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Tomorrow Daily 027: Robot sports fans, color-changing ice cream, and more: Tomorrow Daily

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Tomorrow Daily: Tomorrow Daily 027: Robot sports fans, color-changing ice cream, and more

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On today's show, a Korean baseball team installs a robot cheering section in their stands, a Spanish physicist creates color-changing ice cream, and Square announces a new card reader.

Square announced that a card reader that will support chip and signature transactions. The rest of the world responded by saying, welcome to ten years ago America. A losing Korean baseball team has installed a army of robotic fans to boost morale. Kind tough to get up for that seventh inning stretch when you're literally bolted to your chair. And a Spanish physicist has created color changing ice cream. [UNKNOWN] were overheard trying to license it for the States with the name, LS Delicious. Hm. First, why is your iPad has a mouth? [LAUGH] [INAUDIBLE] [MUSIC] Greetings citizens of the internet and welcome to Tomorrow Daily, I'm your host Ashley Esqueda, and joining me, as always, my tech consigliere, I really like that one, Rich DeMuro. Ooh. It gives me a very official feeling. Yeah. Consigliere. It's like in the Godfather. You're my consigliere of technology. Do I have to leave you a horsehead on your bed? Please don't. Okay. Please don't. That would be very scary. I don't know how I'd get one of those, should be tough. Although those masks are very popular now. Probably get it on Amazon Fresh. Yeah actually. [LAUGH] That's a weird request to Amazon. [CROSSTALK] Just searching for that would probably flag me in some sort of. Severed horse head, Like Amazon Fresh is like your account has been canceled. [INAUDIBLE] Sorry- - We're not delivering to you anymore-->> Never delivering to your house ever again. Well with that being said, let's hit the headlines. [INAUDIBLE] So this story always makes me laugh because I saw it this morning and of course, I have a lot of friends. And we have a lot of viewers in other places in the world. Square, the financial transaction software, has announced the new card reader that will support next gen chip and signature technology. But here's the thing, chip and signature technology is like, at least, ten years old. The rest of the world has been using it quite a while. And now, we are finally here in the States moving to a more secure technology as opposed to the magnetic stripe. [UNKNOWN] Right. When folks come here from other parts of the world Confusing. They are like, wait, what you don't use swipe? What does that mean? I don't even know what that is. People have been using these chips. In their cards for like, years overseas. It's been over decades, every decade. Every country I've traveled to, you have to ask them, if you're an American. You have to be like, excuse me, would you, do you swipe? Do you have a swiper? Like, you have to make that movement. And they're like, yeah, we can do that. And they always, that's a dead giveaway that you're an American. they're like, oh, American. Oh yeah. Yeah. Then they still, and then they look like they feel so sorry for you because you have such antiquated financial technology in your hand. yea, so this is, this is really interesting to me in that this particular technology chip and signature is a little bit different that what a lot of other companies and card companies use everywhere else in the world. They actually use chip and pin. Which is like the most secure. The most secure Thing about the about the Chip factor authentication. It's tough to replicate that chip,when you a card number- Right. You can just take that card number. Right. The chip has no card number, number one, you don't, there is nothing to see. There's just a chip. Just a chip. Talks to the device that you put it into. And then when you have your, you have no stripe, you can't remake the card, you know what I mean. Right, you can't clone. You know what I mean, you can't just get the card number and clone it. So you can't remake the card, and then also. If you have a pin on top of that, it's like super secure. It's like having Google Authenticator, two step box, when you log into your Gmail. Well. It's very similar to that, I think. I remember, MasterCard was actually testing something where they had an app that you would install on your phone. And it would see where you are with GPS. Oh. And if your card was being used in an area outside the GPS that was reported by your phone. It would be like fraud. It would flag it. Okay. Yeah. Which is actually pretty smart. But the reality is, I mean that could be one part in the future but we need these, we need this in the US. EVM or EMV stands for Europe MasterCard and Visa. So there are like the big companies that are behind this. Right. But here's what I think is pretty interesting. so america it's gonna take a line time for them to install this technology in america it's very expensive but the deadline is either october of next year right so they're making this deadline so start using these cards they're making this self imposed deadline but here's the