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Tomorrow Daily: Tomorrow Daily 034: Holographic video, new AI "Viv," driving a rover from space, and more

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Tomorrow Daily: Tomorrow Daily 034: Holographic video, new AI "Viv," driving a rover from space, and more

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On today's show, holographic video gets closer to commercial use, the creators of Siri unveil a new AI named "Viv," and an astronaut in space pilots a rover on Earth.

A company announced true holographic visdeo. In the words of Captain Jean Luc Picard, make it so. The creators of Siri have revealed a potentially brilliant new virtual assistant called Viv. Viv, how do I survive the singularity? And an astronaut in space controls a rover here on Earth. I wonder if it'll find any signs of intelligent life, am I right? Hey oh! It's Tomorrow daily. Greetings citizens of the internet, welcome to tomorrow daily, I am your host Ashley Esqueda and joining me today, once again filling in for Rich. Mike Hobbs. Hi, guys. How's it going? Good. Have a good weekend? Great weekend. It's Tuesday. Yeah, I know, but for you it's a Monday. Right. It was good. It was good? How's your Sumo? Oh, my jumping Sumo? Yeah. It's fantastic and fun. I think we might show it tomorrow. Oh, okay. I'm excited. I know you got some video footage and maybe you scared your cat. I didn't try to, but I might have. Yes. So, let's check the headlines. [MUSIC] So, we have been wanting holodecks, holographic video for as long as we can remember. At least since 1986. Yeah, at least since Star Trek. Or 87. Just to really. Okay. 86 to 87? Mid to late 80s. Okay. We've been wanting holographic technology for a long time and now Oltoy which is a company that specializes in this particular field, has unveiled video about Orbick digital holograms. And what this is is this is tech that Rod Roddenberry, Gene Roddenberry's son actually said. Quote, is making my father's vision of the Star Trek [INAUDIBLE] a practical reality in our lifetime. Indeed, he is one of the investors. That is pretty cool. So, this is actually called holographic light field rendering. So that's actually a render. And it gives you the ability to look at it in many many different directions, with all of the depth that you would see. As if you were looking into a window. Basically, yeah. It's bas-, it's a 3D video. Right. And so what they're doing here, is they're showing off their, they have a complete end to end solution for this holographic video. So it's, they have capture, they have a software that allows you to capture an area. Mm-hm. They have software that allows you to create the hologram. And then they also have software that allows you to publish the hologram. Right. So this is them kind of walking through all the different things that, the components that go into creating different holographic pixels. And you can see it, it says it contains a fragment of the entire screen. And you can view these holographic surfaces from any angle. And so when they move everything around. You can see this now, they're looking at a high resolution sample from one of the original scenes that they shot, and you can actually set I, a permanent light source that then adjusts based on what angle you're looking at, this hologram. Right, based on when the image was taken. It's crazy, this is like amaz, to me, it just blows my mind. It's amazing because I though for right now that best that we were going to get, or closest we'd get to a holideck is like through VR. Right. Well, this actually is comparable to that. It is, if the data is compatible with ocuous. Yeah. And so you can use the goggles to get this effect or though they're also going to be working on I think in 2015 trying to create like a room which would have these displays that where you would walk in and it would look like you're you know. You were in the space. In that space. The perspective would change, it would use things like the connect type thing to track your head, keep the perspective correct. And Amazing. Like a magic room. Amazing. I'm ready for that. I am so ready for that. I mean again it's like the stuff we talked about with Oculus the you know, visiting someplace else Mm-hm. And everything but the idea here is that this will be easy. To implement. Yeah. To capture 3D video and to distribute it across phones. Even use phones to take the image itself. So yeah. Demand. Exciting. Really cool technology. I'm really looking forward to that. Yeah they said, before we move on to our next story,. You'll be able to use Oculus Rift. They were saying that the, you could also livestream a holographic video. Mm-hm. It could be viewed through any HTML five cable browser. Right. So there's a lot of applications that this could potentially have. which, I just think is so cool. The future is bright. It is, I love it, I'm so excited. so, speaking of the future being very bright. Tell me about Viv. Oh, VIV, yeah, as we alluded to in the intro, the new start up called Viv labs which is created by, some of the people that worked on the original Siri. Okay>>Also IBM's Watson.