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Tomorrow Daily: Tomorrow Daily 046: DC movie domains registered, Samsung Galaxy Note Edge and Gear VR, and more

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Tomorrow Daily: Tomorrow Daily 046: DC movie domains registered, Samsung Galaxy Note Edge and Gear VR, and more

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On today's show, we discuss Samsung's newest products, including the Galaxy Note Edge and the Gear VR headset. Also, the ISS has a lonely robot aboard, and Warner Bros. registers four domains for upcoming DC movies.

There's a little robot on the ISS, he's lonely. [LAUGH] Huge super hero movie news! Justice league movie! dot com. Nerd. And everything for Mifa. How's Logan? Bruce Logan? [MUSIC] Greetings citizens of the Internet. Welcome to Tomorrow Daily, the best tech talk show in the known universe. I'm your Ashley Esqueda. Joining me today, again [INAUDIBLE] Anonymous. The real [INAUDIBLE] Anonymous, not the weird. Not [INAUDIBLE]. Digital kill, what the hell was that. [LAUGH] That was very weird. I don't know what happened with [INAUDIBLE] Sims. I have been playing a lot of Sims and I looked that up, so I apologize for that, but. If you are not familiar with Kale's Machinama work, I encourage you to never look it up. No just watch another episode of Tomorrow Daily. Yeah just watch this. So what do we got? We got some good headlines, so let's hit it [MUSIC] About is the little lonely Japanese, I didn't know if you knew this or not but there's a Japanese robot on the space station. Just by himself or Well he wasn't for a while. So this robot is named Kirobo. Aww Kirobo, and he's a Japanese robot on the ISS and he's been there since August of 2013. Just super bummer. Aww Is he not super adorable? I just want to hug him. He's modeled after Astro Boy who's very popular What is his function? So this is a really interesting thing. This is actually, he was designed and sent up there for a project design, and this is a quote from the Kirobo website. To help solve the problems brought about by a society that has become more individualized and less communicative. And so he actually has facial recognition technology in his face, like cameras in his eyes. And, they were saying that not only would they send him up there to sort of to keep astronauts company and talk to them and have conversations with them. But this could also be used. For the elderly, or people who live alone who maybe just need like a little robot friend. Aw. But wait, why is he lonely? Well, he's been bummed because, well, this, this guy that you're seeing, he is an ISS commander and an astronaut named Koichi Wakata. And here at last in May of this year, so he came back down to Japan and he, this robot is actually, I guess been pretty bummed. He puts up Twitter updates, this robot, updates and takes pictures like, well takes pictures of like the, takes pictures of the space ocean and stuff, but I think this is the saddest thing ever. He just, he made a video message called last message from the universe and he posted it to the project website and he said. This is a quote: I'm a little tired so I think I'll rest a while but I hope you'll look up at the sky sometimes and think of me. Are you gonna cry? I've ne, I've never heard of a suicidal robot before. But I think we found one. He's super melancholy. I guess he was supposed to go home this year. But, now they pushed it back to next year. But he's, he's pretty bummed. Overtime. Get some overtime. Yeah. That, th, wh, why would we? These, there's no way, that's sad thing. Where you program a robot with things it shouldn't have, that like. Melancholy. Why did you teach me to love? How did you teach me to be sad I know here listen if you wanna make your robo happy you can go over to the website, we'll put it in the show notes if you go over to CNET and you can go and look up the where's CROBO app and that let's you track the ISS's orbit. Oh we can find out where he is? You hold your smart phone up and the it will show you where he is. He's in the sky. So you can see where. So you can. Where Robo is. Feel sad and depressed anywhere you are. No. It'll be like in, in American Tale where they sing Somewhere Out There. Yeah. It'll be like that. But with robots. But with, with you and a robot. We, we miss you. What's his name again? Q Robo. We miss you Q, Q Robo. Come home soon. Yeah. Please, put. What's our hashtag today? Oh, our hashtag today? Can we tell him to tweet at