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Tomorrow Daily: Tomorrow Daily 024: Art by chainsaw-wielding robot, Sharknado light shows, and more

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Tomorrow Daily: Tomorrow Daily 024: Art by chainsaw-wielding robot, Sharknado light shows, and more

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On today's show, we get weirded out by the robot who can learn a new gait after it's injured, discuss Sharknado's enhanced viewing experience with Philips Hue light bulbs, and watch a chainsaw-using robot carve wood into art.

Scientists have figured out how to help a robot walk again after it breaks its leg. So if you aren't good at running, you better get real good at hiding. The new Sharknado movie can control the lights in your living room. What it can't control? Cheesy acting and bad special effects. And a man built an art bot that carves up tree stumps with a chainsaw arm. Because that's exactly what we needed. Robots with chainsaw arms. something something. Robotic boomstick joke in here. About daily. [MUSIC] Had to get in an evil dead joke. You love that movie. I do. Greetings. Citizens of the internet. Welcome to tomorrow daily. They best daily txt talk show in the known universe. Im your host Ashley Esueda, joining me though is Chris [UNKNOWN]. What is happening. Big weekend for you Ashley, heading down to San Diego. Oh yeah I gotta get my [UNKNOWN] play on. I dont wear, [UNKNOWN]. as myself. OK. youre gonna wear this outfit? Yes, not this exact outfit but very similar. Youre kinda gonna be the boringest person there then. I will be close to the most boring person there. OK but take some pictures, videos... I will I want all the pictures where it didnt happen. Pictures where it didnt happen, and we're gonna have a [UNKNOWN] centric episode for you on Monday. We're gonna go over all the fun stuff we've saw and heard about at the show so it should be pretty fun. But we got some headlines to talk about today, so let's jump in. So I saw this story this morning, I thought it was very, very interesting and also again, a little terrifying. I, I have that love hate relationship with our robot, soon to be robot overlords. This, [LAUGH] this group of. [UNKNOWN] robotics people at [UNKNOWN] University at Paris, including a guy named Antoine Culley. They have developed a way to let a damaged robot learn how to walk again. Wow Which is pretty cool. And it, and you can generally do this, like, this is a, you can teach a robot how to walk again, but here's the problem- it takes a really long time. Because when you program a robot like this to walk, there are a lot of different parameters and so when damage occurs, it's really difficult for that robot to walk in a normal gate again, so you can see this robot starts going nuts. So the robot has to adapt and what they have done is they. Pre-calculate some of those parameters for the robot so it has less to do when it experiences some kind of injury. So now. There he is. Just limping along. Get again He's, now he's limping along. He's coming after you. He's trying to kill us. So, this seems really complicated because the robot can't really think on its own just yet. << No. << But it sort of does. << Yes, and there are so many calculations and that's sort of the point of this, is that it's now able to sort of recalculate and come up with a new gate. So, you can see here's there it. And it's designed to walk as fast as humanly possible. << As humanly possible or as robotically possible? << As robotically possible. << Wow, it is an interesting thing because it something that you don't normally think of. It's like, OK, will you build an eight legged robot and then. What happens when one of those legs break well you need to rebuild that leg It's completely incapacitated Right It can't do anything and It's not like humans where, you know, you figure out, you learn how to walk with a limp Right Or a cast or a cane or whatever its a robot so this is a totally different way of, you have to program in all the possibilities for this thing Right and so the, the, the point of this is that they've pre, pre set up some of the parameters to help the robot calculate more quickly so that it can walk in a straight line similar to what its doing right now Ok so give me the reality what, what's the implication of this in real life. So the really cool implication of this is that one of the big barriers to having something like a robot assistant in your home is that it will inevitably break, and we as consumers, just like people with cell phones, don't normally open up their phones and fix them. And so they're saying that this is something that could help robots in the future. Kinda figure out how to continue before it gets serviced but still do it's job and be relatively