thing you don't have to use this technology because it's going to be a long time where people still have both well yeah my bank card doesn't expire until twenty sixteen. [INAUDIBLE] But, here's the thing. If you don't install this technology in your retailer, the burden of fraud shifts to you. So Yeah, that's the important thing. And, I feel like that's why they ended up shifting it because, finally, here in the States, that that tipping point of. It's more expensive to deal with fraud. Mm-hm. Or, than it is to switch the cards, it finally shifted where it's like It's cheaper to deal with the fraud, like bargain, like we'll just absorb it all and Until now. Right I think until now they're starting to say, well you know, thieves have become so efficient at cloning cards, and stealing numbers, and all this other stuff, and. And now they're saying OK, well maybe it is a little bit cheaper to switch over to this new technology, which isn't even new. It's not even new. And it's frustrating as a consumer to say why haven't you switched to this ten years ago. Yeah. And I think the only interesting thing about the square reader is that they're only supporting the signature as of right now. Yeah, no PIN. No PIN, but. The reality is with the software they can just upgrade it. Because once you put that in your phone, you can just make this the pen pad. You could use that as a pen pad. They also have, I believe, PayPal in other locations, other regions, have a pen swiper. There's a little keypad on it. I'm all for anything that makes it faster, easier, [CROSSTALK] debit cards, you can do stored value and just pop it in, it takes it out of your account immediately, like, Yeah. you know, your pin already sorta does that here in the US. People that are watching, we have a lot of viewers, by the way, outside the US. Yeah. So you're watching right now and you're just like, wait, what? You're like. This sounds like how I used to use a debit card 20 years ago. That's exactly what you're probably thinking. It's been so long in the other countries that I don't even think people remember out there, but anyway good for the US we need this. Yeah, good for the US. I would have liked to see, however. The credit card companies and the car companies are just rolling out chip and signature app first and then they'll probably move to chip and pin at some point. It's tough to get people to change it is so they're like we'll just get 'em to change one little part gradually and then we'll go to the next one. Gradually move 'em in. Have you been to Korea? I have not been to South Korea, I would love to go. I hear it's like going to the future. I meant North Korea. Oh, no, no, I"ve never been there either. Well, it's beautiful you should really try it. No, So a struggling Korean baseball team, okay, has installed an army of robot fans, because they are, they lose. Like, in the last five years, they've lost 400 games. That's a lot of games. So it's, doesn't sound like a very good team. But anyway, they want more people to participate. Well they're the Eagles. So what they've, [LAUGH] so what they've done is, they've installed robot fans in the stands. And here's what you can do. You can log in at home, and you can control the fans. You can control the robots. And you can also let's see cheer, chant, and all kinds of cool stuff. Oh, you can even upload your face to the robot. Yeah, this is the weird thing that I saw in this video, you can actually upload a picture of your face so here's a guy, uploads it, and then boom, it shows up. There he is. On the robot, super creep like. I am, I can't decide if I'm a fan of that or not. But it's terrifying. I think this is the wave of the future. I think this will be at every, at every stand in Ameri, in the world. You know they can actually do the wave. You can program them to do the wave too. Oh, I thought that was a joke. They actually Like there they are. They're here. Doing the wave. Oh, okay. So it's like the perfect wave. And it gets the crowd going every time. I think this is the future. I think that it's a fun idea, it's a smart idea. And it's a good use of robots. I just don't want to see what it looks like when they win a championship someday. Cause they're gonna have their time. The Eagles are gonna have their time guys. And when they win a championship, that riot is gonna be real scary. That is going to be, yeah. [CROSSTALK] See those things [CROSSTALK] Freaking out. Coming up from their seats like unbolting. No, they're just so excited, like there's so many messages it just overloads the robots, they go haywire then just kill everyone in the stadium. It would be like an old 80's movie, where like the springs would come out like Yeah, exactly, it's like an old B movie, like I just love this idea of these robots going haywire and like. Like steam. [LAUGH] It like started attacking people with those signs. Like cracking people over the head with them. amazing. That's funny. Good luck [CROSSTALK] Good luck on your, good luck on your season. I wonder if I could upload my face from here. You should, we should find out. Just try it out. we should really find out [CROSSTALK] You probably need a ticket to the game. I feel like I wanna do it now. I, I would