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Tomorrow Daily: Tomorrow Daily 044: NASA advances its SLS program, Leap Motion for VR, and a 3D-printed castle

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Tomorrow Daily: Tomorrow Daily 044: NASA advances its SLS program, Leap Motion for VR, and a 3D-printed castle

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On today's show, Ashley and Khail talk about NASA's newest milestone in its journey to Mars, Leap Motion Controller's newest VR accessory, and a 3D-printed castle.

NASA's rocket passes a major test on the way to Mars. The oculus rift adds leap motion to take virtual reality a step further. And a man in Minnesota builds a 3D printed castle. Oh right, and there's also some iPhone 6 rumors. We wish we could say more. Tomorrow Daily. [MUSIC] Greeting citizens of the internet, welcome to Tomorrow Daily. Khail's got a sitcom already going. I'm hyping cause it's my episode for the week. For the week, yeah. Last, last episode of the week. I'm your host Ashley Esqueda, joining me today, Khail Anonymous. Hello again, good to see you. Good to see you too. Yeah, I like your hair, your Princess Leia thing you got going there. Oh, thank you, yes, I was feeling very Game of Thrones-y today. Oh, don't drink that wine over there. No, I definitely won't, I definitely will not drink the wine or go to any weddings. Don't go to any weddings or. At all. Do anything in that world, yeah. Just don't every leave the house, probably in Game of Thrones. Don't ever and even then you're at risk of getting it burned down. Yeah, I. [LAUGH] Wildlings. It's tough to be a goat in that world too. Tough to be. Logan do we have, can we cut to the goat, the dragon eating the goat. [LAUGH] No. All right. No, okay, he doesn't have that clip. Sorry, Logan. Fair enough. Let's hit the headlines [MUSIC] Think we just heard a goat.>> I think there was a goat that booed. In this video it bleeded. Yeah sometimes we can hear goats over the internet. Very strange. So NASA this is, okay I love space and I get really excited about the prospect of sending people to Mars, and NASA finished this huge milestone that they needed to complete. It's a very rigorous review of these, of this rocket, and so this is this is from NASA. This is a, they've been putting together these music videos of like sending people to Mars, like it's like these compilation videos, it's really weird, but what is happening is, NASA officials yesterday announced they completed the review of this. A space launch system which is SLS and they've approved it to go into development. So now it's no longer in the third planning phases, this is now real development on a rocket that is going to go to either asteroids or Mars. Crazy. I'm super excited. So why is this the step in to going to Mars then? So no other exploration, exploration class space vehicle has been in development since the Apollo program, since we sent somebody to the moon. It's been a long time. It's been a while, but the reason this in particular is kind of unprecedented is because it, it's licked capacity, because to go to Mars, obviously, we need to be able to take a lot of stuff. Right. So we need to be able to carry a lot of things and the SOS is gonna be configured at its peak, to carry a list capacity of 130 metric tons. As, it, is there, like how much, is that like twice as much as, was. Even for? I mean cause they, they didn't even need that much back then. Well. People weren't like landing and starting. For the weekend trip, you know it was a weekender bag, just a couple weekender bags, whatever. Yeah, but now you need to bring you know, your, you need to bring your bed, you need to bring your, your. Your X-box. Your X-box, by then it's gonna be like five thousand. I know yeah, but it's I mean the, the, the point is that obviously it would take a lot longer to get to a place like Mars then. The moon, as opposed to the moon. And, so, what they wanna do is, they wanna make sure that these craft are able to carry all of the supplies needed to get there. And they are saying that they are going to launch a, their first test flight in 2018. So, it's really soon. That is really soon. Super soon. They've got enough money? I thought their budgeting got pulled. So, I think one of the goals of this SLS program, is to make it affordable, but also very. Safe and use existing technology and, and emerging technology to really make this kind of, not, not breaking the bank. That's scrappy. It's very scrappy, NASA has always been very scrappy Yeah Always been very scrappy. I like that. And another thing I really like