us? I don't think he will but it is hash tag tv edge. But we will get to that in a minute, you will have to tell me about Warner Brothers, I only heard the half of this. So let's flop over to kind of pop culturey news. We have all been scratching our heads every single day as to what DC and Warner brothers is doing with their whole superhero. They don't announce phases like Marvel. No. So we're never really sure. But finally have some news, due to the fact that they parked a bunch of website names. Concrete evidence. Evidence of what the next superhero movies they have, coming out. And here's the list. There's four movies that they parked. Four. Here they are. Okay, go. justiceleaguefilm.com, so there's a Justice League movie. We kinda knew that was coming. We kinda knew that was coming. Okay. We knew they were building it. Hit me with the next one. The Shazam, it's shazammovie.com. Oh nice, look at that. And this is black, this is the man who will be playing Black Adam in that movie. You spoiled my next thought but, yes. We'll get to that in a second wonderwomanthemovie.com so we're getting our Wonder Woman movie. [INAUDIBLE] [INAUDIBLE] And aquamanmovie.com. I'm so into that. So getting the Aquaman. Oh yeah, Jason Momo is. Were reported as, he may be playing Achmed. [CROSSTALK] hunky Achmed, He might be the only person on the earth that could make Aquaman cool. I'm, I'm gonna second that too. I'm riding, I think so. him riding a dolphin, still straight. Yeah. It's still, still super-cool. Just, I mean, he's gonna look so amazing, alright. But, but let's move back to Shazam, cuz this, there was a huge announcement. Just today, it was made by a tweet. The Rock tweeted out that he is going to be in Shazam. He is going to be playing Black Adam. But I thought he was going to play Shazam. That was the thing all summer. That's all he could talk about. Nope. I know he talked about it, he wanted to be in Shazam, but he really loves Black Adam. He's gone on record saying it. So his tweet went. He wants to be a villain. Yeah, he does. I mean, because he usually plays a hero. His tweet is. Kneel at his feet or get crushed by his boot. My honor to become black Adam, the anti-hero. Because black Adam is an anti hero. Pretty exciting though. That's understood, yeah. And black Adam has actually fought Superman before. Oh! Very interesting. So we may get to see him fight Superman. Maybe an interesting movie. That would be very interesting and would to surprise me at all. I mean if that was the first jumping off point of like, villains. Cuz obviously in the first Avengers you, you always have to build. Yep. So it's like first Avengers, not big, but not huge, and the next one now is going to be. Even bigger. Yeah. It's good for DC doesn't know what the, they're doing, and no others like it. [UNKNOWN] I do get this feeling that like they have a little bit left of a sense of humor about their properties, their intellectual properties. Which is, I feel bad about that but then I'm also like well you know if you don't have a sense of humor about it. You've got to laugh at yourself and I think it's like Guardians of the Galaxy it's so big. Actually they're movies about guys in tights. Why do we have to take it so seriously? Yeah, why so serious, guys? You yourselves, Warner Brothers, said why so serious. You made that the whole ad campaign. Let's be real here. I can't believe you went there. I did. I did. Too soon. Too soon. Never too soon. All right, so, enough with my super hero jargon, what's up with you? We gotta talk about IFA, because IFA kicked off, it's in Germany, it's in Berlin, and Samsung had their. Very big events which they have every year, they're unpacked. Oh god. It's huge. And they unveiled some pretty interesting devices, obviously the Galaxy Note 4, which everybody was expecting to see. This is, look at how huge that screen is, it's ridiculous. [LAUGH] But I mean, people really love it. People have really taken to this phone. Interestingly enough there was a sort of an ab test they have now also introduced the Galaxy Note Edge which is this crazy thing. What? Exact same It's like a doorstop.