like to discuss color changing ice-cream. Mm. This guy is a Spanish physicist and he decided that he wanted to be a cook. He wanted to learn to make food. Sure. And he created this. Which, you can see doesn't look like much now. Ice-cream cone. It's an ice-cream cone with a pink. Ball of ice cream. And then, you notice how it's getting darker where it's been licked well, you, you know my Well you're color blind. Yeah, but let me tell you Rich, it gets darker, yes, like totally I could totally be tricking Rich right now. and Rich is like wow, look at that. Does the color change that much? Cause it doesn't look like it changes that much It's very. Subtle or not. Even a non color blind person. It goes from like a blueish to a more purplish. Okay, so it's not. Same hues, but definitely it changes for sure. Okay. Like you can see the difference. How did he do this magic with food? He refuses to tell, because the patents are still. going through so he's like I don't want to give away too much but i use all natural ingredients he says its all natural he swears its all natural in the process that he does it but he said that the so anybody out there who watches the show and lives anywhere near Barcelona. Please go to [UNKNOWN], [UNKNOWN] Del, De Mar in the East Spanish Province of Barcelona. That is where his ice ream parlour is and you can try out his ice cream, which is called chameleon. Okay, this is a multi billion dollar idea. How. Kids would love this. Adults Anyone would love this. I love it. I need color changing ice cream and I stand by my statement at the beginning of this show. That I feel like Ben and Jerry are going to license this for America and call it LSDelicious. It definitely fits their image, their vibe. You remember hyper color shirts, back in the day? Yes I do. This reminds me of them. You put your hand on it it probably half of you don't remember this. But you put your hand on the shirt. And your body heat would change the color of the shirt. Or just your, if your just naturally warm. It was extremely silly. But, it lasted for like a gen, like a, a year. It was a trend for a year. Oh yeah. No, I remember on casual Friday. I went to going to a Catholic school as a kid. So we had uniforms. A lot's changed. So much. And we uniforms. And then one day a month, on the last Friday of the month, we would have casual day. Where you could wear whatever you wanted. And like, I will never forget this one year everybody, except me, had these hyper colored shirts. Oh, you're anti-hyper color. Well, all the guys. Well, it was all the boys, like had these shirts. It was, yeah. And they just thought they were the freaking coolest things ever. And, of course, like, they loved it because all the girls would run up to them and like, touch them. yes. And yeah. It was totally, like, it was obvious ploy by the boys to get the girls to run up and touch their arm We need hyper-color. Pants then. Yeah hyper colored pants. I'm gonna bring hyper colored pants. Although I don't yeah. That seems like your just asking for inappropriate contact. You're asking for trouble. You are asking for trouble but yeah it's pretty cool. [CROSSTALK] There it is even the advertising OK I didn't. And see, I was a kid back then. She straight up licked that shirt. Okay, I didn't realize that the advertising was this suggestive. This is racy. Look at this girl! Is that? Okay. So. You're right. The whole point of these shirts, I guess I was- For people to touch you! See, I was so dorky that I didn't, I wasn't part of that crowd. You were just, you were kind of at school and you were like, wow, it changes colors. Well, A, I got the shirt like, two years after everyone else. Like, I got it on when- Oh, hey guys, hey guys, check out my hypershirt, it's so cool. With my, with my retainer on. [LAUGH] I got it when it came to like, TJ Maxx, like you know. Oh, okay. Sold it like that. Yea, I gotcha, discount, you got it at a discount. I got it. I got it All right Well, on that note we are gonna take a quick 30 second break. Uh,we will be right back with a new sink or swim. A very interesting sink or swim for visually impaired folks. We'll also talk about your user feedback and of course our phonetographer of the day, so don't click away. Tomorrow Daily [MUSIC] Welcome back to Tomorrow Daily, the best tech talk show in the known universe. I have to. I'm really curious as to what you think of our newest sink or swim because you haven't seen a lot of it No I haven't. I just, I saw the concept and that's it. Ok, I saw it on Tech crunch and then I saw it on CNET and then now you're gonna see it here so it is time for sink or swim. [MUSIC] I will never get enough of that graphic. I love it. it's like shark week. Sharknado is premiering. Tonight Polygon shark. Sharknado 2 tonight. Gotta get on that. The second one. [LAUGH] The second one. smart, these are smart shoes. They're called Lechal. Okay. And this is meant for visually impaired people or maybe if you're a tourist. Okay, yeah. It might be ver, really cool. And so these shoes synch to the Bluetooth. And they synch to an app that pulls your path from Google Maps. So if you're doing walking directions on Google Maps. They will buzz in your insoles to tell you