functional. Which actually is really important if you do have a robot. Let's say you're like an elderly person. You have a robot assistant in the future. And let's say yeah, like the light breaks. Right, what are you going to do? What happens like if you can't get that help, but the robot can still help you. It may not be a full capacitation or whatever, but it can still help you until it gets services that it needs. Exactly, it can still function. Of course, I look at it on the other side, is that when we have these robot armies. And they start attacking and we attack them. And they can still keep going. You can't cut them off at the legs anymore. They're gonna recalculate. It's gonna be terrible. That's gonna be scary. Well that's really interesting. Tell me. I, I'm dying to know about this Sharknado light thing. I'm dying to know. So you saw the original Sharknado. Sharknado 2 is coming out on July 30th on the Sci Fi Channel. Okay? The second one.>> The second one. That. That's so, so aptly named. That's the name. The second one. Great. Okay, great. So, they've teamed up with Phillips Hugh. You know those lights that sort of change color? You put them in your socket they're like WiFi enabled? The smart bulbs. They have the hue. The sell at the Apple store, right? Exactly. And so what they did was they created a light track. So it syncs up to the movie. Using your phone and as things are going on in the movie. Like you know, whatever's happening on screen. Tornadoes or you know, chainsaw wielding sharks. Whatever's happening. [LAUGH] Chainsaw massacres. All your lights in your room are changing colors. That is a little bit crazy. I kinda love this. So yeah, like I'm like here's the lights, they're changing. Oh no. Like Sharknado's coming. It's the light. I totally love this. [CROSSTALK] Yeah, it looks kinda cheesy here now. Remember, Philips back in the day. Had those tv's that, sort of, had the lights behind them... Right. ...that would change color I don't think they make them anymore. But, so it's interesting. This company really, is onto something with their lights. Like,, they like the idea of these lights changing. I don't know. Maybe it's just to make, sell more lights, I don't know. Just. This strikes me a little bit of like smellovision. << Yeah. << Like remember when you had those little scratcher cards they gave out at like seven-eleven and you liked watched, was it the Simpsons when they had like smellovision? You could like scratch them and sniff during the show. << Mm-hm, never really worked, but, but << Seems kind of gimmicky. << It adds, it is gimmicky, but it adds a layer of. Interesting-ness of the movie. So if you want to try it out before the two comes out, you can try it out on Shark Needle one. OK Which is like streaming for free on the major service. So get your phone, if you have to fill up two, I don't know who really have these. Yeah I was going to say, I don't, I don't think I know anybody with one. I, I used to have them. I did a test on them so I had them at my place for like, you know, I used them for a couple weeks and I had them for new years eve. Okay. And so what I did was I kept changing the lights ever so slightly just to see if the guests would notice, and like nobody said a word, so I finally just like totally Went nuts? Yeah, and everybody was like whoa you have color changing lights. Light switch raves. Yeah. Amazing. Little bit. Kinda fun. I mean I like that people are trying new things. Well you know I really am a big proponent of. Fun doesn't need to have a purpose. That's why it's fun. Like a sort of, candy doesn't need to have a purpose. Like that movie. No purpose. So yeah. The movie has no purpose and this, this doesn't either. But if, if you love Sharknado this could be something really fun that you could do in your house. One of the, the, our last story today is very intriguing. I am fascinated by people who, artists who do interesting things with technology. So this gentleman. His name is Morgan Rauscher, has built a, a robot that is, that does art for him. It makes art for him. And he created this out of a bunch of recycled bicycle parts. Hm. Okay. So it's all, most of it it used materials and it's basically a giant arm inside a polycor granite tube. It's like a big cylinder. So here's all these bikes. And he has a nine part YouTube series showing how he built this creation. I don't care how he built it. I just want to see it chop up some wood. All right. So here's the timeline. Let me see it carve up some wood. They're, they're working on taking off all the frames and all this stuff. And they put it all together and they ended up making. A robot that, no joke, carves up wood tree stumps with a chainsaw arm. And it's so cool, too, because it looks like a giant claw machine. So it's, it's, it's