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Tomorrow Daily 025: Our Comic-Con 2014 extravaganza: Tomorrow Daily

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Tomorrow Daily: Tomorrow Daily 025: Our Comic-Con 2014 extravaganza

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Ashley and Rich tackle all the best news that came from San Diego Comic-Con this past weekend, including the new Wonder Woman costume, Avengers: Age of Ultron footage, and Nerdist's new unusual YouTube strategy.

DC surprised Comic-Con attendees with Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman all in the same stage. But they weren't allowed to talk, so I'm calling cosplayers. Nerdist is moving away from YouTube because of toxic commentors. Can't wait to see what the commentors on YouTube say about this one. And Marvel showed off footage from The Avengers 2: Age of Ultron. So many minds were blown in Hall H, it took all night to clean up. That was gross. Eww. It was really gross. It's tomorrow daily. [MUSIC] Exploding fanboy brain matter all over. Hi guys, welcome and greetings citizens of the internet, welcome to tomorrow daily, I am your host Ashley Esqueda, joining me as always. Rich DeMuro, this is our special Comic-Con, extravaganza. I am so looking forward. You were, you were really tweeting up a storm over the weekend. [UNKNOWN] Comic-Con on the train, Yeah.>> So I wanna hear all about it. Were you excited? Was it fun? Was it worth it? It was, It was really fun, and there was one terrifying moment where I got almost trampled Oh by, it was, I was just minding my own business walking through, you know, the hall. And suddenly there was a crush of people that just rushed. Woah. Towards me. For what. And I, I tried to turn around and it was the entire cast of The Walking Dead, like, showed up to a booth. Showed up to check out, Okay, so. The, the Occulus Rift experience as Fox, for X-men. Did you try it. I didn't get to try it. [CROSSTALK] The line was so long. It was. I took a picture of somebody else doing it. It looked so cool. But yeah like it was the entire cast. And so people just swarmed the place and I couldn't move. And people were up on shoulders and I actually got a little bit of crowd anxiety. Jeez. I was just like I might be panicking right now. Wow. I think, I think I'm not gonna make it. Like no. [LAUGH] I say, it's like there's more. It's like oh why? I give up. I know, it's terrible. But other than that But you, you made it through. I mean, it was really good. You look like you, I did. You've made through I'm here. unscathed so, I'm alive. We'll talk lots of ComicCon in the show so, wanna Yeah. get to the headlines? Let's hit it. [MUSIC] So the big thing, the big news that so many people were talking about. The big surprise I guess,. Would be that DC brought out during the Warner Brothers panel at Hall H, brought out Ben Affleck and then Henry Cavil and then Gal Gadot and were like, Hey guys, here it is, your DC trinity and it was amazing because they were all there on the stage together and here they come. This is footage from Flicks in the City. And they obviously had very good seats. Hm. Or a really good camera with a telephoto lens. But there's are Zack Snyder. director of Batman v Superman. I don't know if I should call it versus. Like, cause he is specifically made a comment about it being Batman V Superman. Oh, okay so maybe it's just v. Maybe they don't wanna say it's versus. Yeah, maybe not. So here they are Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill looking very. Superhero-ish, very jacked. Very jacked up, yeah. And So, but they weren't allowed to speak. They were not allowed to speak. Okay. Which I thought this was really cool that they brought them out and they were like oh, right. And then we got one more. Yeah, come on. Let's bring out Wonder Woman, and here she is. And part of the reveal for Wonder Woman was they showed a a little teaser clip. I don't know if they made it specifically for Comic-Con or if it's part of the movie but it's like, Batman, bat, bat fleck pulls the draping off of the bat signal and then it's looks up and then the bat signal goes out and it's Superman and he's hovering in the sky and he's got red eyes and it's like very intense Hm, well you said it was kind of like. Little depressing. Like it was Well, it was raining. Like a little sad. You know. It's like the said bat flack mean is going around, so it kinda reminded me of that. It seems like sad superheroes smashing each other up, like it feels like it's gonna be that. Right. But then they revealed Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman costume. And here it is. This was just like, every, like, I couldn't believe how many retweets this got. So many. So, and everyone's, of course, dissecting all the different parts of her costume here. Yes. And I mean. It does look a little bit 300-esque to me but, that goes back to my She, she looks very hard in this, right? And then in real life she's kinda soft looking. Yeah, yeah, no. She looks, she looks like yeah, See look at how, I mean she looks so feminine, and you know maybe not, she looks really strong She's strong yeah.