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Tomorrow Daily: Tomorrow Daily 022: Nvidia's Shield tablet, NFC tattoos, and a real pizza thrower truck

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Tomorrow Daily: Tomorrow Daily 022: Nvidia's Shield tablet, NFC tattoos, and a real pizza thrower truck

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Today, we're talking about whether or not Nvidia's new Shield tablet has a chance in such a competitive space, why we need NFC tattoos, and how the full-scale pizza shooting truck from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles came to life.

Nvidia unveiled a new shield tablet for gamers that is in the same price range as all three next gen consoles. Gee, I wonder how that'll turn out for Nvidia. Motorola has the new NFC tattoo that unlocks your phone. Telling someone you wanna tap that has never been so nerdy. And the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' pizza thrower truck is becoming a reality this weekend at Comic Con. I can only hope that it takes out Michael Bay before the new movie hits theaters. Yes, these glasses are real. Oh, I'm supposed to say that there? Yes. Oh well then they look good. It's Tomorrow Daily. [MUSIC] Hello, greetings, citizens of the internet. That was a very nice in tandem wave. Welcome to Tomorrow Daily, your favorite tech talk show in the known universe. I'm your host Ashley Esqueda, and joining me as always, Rich DeMuro. I know, I'm sorry, maybe I threw that at you too soon. I didn't know, I mean, you know, I'm very. [CROSSTALK] It seems like you were staring a little Well I was wondering, you know, we've done what 20 episodes now and I haven't seen a [UNKNOWN] except for our promos, so I was wondering when they would make an appearance in the show. Here they are These are real. They have lenses? I need them to see, I do need them to see, actually our monitor is a little bit. Small. Okay. So when we run tweets, for user feedback, I'm like kinda squinting. And sometimes, you guys will catch me, like, squinting. And I'm like leaning back, like hey guys, I can actually [INAUDIBLE]. Really I can see. Plus one. It's actually just one eye. I really just need a monocle, for this show [CROSSTALK] That would be awesome. If I just had a monocle, that would be amazing. Now that we've gotten the glasses controversy out of the way, we have to talk about the brand new in video shield tablets. This is a very interesting move by Nvidia. We saw the controller, with the screen, with the flip out screen, a sort of clamshell kind of thing, kind of neat, but it didn't really take off. It was actually very well built. But unfortunately, I mean, as far as I am aware, I never really actually saw one of them in the wild. Oo. So I can't say that they did very well. But, this is the eight-inch Nvidia Shield Tablet. This is this is the, I'm assuming the new evolution of the Shield line. So, this has some pretty serious firepower. It's got a K1 processor, the Tegra K1. Which is, kind of great. it also has that processor, has a 192 core Kepler GPU. That's a lot of cores. And a 2.2ghz quad core a15 processor and 2 gigs of ram. So not crazy, like the note has 3 gigs of ram. But definitely got some fire power there. Okay. The pricing on this is where it's a little bit a sticking point for me. This controller that you're seeing is sold separately. It doesn't come with it? No. Why not? Doesn't come with it. It's sold separately. Shouldn't it come with it? If it's a gaming tablet? I feel like maybe it should. Then it's just a tablet, if it doesn't come with it. Right. I feel like maybe it should. I think as far as I'm aware, I think I rather this be $60. Right. The controller, and then the tablet itself starts at for a 16 gig model 299. So here's my question as the no-navid gamer in the group. Do I need this as a gamer? What, What advantage does this tablet have. Beside the fire, except the horsepower basically. Right. Is this gonna sell? I mean it seems like a better investment of my three or $400 would be, like, a system. Playstation 4, Xbox one. I think a real argument. [CROSSTALK] TurboGrafx 16. [CROSSTALK] The only argument you could really make would be, I guess, would be portability. Okay. But then on that same note, it's like, if you are taking, if you wanna take your same games with you. I mean, I, I just, I'm not sure, I mean, I get, I get the idea of plugging this into your television and streaming your Steam games to your TV, like I get that, but Can't you do that on other tablets though? Like other Android tablets? Well steam, steam. Not particularly, not Steam. No? steam games, like ok Maybe. I don;t know, maybe you can. I haven't tried it just because, to me, it seems so insane to do that, like why wouldn't I just get, use my computer and plug that into my TV, like that seems normal to me. Sure. So, but, I, maybe I'm the weirdo, like, hardcore gamer who plugs their No, I think computer into their