my tattoo, we'll talk about that in a second more. But you know I figured out the last pass works for that. And it works pretty well cuz you're not using all the time talking on the phone. So once in a while when you entering you just kind of go like that. Works very nicely. So we're gonna see similar functionality when IOS 8 comes out. So looking forward to that. I use one password. So he's a one password and I'm a one password user. And I am dying for that feature. I am sorry, [UNKNOWN], but your browser sucks. Aw. And I would like to use Chrome, as I normally do on my iPhone to open things up. However, I think I might have to switch to Safari because I think it's Safari-only, 'cause it's integrated. Safari only. Yeah, it will probably only work. 'Cause it's part of that API, that like that's what it enables you to sort of work with. Yeah. You have to. Apple products. And that makes sense, sorta like, even their password manager. Well, it keeps it, I would imagine it keeps it safe, so yah and then you know, using touch ID, which is an Apple as well all this stuff. So, it's all Apple I may have to switch a silo of Apple. It is, that's that vertical integration they wanted by using all their products, which is kind of not fair. But, I mean it's. They're getting more open. The fact that there is going to be different keyboards on the iPhone- You think so? You think so? Are we really getting more open? Because I don't feel like we are. The fact that- I feel like all three major OS systems are squeezing us tighter and tighter. No, I totally agree. Into their ecosystem. That is the name of the game right now, which is very frustrating for the average consumer. Super frustrating. Just think about your movie collection. I have like three movies on Google Play, I've got a dozen inside iTunes, I've got some on Amazon that I've purchase. I'm talking purchased movies. Yeah and you can't merge them.>> And some one booted ultraviolet. It is insane, because how many things you gonna hook up to your TV to actually play all these movies. [CROSSTALK] To play them, yeah, its very frustrating. So its try to explain to a three year old that he can't watch Frozen because Daddy doesn't have the Apple TV hooked up right now. You know, he's gonna have to let it go. See what I did there? Yeah, that was pretty good. I am into Comic-Con, because Comic-Con is this weekend. I love going to Comic-Con in some ways. [LAUGH] In other ways, I hate going to Comic-Con. Bring your hand sanitizer. Bring your hand sanitizer. You can see obviously all of the best, oh my God the Lutece Twins! Those are my favorite from Bioshock Infinite. Some really incredible cosplayers show up every single year. And these are some of them previous Comic-Cons, which is pretty amazing. I know we're called Tomorrow Daily, but we're not that good. We didn't get the video of this year's Comic-Con before it happened. Yeah, we couldn't get tomorrow's, yeah, tomorrow's footage of Comic-Con. They're doing preview night tonight, which is cool. But I am very excited and we're gonna play this game on Monday, where I'm gonna take, when I'm at Comic Con I think I'm gonna take pictures, of the Cos players, and then we're gonna have Rich guess, what they're from. Because Rich is not into nerd culture the way I am in. Nerd culture I'm just not as much of a nerd as you are, somehow. No, it's true, it's true. I am, I am deep down that rabbit hole. That will be fun. But I hope get, get some easy ones. Okay, no I'll pick a couple easy ones, but then I'll pick a really hard one, or like a medium Get, get like a Superman if you can, or a Wonder Woman>> Okay, I'll get some more obvious ones. Okay, so you're excited for Comic Con. What's your favorite part of Comic Con and what's your least favorite part? The crowds are my least favorite part. I, I get it, everybody's there and it's really fun, but it's also for somebody who. I like being in front of a camera. And I, I like hosting. But I also get very nervous in like really large crowds. And this is you know, it's like 60,000 people. Its A lot of people. So many people filing through each day. And then I think total attendees is something like a 120 or 130,000. Mm-hm. And the San Diego Conference center is just a little too small now. Well San Diego in general can't really contain the show, and it's a big issue, every year. Bigger than the city of down town San Diego at this point. And it's, that's really hard. But I will say, I do, my favorite part of the show, and this is kind of weird is. I actually like just walking around and people watching. People watching and it's, it's a total catch 22, it's almost a little bit of a double standard where like I hate the crowds, but I love watching the people. And that's half the fun of Comic Con, I mean the panels and all that stuff are great, and the sneak peaks. I hate sitting in line for the panels, I feel bad for all those people. But the most fun is literally just walking around like a kid in a candy store and just looking around, like oh, my gosh, all these people. And people in. And everyone I've said this before. They're so nice. Yeah always give credit [ttt]. People that are like. Because they're so excited to be there [ttt]. My favorite are the guys who are dressed up like the meanest looking guys. Like with the crazy masks. And like stuff. And they are so nice. There, there you go. How you doing? Right? Thanks. Thanks friend when you take a picture of them. Oh, this is gonna be on, like last year I took a picture at that Bilzzcon. For techno buffalo and like everybody loves the gallery, but I was just like every person I would take a picture of, they were so happy.>>Yeah.>>To be featured somewhere because they worked so hard on those costumes.>>A lot of these costumes they make themselves.