>> in that Wonder Woman costume like, and I love it and so they, here's the three of them together. And you know, stills from production which, I just think it's great. Who do you think looks the best. You know I, I have to say, I really love Henry Cavill's superman, but I, I kind of love the Batman costume. He, he sort of like, every picture I've seen he sorta looks like, like you say like a little depressed, a little darker than- Dark, he's an older more grizzled Bruce Lane, Yeah. he's seen so much. Yeah, but it looks so good and that was the big surprise. I thought that was so awesome of them to bring them all out on stage. I wish they would have kept them there for a Q&A, but Warner Brothers also did show some other amazing things. They showed Mad Max trailer which everybody's talking about, h looks unbelievably good, and then, they also showed, they had a Hobbit panel and there was this. There's a lot of him. That's like. Even Colbera came out Oh, wow. in his character, in character, the moderator for the Hobbit panel. He was all decked up. Explain. Cuz, like, these panels are so tough to get into. Like we've never been to Comic-con. This, number one, hall H holds like 6500 people. Yeah. So it is, you have to wait in line for a really long time to get into these. And sometimes even if you do it's like, you know, standing room in some of them. Right. And I dont know, I didn't stand in line for Hall H this year, but in previous years if you get in Hall H you can stay in Hall H. And so what happens is that a lot of people, this is why you get people literally spending the night out outside of the convention center in the line for Hall H because they want a seat for all of the days activities. Like for example, I believe, either on Friday or Saturday. Game of Thrones was back to back with The Walking Dead, like those two panels were back to back. You just stay, you just stay there. That's crazy, you just stay there. You're just sittin back, you're, you're not moving. Yeah. But they did make it easier this year. They gave people like colored, it was like a, a colored. Sort of system, like, so if you got a green band you were almost guaranteed to get in. And then if you got, like, they went down the line and sort of told people what their odds were of getting in [UNKNOWN] which is nice for attendees. Yeah. Cause then you can say, I want to go see other stuff. It is really tough, cause Comic-Con's still, I mean, they've come a long way. They've learned Right. From like the past. But it's still like a huge show. It's a fan show, so there's just a lot of, like, regular people that are, that are very excited. Right. And you know, it's tough to wrangle all that. Yeah. In one day. Or a couple days. Well, and the shows, the shows have gotten so much bigger every year. And so, and the convention center has stayed the same size. And San Diego does not want to give up Comi-Con, Comic-Con No. Which I totally understand. So much money. Yeah. So much money. All right. So should we talk about this? Tell me. I, I really want to hear about this because this is fascinating to me that Nerdist. This might be something you missed over the weekend with Comic Con News. Yeah, this probably wasn't as big of a panel perhaps but you know Chris Hardwick runs Nerdist. He said that they're actually thinking of dropping their emphasis on YouTube. In favor of their own site because you know what they're saying? You know YouTube is not doing much for us. We're not getting the return of investment on YouTube so now we're gonna start uploading our videos on our own site first. Letting them live there for a while before we even think about YouTube. I don't know if it's a couple of hours or a couple of days afterwards. But they want people to come to their site first to watch a video. And they're saying for the