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Tomorrow Daily: Tomorrow Daily 038: HitchBOT crosses Canada, drone delivery logistics, and charging with noise

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Tomorrow Daily: Tomorrow Daily 038: HitchBOT crosses Canada, drone delivery logistics, and charging with noise

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On todays show, we celebrate hitchBOT's successful journey across Canada, ponder drone delivery and how it might work, and hope recharging your devices with noise comes around sooner rather than later.

A Belgium company is testing drone delivery logistics. I'll have an extra large pepperoni with black olives. Yes, I said black olives, deal with it! A robot just finished hitchhiking across Canada. I wonder how he paid the drivers, cash, grass. Or poutine. And researchers say we may charge our devices in the future with noise. Rowdy neighbors everywhere celebrate because now they can use the excuse of helping you out when they party all night. Ready to do this? Oh yeah. Tomorrow daily. [MUSIC] Greetings, citizens of the Internet! Welcome to Tomorrow Daily, the best tech talk show in the known universe. I'm your host Ashley Esqueda. Joining me today, a very favorite old time friend of mine, Old time? We go way back. Khail Anonymous. Hey, how's it going. It's good. Thanks for being here. Thank you for bringing me. I'm excited to have you here. Yeah, and you had me talking about a robot. Made of fun noodles, so that should be fun. Oh, I can't wait. Okay. And a beer, a beer canister. And a, I love it. It's the best thing ever. So good. So let's talk about the news. Let's head to headlines. [MUSIC] So our first story is actually the drone deliver. Great story. I love those things. Now, you saw the Amazon ones? Yes. And, now Very scary. But still, very convenient and cool, so Like, you're gonna get like all of your cool Amazon Prime stuff via drone. But, the problem with that is there's a lot of logistics that have to be sorted out, like, where does it land? Where, how does it get to your house? And so, this company in Belgium, which is, I find very interesting. These researchers at KU Leuven, I hope I have that right, have been working on some of these logistics. So they are kind of figuring out all these technical issues and they're doing that with this device which is called the VertiKUL. Aah! V-E-R-T-l-K-U-L. So classy. And, you can see they're actually landing these things on targets and, so, that's sort of one of the things they're saying is at some point, if you are going to be getting drone deliveries, you'll probably need to have some sort of landing pad somewhere nearby or in front of your house where a drone will be able to lock onto a GPS signal and then land appropriately on that spot. Just weird. Well, you know, you gotta have some place to land. I, I just hope that it plays some music when it flies in. We can hear it, like some epic music. Yeah, [MUSIC] That would be Ride, Ride, oh, man. Valkyries, yeah, let's do that. You're gonna, you're gonna use this though, right? You're gonna like totally do the drones in? I'm so in on drones. Yeah. Like deliver it. And the cool thing is, these box. That they're practicing with Right. They have little compartments in them where it's, the, drone would drop your item and it would be waterproof. So let's say it was raining, or, you know, wet weather, it would protect whatever you're getting delivered, so drop it in there and then take off. And then, try not to throw rocks at it, as well. Yeah, people can't throw t-shirts or rocks at it to knock it down, and it also has wings. I love this plane, I love the way it looks, yeah. So, it has wings and the reason why is because they said it would. The problem with a lot of rotocopters is that they can hover, and that's great,' cause vertical takeoff and landing, but the real issue is is that there's not a lot of range for those in terms of battery, because it takes a little more energy. So, they don't have the natural lift that a plane would, which is why we're flying planes across the country, not helicopters. So, they have this drone, this unmanned aerial vehicle with wings so that it gets a little bit more range and can use that sort of uplift to go a little farther. I love it. I love that, I love that we're actually trying different ways to make this happen. We're figuring it out. Exactly. [UNKNOWN] Little by little, we're gonna figure it out. But yeah. They say it's a really cool thing and I, I just really loved seeing it. And and I'm, I'm just excited to kind of figure out how it's all going to work out but it, it's really cool. All hail the drones, for sure. All hail the drone. Well, we're gonna. Yes, they will all enslave us at