television No, I think that seems very normal for a. A person who's into tech. Now, my mom would not know how to do that. Right. Like, she would think that seems odd. But to me that seems totally normal. Right. But I, I guess it's, it's the combination of the, the processing power, the ability to stream those games, and then also the ability to have the controller. Like- And- Cuz the controller's actually pretty nice. That, that processor that you mentioned is not in most Android tablets. No. I mean, this is from Invidia, so it's going to have Especially not at that price point. Like, for $299. But, I, I really, it's so hard because you, I kinda take umbrage when you compare it to other things that are the same price. But then, when you compare it to the cost of a tablet, it's actually pretty reasonably. Yeah. Like a 16-gig, and there's an expansion S.D. card slot, so you can put in up to 128 gigs of expandable memory, which is great. Sure. I just don't know. I don't know about this. I can't say that I'm 100% on board yet. I guess the the selling point for this, is that if you are a gamer, and you need a tablet, maybe, and you want an android tablet. then maybe this is what you pick up this is what you get. It kind of, to me, it looks like a cross between the MA and the Nexus 5. So anyway, we don't think this is going to sell that many. I, yeah, I can't say that I, I just, right now, with brand new next-gen consoles out, and the Xbox just getting that price drop of kinnect with Xbox one going to $399. The 32-gig version of the shill tablet is $399, which is the same price as the Playstation 4 or the Xbox One, so I can't see. Hmm, which one. A, a gamer saying, gosh, I have some money to blow this year, and am I gonna upgrade my console, or am I gonna buy this tablet? Like, I don't. See that happening. So I, I'm going to say maybe not so great. Okay. Let's talk about this. How many times do you unlock your phone in any given day do you think? A 100,000,000 at least. Wow you use your phone way more than I do. I'm an exaggerator. So Motorola says 39 times per day. That's a lot. And this is the weird thing. They, they said that this hasn't, the way we unlock our phones hasn't changed in 40 years. I don't know what that means but Two point three seconds and because it's such a hassle to sort of lock and unlock your phone, fifty percent of people do not set a code. So they said let's come out with a better way and their solution is a digital NFT tattoo. You put it on your arm and you tape your phone to it and it unlocks your phone. So here's how it works. It's a digital tattoo. you, it's, number one it doesn't look like a tattoo it's really just an NFC chip on a little sticker that you stick on your arm, it lasts for five days through the wash all that good stuff through the shower, they sell them in packs of 10 for 10$, so the idea is that you just tap your phone against your arm, I mean it's kind of interesting it seems cool, but these don't look very good number one, like if you saw someone with that on the beach you would be like what is wrong with that person. Yeah I would imagine. To me it looks like a medical device. Like it's something you would scan to test your salt levels and your dehydration levels. That's what it seemed like to me. The idea of the whole wearable technology is just exploding. And they have some interesting uses. They have the Motorola skip. It's a little thing you put on your belt. Yeah they show that on the video a little clip. And NFC is great and it's one of those things where yeah it works. But, are people really gonna use this? I don't see it being widely adopted. Now here's the thing. I guess I do wear a shirt. So most of the time. So you wouldn't see it. So you wouldn't see it. But for me it would be out, and I would just be there. So actually maybe it's not a bad idea. Here's the other question. So this should, this only works with the Moto X right now. Right. But I'm sure you can change it to work with anything. I'm sure. And there's a million ways. XPA developers will figure this out very quickly how to. I'm trying to think, I mean. NFC has never really caught on it seems, like I was using the little tech tiles from Samsung, like all the little NFC stuff and showing people and I love using it for my camera, I tape it to the back of my phone, it transfers a picture, a Sony camera I have, but it seems like nobody really gets NFC, like in the real world, like in the big scheme of things maybe 'cause it's not on the iPhone. Yeah I think it's, it's hard with NFC because it's such a cool technology like for, my brother when he discovered NFC he was just like, this is amazing. It, it is amazing. I'm using my HTC One like, and then when my friends come over who have android devices they can just. Swipe the wall and then they're connected to the wi-fi. See, that's cool. And things like that. Really, really neat. And I, I love the application of that. I like your brother who has