a big tube, and then the arm is up, and it comes down, but instead of a claw arm, it's a chainsaw, and it just cuts up. Like wood. And so yeah, here it is. And it's controlled- Looks like a laser beam. The coolest thing is it, it does kind of remind me of Honey I Shrunk the Kid. Yeah. it's, it, the coolest thing about this to me is that it's controlled by the artist. It's controlled by Morgan Rauscher by an. Arcade, It almost looks like an arcade controller. Oh, okay. So clearly he was inspired by those machines, those clamp machines. He had to have been. The claw machines. Yeah. As a kid that you never won anything from. Because look it, it's enclosed inside this glass. Well that's for safety, for sure. Well thank God. Yeah, I mean. Cuz look at these giant chunks of woods like flying into the, into the walls of that cylinder. Okay, so he controls it. << OK, that's kind of neat. << Yes, so he's got this whole set up where he can, like, you know, building these really crazy pieces of wooden art with a chain saw. So, it's really neat. It's an interesting new way for an artist to express themselves. I find that very fascinating. <<Do we have a finished piece of art? Because I can't imagine how tough it must be to control this thing with controllers and make something that looks good. Or is just kind like, whaterver. << I think the art little amorphous, like it's not super deatiled anything. [CROSSTALK] He's not gonna make a [UNKNOWN] replica now, and but he also tried before he tried an act, and that did not work out so I thought that was pretty interesting, but something really fun and interesting, and anybody who likes art, that's kind of a cool way to do it and a little, a little tacky, kind of fun. But we are gonna take a quick break. We will be back in 30 seconds. We have some, some very saucy rumors to talk about, a very interesting rumor to talk about involving Snapchat and then we also have your user feedback. Your curb TV user feedback, and of course our phone tire of the day, so don't click away. Tomorrow Daily. [MUSIC] Welcome back to Tomorrow Daily. We're here, we're, we're still, we're still contemplating the [UNKNOWN] life. I don't know. I'm kind of back and forth about it. But we do have a very interesting story to talk about today on the rumor mill, and that story is. Maybe a little bit of a, an early, early release? Yeah, its like the jumped the gun a little bit. We're not really sure. But basically what happened was a bunch of people in their Instagram feeds saw sort of an ad, or like a little link to download a new app. Yeah. Called Bolt. Which said like, super simple one-tap messaging. Yeah. But it was just, and, and there was some emoji in there. And some little emoji, so. Little happy emoji. So, yeah, wait. Here's the, here's the image. Somebody. There is a bunch of people handing these in to all of the technology websites saying like, oh, my tips are like, here's this. There it is, One tap photo messaging. It was all happening on Android too. All happening on Android. So the Android users saw this whole thing. Blackberry, No someone got BBM, bbm, someone is rocking it old school. Yeah, somebody's using bbm. so, bolt is supposed to be one tap picture messaging, but here's the thing. Number one, Instagram already has, so this is like the big competitor to snapchat from Facebook. Potentially a very, yeah, potentially a competitor to snapchat, but don't they already have slingshot? Oh, yeah, who's using that? How, when was the last time you used slingshot since it's release? That's a really good point. [CROSSTALK] Also, don't they all, don't they have dms? Yes, they have like direct messaging in instagram, which, who has started, no one's ever used those. Again, no one uses it. So, will this happen? Some people are saying this might have been a test of their ad system. Maybe. But, I don't think so, because they have like the link to the Google Playstore. That logo looked pretty polished. It looked like it was like a real thing. But it just launched early, or leaked early I should say. Do you think anyone would use this though? I don't know, I mean it feels really late to get in this game at this point. I mean Snapchat has been sold and then it's now, to me this is like. I'm sorry. I was gonna say wait did I miss something Don't listen to me I'm sorry, I'm crazy. I'm saying they won't sell, that's my bad. Snapchat won't really, they're doing their own thing, everyone's trying to compete with them because they have the largest install base, and it feels like, it feels almost like, and this is a really weird analogy, it feels like World of Warcraft, where for a long time you couldn't compete with World of Warcraft because it was like so. Good, and so well done that anybody who tried to make a clone of it, or tried to just, just