>>Oh>>So these are Jeapordy>>So these are leaders in the field of artificial intelligence and speech recognition. Anyway, they want to come up with something here that goes way beyond the capabilities of Siri and even things like Google Now. Which aren't really that intelligent. They can understand a simple request, you know, but they can't actually understand spoken language the way you really want them to.>>Right, you can't really. Speak to them casually I guess is the right, kind of the right thing. You have to know what keywords or phrases- Right. you have to use to get the response you want. And you really have to understand the, the limitations so there's a great extensive article in Wired this month by Steven Levy and he goes in depth in his article. But one of the examples they give. Is you could say something to Viv like, on my way to my brother's house, I need to pick up some cheap wine, oh here it is, pick up some cheap wine and that goes well with lasagna. I love cheap wine that goes well with lasagna. And so Viv can parse that sentence and separate it out into actionable terms like that home is a type of address, lasagna is a type of food. Wine, here's, here. Lasagna is a type of food that has meat in it and cheese, so let's find wines that go with those food products. Exactly. And so they have this smart enough that it actually can write its own code to pull these little bits of information together into something that makes sense for you and then give you. A list of options based on this. So use it for Now that, [CROSSTALK] your flow charted help. The flow chart the thing that's really interesting about this to me is that there are portions of this as Mike just said where Viv re-write it's own code. Yeah. And that's remarkable in terms of artificial intelligence. This could be the best example of a soft AI. That we have seen thus far if they, it's very ambitious. It is very ambitious. They wanna license this technology. Good. They have it spread everywhere. Cars, phones, obvious things like that, televisions even. See I really like that they're wanting to license this to many different companies, as opposed to with Siri or [INAUDIBLE] it's very proprietary. Mm-hm. There's no other way to use it. You have to be in their ecosystem. I really like that now, I, it almost feels like they learned their lesson from selling Siri to Apple. Well, I think it's probably their only way in. Yeah. Because unless someone at Google buys them, they're gonna really need to be everywhere for it to be an effective service. It would have to be ubiquitous enough for those major companies to pick it up without buying it. Yeah, cuz people need to sign onto this, sign onto this service to provide the data. And what they wanna do is to monetize this. Instead of selling advertising they just wanna take a little piece of the referral. So, if it tells you where you should get the wine, and they select that, you would get, they would get a little piece of that, sale. That, that's not a bad idea. I think, I mean, as opposed to, sort of, that, you know, sponsored results like you see in, you know, Yelp or whatever. Right or she could be telling you something. Or Viv, I assume Viv could be man or woman, I don;t know what the voice is going to be like, but, so yeah, it's just, like I said, it's very ambitious... We'll see like I think another example I wanted to give was that you could be say, I'm drunk. Like at two in the morning, say I'm drunk. And it would understand that you are drunk, and that it needs to get you a ride. Help. [INAUDIBLE] It would know where you are because of your phone, come pick you up. And then Uber would like. It would pay, it would say, pick a ride share service or a cab. And then you just choose. But you'd still have to get up to your door somehow. Somehow. On your own. Viv could not actually help you crawl to a car. No. To a waiting driver, I'm sorry everybody. That's right. Yeah. I really like that. That's am-, again the future is great. Really cool It's cool we'll see. It's really neat. So I think next year we might se some. Next year, I'm looking forward to next year with all this cool stuff. And then our last story today, I, I really enjoy just because I love space. Oh, who And, doesn't love space? As, as Mike does. And this is really cool. So, the European Space Agency is doing this, experiment, where they have an astronaut named Alexander Gerst, aboard the International Space Station. That's him there. That's, [LAUGH] displayed as a stuffed animal. And they are actually having at this astronaut girth control this rover that your seeing on the screen right now this huge rover a