>>Over, over a year, they'll start next Monday they'll start on next year's Comicon costume. It's crazy and some of them are just so impressive, so impressive, it's really unreal. but, we gotta move on. Mm, yes. We gotta get into, your user feedback. Yesterday we asked you, to tweet us with #tvdigitat and tell us what your digital tattoo would be because we talked about the Motorola Moto X, digital tattoo unlock. Tap to unlock ? ? ? Tap to unlock, superweird. But a lot of you came up with really good tweets telling us what your tattoo would be in the shape of and then what it would do when you swiped your phone on it. Our very first one comes from nashichoco, and he says, a triforce would be my ultimate #tddigitat. I would tap it and my master sword would appear so I could battle for Hyrule. Looks like a Legend of Zelda fan there. And then our next Tweet comes from brycentkt and he says, #tddigitat I would put the tattoo on my palm so that whenever I grab my phone it unlocks. Very smart. You're a genius. [CROSSTALK] Give that guy a job at Google. Yeah, he gets like the A plus for like. Thinking outside the box. I mean, that is brilliant, just you know, actually just stick an NFC chip in my, just inject into my palm. Inject it right there. That would be perfect. And then our very last tweet came from Aus, I'm gonna mess this up, Aserian Nuni. And he says #tddigitat, it would be of a spider because I loves Spiderman. And I would have girls stand up to get my number. That's awesome. Wink, I really love that. And that is when you get married, when you get married, build a weber on it. Cuz it's like, you're caught dude. It's done, it's over. It's over. Yeah. You're caught int hat net. No more. Well, you just have to deactivate it. Yeah. It's sorry, sorry lady. Okay well, part of our ceremony we are deactivating my NSC chip in my. Yeah, it's kind of the lighting of a candle. It's like, oh, we are going to have to deactivate the chip in your hand. But that's a. Smart idea, too. It is pretty brilliant. It's just like, hey, do you want my, actually, God for people who are like hey do want my phone number? You don't even have to ask anymore. You just like swipe on their phone and your just like, you have my number. Call me. If he finds a girl nerdy enough to Appreciate it? yeah, then you've really scored. Lock it up. Put a ring on it like Beyoncé says. And then our very last thing is our Phontographer of the Day [MUSIC] You're pretty fun phonetographer for the day today.>> Yeah, yeah very nice. This is from Laura, and Laura writes to us and says this is my submission. It was taken during my two year old's son first visit to Morikami park, which is in Florida. It's in Del Rey Beach and this is a Japanese Garden she says. It's a little taste of Japan there in Florida. It, it really is that's really nice. Yeah. It's beautiful. I love the trees. She says Morikami is a beautiful Japanese Garden started by an early Japanese immigrant family. Hm. It's a hidden gem well worth the visit if you're in the area. I took the photo on my iPhone 5S. Very nice. Yeah, really, really pretty. Bookmark that one Yeah, bookmark that, bookmark that as a place we would like to go. I love Japanese gardens, so that would be a really fun one. Very zen. And you don't have to go all the way to Japan to see it, which is always nice. I, Producer Logan told me, during our very short break, that I forgot. To tell you the hashtag of the day and for that I'm sorry. Bad, bad Ashley. I'm so sorry. So we're going to get to how to contact us at this point in the game. Here's how to do it. Our hashtag today is TDCURVEDTV. We need you to tell us if you're at all interested in getting a curved TV. And if you do why? And if you don't what you think is better. What's, what's coming that's gonna be better than a curved TV? Like are you just gonna roll up your TV? I know you had the rolled up TV- Yeah. discussion, but is it just gonna be a- Do you hit a button and it folds up by itself? Yeah. Like is that enough? Like a, like a million little like, origami pieces Yeah. just [NOISE] and then it falls down to the ground. Like little tiles, yeah and they just all fold up and then it's, you have a little box. Heavy pull. It's like your television, and then you throw, like a Pokémon, you just throw it, and it just like, I, that would be amazing. Or you spray on your TV. Spray on, like [UNKNOWN]? And what's, what's the technology that's coming after the curve TV. That's, that's what we want to know. And then you can always email us if you want to send your hashtag that way, if you don't like Twitter. You can email us at tomorrow@cnet.com, send us your story ideas, if you see anything crazy on the internet that's very futuristic or you think you want us to talk about. If you want to send us your fonetography, you can do that. Send us links, not attachments. And anything else that you want to send us, we are more than willing to to read your emails. We do read every email, we just can't acknowledge all of them on the show, cuz it's only a 20 minute show. Yeah, it's like, I don't have enough time in the day right now to respond to all, we're getting a lot of emails. Yeah, we do. And, it's, it's nice, I love that you guys are emailing us, so keep them coming. And you can also tweet us Instagram us, Facebook us, all those good things. We are Tomorrow Daily on all those platforms, with the exception of Google Plus, where we are Tomorrow Daily TV, and you can also find us individually on Facebook and Twitter as well. I am Rich Demuro on Twitter, and Rich on Tech on Facebook. And I'm Ashley Esqueva, everywhere, all over the internet, so you can't miss me. That is it for the show, we will be back tomorrow with more fantastic technology coverage. All your favorite, cool stuff hanging around on the internet. Be good humans and until tomorrow, we will see you next time. Bye. [MUSIC]
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