>> Check this out, it is like a doorstop, exact same specs as the Galaxy Note 4 so extremely powerful. You know, crazy good processor speeds, But it's got this curved screen where it has this almost news ticker where you swipe through and find different function based on what apps you want. Which apps supported. So right now it's pretty limited. Like there's not huge truck load of apps. But I know there is like a Yahoo news ticker. There's some Twitter trending topics and things like your camera functionality. weather, all that stuff. Unfortunately, it does not fit into the next, product which is the Gear VR. So John Carmack from Oculus comes out and introduces, helps introduce the Samsung Gear VR. This is Samsung's virtual reality headset. You have to use the Note 4. The only device that is. The only one. Compatible with it is the Note 4. And in the front of this you basically you pop out this little kind of case and you putt, you put your Note 4 in there and then you can, put it on. So there you have, there you go. You can see he's, he'll pull the Note 4 out of there. Weirdly enough, the Note Edge, not compatible. How weird is that? Oh come on! How weird is that? Right? It seems like a huge mis, mis que. It seems like a misfire. Well now People are gonna buy the 4 if they want the Virtual Reality and they're gonna just be like, I don't need your weird, side- I don't want that weird Note. Yeah, you gotta, you, if you want people to buy the new Edge you have to give them a reason to buy this, like if you, you, people are gonna wanna buy this VR thing. You gotta give them a reason to buy this Note Edge thing. I like. So now they have to kinda choose. Yeah. I like the what did, wait, what did they show off for the VR headset? Okay, so there was a few different things, there were some fly overs, typical movie type stuff. So there was fly overs and trailers and things like that, but then they were also talking about. This is, this was really interesting to me. the, apparently, the retail version of this is named the the Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition. So sexy. Yeah, really. The sexiest name I've ever heard. I'm gonna name my son that. Super easy to remember, too, definitely. Yeah. it's, apparently, it's, it's focusing on, like, immersive 3D. Virtual reality. As opposing games. Like, they're saying that. There might be games, but they would be powered, obviously, by Android. And most Occulus dev's right now are working on PC. But one of the things that the press release said that I thought was really interesting was, virtual IMAX presentations, a 3D VR Cirque Du Soleil collaboration, DreamWorks VR. A customized Vivo music App like I think somebody had mentioned there was a tour of something and Age of Ultra they were able to check-out. Like that was part of the demo. Oh, it was the, you could see Tony Stark's lap. Yeah, you could like walk around. So they're kind cool. Really cool. Really functionality but really like entertainment based as opposed to being gaming based. Which I think is really. A good, sort of avenue for Samsung to take. Yeah leave the, leave the other stuff to the, actual Leave the gaming to the, to the, to the game devs and and they know what they're good at which Samsung is very good at at cultivating and and curating entertainment things for their devices. Right. Well, I'll tell you what, I'll tell you what. How much do you think it's going to cost? That's what I want. They didn't announce a price? Oh the headset? They said it would be available this year in white. It's basically just a thing so that you can. And it doesn't come with a phone. So that you can have it on your face, right? Yeah. Okay. How much? Does it have built-in sound? Not that I, I don't believe so. 40 dollars. I'm gonna say 199. What! It's just a little lens that like change stuff. I know. I know. I know. But you can actually adjust it 199. You could [CROSSTALK] Oculus Rift though. Well, that's, yeah no, that's, well no it's a little more expensive than that. But I no I'm with you. I think that would be a little crazy. And when it comes this comes out, this comes out in like December. Later this year yeah holiday. But that's, but that's it's not for people it's for developers and stuff like that. It's the innovator this year. The innovators. So be innovative. So when are we gonna get. Get it, you think? Well no, I think it would be holidays. You think we're gonna get it? I think it was just the first, I think it'll be the first round of like oh, if you want this urine innovator. Like, that'll be the marketing campaign. But don't forget innovators, you have to buy the Note 4. A Note 4 as well. Yeah, you can't have a Galaxy S5 or any other So realistically, this. This. Yeah, just. By your giant earth. Pretty much, yeah, exactly. I just typed a bunch of ****. Yeah, you did. I see a bunch of s's now. but, but, so, the