about this, is that they are saying that. Not only are they gonna do this first test rocket in 2018, they're, they're sticking to a goal of sending people to Mars in the 2030's. Oh, do you think that there's gonna be a space race again? I think so. There's gonna be like, who can get to Mars first? Who can get a man on Mars first. A man or woman to step foot. We're doing pretty well, right now, for that. It's, I mean. We just need to find water, right? We found water? Well, there's ice caps on Mars, but they're really frozen. Right. Okay. So, but, but there is, we've talked about this on the show where there is, if there is, if there can be ice then there, with some work there could be water. [CROSSTALK] there could be oxygen. And with oxygen there could be fuel. So. Who knows? It's just really exciting and, and good job NASA and I'm really excited to see what's coming with all the, all the good rockety goodness. Way to go NASA. Yeah, high five. Leave us, leave us a comment in the, in the in the comments, NASA. Just. Yeah. It's good to see you again. Hang out with us. It's good to see you. Yeah, that's all we're saying. And, and speaking of technology. Because that's the theme of the show. That was a really nice segway. Super smooth. I'm so bad, I'm so bad at that. Do you, so, virtual reality has been making some pretty big leaps and strides True. Well, for the Oculus Rift, the next step was to just take another virtual reality thing and add it to theirs. Have you ever heard of the Leap Motion? I have. It's really neat. So, the Leap Motion is basically this little tiny device, that costs. $80. Put it in front of your computer, and you control your computer and different games and stuff like that, simply with your hands. Okay, so, its all, its like gesture control. Its gesture control, completely. And, so now what Oculus Rift has gone ahead and done, is create, actually Leap Motion did this, they created a little device, its only $20, that attaches it to the front of your Oculus Rift. So now [CROSSTALK] can read your hand motions. Whoa, look at that. Yeah. So, you know how your Xbox Kinect does it. This basically can now read your hands. There's some downsides. The motion isn't incredibly advanced. So then we move two, two feet in front of your body. OK. Also, there's a little bit of problem with the fact that you move your head around a lot, Leapmotion's meant to be just sitting there. [CROSSTALK] But with the with both of these in tangent, you can create some pretty incredible... Stuff. That is crazy! I, like I can see that being used. Cuz I know that they're using virtual reality to help train surgeons. Yes. Oh, I asked you that. So come up with one productive way to use that and one unproductive way of using it. Diffusing a bomb. That was mine. Really? Yours with doctors. That's totally productive, what do you mean? All right. Wait, which one was that? Defusing a bomb is a productive thing. Yeah, productive. Productive but basically so, in grad total, this would be $80. Okay. The little attachment would be $20. Not bad. And then accurate Occulus Rift is $300. Oh, well, that's, you know 450 bucks. It's, it's for. Cheap. Wait, where do you get 400, it's $400. No. It's 80 plus 20 is 100, math And the immaculate trip is? 350 I said 300 Oh, OK. Well, I am under the We'll catch you guys tomorrow on yesterday's technology. Yikes. This is awkward. No, but this is, this is great. That's like, so $100 for the price of an Apple TV you can. You can adjust or control your computer and you can also attach it to your Oculus Rift. So now they just need to make a deal with Facebook. Yeah, Facebook's gonna buy em. If you, if you get the chance [INAUDIBLE] definitely check out the leet motion. It actually makes for a really great gift. I know it sounds like I'm like home shopping networking this right now. You are, you are a little bit HSN'ing it. But, I love this thing. You told me you hate it, I love it. I didn't hate it, I just used it during beta and I just wasn't as impressed with it, but then I hear good things about it now. Go watch some videos on it. And let me know what you think. And also tell me the, in the des, in the comments what you think. Maybe they're going to integrate leap into the space shuttle. I'll tell you what they're not going to integrate into the space shuttle. 