ran up against the wall. Sure. And now that their, you know, in the backend of their, you know, of its lifespan, I feel like now, now is the time to fight. But, for me, Snapchat is not the time to fight, like I think people need to wait until there's weakness. Visible weakness. Well, and that's the thing like, well, and the visible weakness would come if people stopped using it Right. Or if people got fatigued from it, but I think it seems like a lot of people are using Snapchat, I'm not a big Snapchat user I don't use it. But here's the thing with all these messaging apps, there's ten thousands of them launching So many. Like every week. If your friends aren't on them, it's useless. Yeah, exactly, and that see is my problem. And that's why people go back to text messaging. And this is why people inherently always go back to Facebook right now, it's because. Their Framily, their family, their framily, it's a Sprint, Sprint would love that. no, their, their friends and family would, they don't leave Exactly. And so, there's nothing more compelling for them. And that's the same thing for SnapChat right now. And for me, it feels like it's gonna take SnapChat's main core users, who are teenagers Sure. To grow up and find something else that they like, to leave But. And then to Well it happens And then to weaken it. Yeah. And, and. Give it five years. Here's the thing. Like, even when it comes to, like, social networks, like Facebook. If you ask anyone is facebook the best social network out there? They probably say no, there's lots of things I like to see different or change. I like a lot of aspects of google plus. But my friends and family are on facebook. Exactly, and that's really what it comes down to. It's always, that's the but you hear about facebook all the time. And I think this is the, the most important thing here is how smart apple is with imessage. Because, what they did was, they took your phone number. Yeah. And they basically it seamless to use that phone number to text people in a way that you didn't even think it was happening so, which I'm kinda not a fan of, in general, because it you know it {CROSSTALK] That's the other thing with the Android switch, if you go to Android, you can't get text messages. That has gotten better though. It's big drama it has gotten better [CROSSTALK] Because I did. Switch a little bit. You know, I go back and forth cuz I'm testing a lot. And they finally did where you can turn off iMessage and it actually does work. Even if you're on a thread. Right. Like it used to if you had a thread going in iMessage. You had to delete it. You had to totally start fresh. But the point is how much easier does it get than a phone number? If I text you on your number I know it's going to go through in some way. Right, I don't need a user account. I don't have to make something new. I don't have to. I don't have to deal with any of that, and that to me, that's the essence of why people, look, I'm all about disruption. I'm all about getting in there, and taking down the big guy with something beautiful. And doing it better And new, and doing it better. Yeah. But on that same note, you have to be smart about when you make that move, and I feel like now is not the time. It's too late. Pass the explosion of snap chat. And it's not, it's too late for that and it's too early to challenge them. So for me, I don't know. The first time you log on your gonna send a message to one of your friends, your never gonna go back to it. And what's gonna happen is, your gonna say oh no one else is checking this either and your not really gonna open it up again. Go in there It has a list of all your friends. And guess what? The last time they'd been on there was a year ago, two years. The day they made their account. They day they made their account. [LAUGH] Then they said nobody's here, I'm leaving, goodbye. So we'll see if it happens. By the time you watch the show maybe it's already launched. Who knows? Yeah, could also be completely bogus. Yeah. I mean, could be some very masterful photoshoppers, but I doubt it. That's why it's a rumor. I doubt it. But yeah, so now it's time to get into your user feedback. [MUSIC] So much user feedback, so much user feedback. Our very first, our, our, our hashtag from yesterday was, TD curved. << TV, and we asked you, if you were interested in getting a $120,000 Curved television; and if Curved TV was for you, or if you felt it was a stop gap for something better, and what that better was. And we got some great answers. So, Dave, or @perry1238, Curved TV? Nah? 100 grand? The future is holographic tech. Wouldn't that be epic? << I like that. A little honey box and it just project s a giant. Holograms. Do you know what that reminds me of though? It reminds me of those old arcade games. Do your