that in his house. He's the cool guy. That's the cool thing to do. He's a really cool guy. So he's like swipe here for wi-fi. That's smart, I'm gonna do that at my place. It's really brilliant cause then you don't have to keep giving people your wi-fi password. Yeah. Just swipe there and then you don't actually have to tell anyone what the password is. So if you change it, then you just swipe again, that's fine. yeah, I just, I'm really kinda bummed that NFC hasn't really taken off, and I'll be really curious to see if Apple makes an alternate technology to NFC. Exactly, because if they do then. Or if they go with NFC because it's always. They're not gonna, they're not gonna go with NFC. I don't think so. I don't think they will either because it's been so long at this point. I almost feel like they're gonna pull an Apple and they'll come out with some new technology like, you know, Lightning ports and Thunderbolts and all that stuff. Yeah, AirDrop. And they'll say, well, this is the new, you know, this is the new. Standard for Apple and. Yeah. You know then everyone will get mad on the internet, we'll all freak out and be like, this is an outrage. And then, and then everyone will calm down and get over it and be fine. And everyone will calm down and buy the iPhone 6. Yeah. Well and then because the Android people weren't going to buy an iPhone anyway. So it's, I mean that's, neither here nor there for me. I, I feel like, NFC, I mean I'm bummed that it hasn't. I agree with you. Because there are so many cool uses. I think this is one proof of concept. If you watch. You should, if you're into NFC watch this Motorola video that they posted to their blog. It's really weird. Like, it looks like a joke. It looks like their kind of [CROSSTALK] it would of, it felt like it was a joke. But it's not, it's real, and I think, now that I think about it, I really do think about the idea of having my shirt over it. I think it's ok. I think that would work. I don't know, it just seemed weird. It did seem mabey, a little like a joke. But one thing that is not a joke, is the pizza. And see, I'm laughing about it because it's ridiculous. Can't say it with a straight face. The pizza thrower truck from Teenager's Ninja Turtles, if you guys remember this toy form like early 90s, was late 80s, here it is right here. Logan, producer Logan was able to find some footage. This is the commercial of his toy. There's the Shredder, And you're able to toss out pizzas and hit bad guys. So awesome. Boom. Ugh. Batteries not included you guys. Batteries not included but you chuck some pizzas. Well the good news is, is that they are making this in real life. Pizza Hut has teamed up with a company to create the pizza thrower. Full scale that is supposed to chuck pizzas at about 20 miles per hour. Yeah. So this is, I looked up some of the interesting facts about this. Well, first of all, it's funny that it's Pizza Hut now cuz it used to be Domino's, the original. Oh, yea. used to be big time. Yeah, definitely. So, of course, obviously, who's paying the big bucks nowadays? Twelve feet tall, nine feet wide, sixteen feet long, two tons, this thing weighs. Yeah, and it's built off, I believe a Decoma right? Right. It's a Decoma truck. Oh wait, interesting, a pickup truck platform from two decades ago. So, it's a old, old truck [CROSSTALK] they found in a junkyard. From the same time as the commercial. [LAUGH] [UNKNOWN] miles an hour while shooting the vehicle speed, capable of 75, well yeah, it's not whatever. Well they need, take, take a freeway to get to Comiccon. [CROSSTALK] Thrower distance 30 feet. [INAUDIBLE] So these people are gonna be able to put Pizza Hut. Now the real thing is that there promoting the movie, and apparently Pizza Hut has a new thing called. Pizza hut, cheesey bites, have you heard of these things? No, I haven't but I already want them. So that's what they're going to be chucking, and of course if it involves cheese, and dough, I'm there. We're there. We are definitely there. And I'll be at Comic Con this weekend, so I am personally going on a mission to find this truck and take some video. To hopefully bring some back to the show. I have, I am only gonna be there on day, so hopefully I will not fail you tomorrow, daily viewers. Hopefully, I will not fail. There's so much, I mean, there's so much to see there, and the weird thing about ComiCon. Things happen, they're big, but they ki, kinda happen in small little areas. So this may be happening, like, just off to the side and you may miss it. Yeah. Because it's behind a wall. Look for it. You have to like, really look. Look for it. So, if you think they're gonna let some someone shoot, like, a cheesy bite right into someone's mouth, they would just choke. No, yeah. See they [UNKNOWN] I think they're going to do whole pizzas but you're going to shoot a whole pizza out. And then it's maybe like you walk in and half to catch the pizza. We'll see. I don't know. I can't