3D printed concrete castles. You're not any better at, no, you're not any better at No, that was not any better. So here's your next. Story, there in there'd be a Here's your next story. This guy, Andre Ridinko is a contractor. He's got a background in engineering. And he thought to himself gosh, what if I could 3D print a structure, and we've heard of 3D printed houses and things but usually they are made in pieces, so you print out a piece and then you attach it. This is actually a continuous. Build of a castle. So like [LAUGH], this is crazy. So one of the problems is with, this is concrete that he is 3D printing with. How big is this thing we're looking at? Okay, so, this is it is 10 feet by 16 feet by 12 feet high. So 10 feet deep, 16 feet wide. Where's the final result? We have the image, it's on, it's on [UNKNOWN] site and producer Logan's gonna pull it up, it's kinda like a playhouse it looks like, like a playhouse in like a backyard, kind of, you're with me on that? No. No I did [UNKNOWN] Okay so its a, it's, it's it's a it's a, it's like a bachelor apartment. Yeah, it's like, you know what? It's like a studio apartment in New York City, there it is. There ya go, Whoa! >. How cool is that? He built that. He 3D printed that. It probably was pretty expensive though, right? I can't imagine it was. Well, I mean to get together everything and I know used a, an open source 3D printer, like robotic schematics and stuff, and he's an engineer so he probably built a lot of this stuff himself. But he actually had to use concrete. That he designed himself, like he... So when dry... Right, cause he was saying that, cement mixes tend to dry a lot quicker than these, kind of, low speed... Like putting this out a low speed. So, he had to put together a proper mixture that is, his own recipe. Did you already see how long it took him to make it? I don't know how long it took him to make. Okay. But his final goal is actually, this is a small scale version of his final goal which is a full 3D printed entire house. That is printed in one. Continuous go like it would not stop printing until the house was finished. It would print the house. This is blowing your mind. Yes because technology is going too fast for me. I'm, I feel I'm becoming older. Just by. I can see you turning older just as we're listening to this. So. So. It really prints it out all, you find the foundation, you find the foundation and it prints it on the foundation or he brings the pieces to it? No, no, no. It, it that is what it did. It printed it right there. I printed everything out and then, either I don't know if he moved it, I'm assuming he had to move it on some sort of structure to get it in the backyard where that picture was taken, but yeah he want to print a whole house continually nonstop unlike the other 3D printed houses being worked on that is like in pieces, they print out pieces of houses then assemble it. That's amazing. It's pretty cool. I really like that, yeah. Technology's awesome. Yeah way to go technology. High five. So we're gonna take a quick break, and we're gonna be back with the rumor mill. We have some iPhone 6 stuff to discuss, and we also have, of course, your user feedback and our our Phone [INAUDIBLE] of the day. So [INAUDIBLE]. Tomorrow Daily. [MUSIC] STill can't stop with the Leap. I think you need to get another room [CROSSTALK]. All right, Kinect sucks, Leap rules. [LAUGH] It also doesn't cost 150 dollars standalone. If you buy [CROSSTALK] Did you hear about that? And it reduces your Xbox trade-in, is that what [CROSSTALK] Yeah yeah it does. What show am I on? First gamer problems. That's yeah, first world gamer problems. We gotta talk about this iPhone 6 rumor, so let's jump into the rumor mill. [MUSIC] I have never seen that graphic before and I like the secret as part of that. This was the rumors coming back. So, iPhone 6. That's coming up. It's coming up real soon. Official invite today which was the joke at the top of the show. Which was? I wish we could say more. Wish we could say more. It's pretty good. That was, that's all they said on the invite. Okay. Wish we could say more. Okay. I, I tweeted a couple of different wish we could say more jokes along with the rest of the Internet this morning. Which one? I said, [COUGH] we wish we could say more. But Johnny I've got his head stuck between the bars near the, at the gate between the cafeteria. Again. We wish we could say more but we're helping Dr. Dre finish detox. Ooooooh, maaaan. Oh, snap that's serious just fired Dr. Dre. Not real ones though, please. You all let you finish but I wish we could say more. Yeah. I don't know, I'm not good with this. Apple [INAUDIBLE]. What is, so what's the, what's the rumor? The rumor is that the iPhone 6 will have NFC and for those of you out there who are either not tech savvy or don't really care NFC has actually been around for a long time. On devices like Kale's Galaxy phone