Edge and the VR set. Which, which do you think you're more excited about? I, you know, I find the, I think with the VR Headset, I think that is interesting. But because it's with the phone, I don't, I feel like it's gonna have some limitations to it. so, not so much excited about the VR headset as I am about the idea and what it means to have a phone like the Edge out on the market. Mm. That's what I say. The Edge. Like, I don't know tha tI would buy that phone for myself. But I do think that people, a, will find it very interesting. And I, I don't know if it's going to be kinda gimmicky or maybe very useful. It seems like, with our hands on videos from CNET on the ground, their saying like it could be used for some real interesting stuff. But I, I don't know. I'd have to try it. I gotta try it. I still think it'd be pretty cool for gaming. I played Final Fantasy Six on my phone. Uh-huh. So like and that's an RPG, so up in the top I'm aware of Final Fantasy. Thank you. [INAUDIBLE] everybody. There's other people watching. Hi mom. Oh okay. Okay. Please continue. So basically you, you have all your different like. Fight, magic, items That is a good And they you have that up here and you're like run. That's the only button I really need is just wear that one down. Escape this site. So there you go. That's awesome So there you go. I mean, look, you're going to watch other videos on cnet that talk about the Samsung Edge, but this is the only one that took it to the gaming area, so We did. We did. But if you want to see any of our other coverage on Cnet of eslide, which. I thin we actually have a mountain high level, it is a ridiculous amount of coverage of I.F.A., you can just go to, it is super easy cnet.com/ifa, that is it. All of our coverage in one place, very easy to find. Oh wow. So we have to take a quick break, you look like you had a question. Do you have a question? Are we going to be SIMS when they come back? No. We'll not be SIMS when we come back. We'll do and take a quick 30 seconds. We'll be right back with Back it or Hack It, and we also have your user feedback and of course, our phone time for the day. So don't click away. Don't, don't fall asleep Logan. [MUSIC] Welcome back to tomorrow daily. We are not Sims anymore but What are you gonna do? every week we like to take a look a kick starter and we like to tell you whether or not to back it or hack it. Or, hack it. Is this your first time being back in our office? It is my first time seeing that graphic. That is pretty good. That is pretty cool, so what is backer hack it. Back hack it, as I said, we pick a Kickstarter, usually I pick a weird Kickstarter and then we decide whether or not we back it or we hack it, which is like I am not going to give any money to this. I am not going to give money to people. Yeah, so what do you got? This is called Move Pack. And it's very popular with the, very popular with the kids. [LAUGH] It's a backpack. It's a backpack that, is, has a double life. It's kinda like a transformer. Look. It turns into an electric vehicle. Oh, look at that. Yeah. It's like a little skateboard. So there she goes. She's riding around, like a little skateboard except it's controlled by a remote. So it's a remote control and then boom! Right there. Right into the back of the backpack. Pretty cool. That looks, that, is it looks really heavy. it's, it's only 17 pounds, which isn't terribly heavy. It fits into most overhead compartments when you travel and stuff like that. Oh, that's nice. Yeah. Kind of nice. And and, like I said, you can charge. One of the things that I really like about it is you're actually able to. Charge your own devices with it so you can plug in your phone, and plug in whatever. Here's a guy that's got to plug in his phone. Oh, nice. Yeah, you can charge your phone. You can pack all your normal stuff in there. It's kind of neat. It goes up to 15 miles per hour. With a nine mile, a nine mile range. Got a business guy rolling around on it with his glasses. Oh yeah, Mr. Business. Yeah, Mr. Business. He's the president of business. But that's but that's it, and it's it's apparently right now, they're saying they hope they can ship in April, so what do you say, yes or no? Do you want to know how much it costs? Let's guess, look we're inspired by the Price is Right, it's right down the hall, but. 400 dollars, 400 dollars is as much as I'd pay. Higher. More than that? Yes more. 800 dollars. Eight, more than $800? I guess it is a motorized scooter. $1500. It's