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Tomorrow Daily: Tomorrow Daily 045: Apple's spaceship campus progresses, Amazon revives "The Tick," and more

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Tomorrow Daily: Tomorrow Daily 045: Apple's spaceship campus progresses, Amazon revives "The Tick," and more

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On today's show, we take a look at Apple's newest campus during the early stages of construction (it's huge and looks really cool), watch a tiny robot run on two legs, and happily freak out about Amazon bringing "The Tick" back, even if it's only for one pilot episode.

On today's show we check out a bird's eye view of the still under construction spaceship campus that Apple's building. And a robot that can run on two legs. And Amazon's bringing back the kick, spoon. Spoon. Tomorrow Daily. [MUSIC] Greetings citizens of the internet. Welcome to Tomorrow Daily, the best tech talk show in the known universe. I'm Ashley Esqueda, joining me today, Kale anonymous is back. I'm more like the Tick and you're more like Arthur. I'll take that. [LAUGH] I'll take that. I think that actually might work. I think that might work. It's good to be back. Thank you for having me on. We are filled with energy, because we had a very cool relaxing Labor Day weekend. Three day weekend, yeah. Yeah. Totally hopped up, ready to go, ready to talk some tech. Yeah. So let's jump into it with the headlines. [MUSIC] Kale almost dying. I tried to jump. You said jump. That almost went so badly. And that was the only joke I could come up with was to actually jump. Don't. Don't be- So our first story of the day is- Yes, let's just move on. Our first story today is, a very enterprising drone operator. Strapped a GoPro to his quadcopter and sent it flying over the Apple spaceship campus that's currently under construction. A spaceship? It, yeah, see so it looks like a spaceship. I, it's very much a mothership feel, see, but here, the drone goes up, he takes it over the fence there. And here it is. This is the circular campus. You can see the scale of this thing is huge. Whoa! And this is the circular campus that Apple is building they're, they're gonna have all curved glass. One of the things that I thought was really cool about this, that I actually didn't know before today. I hadn't read this but I, I feel like I should of read this somewhere. It, it, it's the plan is for it to be 100% renewable energy that powers that entire facility. Crazy. It's pretty awesome. Well, that's, you know, Apple's trying to beat Google on the. On the campus front right. Yeah, being geeko friendly, right. Geeko friendly, sorry. Yeah, geeko friendly. Oh, I just think we started a new website. Geeko friendly yeah. Geeko friendly.com. So this is really cool, like it's really one of the first views we've seen of it, after it broke ground. I believe late last year, it's suppose to be finished in 2016, so we still have a couple of years left. We can see they've got these tunnels. There's a ramp. This is what it's supposed to look like when it's finished. Wow. Very eco-friendly. It's gonna be geeko friendly. Yes, geeko friendly. Very geeko friendly. And it's gonna be, there's gonna be trees everywhere. There's gonna be park space, things like that, But ultimately, I, I think incredibly beautiful design, and. Where? This is up in Cupertino. Oh wow. Yeah. Very cool. So that is actually our first look at it? Line in real, in real life. This is the first, this is like it in the middle of construction like, a really good bird's eye view of what's going on up there. And of course this will be the last view we get of it until it's done because I'm sure at this moment in time Apple isn't. Stalling anti drone missiles on each corner. You gotta. [LAUGH] Yeah they're gonna build a giant structure, you gotta have anti drone missiles. It'll take a while for Johnny Act to design something beautiful. He'll design pretty missiles. You'll, maybe you'll just get a better navigator or something like that. Yeah I'm sure Apple will find something to shoot those drones down. At some point. That's pretty cool. I wanna work on that campus. I wanna visit that. It seems pretty cool. It. It looks really neat. I, I, when it's open I would love to be able to go up there and check it out. The the second story we have today is, is The Tick. Yeah, so let's move over quickly into