some point, which is fine. [LAUGH] Drones pick us up and drop us off whenever they want. That's what's going to happen in the future. [LAUGH] Just like what? We will be delivered to robots as food or something really terrible. Oh, okay. Where are my humans? [CROSSTALK] Where's my soilent, where's my soilent, I got ordered it on Amazon Prime an hour ago. So tell me about this, this is a very nice robot. Well, the, it's funny that this transition to a nice robot. To a kind robot. And not an evil robot. A Wall-E-esque robot. Yeah, very nice robot. This is a story about hitchbot. And hitchbot decided he, look at him, oh my god. That is the most ridiculous thing. He's made of like a beer cooler and funnoodles. And he also has the ability to talk, he has a robot brain, and you'll notice he has solar panels on him to kind of charge him up- Keep him, keep him alive. Absolutely. Keep him talking. So basically, it, it was all about, like, people would pick him up and take him to wherever he needed to go next, and drop him off again. Here he is asking for a ride. Yep. Ridiculous. And he's like, hello, I am Hitchbot. I am your friend. But he basically he had a GPS, 3G wireless connector. This is all by doctor Frunk Zeller. It was a big experiment called can robots trust humans? Oh wow. And it turns out they can,' cause they even got to go to a wedding, they hung out at a wedding. Wow. Probably got like way too drunk. Probably. But it was, yeah, it had. He can also tweet while it was doing it. At one point we did. Because you knew where it was. Right. You said it had 3G. Right. At one point it said I need to recharge, which I think is tough, so it made little jokes, too. Oh. This is great. I, I love this, and, so he went, did he go, cuz he started in Ontario, right? Yes. He went. And then went all the way across Canada? All the way across Canada, which is really far. That's like 6000 kilometers. I would love to see like every single person who did it. I wonder if he'll. A, interview those people cuz I think that'd be cool. And then the other thing is is I wonder if they'll, I'm sure they have some sort of interactive map somewhere that you could like see his journey. I would have loved it if they made it look like, I don't know, not like a hillbilly made it. Yeah, it really looks kind of like, you know, redneck air conditioning where it's like you drill the holes in a bucket and you put some ice in there, [LAUGH] And get some fans. Maybe if there was beer in it for everyone that drove him around. Maybe that's the secret, maybe that was the payment. But yeah, it was a grand experiment to see if we could trust humans. Apparently robots can in fact trust humans. This could have never happened in America. Canadians are so nice, like they would never destroy a robot. Would not fly in America. In a robot you go, you need to go somewhere, eh? [LAUGH] Like, hey Bilbo, okay I'll take you. Like, whatever. They're all so nice. Would, would you have done it? Yeah. Yeah, man! If I ever saw a Bilbo hitchhiking on the road, I mean. Right. Now, while they're nice. Like, later I don't know if I could trust them. Right, when they're like, they're hacking into your computer while they do it. Right, hack into my car. My self-driving Google car. I, I gotta be honest. I don't think I'd do it. You get a little nervous? It would probably smell bad a little bit. Would you feel like it was a trap? I would oh. Only if I could use it in the carpool lane. But it would feel like a trap. Ooh, carpool lane. Yeah. Yup, carpool lane. LA. We, we're all about the carpool lane in LA. Yeah, but we, stuck in traffic with a robot, so- What kind of weird, what kind of weird filler conversation is that? It's like, cha, I, idle chitchat. You're just like, so- So, you like Miley Cyrus? [LAUGH] Robot's just like, please take me to Vancouver BC. I love it. I love it. That's awesome. So we all have an issue. We love talking about battery tech on this show. And this story, I found awesome. And I hope this comes true some day but it's pretty far off. So this is new collaborative research by Queen Mary University in London and Nokia, actually. And it shows that, and I'm gonna butcher this because I clearly can't read, [UNKNOWN] electric zinc oxide. Mm-hm, yeah. Which as we all know is delicious. But also created a voltage as it expands and contracts. They're saying that it can be used to create coatings that can help power devices. So small devices little portable things, wearable thongs. Crazy. It's nuts. And really, what the point of this is, is that it's possible that noise could cause the nanotubes to expand and contract and create a voltage which could then be harnessed by electrical contact and then powered by, in very small ways. The neat thing about this