from the international space station so he's 250 miles away. And he is moving at 17,000 miles per hour. Wow. And also, you know, if you think about it, there are gonna be times where he doesn't have a direct line of satellite access to this rover. Mm-hm. How does that work? Well, it. Space Internet. Well, that's what they're, well, that's to make it easy for us to understand, they're calling it space Internet. Yeah. Space Internet. It's a new way to send information back and forth to things like this rover. Yeah, so you're able to send, let's say, he wants it to take a picture and that command, let's say, it can't get to the rover. So the space Internet, what they've developed, this technology they've developed, allows the command to kind of wait. For a connection to be made. And as soon as the connection is reestablished and they have contact with the rover again, those commands go through. So you're able to make different commands for this rover or any other exploratory vehicle. Mm-hm. With this technology and be able to tell it what to do without having to worry about meeting. In constant contact at that moment, when you make that command. You're right because the earth as you know, is big. Uh,very big. So you need to have line of sight for something like this to work. Right, for satellite. Right. So yeah, if you follow the line of sight it will save that information. The next command, hold on to it. Yeah. And the next time it comes around you can see it. It'll can send that information out and that robot will continue to go on. And it works the other way to, so like when the robot sends a picture and if it doesn't have immediate communication when the iss comes back into the satellite, you know, contact it can go right to it. And I guess this is what the internet does all the time, but now it's happening in space. In space, which is my favorite. I think that's great, and so they're saying obviously. The applications would be sending more rovers out to new, new planets. Or even Mars again. Yep, further way. Controlling things on Mars from the space station let's say. Applications like that. So, if we, and, and it's possible that. I don't know. Do you think it would make it easier for us to control things like the like, like, Curiosity for example? If we have that. Type of technology, and we had somebody on the space station, or maybe even out, a little farther out in orbit. Or just you know, in orbit. Do you think we would have a- You would have much more opportunity to stay in contact with it then in space the on Earth. Which is kinda cool, I really like that. Well that's great. And until we have subspace, that's the best we can do. Pretty neat. But those are our headlines for the day you guys, we are going to take a quick 30 second break, we'll be right back with new releases because it's Tuesday. Your user feedback and of course our phonetog for the day. So don't click away. Tomorrow Daily. [MUSIC] Welcome back to the show. We're, we're back. And we are really excited because it's Tuesday [MUSIC] Which means that, every single week on Tuesday, we talk about new releases. [MUSIC] We've got a fancy new graphic. That's nice. Yeah, it looks good. [UNKNOWN], you know? I love when new stuff comes out. I do, too. I do, too. And, this week in theaters, if you are looking for something to see at the, at the cinema. Mm hm. You can go see an example of. Fine art, fine film, the Expendables 3 is coming out this weekend. Is that what it is? I, I don't think so. But it is an example of fine stunt work. A lot of, yeah, fine stunt work pyro. Great fights. Muscles. Chor-, fight choreography. Wrinkles. Lots of wrinkles yes. Very true. So many wrinkles. Lots of, lots of human growth hormones. Oh yes. 'Roids. Lots of steroids. [UNKNOWN] see it. Allegedly. [LAUGH] Allegedly. Yes of course. But you can see here there's classics. Jumping away from an explosion. Yeah and look our former governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Terminator. Yep. Sly Stallone. Harrison Ford makes a brief appearance. Harrison Ford makes a brief appearance. Yeah, Mel Gibson in there. I mean it looks great. Look at how exciting this looks, come on. Kelsey Grammar. I have to admit I have, I've never seen an Expendables picture. You've never Expendables? I have not. I saw the first one. Okay. I saw the first one. And you didn't like it enough to see the second one? No, I liked it but then I, I, I was just like well yeah that was cool. But I don't wanna see it in the theaters like it's more of a I'll watch it on HBO if it comes on. Watch it for free. Yeah. Yeah. But yeah like Netflix. Watch it on Netflix. I thought I would do that, but I haven't done that yet either. So you should see it, it's fun. But if you want to see it - - It's a great popcorn flick. Maybe. Maybe. You know, don't sell that phrase short, but yeah, look forward to it. Maybe.Go see it, if you'd like. Now