here. I'm like terrible, having my own phone here. No, no, it's, it's, but NFC. In general. NFC. Yeah. Has been around for a while. Now they're saying it looks like the iPhone 6 is going to have mobile payments and NFC. I have always said that Apple's been very conservative about adding new features. I mean, even LTE was one of, they were one of the last phones to sort of get on board with that, even though they knew it was coming. Is they just tend to not, be at the forefront of kind of like, new technologies with phones. So, It's weird. So it looks like there's gonna be a lot of advancement, in the iPhone 6 right? From, from the rumors, there's gonna, it's a bigger step than it has been in the past. Right? Bigger screens, supposedly two different models, which is a big deal for Apple. Right. Bigger and bigger. Bigger and bigger, yeah. And then, so, so, let me ask you. If they don't put the NFC in this time do you think that's a huge misstep for them? I think with Apple, I mean, I don't thin it would hurt anybody just because it hasn't been adopted as much as people hoped. Right. Okay. But I think when we first saw NFC and Android phones, people were like this is the future. It's so cool. I mean, I mentioned to Rich. My brother's got an NFC tag that signs people into his guest wi-fi. They just scan, if your phone has NFC, you can sign in. That's pretty cool. But the, but the problem with that is, is that not every phone has NFC and because the iPhone hasn't adopted it, it's one of those weird chicken or egg things. Where it's like, even though NFC has already. Come first and it exists. There are a lot of people who are hesitant to adopt that as technology to use because it's not on the iPhone. Which is silly. That is weird. I don't disagree. Yeah. But it. Never make advances without iPhone, the iJerks. But it's sort of, it's sort of that think where it's like yeah, somethings, sometimes things don't exist unless the iPhone makes it exist. Yeah. And then everybody wants in on it and that's great, but. It's definitely something that I, I don't think Apple needs it, but I do think it's smart for them to include it. And we're, we're still okay with the possibility that it may, like, be a security issue? Like, if we all start using it, then people are gonna be, like. Yeah let's start NFC hacking. We'll you can, you can disable it. Okay. You can disable NFC on your device. If you feel really uncomfortable about it. Security privacy issues things like that. Honestly actually it's a really cool piece of technology. That I think. What really benefit from Apple adopting it along side of everybody else. Cause I thought maybe Apple would do, you know like, they have their own port. They have the lightning port, and I thought they would do their own proprietary version of it. Oh FCG [crosstalk] ISB and they would make up something where they're like well this is our version of, you know. Swipe to share, whatever, it's just, I always feel like I get nervous that they're going to do something like that, so if they do go universal, I'd be very happy to see it. Well, here's hoping. Yeah, and it would also be beneficial to all of the people that love it on Android, because if it more people adopt it, better for you. That's what I say, even if you don't use iPhone. I don't, I don't, I don't, I don't use any phone. Well, you're old, you're like 90 years old. Yeah, I have, I have a rotary. In my car. Yeah, yeah. You have one of those really old phones. I text my rotary. Where you have to take the ear thing off of the little cable. Hello? Hello? Operator? Yep. Yeah. While I'm listening to what is it? Can you please connect me to F6-47? Yeah. [LAUGH]. Can you do an emote for a smiley face. Can you please tell them I'm smiling, thank you. So that's the rumor mill, we're really curious if you guess think, the iPhone 6 will have NFC and if it does do you think it's a good thing for the industry, a bad thing for the industry... ...think its, you know, I'm sure Apple act like they invented it, that'll be a fun thing, they'll be like, oh look, we made up the signal, let 'em see it, isn't it amazing. Oh, and one more thing [CROSSTALK] we invented this. We invented the [UNKNOWN], and then and the of course we have... Your user feedback. Mine? No not your user feedback. I thought it was mine, you said your. Their user feedback. Oh well then. There's little tiny gnomes inside the camera lens, just pretend, good job. Yesterday we asked you guys where you'd want to time travel. That's right and they all said Hitler? And everybody said Hitler. Everybody said they'd kill Hitler. So we couldn't kill