which direction to go in. Like, your left will buzz if you have to go left, your right will buzz if you have to go right. Yeah. So, now, there are is it just for hearing impaired or seeing impair vision impaired, or is it for anyone cause she's using it it looks like to For directions. To get around. Yeah, I think that that's sort of the thing is like this has large implications Yeah. For people who have visual impairments you know because. I think I was reading the founder of the company had said you know, people with visual impairments the stick, Hm. hm. Like the walking stick, can be very difficult to use in certain situations. And this is something that would give visually impaired people a little bit more freedom. I can see that. And then also I mean I really like this idea of, let's say you travel to London. And you really don't know your way around the city. Hm. hm. And you put together a bike path or whatever. And you, you go and that's it. And as your biking it tells you what direction to go in. Or. I, I think that's a brilliant idea. I was, I did a, when I went to New Orleans I did a walking tour with my MP3, you know I downloaded an MP3 walking tour [CROSSTALK] and it was really tough to find, it wasn't very good like they don't do it very well. Anyway it would be really cool if it would sync up with your shoes because half of the problem with the walking tour was like finding like where to go. Cuz it'd be like oh yeah now make a left on the street to your left and I'd be like. Wait, was that the right street, is it the next one, and then I get, like. Right. Turned around, so this would be perfect, so it kind of like guides you back to where you need to go. And I get we have maps and all that stuff, but it's kind of nice when you're looking around to just feel in your foot, like, okay, now make that right. I've got to make a right. Yeah, I don't need to look at my phone or open an app. Yeah. Or, you know, anything like that. I really like this idea. If anybody wants to get in on the ground floor of this app. How much, how much we talking? The shoes are expected to cost about 135 dollars. Now is it shoes or just an insole, or both? Cause it looked like she was putting something in her, in her shoe. They have both. So, they actually have a shoe. Okay. And then they have it just the insoles that you can also buy. So, Okay. I'd go with just the insole. I would too. Just because you know if you want to wear a different pair of shoes, [CROSSTALK] that would be really helpful. And this is out of India? I mean the, the- It just said, designed in India. That's cool. Designer is from India, yeah. The designer is from India. So it's just a start-up there? Yeah, and the, the, actually, the word, letcha, has an Indian meaning. And I want to say it's, to walk, but don't quote me on that. If there's only some way we can look that up. Actually, I, I think [CROSSTALK] gonna quote me on that. I mean, there's just no. Is there a way we could figure that out right now? I'm looking right now. I'm looking. Okay so while she's looking that up I'll give you my thoughts on this thing Please. Good idea. I think this has broad applications not just for visually impaired but also for anyone and, and I think this is the kind of thing people will figure out ways of using it. So let's say you go to a museum, you can, you know, have a specially, you just put these in your shoes and next thing you know they have a specially designed tour using this. I think people make, make experiences around it, you know? Yeah, I like that. Yeah. I love the idea of going to say, a giant natural history museum and being able to walk and then maybe, with your phone, if you have. IBeacon on your iPhone. Sure. And then this is synchs. It will give you a walking tour and with the iBeacon, it'll tell you, here's where your standing in front of. It's the next frontier. Man that's so cool. And think about it, what if you go to like a wall, of like you know, in, in like Washington D.C like a monument and you're trying to find someone's name that passed, you know, someone that served. And then it says, there, go right. It takes you right to their per. You know how long it takes you find that sometimes? That would be amazing. You know like a gray, I know everything's morbid. Kinda like the National cemetery, something like that. Yeah, exactly You're trying to see a specific tombstone. Yeah. I think there's a lot of implications, so I think I'm going to say. I found it. What is it? Letchall means take me along, in Hindi. Okay Pretty cool That is, That's a great name. That's a cool. It is a really good name. I'm gonna say swim, for sure. I say shwim for sure. Two shwims up. High five, two swims up, all the things. So now, as always, it is time for your user feedback. [MUSIC] So yesterday we talked about the possibility of a pure lithium battery. And we asked you to use the #TDBattery and send us your feedback on. What you would do with all that extra time? [CROSSTALK] Oh so much free time now that you have this pure lithium battery and your your phones or any of your devices. As our first piece of user feedback comes from Evan and he says, I would send an email to all the researchers at Stanford thanking them for