this movie, you recommended to me that's coming out on Blu-Ray and DVD, a lot. Yeah. Locke, just came out. It's been out on digital for purchase. Which, I hate when they do this. Yep, no rental. The window. The purchase window to try to force you to buy it. And then it comes out on Blu-ray, and now you can't rent it, as well. Good. But, yeah. This is a, this is a terrific movie. This is, Tom Hardy stars in this. And believe it or not, the entire movie is him in a car. Driving and talking to people on the phone for an hour and a half. That seems insane. That sounds insane, but trust me it is It is ingeniously executed as Variety has just quoted, as the full quote says. Let me say it's ingenuously executed. Oh, good. But I watched this last night and it was engrossing, the writing is terrific. As in, I don't wanna give away where he's going, cuz it's real pretty- Or what he's doing? What he's doing. It's really pretty early on in the film, where he's to and what his problem, his conflict is here. But I don't wanna give it away. Just watch it. It's really interesting and really engrossing, like I said, How do you shoot a whole movie in a car? I mean I use different angles Very carefully. Different angles and the subject of this phone call's, the tension rises and rises throughout the film Oh Still I enjoyed it a lot. And so if you want to see something good with Tom Hardy, who I know you like I love Tom Hardy. He's a terrific actor, he's terrific in this. Hit the mark. So rent it. Rent it. Or purchase it. Blu-Ray Okay, Red Box it? The Redbox, for the, cheap, and then view it, and enjoy it. Alright. And then over in gaming, I have to mention Hohokum. Mm-hm. It's coming out for PS3, PS4, and the Vita, PlayStation Vita- All the PlayStations. It's today, it's out today. Out today. It is a PlayStation exclusive. You can get it now, I think. You can get it now, it is a very weird game. Look at all these weird graphics. Get to know. It's look at this, it's beautiful artwork. Stunning. It's it's actually, this art was created by a very famous artist, graphic designer called Richard Hog. Mm-hm. I believe he has done the artwork for this. It's a sort of, I don't know if you call it a puzzle game. It's kind of an abstract puzzle Action. Yeah. A situation where you're trying to pick up these guys [CROSSTALK] on your cape here. But it's. Oh man. I played it at E3. And I just loved it so much. It was so beautiful and I couldn't wait for it to come out and now it's here. The. I think I'll get it. The thing I love about the, Playstation Network is it's a cross buy. Yeah. If you buy it once You get it. You can play it on all machines. Across all. So, you can get it on a Vida and play it on PS4. Vice versey and all that. That's the best news. Isn't that great. I wish Nintendo would do that. They're really behind on the. Yeah I would have liked to have bought Shovel Knight once. Instead of twice. Exactly, exactly. They need to catchup so. But anyway Ho Hokum I think definitely worth checking out. I agree. Tonight I think it goes live tonight. Yeah I think it's tonight. But it is at some point today. It will be available on the Playstation network. Available Tuesday. At Tuesday the 12th. But yeah those are our new releases. Pretty good ones this week I think. I think pretty good. And, now we have to get into your user feedback. [MUSIC] So, yesterday we asked you to tweet us with #TDhumanharp. You weren't here, but did you, Yep. Yes. See the episode yesterday with the woman with the body suit? Beautiful. And we asked you what you, what building or structure you would want to play, and what it would sound like. We got some great Tweets from you. Elvis J. wrote to us and said at TomorrowDaily: I would play the Harry Potter theme on the Diagon Alley set. #TDHumanHarp. I like that. Excellent. Well John Williams. Obviously a fan. Obviously a fan. And then Matt wrote to us and said why the sound of just one building? How about the heartbeat of an entire city, #tdhumanharp. Bye the way, I love your portal earings Ashley. Now what does that mean? I wore Portal earrings. You know? No I mean what is that? Oh! He wanted to hear the heartbeat of the city so he would attach it to the street. City sounds? Yeah. Everybody's in a hurry. Everybody's in a hurry. Okay. Like an ambient sound. Like that sort of thing. Yeah. Maybe. Well you would just, like, be listening to a whole, that, the city as a whole. Mm. I would like to listen to the city from Blade Runner, Los Angeles in 2019. Oh, that would be interesting. That'd be nice. Or Deckard's apartment. Deckard's apartment. That would be very interesting. Mm. Yeah. Mm. I think I would. I would enjoy that. Yeah. Okay. I think, maybe the, let's see where, what would be a good place, to listen to like a structure. I would say maybe like the Eiffel tower. Oh, I"m sure that resonates. Oh, I'm sure that resonates. Or the Louvre. Oh, the