is, a lot of times we see this stuff and it's very theoretical. It's like, in theory we could do this. But they actually made a small prototype and there it is right there, they're talking about like what it is. And this is a device that is an attempt to save costs because now there are sort of gold gold contacts to get the transfer power. And they're trying to do it aluminum. And how it works is they actually sprayed zinc oxide onto the kinds of plastics you would find on the inside of the phone. Oh wow. And then, and then did with the nanotubes inside the zinc oxide. Yeah. Were able to harness noise. So they were saying that. At some point in the future it's possible that you'll be able to put your phone down in a noisy bar and just get very slight charges out of that. So they have to actually put something in the bar for that, though, right? Like they'd have to put. No, just be, from the noise in the bar. It, on your phone, your phone would just be like, hey it's noisy in here. Now. Sweet. Yeah. Well the, the vibrations would cause those narrow tubes to expand and contract. And then from that your phone would be able to collect that voltage that was created. So if you go to a concert, like a Catcher concert. Phone charged, 100%. And each charges up your phone. You're good. Or if you're in your car and you're blasting Catcher. I love that you're using Kesha as an example. Or, what else would I use I don't know any other example? I don't know. But that's pretty cool, I mean, everybody always is like, hey I'm running out of battery, I can't listen to Kesha so. No no, God, you never want to stop listening to Kesha. Someone think of the children! So you think that. Apple will the first to use this? Who do you think will be the first to use this [CROSSTALK] No. Apple pretty, Apple, like Apple's pretty conservative. Right, all right. You still haven't seen NFC in an iPhone. So, they tend to kind of. Sit back and watch and then once something really kind of hits a tipping points in terms of user, user's wanting that feature then they tend to go for it. That is going to blow everyone away. I feel like That'll blow people's minds. Once, once they, one phone makes it everybody's going to be making it. I think so. I think so, but it's going to be awhile it's still very small amounts of old fission stuff. So cool. And again, this is like, kind of the bottleneck of technology right now, battery tech for handheld and small portable devices. Oh, okay. The reason why we can't really kind of create new, incredible things, a lot of it has to do with battery tech. So this could really. Kind of this, and graphene, and a couple of other things could really break open that flood gate. All right. Yeah. I'm all aboard for that. All right, where we're going to go take a 30-second break and listen to some Ke$ha. Kale and I will be right back with new releases this week, and we'll also be back with your user feedback. And of course our [INAUDIBLE] for the day. So don't click away, Tomorrow Daily. Yeah, why favorite [INAUDIBLE] talk. I also like who we are, who we are. They're all pretty good honestly. We'll be right back. We're back. Welcome back to Tomorrow Daily. we, we are having a really good time cuz it's Tuesday. And Kale and I love Tuesdays because that means. In new releases. Mm-hm. [MUSIC] Maybe I'll just give her fancy graphics. Now that, why was there question marks on there? Well, what's new? Oh. Right? I don't know. What's new? Let's find out. We'll find out, yeah. So the first thing that I am very excited about is Photosphere has finally been released for iOS. And what is that? So Photo Sphere, I'm sure you have it on your Galaxy, is it's a photo app that allows you to take those 360 degree pictures. Oh, cool. On your Google device, so it was originally only for Android. And so here's this is actually the tutorial video they gave you for Android. But it's very, very similar on IOS. So you stand there, you put, you pull out your phone. You open up the app. Look at this guy. [LAUGH] Look at this guy. Look at this guy. And he, you put it real close to your face. Cause you wanna get a, what, a human view of what you're looking at. And it'll line up these dots. And so, and then you keep going. Oh, okay. I've used this before. Yeah. Yeah and you go all the way around in a circle and they do like two or three circles. Like, then you've turned down, and you go in a circle, then you look up and you turn in a circle, and then, when it's over, you have this beautiful, really cool photo sphere that people can, like, examine, which is really fun. Wait, how do they examine it? How do you view this? I mean, that's the, the, the hurdle I'm trying to figure out here. For sure, you can view them on Google Plus. So if you go