Hitler. No, we got a tweet from the teaspoon, and they said hashtag TDTimeTravel, I would travel to October 26, 1985 to watch Doc Brown. Timetravelception! Wait a minute, wait a minute. Do you say no to this? No, it, okay, we didn't say fictional. We didn't say you could fictionally time travel [CROSSTALK] In our hypothetical, [CROSSTALK] That would be, that would be, you'd create a timeline, didn't Doc Brown, he was [CROSSTALK] the alternate timeline [CROSSTALK] the alternate Marty and the alternate teaspoon. And alternate Lia Thompson. Who likes a lot of plastic surgery. Oh man, I would feel bad kind of make out with Lea Thompson, though. Khail's like alternate- My, my mom Lea Thompson. The alternate universe Lea Thompson, got it, got it. Oh yeah. And then Stefan wrote to us and said, hashtag TDTimeTravel I would go back 13.8 billion years to the big bang. And he's an egg. Nice job, Stef, Stefan. An Egg. Stefan. Stefan the Egg. Stefan, add a, first of all add a Twitter avatar so we can see you. Secondly, go ahead. I know you were thinking about. He's going to change it to Sheldon. Sheldon? You see because it works with the egg. And the Big Bang Theory. It's a Sheldon. You're gonna get this when you're in the shower tomorrow morning. Get out. No. Just go. I'm gonna go see the big bang theory. Guys, it's time for the phonetographer of the day. [MUSIC] You wanna see some phonetography? I do wanna see some phonetography. Fine. Oh wait a minute. Please come back. [CROSSTALK] This is starting to get real. Explore the set. Yeah. Is I think the term. Our phonetographer today is Paul D., and he is in Note 3 to take this picture. Whoa! And he says, hey guys, I love the show, wanted to share a picture I took earlier in the month on a flight back home to Niagara Falls, New York. Our pilot was nice enough to do a fly over for. Stellar photo op, it was taken with my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 from 12,000 feet in the air. Wow! From a Note. Yeah, that's for real. Holy crap. That is no joke. That is pretty great. That is pretty great. How was his time in, in his vacation. Well, I don't know, he said he was going home. Oh, okay. Back home to Niagara Falls. I'm surprised that they, ability to like not only focus on the forefront image but also the one in the back. I mean it's not totally blurred out. Yeah, I know, but it's really nice. I like that. That's really cool and you can see everything, some of the falls. I think I can even see Kale going over the edge in a barrel. Help! Great Scoot. Jumping jigawatt. [LAUGH] Wow you're really going for it [INAUDIBLE]. I'm pulling back my Doc Brown. I have an Marty Mcfly impression that I've been told is the worst. Oh please. Doc, we've got to go back. Logan [LAUGH] Logan hated that. Wow, I think this show. He's pounding on the glass. This show's literally going to cut to black at any moment. If you guys want to send you phonetogrophy, and you want to get another terrible impression from [UNKNOWN]. Feel free to email us tomorrow at Cnet dot com. You can also hit us up on social media. You can find us all over the internet, we're tomorrowdaily on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, on Google Plus we're tomorrowdailytv. Caleb, where can we find you online? You can check me out by just typing Caleb Anonymous in YouTube. I've got a channel. I've got a channel there. Oh, man, Logan made a lower third! Yeah! Your whole day just got made. Yeah, it really was. It really was great. But yeah, I do a bunch of movies and television and like just a bunch of nerd stuff. Nerd pop culture. Nerd pop culture. That's why I got my. Do you get, do you get this shirt? I do. It's very that's Finnish Hymn. That's a Finnish choir but it also relates to Mortal Combat, finish him. You know the person from Mortal Combat liked the joke. Yep, I bet. He saw this shirt. Ed, Ed Boone, what is it? It wasn't Ed Boone, it was like his secretary. Fair enough. I left before Ed Moon showed up. > Guys that's it for the show we will be back on Tuesday because of the Labor Day holiday on Monday, so have a delightful three day weekend, if you, if you have a three day weekend, as always be good humans. And don't forget to take pictures of your labor day weekend so that you can have them on the phone-tographer but have a good human. If you have a barbecue. [MUSIC] And you want to send pictures of your cheeseburgers please send them to us. Mm We will, we will love to feature them on the show but that's it for the show have a great weekend be good humans and we'll see you next time bye. [MUSIC]
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