imagine how they're going to make this work but it sounds amazing and feel like I need to see it, that's all. We are going to take a quick 30 second break, we will back. With, your user feedback. And we'll also be talking about new releases; because it's Tuesday. So, again, 30 seconds. Don't click away. It's "Tomorrow Daily". [pause] [sound effects] [music] Welcome back to "Tomorrow Daily". I'm-, we're still trying to figure out the logistics of chucking a pizza, 30 feet. Yeah, that'd be tough. Because there's not much surface area, to like. Propel it, so I think it's going to be a little bite-sized Yeah, plus its soggy. Yeah, its just kind of, I think it worked in the cartoon but not in real life, so that's why they're doing the bites. This is the saddest day of my life. Now I want those bites, now I'm hungry for pizza. I know, now we gotta go get some pizza after the show. We gotta talk about new releases, because there are a lot of good ones this week. Some gaming, some movies. The first one being Hercules. Oh yeah. The second Hercules movie this year. Hopefully not as terrible as the Kellan Lutz one. This one, fortunately, stars a much more bankable star, Dwayne The Rock Johnson. Now hold on. You called him, you said something there. Bankable. He, no, nope, The Rock. If you look on [CROSSTALK] all the posters, he is no longer [CROSSTALK] The Rock. I don't know if this has been going on for a while. But on these poster specifically it's just Dwayne Johnson. Yeah he's been kind of pushing towards that for awhile now, I think he's, he's walking, you know? Not, not forgetting. He wants to be taken seriously. He is, he is an actor now he doesn't really wrestle anymore so I, we kind of have to but, but you know I know him as The Rock. I'm a debrony, come on. So, is this going to be good? You know, it looks a lot better than the other one. I mean, this looks like a hundred million times better than the other one, but I don't know, it's still going to be bad. I think it's a, video, video rental for me. He's one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood, so, I don't know. Pretty amazing. So it could be good. He's built a great career. This is a rental, although it will look great on the big screen, because it's got a lot of great special effects. And cool graphic. Look at that. Running into a tree I'm Hercules, his yelling is so great. It's weird seeing him with long hair. It creeps me out a little bit. Yeah, you wouldn't notice him, you'd have to do a double take on this movie. Yeah you're like wait. Wait, what, was that who I thought it was? The other thing that is coming out this week, it might even be out right now, I believe it just went live. Is Hearthstone, the Curse of Naxxramas expansion. That is on PC, Mac, and iPad if you're. So interested. So inclined. This is Blizzard card game which I'm a big obsessive fan of. And honestly it's, if you like card games this is a pretty good one. And if you don't like card games it's pretty accessible. It's free to play. And then you can buy the extra card pack. Yes, Manis I believe the first wing is free. And then, after that all the other wings are pay. So, you gotta buy the next wings. But, it's you know, it's free to play, so you can just check it out and still play against other people. Looks fun. Would You'd love this game Would you try this? I downloaded it the first, whatever the last one was, you told me to download it and I never played it. It's on my iPad, it's like I almost opened it the other day. One day Rich, I'm gonna make you a gamer. It's gonna happen. I got Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds this weekend. Like, there was a Buy One, Get one Free at Best Buy, so I just like high-tailed it down there and got some 3Ds. It's all about the deals. It's pretty good. And then also lastly coming out this week for many different platforms it the Walking Dead season two episode four. I know this is like so many different things. It's called a Mid to Ruins, this continues things that the events of the original Walking Dead game by Tell Tale. So so good. Same people who make The Wolf Among Us. fantastic, fantastic story telling. I don't wanna hopefully give away too much, so hopefully Logan we won't show any spoilers. I don't know if we will but, this is the trailer. So hopefully it won't give up too much. I hope not. I hope not either. Not the trailer. Yeah, but it looks really good and, and of course if you've played any of the Walking Dead game you know that Telltale is just amazing at telling a story. So are you gonna play that one? So are you gonna play that one are you just gonna download that one and leave it or no? I'll let you play the games and you tell me how they are. He's gonna live vicariously through me. There's not way I can even play a millionth as much as you play. So it's like that's, that definitely cuts down on the gaming side. Well he's not into, he can't do the, the once he can. Right, he can't play