a little less than that. I don't know. Okay, it was, it's $1200 right now, just about. I guess it's a motorized scooter you should expect to pay It is an electric vehicle if you think about it. It's an electric vehicle. Yeah but yeah but early bird saying that's sold out. It was 999 so a thousand dollars for the early birds, earliest early bird, so now the second early bird is 1200. Just under $1,200. I think it's $1,100. Okay. An electric bike costs $1,200. Just to put that in perspective. And that's basically a motorcycle. But that doesn't care. It's on a backpack. Yeah, but this one's so much more dangerous. Where you gonna put a bike? Yeah, but here's the thing. Where ya gonna put a bike? Well, that's a good point. You can take it somewhere and you don't have to pick it up. They are super heavy. And like, yeah, they're super heavy and you can't take it on the plane with you. I mean, this is a really neat way, I say okay. You're gonna back it? I say back it if you live in a city where it's, everything's walkable, or if you are a student. I'm hacking it. You say hack it? I'm gonna hack it, yeah. You should be a little more bold than that. Be definitive, at least. I'm gonna hack it. All right. Cuz I don't like those, Angry. those lousy kids on their skateboards. No, it just looks super dangerous. I can just see this going. Horribly wrong. Well it comes with a helmet. [LAUGH] Woo hoo! A motorized helmet. No, not the helmet's not motorized. Oh, OK. It's just a normal helmet. Also it, like as much as I would like to use it and I think it'd be fun it's just one of those you see a guy and you're like look at that guy. It's kind of like the Segway. Look at that jerk. Personal travel, is that what you're saying. And he's like listening to his iPod. And he's like with my girlfriend like she's cheating on me, wow. I really like where this is going. But okay, you say hack it, I say back it. Yep. I have some caveats in there. Do people take votes, is this a voting thing? No we just tell people what we think. We don't ask them but if you want to tell us you're more than welcome to. But with that said, speaking of people of telling us what they think. It's time for user feedback. What.>> Your getting really good at reenacting that. Yesterday we asked you guys to use hashtag TV tick to tell us what TV show, cancelled TV show Oh yeah you wanted to have resurrected, you guys came out. In force to tell us about all of the shows that you want to see. Alright lets hear them. Our first tweet comes from Chris and he says if I could resurrect a show it would be Firefly. Yeah of course. And they would unleash it in Netflix. This is that is one that was actually a lot of you. You said Firefly. Lot of people saw Firefly. Yeah lot of heartbroken people out there. God, you man, you guys are really carrying that Firefly torch, let me tell you. They're going to tell their children about it. I know, that's true. And then, oh you know, I used to watch this space western. It was called Fireleaf. No grandpa, Firefly. Firefly, that's it. And then David Michael says. Nickelodeon, Invader Zim. Aw, that's a great choice. Should be resurrected in Netflix. And it's perfect. [UNKNOWN] It was ahead of it's time, too. It really was. It was a great, great cartoon, fantastic. [UNKNOWN] Great choice. What else? Those were the two that I picked. Oh. And then some, God. We got an email from somebody with like, a whole list of shows. Like, Yeah Just tons and tons of stuff. Like a CBS CNET executive guy? It probably, yeah. Okay, [CROSSTALK] Actually, you know what I was thinking about? I would really also like to see the Fairly Oddparents come back. That had a pretty good run. It had a pretty good run, but I still want it back anyway. Yeah. Our hashtag of the day today, as we mentioned earlier in the earlier is. And we want you guys to tell us, what app or feature you would use in that spillover part of the Galaxy Note edge. So what you would use it for. If you could make something, or have a functionality in that sidebar, what would you use it. For what. What would you use it for? I would, battery. It would be like on the side, it would be my battery life, so [INAUDIBLE] Like a little gauge? Yeah, be like [NOISE] That's really nice, I like that. Or like, for when I'm jogging, like how much I've accomplished or something like that. Basically [INAUDIBLE] I'm describing [INAUDIBLE] it would basically be like a meter for the Sims. Here's your progress bar, level up. I like that though. So now you have