remember that game? Oh, yes! It was white and you like looked in. There were like little holograms and you would like play the western. Yes. [CROSSTALK] I said, I loved that stuff. [CROSSTALK] I don't remember what the name of that game was? It never comes to fruition. Would be cool if it was like that but way more realistic. [UNKNOWN] working on holograms, come on. Get on it technology. And our second tweet was from Ken McDowell. [UNKNOWN] he says hashtag [UNKNOWN] sorry guys, but I really have no interest in a curved TV. Spent the dough for a 3D TV I don't use. No new gimmicks for me. See, people have become very smart, because they've seen Very savvy. All these, these fly by night technologies come through. They spent big bucks on them. Then nothing goes. You never use it. Nothing happens. Well like, you just said, you have a 3D TV and you have a Playstation and you are complaining that it didn't have 3D Blu-ray capability. Who would've thought? But here's why. [CROSSTALK] And producer Logan asked you do you watch 3D movies and you're like Gravity. Yeah. One movie. That's one movie. That's the only movie I want to watch in 3-D is Gravity. That's ridiculous. It's one movie. Like that's crazy. But that's one movie, I'd say there's been an average of one movie a year. I actually kind of like those Final Destinations in 3-D. So I'm kinda one of those like cheesy 3-D I have Sharknado 2 right up your alley. Are you doing it in 3-D? Oh I don't know. They should. They should. That seems like a good movie to put out in 3-D. I feel like to do it in 3-D and put it out in theaters like Piranha is in 3-D. Yeah. I like those movies. Yeah. I figured you would. I didn't get to like the, was there a triple D or just double D? I think it was, I don't know. [CROSSTALK} But anyway, I watched the first two I think. You think? Our hashtag for today is hashtag tdchainsaw. Okay. Your job. You have a job. Your mission should you choose to accept it is to Tweet us about what you would carve with your crazy robot chainsaw. Yeah, and you can have any size tree stump you want. Okay. Any size. It could be part human size. << So it could be like the statue of liberty. << Yeah, yeah, anything. Just use your imagination, wood spaceship, whatever and also it is time for our phonetographer of the day. [MUSIC] [NOISE]. I thought was a very cool picture. This comes to us from Anthony N and he says, hi guys, I took this picture with my Nexus 5 when I was at a NASA social event recently. We got to go out to launch pad 39A for a press conference announcing Space X's Leaf of the launch pad. For some reason I really love this picture. I did too I did too. It's a very cool cuz it's it's got all the great elements. It's got its welcome post. .> That foreground, background. It's got your like stuff happening in it like it's a caution, you know, there is danger involved. There's excitement, there's space, there's big money, there's tet, did he say space-x? Yeah. Space-x renting from NASA? I mean, come on. This is crazy! Space-x is using that platform. It's got the water tower in the background? This is just really brilliant. Love it. It's crazy-good. Crazy good Anthony and And, that's, so that's our phone [UNKNOWN] for the day. If you would like to e-mail us you hashtag of the day answer or if you would like to e-mail us your phonetagraphy you can e-mail at tomorrow@cnet.com. And no attachments please, only links, because that makes it a lot easier for us to check out and also I won't open attachments because I don't like viruses. Yeah, I open them. Whatever. But what if somebody wanted. I live dangerously. You live dangerously? What if somebody rich wanted to get ahold of us on social media? Well then don't send us viruses there either. [LAUGH] But you can get us a word tomorrowdaily on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Bolt, Snap. No, just kidding. Bolt? Whoa, whoa, whoa. Whoa, whoa, whoa. It's not even announced yet. But if you want to find us in Google Plus we are Tomorrow Daily TV and you guys have also been emailing us with your hashtags. Yeah. So if you don't want to say it on Twitter, which, we love when you say it on Twitter But if you hate Twitter, or if you don't use it. Yeah. Just email us and you can put the hashtag in the subject line. Yeah. All good. And you can also find us on social media. But personally. Personally. Yeah. Yeah. Ashley Skada obviously. Yeah. Rich Demiro on twitter. Rich Ontec on Facebook. Yeah and that's that's you can find us all over the internet. Just just look for us. google. Yeah just use google you can find us. But that is it for the show. We are gonna get out of here and have a great weekend. We hope you do too. Be good humans. And we will see you on monday. Bye guys. [MUSIC]
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