into an album, or if you post it on Google Plus, you can actually, like. Drag your mouse around and like look around. Oh wow, that's fantastic. That'd be good for like vacations and whatnot, right? Yes, a lot of people really like doing that in places when they're on vacation or if they're in a place where they don't normally get to go. I like the, the Google campus. Right. It's pretty cool. Here's a super fun, a super fun idea. So here's that, that was the image. They show you exactly what it looks like. And you can like swipe around and you can look at all the different spots in the picture 360 degrees. You ever done whenever somebody walking by and they're like. [UNKNOWN] They're like everywhere in the shot. There's like eight. Teen clones of them in your picture? Yes. That's the fun way to do it. I think I did that with somebody where I ran and then I would do different poses. Yeah. That's, you have to. It's the best way. Yeah. Yeah. So, but Photo Sphere comes out today. You can get it on iOS finally. So you're welcome, iOS users from Google. The next thing is something really exciting and kind of really interesting: ReddX. ReddX. Yes. So now, now you can basically, go on Reddit on your Xbox. You know, like, they don't really have, like, a browser per se. No. But, this is actually the first time I'd ever seen, like, a company officially support, like, a Reddit-type- A community. Yeah. It's like a random community. And it's, it's, it really does have everything. Like, it didn't start off with just. Half of the features. Look at how nice that is. Mm-hm, and it's [UNKNOWN] so like you can watch videos, look at gifs sorry somebody corrected me earlier today. Gifs no, listen, listen this is an ongoing thing. I don't want to start a gang war. No this is, no. The answer is it's short for graphical. Interface format, which means Guh-raphical, it's a hard G, so I say gif, even though, even the creator says jif, he's wrong. The creator is wrong,' cause he doesn't understand basic grammar. There's people right now watching this going [INAUDIBLE]. They're fighting. No, seriously, it is like a gang war, I'm sorry. But, it's, I think this is really cool that they integrated this, obviously. If anybody like isn't big on, Oh Red it's not cool anymore it's just whatever I love Red But yeah no this is great. No I just mean that like because Xbox took it. No it's really cool you can do all this all with voice too. It's really cool you go Oh it connects Yeah you go like Xbox Reddit you know I want to go to r slash. Science or whatever. Is that what you, is that your favorite? I like futurology. Futurology? I haven't even seen that one. That's where I, yeah, they have a bunch of conversations about where the future's going, and like there's a bunch of hypotheticals put there. I love Apps Reddit, of course, and I love explain like I'm five. Oh yeah, that one's great. Yeah. Cuz I am five in my brain. Yeah. And well, there's some concepts I'm just like, I don't understand this. And then I go look at Reddit and usually it's right there. I'm, I'm gonna, I'm gonna send you YouTube haiku. Oh please. Little, little short 7 second ones. It's great. There... l could go on and on and on, but this is great! Oh. I love it. It's awesome. Xbox, Xbox embracing it, so there we go. Yeah. Way to, way to embrace the online community that so loves. Console gaming. The front page of the internet- Seriously. On your Xbox. On your Xbox. Which, I'm sorry. I was trying to [CROSSTALK] jokes. Did they, did you get a check for that? Yeah. [LAUGH] [LAUGH]. I'll write a check. And our real last new release this week is of course Sin City 2: A Dame To Kill For. It's coming out in theaters this weekend! listen. I really liked the first Sin City. It's not, it's a popcorn flick for me. Mm-hm. I'm not expecting it to be high cinema. I love the way it looks. It's real, like to me it's almost a little bit campy. But in like a dark gritty way. [CROSSTALK] I think we're all waiting for the Jessica Alba dance in this trailer, right? We are all waiting. Even I am waiting. Eva, Eva Green is the best. Here it comes. It's gonna She's gonna be dancing. She's gonna flip her hair around. She's gonna whip her hair back and forth and it's gonna be the greatest. [CROSSTALK] It's right after this. Well I edited, edited a video. JGL. Here we go. Oh, there it is. There she is, with her, with her glowy white hair. So some interesting facts about this is that Frank Miller wrote two additional, cause you know how it's broken down into smaller stories. Oh yeah, yeah. Frank Miller wrote two additional ones for this. For this actual- And they didn't shoot it or did they? They did. So, it's gonna be in the movie. I don't remember the names. And I also don't know if they added