with you. Once he can play with me, it'll be a whole different story. That'll be, okay that makes sense. He's a little too young right now. You've got to hold off until he's old enough to play. Yeah. Games with you. I think that makes sense. Talk to me in like three years. Alright, good, I will. I'm going to get him, I'm going to get him a console for his fifth birthday. Perfect. [LAUGH] It's the coming of age story. The modern coming of age story that I've always wanted to tell. [CROSSTALK] Yeah I'll get him a shield tablet, it'll be great. It is time for your user feedback. Yesterday we talked about J.J. Abrams new promo video for charity for Force for Change, supporting UNICEF. And he showed of a very delightful fighter that is gonna be obviously, I'm assuming, in the next movie for Star Wars in episode seven. We asked you guys who you, what what race you would be in Star Wars. If you won that walk on role what race would you wanna be and what would your line be. And we had some good responses. Not enough though, not nearly enough. We know people are watching. We just want you to tweet more. Yeah,. Guys, get involved. When we do the hashtag of the day. Send us emails. You can even just send us an email with your tweet. Like make the subject the hashtag of the day and then just tell me. Yeah, like, if you're not, if you're like, oh, I don't wanna hashtag that. Hate Twitter. Yeah. I don't, I don't, ugh, I wanna. Stay behind my email. Maybe you hate Twitter that's fine. Yeah maybe you don't want to be public about it. Yeah totally cool. You can email us that's fine. We'll give you an email right back. Maybe you don't want your boss to know your watching your show in the, in your cube. Also something you might be doing. So if you Tweet during the day they might know. Yeah exactly. That could be it. So if you need to hide the fact that you're watching the show during your work hours just email us. Fine we totally wont tell yeah we got it. Our very first tweet is from Vincent Spitale #TDSTARWARS i'D BE A Geonosian that's Geonosian and say this rebel scum alliance needs to acknowledge our existence or we should attack with our droids. [INAUDIBLE] Nice line. I like it. That's good. [INAUDIBLE] I like that rebel scum alliance. Yeah, he could be, like, a Hollywood writer. Especially with that name. Yeah, [INAUDIBLE] good one. [INAUDIBLE] like, a good, good name. A good name, yeah. Vincent Spitale. Like, I feel like I could see that on a big screen. Yeah, I could see that. It's really good, directed by. You rebel scum. Rebel scum. And our second tweet is from somebody very near and dear to my heart. It's my husband. But he's also a huge Star Wars nerd. We had met playing Star Wars Galaxies, cuz we're dorks. And he wrote, #TDStarWars, I'd be a Nautolan bar tender at the Mos Eisley Cantina and his one line would be, Solo your credit is maxed, no tab for you or the Wookie. Aww. No, he loves Star Wars and so he's extremely adamant and so like he's like, I wrote a tweet today for your show and I was like wow. You must air it, you must say it. Wow. I was wauw your on a tweet yeah. That means you are involved. Like this is crazy you are watching my show. So, yeah thank you for your tweets. Our hashtag of the day today is #TDDIGITAT. So we want you guys to tell us. What you would, I do not know. what do you want? I would mention, what would you want if you had a digital tattoo. What would the shape of it be in. Would it be a nice lady? Oh yeah what would it be, [CROSSTALK] oh yeah what would it say? What would it be? And what would it do if, if you tapped it with your phone. If you had your way, you know? If you could do anything, like what, what the design would be? Sorry, sometimes I forget what you're suppose to say here. I know, I know it's okay. But if, but that's what we want you to tell us, tell us. What you want your digital tattoo to look like and what you want your phone to do when you tap it. Or it could be anything. You tap your arm on your Yeah, cuz House and it lights up. It would be fun to, like, tap it and then, like, get, like, my Spotify to start. I mean you could do all of those things That would be really cool. You can put it in your car all kinds of. Yeah.>> I like that. I might have to get out my little NFC stickers again. I like the idea of walking up to your front door, and like, tapping with like, you know you have it on your arm or whatever, you tap it and then all of a sudden like all the lights come on in your house. [CROSSTALK] And then you you're Sonos system comes on and puts on some nice music. I know anything that involves Sonos. When I come home and my Sonos is not on, like my wife's sitting there. You get upset.