improving lithium batteries. Hashtag tdbattery which I thought was very meta, very meta and thankful, that's very grateful of you. They get a lot of emails. We did, we got an email on TD battery from Karim. K, and they said I would like to facetime in this extra juice of battery especially if I'm on vacation. Also, I'll play some heavy games. Okay. I, I think. Well that's the thing, like you. If you knew you could just continue to use your phone, how much more would you use it? A lot. I sometimes wouldn't watch a video because I'm like I only have little bit of battery. Got to conserve. Got to conserve the battery. That's true. And I'll go to Disneyland and as I'm waiting in line, I'll have to decide whether or not to use my phone. Right. I'm not gonna take that picture of my kid meeting Mickey for the first time because I need to save my battery for later. You might need that battery for later when you're waiting six hours in line for Dumbo. Maybe that's extreme. That might be a little bit extreme. No, not the six hours, that definitely true. No, that's real. I'm saying the three, the three year old picture. You've got to get that. Oh yeah, you can get that. You definitely get that. Our hashtag of the day today is #TDROBOFAN. And I, I was very excited for this. As soon as Rich sent over this robofan story. We want you to tell us your favorite sports team and the message you would send to a robofan at the game. You also get bonus points if you send a face picture of your sports cheering that you would want to send to the robot. So what do you mean. You have to take a selfie like this Treat a picture. Yeah, like the face you would want to send to the robot face. Take a picture of what you [CROSSTALK] Don't don't any of those faces, whatever you do. They were all terrible. They were all awful. If I saw anyone like that in the stands I would run the other way. I don't think you can host this show anymore. Especially if it was a robot. Get a robot host. TD. Actually if you get an iPad for my face, I can just log in from home. That would work out really well. Skype right here. Right there. If I could just duct tape your iPad to a stick. Hello. Hello, Ashley. It would be so easy. All right. It's time to look at the phonetogropher of the day. [MUSIC] I love this picture. Our photographer of the day comes from Kent J and he writes us and so it's, hi Rich and Ashley, this is a picture from my hometown Trondheim in Norway. I took it with my HTC One M7. The purple sky was so amazing. Love your show. Keep it up. Kent J. I don't know if this is actually part of the lens like the, the purple lens issue. Yes. Rich, Rich as robot has taken over the show guys. I am sorry. What I- You have a much smaller head now and it's I, I like Little. I like the M7 picture very much Which, that is ridiculous. Wave. Put that down. Now, that's a great picture. And it goes to show that [CROSSTALK] Here, another international picture. Yeah, another international picture and I love the. I get that probably the amount of light coming in at the top of the lens caused some of the purple wash on the M7, because I know that that was an issue. Well, I was going to say, isn't that kind of an issue on that phone? It was kind of an issue on the phone with the sapphire...uh...>>Good thing those flowers are purple in the shot. Right, but it, see, and that, this is where maybe a manufacturing error can produce some really great results. That one picture you take. Or maybe it really looks like that. Who knows? It might. All I know is every picture I see I wanna go to these places. Yeah. Cuz this looks amazing once again. I need to go there. Thanks for sending me this. We get so many of these pictures every day, it's been phenomenal. Like you guys are emailing like, I know you see the tweets. We get so many emails now. It makes our day. Yeah. I'm having to make a backlog of all the. Really good phonetographer stuff so if you don't see it right away, like don't lose hope because it'll probably show up in a joke. There's so many that are good. LIke we have enough phonetographers to do the show for at least till like 2019. At least, at the minimum. So stay tuned. Yes, stay tuned. If you want to send in your phonetography, you can email us tomorrow@cnet.com no attachments please, just send a link. It makes it easier for us to see and show on the show. Show on the show. And prove that you like, you Tweeted it yeah or uploaded it somewhere, like you're a real person. That you're a real human being and, so you can email us, you can also email us all of your comments, questions, if you need advice on, I don't know, what belt to wear whatever when you start school this fall, I don't know, whatever you want. Whatever color ice cream to buy. Yeah what, what, what hyper color shirt you wanna go with. That's fine we can give you advice on that too. You can find us on social media too I am on we'll both of us are on I'm Rich [UNKNOWN] and Ashley [UNKNOWN]. And we're also on twitter Facebook and instagram. We're at tomorrow in la and all those places known on google+ we are tomorrow daily TV. And that's it for the show. So, be good humans and we'll see you tomorrow. Bye, guys.
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