entertainment. Oh yeah. Which is. Well, listen the show's name is Tomorrow Daily and this is gonna happen in the future. It's not happening tomorrow though. We'll call it. So. Er, the day after that yesterday. The future. The day after that yesterday. Okay good. So I don't know if many of you remember the short lived tick television series live action starring Patrick Warburton. There he is. Er, but it was fantastic. It, it basically. It got cancelled after nine episodes. They only made nine episodes. Very short lived. But, it's a cult. A classic. I think it's on Netflix. It's worth... It's so funny. It's worth checking out. But right now Amazon decided that they are going to renew it. And now this is for one episode, and then the fans, Amazon viewers will be able to watch it and vote if they should continue to do it. This is Amazon's way of making shows possible. This is their pilot season. [CROSSTALK] Where they make a series of pilots, and then they let viewers vote on whether or not, which ones they want to go to series. Yeah it's a very, it's a very cool way of doing it. They've had, they haven't had anything really return to second season as far as I know, but, but this is their third round. But I think this is besides, besides the one that was Zombieland the only one that is based on an IP that's already existed. That already exits, okay. But this is really cool. I'm really excited to see- [CROSSTALK] No, I love this. Patrick Warburton is coming back. Ugh. So. So good. That's really all you need let's just see, usually their pilots, they give them 10 thousand dollars to make a pilot. I think you could very easily make a cool pilot. Exactly, That's the only concern I have is you know it's internet, Amazon is kind of in their budding stages. If you think about the cost of that show in 2001. Yeah. Compared to now you can make it really cheaply with all the technology possible. Yeah, that's the [INAUDIBLE] doesn't like fly, doesn't shoot lasers. No there's no special effects, it's just a very, it's a very straight forward physical effects comedy, super bird. I am so excited Patrick Roarborn is the nicest guy ever. Very cool, you met him? Yeah I met him. You would have too. I haven't met him, no. You just sound exactly like him. No, I love him. He's so nice. I interned at Jimmy Kimmel in college. Wait, why do you think I met him? Well, because you did ETC, you had to have met him. I met like a lot of people, but never once did I. No, never. I watched. He was also Putty, if you don't know who he is, people know who Patrick Wharburton is, right? I hope so, he played Cronk, in Emperor's New Groove. Cronk, he was Putty in Seinfeld, Putty in Seinfeld, so funny, so funny. Such my guy, deserves it, absolutely deserves it. But keep that show in mind, because we're going, that's going to be our question of the day. Yeah that's going to be our hash tag. So keep that in mind, what's the next story, and then we'll. Okay, next story in the headlines is, okay, I'm pretty excited about this, just because I love robots. And. Who doesn't? The University of Tokyo, there's a team of researches there, and they have created what is one of the fastest two legged ro, robot. Go! Go! Go! Go! Look at it go. So here's the thing about two legged robots is, they're actually pretty hard to make run fast. They just have two legs. Usually they have treads or they have more legs. or, or different ways of getting around, wheels, things like that. Mm-hm. So this is an actual running robot. It can run up to 2.6 miles per hour, 4.2 kilometers an hour. The leg length that you are seeing here is about 14 centimeters. So it's not super big or it's not a super large robot. I can only run for about ten seconds currently but they're working on making it longer. What happens after ten seconds? I would imagine It just like starts losing its momentum? I would imagine it either starts losing its momentum or it gets a little bit too off balanced from going too quickly. It looks like the way that they're able to make it run on two legs it that. Oh, no, no, don't flip. [CROSSTALK] Okay, so it does a little somersault. Okay. It does a flip. Yeah okay, a somersault. It can jump, lookit. So it looks like. It's gonna be in the next Die Hard. Well [LAUGH]. Running away from an explosion. I think, from what it looks like, to compensate for because as you were telling me earlier, most robots, don't have two legs. Can't run