Louvre. Yep, that could be cool. Very interesting. But your hashtag for today, I decided, I thought about it. And I want #tdholograms, to be hashtag of the day. And I want to hear what hologram you want to look into. So where, where would you want to make a hologram of, it could be anywhere in the universe. Oh. Anywhere in the universe, and what device you would use to do it with. So, would you want the Ocular Strip? To look at it? Yeah. Would you want to view it through Ocular Strip? Would you want to see it in the room that Mike talked about, or would you want to just walk into a space? Would you want to be able to see it on your phone and be able to show it to your friends? How would you, how would you want to see that holograph? Mm. Pretty cool. I think for me, it would definitely be vr. Vr? You like the oculus? Yeah, put it on the helmet. Vanish. Vanish and sink into a new world? That's pretty cool. I, I think I would like to do the room. If they could do that right, that would be amazing. Yeah, that room. That room could be very disorienting. Like, if I could stand. On the top of Mt. Everest without actually being on the top of Mt. Everest and risking my death. Yeah, high places. Yeah, I'd like to be up in a really, you know, Everest or things like that and then I could just see it without being really cold. I could just view it and it would be amazing. And not die. Yeah I'd exchange not being in there in person for not dying. Yeah I mean you'd give up a little bit of it. But still if you could see it you know, the human brain is Likes to see and hear things. Yeah. So if you can see it it's pretty much like you're there. I think so, I think so. I think you're right. And now we got to talk about our phonetographer of the day. [MUSIC] So we got an email from William F. F. William F. Like fantastic picture. Oh. As in fantastic picture. Interestingly. And he says took this with iPhone 5S at Yellowstone last month. Not to be confused with Jellystone, which is where Yogi Bear lives. Oh, I always get those mixed up. Yeah, me too. But wow. Look at that. Now look at this. This is a steamy hat coming off of here because of like, because of like, because of the heat, so it's like a hot spring. Yeah. Would you be, do they, I wonder if they, do they allow people to go in those things? Probably not. Like, protected? I don't think so. It's probably, yeah, cuz I think, didn't a drone recently fall into one of these, and it caused a big brouhaha? Oh my God. It was, it wasn't. It's the, it's actually this, it wasn't a hot springs like this, it was actual, was it like sludge almost. It's like silt or something. Sludge. I feel, I have, I'm like, I'm of course like I'm terrible about this, but I just remember seeing a bunch of different colors in, in this like it's almost like a sludge. And it crashed in there. Oh, no. And, but they, you're not even, do not take your drone to national parks, you guys. They're illegal. They are illegal there. They passed the law. Yeah that's good and bad. Good and bad. I mean the thing is is I get protecting nature. It's a little bit of a bummer that you, that maybe, you know, some, maybe, you know, honestly, maybe it's some official film crews are. Be able to Well the responsible drone user owner like myself would love to get some beautiful aerial photography of it. I'm not allowed to, anyway enough with the beautiful send in the beautiful. Stunning. Stunning. Yellowstone picture more of those. Yes, thank you. If you would like to send in your photography you can of course email us tomorrow@cnet.com, we are more than happy to. To checkout all your submissions. Please don't send us any attachments though, send us a link somewhere, upload it somewhere on the internet, lots of free places for you to do that. Mm. Email us a link. Tell us a little bit about your story. About where you took the picture. Why you took it. Any details. I, I like details. Yes, so we can repeat them. Yes, so we can repeat them. And and if you want to get involved in our hashtag of the day you can always tweet us. You can Facebook us, you can Instagram us. You can always send a social media, we're Tomorrow Daily all of those places, except for Google+. In which case, we are Tomorrow Daily TV. Right. Tha's different. Right. Where can we find you on the Internet? Pretty much only on, you can email me, but you don't know that. But you can find me on Twitter at Balik23 /guess. Valis23. Valis23 with a V. With a V. For victory. And alis23. [CROSSTALK] [LAUGH] And and then you can find me on Twitter @AshleyEsqueda. Of course you guys be good humans especially to yourselves. In light of Robin William's passing, we just we're, we're so sorry. And we're bummed. And we just wanna say that you matter and, be good humans, that's all we can say about it. So we'll see you tomorrow and take care of yourselves, bye guys. Bye
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