directors. You remember how Quentin Tarantino directed one segment and what not? Right! But this I imagine being in a movie like this would be a lot of fun. I think it would. To just be like look in the camera and be like. It was a really rainy night. It was a dark night, there was a storm. I think everybody that's going to see this knows exactly what they're getting. Yeah. I can't wait. I think it will be really fun. It will be really good. That's our new releases, and now it's time to move on to your user feedback. [NOISE] So yesterday you were not here, and so what we did was we asked everybody, we showed off. This small LED basketball court that Kobe Bryant is playing in Shanghai, it's like a full screen. You can change it to anything. A full size basketball court, it's amazing. Okay. And so we asked everybody to use the #tdcourt and tell us what they would use a giant LED basketball court for. And what they want to see it used for. And Andy tweeted to us and said #tdcourt it's a good idea. But it would be cool to see this in retail, malls for promotion, direction or something tying in with iBeacon. Sounds like you walk in and this changes. Wow, this person's thinking like a business person. Yeah, like I really like this idea of like a, you go into a store and the whole floor is made of LED. And as you walk around it like, your phone tracks you, and it's like, oh I see that you're looking at like this designer or this like, oh there's a sale on ties. And it plays it on the floor? Well it could. I mean, in this case hypothetical. Like these are his ideas. OK. I think that would be really neet. yeah. Imagine if like you know the Hobbit was coming out and it changed it, like the pathway into like a stone cobble thing. Walk to Mordor. Yeah. That'd be amazing. Walk into Mordor, that's great. I like the trying to integrate it into actually Like real life use. helping out advertisers. Yeah. Or like even directions, like that would be cool. Like if you were in a mall. And you're not getting directions so [CROSSTALK] That's a fantastic idea. And you'll draw a pathway right there. That's awesome. Aw man. Yes. Our next one is actually an email that we got from somebody named tanner so tanner thank you for the email. He says I would use the Nike LED court for giant Pacman. I like this guy. You would move around the maze to avoid the ghosts. While stepping on berries. That's a, that's a really good, gaming, so far gaming and then practical. Practical, yeah. That's really all you need. I thought somebody was gonna say like to check my email No way, no. We have very creative viewers on this show. They get, they get seriously creative. Yeah. They're kind of the greatest. Yeah, I'd love to see more of those actually. Well yesterday I mentioned I really wanted to see like a real life NBA Jam where you have like the players out on the court, actual real basketball players. And then they have underneath them a circle with their names. Oh, and when they're on fire. Yeah, and then when they're on fire, they're on fire and you can also do like LED face projection, make their head look real big. [LAUGH] Of course. It would be amazing. So your hashtag today is #tvcharging. And we want you to tell us what sound would you use to charge what device? Or what sound would you, I would probably, Queens of the Stone Age, Songs for the Deaf. Oh yeah, very cool. Songs for the Deaf, that's my jam. So I would play that and hope it charges my phone. Mine would be the noise from Inception. Oh, the [NOISE] The slow down Edith Piaf song? [NOISE] Yeah, just slow them down. Slow it down. Well, just imagine I'm just sitting and I'm just, what are you doing? Charging my phone. [NOISE] It's like I have to watch this. << I gotta listen to the soundtrack cuz it's gonna charge my phone. I, I don't know if this is gonna be great for, like, neighbors, though. Remember how you said that at the beginning. That's what I'm saying. Rowdy, it's, like, rowdy people are going, we're just helping you out man. Yeah, we're, we're charging your phones for you. Charging your phones. Look how nice we are. We're the best neighbors. So, I guess, I guess it could be, it could be sound effects. It could be music. Yeah. It could be where would you go to charge you phone. Where would you, what noisy place would you go and charge your phone? Yeah. All right. What's your favorite bar? You're favorite location. What's your favorite bar? Hangout, coffee shot, whatever. What's your poison. Yeah. Yeah. Good stuff. So that's your hashtag of the day. And then lastly of course we have our phonetographer of the day. [MUSIC] Again, you don't get to see like all of the pictures that we get sent. We get sent some really good pictures. OK. Again, viewers very creative. Erwin V. Sent