main reasons of that people, commenters on YouTube are toxic. He said that. I, I agree, Chris Hardwick. If you're out there watching the show. We've all heard your- I agree. I, well, it's just, I mean, I take, I take a lot of abuse on YouTube a lot of the time and it's, it makes me not want to go there and find nice, good, you know, criticism. Like, solid criticism that is. A: Well put, or, you know, if things that are like, hey, I'd really like to see this feature, like I lose out on seeing all those things just because I don't feel like being verbally abused on the internet. So, B: And the thing is, they tried, Google tried to make the commentors better, by linking it to your Google+. That has not helped at all. A: Well, and they just said' Oh, now you don't need to have your real name on Google+, so, we just basically undid all that stuff that we were trying to do with you too. Yeah, it didn't work so it clearly didn't work. So you know they have 1 million, this is not like an insignificant thing, they have a million subscribers. Yeah. On YouTube. [CROSSTALK] But he also said that it's interesting, cause people come to YouTube for one video and then they leave. So, it's not like this magic whole thing, where you might find one video. Theres Jessica Chobot. You might find one video on there and might get linked to it. And stay there for an hour and watch. Oh my god nerdist look at all those video. Right, You don't stay on the same channel When was the last time you clicked on one of those related videos. Never You know how it pops up, never Never Never It's like a go, someone sends me a link to a YouTube video. I click on it. I watch it. And either I look for another video somewhere else in YouTube or I just close the window.>> Yeah and that's it and that's what he says most people do. And it may be the beginning of the end for you know YouTube. You know YouTube is trying to get into this whole really highly produced stuff they're trying to do the partner program it's never really worked out all you hear is complaints from partners like they're not making enough money they're not making a big enough return. I don't know what the answer is right now cuz YouTube is so easy to use. Right it, it does feel though like we're starting to see the cracks in YouTube's armor. Mm-hm. And it's, it's getting to a point now where either an existing provider of video content for people to upload is gonna have to step up it's game, like Vimeo. Or it's gonna be, somebody brand new. Yeah. It's gonna be somebody brand new who says, you know what, I can do this better. Yup. And, and that was, honestly that was the downfall of MySpace, they thought, we're, we're fine. But the funny thing is, is when YouTube came along, it was better. Because when watching Right. You remember watching videos online back in It was a nightmare. It was terrible. You didn't even want to watch them because half the time you, they didn't work. You had to download them. Right. But now. But Youtube, you know, maybe it's just relegated to cat videos. Yeah, maybe. Not the professional stuff. [LAUGH] Our last piece of Comic-Con news that we were talking about is Marvel, showed off, The Avengers. And I literally mean the actual Avengers. They had a huge table filled with Avengers. Which was cool. Here they all come, at Comic-Con. This is footage from" Emergency Awesome" I believe. And they talked about the movie. And they talked about making" Avengers: Age of Ultron". And you know, Joss Whedon was there. And, and, ar, Robert Downey Jr. and, here they all are. They're all a getting seated and everything. But there's so many of them. And I thought that was so cool. It's a massive panel. Yeah. And and they showed more than just a little tiny. Sneak Peak [UNKNOWN] right away. Robert Downey Jr. came out dancing to Micheal Jackson and threw roses out into the crowd. He had roses in a briefcase and like, opened the briefcase and threw them out into the crowd. It was amazing. Wow, yeah, he is, he has really been great over the last couple of years. I mean he really is Tony Straus. But yeah, this is really cool, it's a great panel. 