on two legs. Right. Two legs. It looks like to make for it It, it's pushing off more. It's getting more, more air. Yeah, so the other part of that is, it uses this combination of, there's actually a high-speed camera in there and it's stabilizing motor so that the robot can lean forward. So you'll notice, see, it starts leaning forward when it goes faster. A-huh. And that enables it to have a more dynamic position. Like its posture, it enables it to run a little bit faster. You know, a producer Logan is actually getting these installed. Into his legs, and he's really excited that [CROSSTALK] flips is what he told me. He'll finally be able to a somersault. Amazing. Keep the dream alive Logan. He can't respond, I love it. No, no he can't, it's terrible. So we are going to take a very quick break, then we'll back with new releases, It's Tuesday, which means we have some really fun games coming up, all games edition. There's some really good stuff coming on. Two fun games, and then we also have your user feedback from last week. I know it seems like a million years ago, but we do have that. And then we also have, of course, our phonetar for the day, so don't click away. Samara Daily. [MUSIC] [FOREIGN] Yeah. That was really good Simlish. That was my Simlish. It's really good. It has to be forward. we, it's Tuesday, which means, [COUGH] we have to get a new new releases. So let's do that. [MUSIC] So there's not much in the way of movies this week. Not much. No. No. Do you wanna watch, talk about November Man again. Yeah I mean it's so bad. I'm glad we called how terrible that was. So two really great games. One is sort of a major franch, one is not sorta, it is a major franchise. One of the largest franchises. The other one is new. And the other one is new and looks really really cool and I'm really excited to play it. So I'm gonna let Kale take this because he is a huge fan. Of this indie game called Sims 4. Oh that's new! [crosstalk] Yeah, I think it's really gonna pick up. No, Sims 4 is obviously one of, Sims is obvious one of the biggest franchises. Yeah. Biggest video game franchises of all time. Basically you simulate playing with humans. You mostly just put them in a pool and kill them. Yeah. Or whatever, But. Well like I said, I play out my weird Saw fantasies where I give, I give people no cooking skills. And then put a bunch of stoves in a house. And I'm either like, you can starve to death or you can try to use the stove and burn the house down. It's right of passage to create a character and either kill him or let him have a terrible life. Yeah, yeah. Well this one's gonna be perfect. For that. cuz, in this game, the new features. Obviously, there's new features every gigantic iteration. Yeah, what's the deal. This one is emotion. Oh. So basically any time your character has an emotion, they do things differently. So, if you're angry you'll do an angry workout. Wich means you'll do, like, you'll be able to do more reps. Well. If you're sad, you'll be able to do like better poetry or whatever. Oh. So, it's all based around that. Your emotions will also show on your outside. You, you're seeing the emotions right there. Your emotions will also show on your outside. So, your walk will change, and, and that's some other smaller stuff. You can also import things a lot easier, so. That sounds crazy. If someone creates a house, or a character, you can import it while you're still in the game instead of like going and downloading it. Oh, that's nice. And then getting yeah, the skin, and you gotta make the character. That's great. Yeah, yeah. So they integrated that a little bit more, It's a lot more streamlined, and also your neighborhoods all kind of work a little bit better. I like it- I'm real, I'm really excited about it you know, to play it for about a week. But I'm a huge- I think that's what most people do with the Sims. They get really into it for like, maybe two weeks, and then they just, there's like other stuff. Yeah. You know, create their favorite characters or. But, but speaking of other stuff. Yeah. Cuz this is what you'll wanna play when you're done. When I'm done with it. With your week long Sims binge. Instead of destiny. But go ahead. This game looks so amazing. It's called Velocity 2X, it's on PS4 Playstation Network, I think maybe. I don't think PS3, but i'm not 100% sure. But ps4 an Vita for sure. And it's the free game this month on Playstation