nothing? I think I would do, I, I like that idea of sort of a, I was gonna say fitness related. Where it's like, if you have a goal for a certain number of steps a day, a pedometer goal, it's just, you can just, at a glance, see it right there on your phone, on the side. Perfect. Like you're almost there to your goal. It's good for goals. Yep. Fundraising if you're, you could just ask people for money out on the street? Yeah, Fundraising. Just to get, get money there. Or if you're playing Clash of Clans Yeah, yeah. How much, you know, like, gold or other crap that's in that game. Leveling up in a game? You have, like, a level up for your character. There you go. I like all these things. I just deleted that out. XP. Thank God. Life XP. Yeah, there you go. There you go. Life XP. Cancelled. All right. [UNKNOWN] for the daytime. [MUSIC] This picture's really good. It comes to us from Kenneth S., the Galaxy S5. What? He says, hello Tamara Daly. Here's a link to my phone photo taken with my Galaxy S5. The only retouch was Picasa instant fix. I work as pilot based out of Atlanta and enjoy snapping cloudscape pics when I can. This past month has seen a lot of stormy weather allowing me to capture a lot of great cloud pics. Enjoy the show, for my daily tech news. Keep up the good work. Ken. Wow! Look at that. You're a wizard, Ken. That's pretty amazing. He's a pilot? Yeah. Pilot [CROSSTALK] Like aren't you supposed to be? I was gonna say, well, aren't you supposed to be, like, piloting the plane instead of snapping pictures. This is awesome. Come on, Ken. What are you doing? We have now reached 500,000 feet. I don't [INAUDIBLE] I think it's like, cruising altitude's like ten, well it's over 10,000 you can turn your electronics and devices back on. Well, Kenneth is never watching the show again. No, probably not. Sorry, Kenneth. But that's pretty amazing. Yeah, I love it. Take a picture of all the clouds. I, like I think it's so great. I love when. You have a really cool people with cool jobs and then they get to take all these crazy pictures and then we get to see them. So thanks. Well thanks Kenneth yeah thank you. Thank you. If you want to send us your phone tography to be considered to be features on the show you can email us tomorrow at cnet dont com. You can also send over your hashtag of the day if you are, if you hate being confined by 140 characters you don't like using Twitter whatever, Hate that you say that. you can do that, but if you like using Twitter I do.>>you can actually find us on social media pretty much everywhere. We're at Tomorrow Daily on Twitter, Facebook. Instagram and we are also on Google Plus as PlusTomorrowDailyTV. Me. Kale where can we find you on social media? You can find me on tape you changed shots. Okay Youtube dot com slash Khail Anonymous. I'm I'm currently doing just like pop culture news on my channel yeah. He's playing the Sims. On Twitch. I'm only playing The Sims on Twitch. And then I'm playing Diablo tonight with you. Yup. You are. And [CROSSTALK] Are we going to Twitch that? Yeah we're going to Twitch that. All right. 9 PM Pacific time. 9 PM, check it out. Twitch Diablo. Twitch.com/powerfulstreet. Are people going to be really annoyed that I'm dragging you guys through a lot of. Low level content. I mean, we might have to re roll. Well we'll do jokes or something. That'll be great. All right, that's it for the show. We will be back tomorrow. Actually, you won't be back tomorrow. Nope, got a wedding to go to. The one and only Tim Stephens will be in studio tomorrow co-hosting with me, which will be really fun. As I like to call him, Ginger, Ginger beard the Wise. He's delightful and you guys will have a lot of fun with him. But Caleb will be next week on Monday, and then of course actually, there's won't be a show Tuesday, because. Yep, wedding. Because I will be in San Fransisco. Kay will be at a wedding again. Or you're going to the iPhone thing. I'm going to the iPhone thing, i'll be up doing the livestream for CNET, and CNET's headquarters in San. France so we won't have a show that day. Are you. Are you Tweeting from your Twitter account or what's up? I will probably be live Tweeting but we'll, we'll have a full like link to the live show. There you go. The full video live show like it'll be your sub. [x] shoot for the show. But that's it until tomorrow dealing with today, you guys. Be good humans. And we will see you next time. Bye. Go play in the sand. [MUSIC]
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