'kay, and it was, it was interesting to sort of hear from all them how they felt about their characters evolving and things like that. And I I have to say, the Avengers' Age of Ultron panel. Was made even better when they brought out James Spader as Ultron. So they brought him out and they showed some footage which his voice in that. I'm so glad they cast him. It is chilling. Really? Chilling, it is so good. It's so tough cause I went immediately to look up a lot of this stuff online. It's really tough to find. Very difficult. The clips that they show at the show. Why is that? Can I, I want to go on a little rant about this. I tweeted about this, this weekend. So I go to Blizz Con every year. And Blizz Con does this thing for people who can't make it to the show. It's a huge show. They do a thing called the, all access pass. It's like $40 bucks and you get access to a bunch of the panels that are select panels you get access to. And then you get excess to the World Championships. For StarCraft. Okay. And Arena and World of Warcraft, stuff like that. So why doesn't Comic Con do this? Sounds like they. Why can't. I never thought of that idea. They would make a killing. If there was, Even if there was a $40 Hall H digital access pass. Yeah. $40 bucks, live stream. So they don't live stream this stuff? No. Then you have to. I mean You have to be there that is a brilliant idea. Forty bucks. Let's do it. Comicon. So many people would pay for that. And the other thing is, is like, why. I get that, okay, the studios are rewarding Comicon attendees by showing them this footage. We don't have to show that footage as part of that. You can, you can say this is, we will cut away. Sure. During that, 30 seconds, or whatever. But the panels themselves, always end up going online. Right. People have their cell phones in there. Someone has it. Yes. Someone records it. Why not make it professionally produced. Have it come from Comic Con. And make it to where, people that can't come to the show say, you know what. I can't, I have kids. I can't stay overnight outside of hall H to see. << Wait, you have kids? << Hello it's just people who are << Oh these are other people, okay. I was like, wait. << I have, you know, I have kids, I can't stay outside, I have a disability, I can't spend the night outside of a conference center. Like there are people who can not experience [INAUDIBLE]. I live in Germany and I can't make it to the U.S. to go to these panels. << Okay there's a lot of reasons why you would not be able to make it. << Right. << I get it. They should definitely do this, I, I think you need to << Yes. Comic Con folks, I hope you're watching. Call us. Listen, I have a lot of ideas. She's got it. I think it's a really good idea. But- And we'll just take like 10%. Totally. Yeah, we just want a small cut. It's all good. But on that note we are gonna take a quick break. We'll be right back in 30 seconds, with a game for Rich, he's gonna guess the cosplay. And then we are gonna get into your user feedback, about that chainsaw robot. Making art work and your phone talk for the day. Tomorrow Daily. [MUSIC] Welcome back to Tomorrow Daily. This is our Comic Con extravaganza recap of all the things. We are going to get right into this game that we thought of last week I figured out. She thought of it. Oh, it was producer Logan. We would, we would basically go, I would go to Comic Con. Take pictures of College players and then you would try to then guess the college play. On Monday's show. All right. So we're gonna jump right in to this. who, who [UNKNOWN] play, who is this? So our very first picture is right here. So who are these, who are these [UNKNOWN] players? No idea. Okay. Well? Thor? Very good. Thor. Okay. Okay, good. So I'll give you, we'll give you a half point for that one. Do we have like a little bell? Ding. Do you hear bell ding, ding, ding? okay, our next one's number two. So let's, let's move on to our second picture. Who, who are these [UNKNOWN] players? Oh, this is this is the hobbit. But who are they? Oh, Bilbo Baggins, I don't know. Oh, these are the easy ones Rich! I don't know, it's something that's, I got The Hobbit. Come on. . Okay, you got the Hobbit. This is from Lord of the Rings, this is Gandolf. Gandolf, come on, thou, you shall not pass. Come on, I don't know the names, but I know the franchise. Alright, fair enough, and Galadrial. That's like two for two right now. I am going to give you like half a point each. Let's say one out of, one out of two. Alright next you, you have to know this. Edward Scissorhands. Very good, ding, ding, ding. Come on, I grew up on, I actually I went on a date on, when that movie. With Edward Scissorhands? No in 1990, that had to be 1993 maybe. Yea. And I remember the girl I brought on the date her. Oh, I forgot her name. Very cute. But you see you're not very good with