Plus. You can download it. This game looks ridiculous. Okay it's combination of a bullet hell shooter. So we've got a shooter. It's got this new, this is the new game mechanic. You can teleport or teledash. So here is the cool thing, it switches between bullet hell shooter and a Metroid sort of 2D dungeon crawl kind of thing. So it's not a one note, it's not a one trick pony. No. It's got a lot of stuff going on. This is so awesome. And so yeah, you can shoot in 360 degrees. Like, this is your character. You're running around. And one of my favorite things about this particular- I feel like I'm on drugs right now. [LAUGH] Yes. My favorite thing about this trailer, though, is that, like, not only are you a total badass, like, doing this. Here's the boss battle. You can fly into the ship and fight it from the inside on the ground. Cool! So, look, here's your ship and you're fighting, pew, pew, pew, pew, pew. And then you fly- You're like, **** it. Inside the ship. And then you become your character, and you're running around, and you kill everything inside. So amazing. Yeah, it's like Metroid, you're right. It is a lot like Metroid. It is like Metroid. It's so cool and I love like the art style of this. It's so beautiful. And it's just, it looks so fun and I'm so excited to play it. Do, does do they give you like a run time like how long the game is? I don't know how long the game is, it's, but it's Velocity 2X. Six. Six hours, probably? I would guess. Four to six hours. Gotta be a short game. [CROSSTALK] Something like that. Yeah. But I would have. Somebody in the game right. Yeah somebody in the game but Reso Gun, which was free on Playstation Plus when you when I got my PS4 last year, Reso Gun has been. Like I get unending value out of that. Like you cause you keep doing runs and stuff and saving all the humans and doing all of the challenges. So I'd imagine there's a lot of replay value in a game like that. Nice. Yeah. By the way, you know what I'm going to do when I get home as I'm going to make I'm gonna make you and I. In the Sims. Oh perfect. I'm going to try and build this set. Try to build the set. So tomorrow, hopefully on tomorrow's episode I'll have this. Perfect. And then take a screenshot, so we can put it up. And then, and then producer Logan, I'll have him too, but he'll be out of the sh- Put him in a different room, put him in a control room, make a little control room. I'll make this room if I can. Oh, that would be amazing. I'd be so into that. And then you'll, what are you going to bring in? See you tomorrow, you better bring some A game. A pony, I don't know, I'll bring in, I'll bring in something. Okay, cool. I'll bring in my old reso gun run that I was really proud of from, like. And your nerd glasses. Here it is. Hey, guys, here's my [INAUDIBLE]. Like I'm any better bring in Sims stuff. I know, exactly, we're nerds. We have got to get a new user feedback [MUSIC] So last week. Almost made a poop pie joke. Almost. Go, go ahead. Last week we asked you guys to use the hash tag tdleap to tell us what you would use Oculus Rift for and leap motion. Because we have the leap motion. Oh, yea. Virtual reality. And we got an email form the Fonz, our friend the Fonz, who was a phontographer. Like last week or two ago. Send us an e-mail. And he says, productive astronaut training with how items react in a the space environment. For example, in case of fire or liquid leaks/damages in their suits or space station. So you can replicate that and then train them how to deal with those situations. Pretty cool. Unproductive use. Apply magical powers or mutations for some, to your hands and do what you want in an urban environment filled with vehicles of all sorts, people, buildings, etc. and see what becomes of it. I like that too. I like both. I think both, both completely viable options. Wow. They're really smart, our viewers are ridiculously smart. They're way smarter than us. Way smart. So much smarter. That's cool. I went to a school once. I went and had a class. I had a, you had a class? Yeah, I had one. I think it was cooking. Cooking? Home ec. But no, that's a really great idea, the, I like that crisis training thing. Yeah, were it's like Yeah, cause you can't simulate that any other way. Right, and well you wouldn't want to obviously put anybody in danger and really the easiest way to do it would be, like, to actually be able to see your hands in