>> I'm like how come the Sonos is not on, why isn't there beautiful music playing throughout the house. You're like turn on that music, woman! [LAUGH] No. He's like no not quite. And she's just like witch, don't make me punch you. I'd be sleeping outside. [LAUGH] I'd be making use of the Sony speaker in the yard. [LAUGH] Oh, they don't make one for outdoors, sorry, out of luck. I leave mine outside. Do you really? It's California. Yeah, right. That's pretty good. It's a little misty, whatever. Fair enough, all right. It's still working. That's the hashtag of the day. TDDigicat. Tell us what tattoo, and what it would do. I am curious. You all have such active imaginations. And now, It should have been TD Tap that. I am going to pretend ou didn't say that. And now, it is time for our TD phonetographer of the day. [MUSIC] I'm still laughing, I'm sorry. Tap, tap to pay, you know. NFC tap that. OK. Very innocent. Yeah, there was no [LAUGH] No innuendo at all. Our phonetographer of the day is Adam P. Adam P. sends us this picture. And he says hey Ashley and rich, I took this with my Nexus 5 Speaking of the rock! In New York city on top of the rock! My name is Adam [UNKNOWN] and by the way love the show, B T dubs, love the show. This is 30 Rockefeller they go the top of the rock there. Beautiful view. Can we just really quickly mention the fact that this was taken from the nexus side. Well. Which is impressive. He had to hold it very still. Yeah, this was on a tripod. There was no, no-one was moving in this picture. Yeah, there's no wind. He probably took a couple. There was no. Maybe HGR was on. You know what, the Nexus 5 has come a long way. The camera has gotten so many upgrades at this point. They did send out some good software. It's been way, it has gotten way better that it was when it first came out. [CROSSTALK] But come on, Google, please make a flagship phone that has a good camera. A great camera. Not even a good one [INAUDIBLE] good camera. Make a great camera. Make a great camera. I mean make a camera that's so compelling you have to buy it, that's, that's what I want. That's from Google. That's part of the magic of the iPhone. It's literally just such a great camera, but I mean the M8 and it's weird because the M8 and the Galaxy S5 is like their, their good, their great. But then each one of them has, like, that little problem. Oh, yeah. That, like the, like the Galaxy S5 is always a little too saturated for my taste. And then the HTC One ha-, M8 has that, like, purple, like that little bit of purple glare. They're just not, I mean, they, they take good pictures at times but not consistently. Yeah. The one I've been using is the, the G3 from LG. Is that really good? Well, the laser focus actually is kinda good. Like it does focus really fast. It takes good pictures in bright light. Mm-hm. but I've noticed like, it's kind of a mix. Any Android phone is like a mixed bag outside of like, great lighting conditions. Yeah, Whereas iPhone like full bright daylight. is kinda like the gold standard for, and I know of course everyone's gonna argue now. But You're biased. no, I'm not biased at all. I hope you get a big check from Apple for that. I'm [LAUGH]. You know, I ,I have apple stock, I work for apple. No, It's just one of those things, like, they have just killed it. They do take consistently good pictures. And, but, my big issue with the iPhone, and I have one, is that it takes awful video in low light. Like, just absolutely terrible. The worst thing I've ever seen. Like I hate video on the iPhone 5s in low light. It is. So bad. But it does take great, greatly stabilized videos in good light. Like it does- Yeah, that's fine. Good light. You know. But every, every- Yeah, but in moderately low light it's just poor. Yeah. I mean really bad. Every phone has its pros and cons, you know? Very true. It's what works for you. That is true. And on that note, that is the end of the show. If you want to submit your photography or your, your hashtag of the day, you can do so by emailing us at TOMORROW@CNET. COM. And and we're always opens, but no attachments. Just send us links to your pictures. And you can find us on all the social mediums Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. We are Tomorrow Daily on all those place, and then if you want us on Google Plus we are Tomorrow Daily TV and individually I'm Rick [UNKNOWN] on Twitter so you can complain to me about how terrible Apple is or how great Apple is. And I'm Ashley [UNKNOWN] also accepting. Terrible and great Apple discussion. We're open for discussion all day long. Yes. Like we love answering tweets, like we're, you know. I love all technology. Yeah. So if you want to tell me how great something is, you just tell me why, and I'll believe you. We're very open-minded. Yeah, we're very open-minded. Except for the bias of Apple. No, just kidding. Yeah, except for the big fat checks we get every week. You know, we don't get any of those checks, you know. Nobody does. It's a myth. It's a big myth. Total myth. Alright, that's it for Tomorrow Daily Today. We will be back tomorrow with an all new slate of news, but until then, be good humans. I won't see you next time.
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