names anyway. And we sat in the movie theater like this. Yeah I don't remember. But we sat. And she was very cute, and we just sat like this the whole time. Like I was trying to, like, put my arm around her. Awkward. Yeah very awkward. Alright,uh, this next one you should be familiar with, I hope. Is that you? [LAUGH] No. Just kidding, Who is that? It's a Disney movie. Oh, Let it, let it go. Frozen girl. Yeah Frozen girl, Else. Very good. See, thank you. See I know my stuff. All right, let's go to the next one. These are getting tougher, I can tell. They are getting harder. Oh, this is Hellraiser guy right? Not quite Hellraiser. But I did a store, I, this guy I saw him when I was there last year. It's like literally the same guy. Nah, I know it's something hell. Hell Boy. Hell Boy. Okay. You were so close. Hellraiser is a horror movie. Oh, okay. You were, it was close. And here's our next one. This is a 1980's cartoon. Is this Nintendo related? No. Okay, she's some sort of princess. It, that is true, I don't know which one though. That It's an 80's cartoon. An 80's cartoon, think about it. Don't know. Prince She, she has the power? Oh, She-Ra. Yeah yeah, okay. Great. She does not look like She-Ra. Sorry. No that's a good one. You thought? It's a good ador. Yeah, yeah I thought so. Oh okay. okay, and here's a, here's another one. I used to love He-Man and She-Ra. You, you probably won't know this one. These are going to get tough, because some of these are video game related. This is a video game. This is the Sailor Girls? No. Sorry, this is Elizabeth from Bioshock instead. Okay, no idea, sorry. Okay this one, I think you're going to know. Okay. << This is a pretty good [INAUDIBLE]. Who's that? [LAUGH] [INAUDIBLE] I was gonna say. [LAUGH] This one is. I don't know. Really? it. Let's see. I'm gonna die of shock right now. Wait. Is this, Johnny Depp in, Correct. Yeah. Pirates of the Caribbean. Definitely not Johnny Depp. All right? That is Rufio from Hook. See. Ruffio, Ruffio, Ruffio. I was right. Ruffio. Hulk. I was so close. C'mon. Close. Here's another one. This was probably my favorite cosplay of the entire show. Mm. It was very good. It, the, the silhouette should immediately give it away if you are familiar with this movie. It's a movie. Is is Cruella de Vil? No, it's a 90s movie. A little campy. Mm, is it a Disney movie? No Is it, is it a superhero movie? No What, give me one hint. It involves aliens Oh, Alien [LAUGH]. Wrong, This is the martian girl from Mars Attacks. Oh, Okay, yeah, no that was pretty good, yeah I can see that was pretty good. She's got the figure. You know, alien in disguise really good costume. I thought that was spot on. Alright and then we have two more so, go ahead, who's that? The video game. Oh this is Laura Croft. Wrong, I did have a picture of Lara Croft. That is Tifa Lock, that is Tifa from Final Fantasy 7. Oh, okay. [CROSSTALK] So you, I didn't know if you'd played that. Yeah. In your, in your youth. Yeah. No. And then our very last one is extremely difficult, but it was an awesome cosplay, really incredible. This is the sailor girl. No. Sailor Moon. Wrong. This is. I thought this was brilliantly done. This is pretty good. She looks like professional. This is Coliseum hostess Mad Moxie from the Borderlands franchise. Mm. So this is Mad Moxie from Borderlands. I thought that was so good. Yeah the game stuff is tough for me, you know, you know, I'm not- I know, I know, and I, I felt bad about putting some of the game, but some of them are great. No, but it's good, yeah they were really good. Very good. Good job. And so do you ask all those people? I, I just said hey, like, can I take a picture? Do you mind? Can I take a picture? Hey, [UNKNOWN] is not consent. That's an important thing. Somebody got beat up. So, how'd I do? I did like 50% at least. I, well, OK, let's, let's add it up. You got, let's say, I'll give you the [UNKNOWN] OK, I'm going to score, OK, that one [UNKNOWN] two, Edward Scissor Hands, Elsa. Frozen girl I can't give you Hell Boy I gotta give you half a point for that [CROSSTALK]. Oh come on 4 and a half. And then Shera. 5. So you get. 5 and a half [APPLAUSE]. 