us this picture. And he says I love this, THL W7, that's the phone he is in Wales near a cottage and like man it's so nice, look at how great that looks. It's got so much color in it but it's also very, like it's so detailed. Did he say what phone he used? He said a THL W7. I don't know what that is. But it's a UK [CROSSTALK] I think it's the hedgehogging robot. That's probably it. I think Hitchbot took this picture while it was, now it's gonna hitchhike across the UK. So do you allow filters or no filters? People can use HER and filters, we, we see a lot of stuff. Okay. On Instagram and everything. I would, I don't wanna. I don't want to tell people unretouched. We don't want to see unretouched pictures [LAUGH] no, it's just very, everyone's so creative and where they take pictures and man we get like. We get so many emails every day. Just like, phonetographer, check out my pictures. And we look at all of them and they're all so good. That's great. It's really cool. What's your best, what is the best photo you've ever taken on your. There's a picture of my dog that like I took in the, in like in the morning and she has the dumbest look on her face but it's like it looks like a picture you'd see in a calendar of dogs. That sounds like only you would actually like that. That's probably true. Probably. No, I've taken some good, there's some good pictures. I think one of my favorite pictures I've ever taken on my phone as like a landscape is when I was driving back from CES this year, there was an unbelievable sunset in Death Valley and it was like the sky, I've never seen the sky so many different shades of purples, blues, there was a little green in there. It was like pinks. It was unbelievable. You can actually cap it with your phone? Yeah and I, I got, I literally like Crazy. I opened my sunroof and held my phone out of the car as I was driving. Like, so dangerous, you guys. #itcantwait. [LAUGH] Held my, hat, held my phone out and took a picture of the sunset because it was, I was so bowled away how beautiful it was, and it was the whole road was silhouetted, and you could see some of the Joshua tree. It, it's a really nice picture. You do paint a pretty good picture of it, actually. It's so gorgeous. Amazing. What about you? The best picture I ever took was of the Golden Gate Bridge. Ooh. There was like a nice like, cloud thing rolling in. Creeping death. Yeah. Creeping death in the fog. It was scary and Magneto was ripping the bridge apart. [LAUGH] No. But it was just, it was just really beautiful. Like it was. Cuz obviously. Serene. It's red. Yeah. And so it just like, had a lot of color in it and I loved it. [INAUDIBLE] So cool. Yeah, and they posted it they put it up in San Francisco at city hall. Did they really? I mean, you, you, go. Go check for yourself- You're assuming- [CROSSTALK] I'm gonna ask the mayor. I'm gonna, listen sir, where is this picture of Kale Anonymous. I need to know. Actually, you can just claim any picture by Anonymous is yours. That's true. You've taken some really amazing pictures over the years. I've been busy, you know? A lot of inspirational quotes- Yeah. So much good stuff. So, that is it for the show. Aw. That's it. I know. It goes by really quickly. But we, if you want to email your phonetography please email us tomorrow at cnet.com. If you wanna send us your hashtag of the day if hate Twitter or, if you don't use it you can also email us that. And you can also find us all over social media. We at the show is. Tomorrow Daily on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. If you wanna find us on Google+ it is Tomorrow Daily TV. Khail where can we find you on the internet. I'm on Twitter @Khailanonymous and I'm on Facebook at, at. Khail Bad Man. Khail Bad Man. What about you [CROSSTALK] And the tricky part's the spelling of Khail, Khail. Yeah not like the vegetable that you would eat. Not sautéd. But I do I do movie television news. He does, entertainment. Stop it's really fun. Yeah, that's why we geek out before We totally geeked out the show about before the show. the stuff, I should just have you We should just come trade tradezies. come do my thing. Oh, just tradezies? Yeah. But then I, I'm You come here and I'll go there. just here by myself. Okay, cool. No, and then will talk about both times. We'll do entertainment over there and then future tech. Back here. But if you wanna, yeah, if you wanna check it out. It's very much, you know, like like this kinda fun energy. Good time entertainment. Good entertainment. And of course you can find me @ashleysetha on Twitter and pretty much everywhere on the internet. That's all of the show everybody. We'll see you tomorrow. Be good humans. Bye! [MUSIC]
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