motion in a. Virtual reality simulators as opposed to, you know, using a bunch of buttons. Because you're not gonna actually do that in an emergency. Right. You're gonna be using your hands. So, I, I think that's a really good And what's great is you can also, in, in the simulation that he's talking about, create, or she, I don't know. create, like, also. Cause and effect, so even if you put out the fire a certain way. Oh, causes this other problem. So, that's, that's, that's a really great idea. Using your noggin. And then also the magic thing was pretty cool. Yeah, the magical power thing was pretty great. Yeah, magical power thing was pretty cool from a Diablo player over here. Who doesn't want magical powers, really? I mean, I would like to just play Diablo in first person. That's the game you're gonna pick? It's gonna be Diablo? Yeah. Think about it. Well I mean, that's basically just World of Warcraft is basically what you picked. Yeah! But no, it's, I want dungeon crawl! I want to kill treasure goblins. You're just a loot fiend! I am, it's all about the loot. That's what Diablo players break down to. Just being loot fiends. No, loots and clicks. That whole game is loots and clicks. That's what they should, that was actually the original working title of Diablo. Loops and Clicks. Loops and Clicks. Yeah, except for they opened up a store, and they called it Loops and clicks. Loops and clicks, that's also, loops and clicks.com, it's a really good nerd store. Stop it. Someone is parking all these names right now. Geeko, Geeko friendly. Geeko-friendly [UNKNOWN] I'll bet you Geeko-friendly is [UNKNOWN] It's gotta be. You go to our next email, and I'm gonna look up Geeko-friendly. Alright, alright, alright. Today's hashtag of the day, we have to talk about it, is the hashtag T-D Tick, and your job, should you choose to accept it, is to tweet us what show that was cancelled. That you would want to be resurrected and where would you want to be resurrected? So Amazon, would you want Netflix to pick up the mantle? Maybe, maybe you want Google to get into production. Maybe you want YouTube to do it. Maybe you want Apple to start their own production company. Yeah. Anyway. Or. I mean and, or Kickstarter. Yeah. Kickstarter. Maybe you want a like Veronica Mars movie. Do you have one, do you have one. Vodka loaded. Pushing daisies. Pushing daisies. I love the pie maker I know he's so busy but God I love the pie maker, I love choc I love Charlotte Charles, I love that show so much. So. I'm a huge fan of that show. I even have the comic. The darling mermaids, mermaid darlings. I have the comic. Come on, can you bring me that? I wanna read it. You wanna read it? Okay. Yeah. I'll try, I'll try to find it. I have two versions, different variant covers. Kay. Why don't you? [LAUGH] Mine is oh shoot what was it called? Oh, Clone High. Oh! Clone High! Yeah, Clone High. Not many people know about it, it's from the creators of Chris Miller and Phil Lord. Oh wow. They did, "21 Jump Street", "22 Jump Street"- Yeah. As well as they did "The Lego Movie". But before that, they made an animated show for MTV called "Clone High". It was about a bunch of clones that they, they remade Abraham Lincoln- Yeah, yeah. And Gandhi and Joan of Arc and they made them go to school and they were nerds and whatever. I would also like to see, just for my own. Sick viewing pleasure, Cop Rock Resurrected did you ever see that? What the hell is Cop Rock? Okay it was Glee before it's time, it was terrible it was the worst show you'll ever see on the history of television. I'm not joking this is not a joke. This is not a drill kill. How do you not know what cop rock is? Logan if you can find cop rock, like we should play it right now. Cop rock. Okay, so cop rock is a show about. Cop, so it was in the nineties,. People are tuning out right now. This was a FOX show, no, and it was basically- Game play. Let me just explain this one pi-, this one musical number so they did musical numbers, it was a musical cop themed show, musical like cop procedural. No way. Cop, Cop Rock. Okay. There was this one particular. Video. This one particular song that was literally the greatest, the funniest thing I've ever seen. Where they went, these two detectives went to the park to go like bust this guy who was selling kids on the black market. And the guy sings a song called Baby Merchants. And he's like, I'm the baby merchant. Like