5 and a half out of 11. That's pretty good that's about my life. 50 percent [CROSSTALK]. A solid D. A solid 50 percent average very good, very good. All right friends. It is time to get into your user feedback. Fun game. So, last week on Thursday we asked you to give us feedback using an [UNKNOWN] chainsaw to tell us what kind of art you would make widda, wooden, with wood and a robot arm that had a chainsaw at the end of it. We got some really good tweets. Our first one is from Basil Arackal and he writes to us. And he says #TDCHAINSAW I'd carve myself a wooden pegleg and hit the ComiCon with it as Captain Barbossa. I like that one. Very good. That was great. And then we got one from Caleb Torres and he says carve a wooden miniature New York City although I imagine it would be a difficult task for a chainsaw. Wow. That would take a while. You could carve a life size New York City with a chainsaw. And it's interesting cuz he tweeted from L.A.. Yeah. So I wonder why New York City, not LA? Maybe, maybe- Oh because it probably has a better cityscape. They yeah. Maybe it just add a nice skyline. Yeah. The skyline. But yeah. That was your user feedback. Your, your hashtag for today, is very easy. It is very, very easy. It is #TDSDCC. So San Diego Comic-Con. #TDSDCC. And we wanna know. We wanna know. What. What's your absolute favorite piece of news was out of the Con? I'm gonna say, I'm excited for the Simpsons Family Guy. They showed some footage for that. I have no I didn't get to see that panel. Well, I just watched a little footage online that I could find. It looks pretty cool. September 28th. And you know they're doing the big thing with the Simpsons, it's like Mm-hm. The twelve days of Simpson on that channel? I've never heard of that, that They are. A full nonstop Simpsons marathon from, in chronological order, for twelve, like twelve days. That's brilliant. I think that's a good way to launch that channel that, like literally, have you heard of this channel? Yeah [CROSSTALK]. They've moved a lot of popular. It's always shunny. Stuff there. It's always sunny is there. That's how I know that's FX. That's how they got to, you know, like there's, let's put some great shows on this channel that nobody. Like when I saw it on a billboard, I thought it was a mistake at first. And I was like FFX. What. Like no F, FXX. Only one X. Rich is angry. Rich is angry about that extra X. So that's your hashtag of the day. And now it's time for your phonetographer. [MUSIC] We've been getting some really gorgeous landscape photos. This one in particular kinda blew our minds this weekend, almost as if we were at Comic-Con. Hm. And all those panels. This is from Justus W. I love his name is Justus. That's so good. It sounds like a Comic-Con name. That's very Roman, very ancient Rome. Look at this. Yes. Justus Wilstead, the principal will see you now. He says, hey guys, love the show. Et tu, Justus. [LAUGH] Et tu, Justus. Hey guys, love the show. Took this picture down at the Old Mill in Bend, Oregon. It was after a very long and busy day at Red Robin. And this is from the patio seating area. Beautiful, and sums up the feeling after the day. So, clearly works at Red Robin. Mm-hm. And the world's most beautiful Red Robin. Yeah, I mean. To eat at that Red Robin. I, I've eaten at Red Robins before and, it never looked like this No, definitely not. I gotta go to Beinn Dorain, because it looks beautiful. And this is on a, a iPhone 5s, Yeah, gorgeous! Beautiful picture, good job. Really beautiful sunset. I love the silhouetting, I think it's just really stunning. We've been getting great. Photographies. Really good you guys, keep them coming. You can email them to us at Tomorrow@cnet.com if you want to be considered. Please send a link only, no attachments because I want open them. Or you can of course, send any comments, questions, critiques, you can also send your # of the day if you don't use twitter. I like how everyone writes their email and they always say big fan of the show. We love when you say that. yeah thank you.>> And we do read them. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google Plus. We are Tomorrowdaily on all those things except Google Plus where we are Tomorrowdaily TV, and Ashley and I are also on our own social media. I am Rich [UNKNOWN] on Facebook and Rich DeMuro on Twitter. And I'm Ashley Esqueda, pretty much everywhere on the Internet, except Instagram. xoAshleyEsqueda. I love, I love your ask.fm by the way. Yeah, I had a really good ask.fm. So if you want to catch up with Ashley, you can learn a lot about her. I did. I wrote a lot of things on ask.fm on the train ride. Down to Comic-Con. It was a lot of fun. But that's it for todays Tomorrow Daily. Be good humans and we will see you tomorrow. Bye. [MUSIC]
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