it's hilarious. No. It is so funny and so awful. It's so bad, I want to see it come back. I'd like to change mine to Puchinsky, have you ever heard about Puchinsky? Yep, Puchinsky, the dog. Yes, it's a cop, it's a cop that dies and he gets, his soul gets put into a body of a dog, and so he has to solve all the crimes as a dog. Let's, let's just revive all. Bad cop shows. Obscure procedural cop shows, all of them. Terrible procedural cop shows. Perfect. I'm in. Sign me up. Yup. So that's your hashtag of the day, TD tick. Tell us, let us know we also of course, have to talk about our phonetographer of the day. Oh, yeah. So our phonetographer for the day today is Eddie. Oh. Well, hi Eddie. And he actually took this on Blackberry Z10, which we haven't see yet on phonetographers. Which is pretty cool. Check that out. Woah. He says, I've been watching your show regularly. I wanted to show you the amazing macro photos I've been taking in my own back yard. Using my stock Blackberry Z10. With proper zoo and lighting you can focus and get background blurring like big lens cameras. The photo you see was shot with my Z ten and then I applied a couple of simple blackberry edit options saturation and white balance and then a lomo effect which darkens the borders all on the phone using the stock blackberry photo app and presto. Look at that. Now how do you. It's so nice. How do you do the zoom you said you get the blur in the background by zooming but how do you get the. How do you zoom, and not lose you know, like quality on a. [CROSSTALK] Like. Forefront and stuff? I have a feeling, it's very slightly zoomed in. Okay. So, you can get a little bit of sort of, long focal length. But I can't imagine it's too much. Yeah, I don't think I've ever seen an image from a Blackberry. Yeah, I don't think I've seen one. It's pretty good! Yeah, I don't see too many, yup. We don't see too many photos from, from newer Blackberry devices. So, but this is really nice. Like, really well done, any. Nice job Eddie. Great work. Into it. Love it. In the comments. Holler if you're a blackberry user. Yeah if you're, which, threes of you will respond to that. Yeah and no. They will, they will create a little clique and they will disband. I'm telling you now. They will tell everybody how great blackberries. Like there are some hardcore Blackberry fans out there that like, they will never give up that Blackberry. Do they were like a secret necklace or something? I think so. Like a chain or like a, It's like the illuminati of cell phones. ring? It, the, but I'm telling you Like a skull? just in my experience, Blackberry fans are often just, they are loyalists. Like to the end. It's so hard to get like diehard on any other OS. So if you find a Blackberry fan, marry them. Cuz they'll never cheat on you. They will. Never leave you. They're with you for life. Seriously. And they would make really great pictures like Eddy. Exactly. They take really nice pictures. But great job, Eddy, And if you would like to submit your phone-tography, you're more than welcome to. You can email us, Tomorrow@CNet.com. You can also send it to your hashtag of the day if you hate Twitter or don't want to use it, And you can of course try to follow our social media, But if you do like Twitter, you can find us at TomorrowDaily. On Facebook, and Twitter, and Instagram. All the places except Google+, which we're Tomorrow Daily TV there. It always throws me off. Because I was expecting you to be like, except Google+, because [NOISE] and then it just cuts to like technical difficulties. And Khail, where can we find you? Well, you can find me, Khail Anonymous. We got it, keep talking. You can find me, Khail Anonymous, at youtube.com/khailanonymous. [LAUGH] How'd that look? Was that creepy? That was amazing. Was it creepy? It was perfect. Okay. It looked like a really awesome Kung Fu movie. [LAUGH] I was waiting for you to start fighting. It was unbelievable. Well that was fun. That was great. I had a good time. [LAUGH] I thought you were just gonna. That's right. Cut this show, I have to get out of here. No we're done with the show. Logan's gone already. Logan's already gone. We are done for the day, but we will be back tomorrow with more tech stuff, more geek stuff, all the great things. So until then, be good humans and we'll see you next time. Bye. [MUSIC] Delightful. Awesome.
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