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Tomorrow Daily: Tomorrow Daily 020: Microsoft layoffs, 3D-printed ice cream, and more

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Tomorrow Daily: Tomorrow Daily 020: Microsoft layoffs, 3D-printed ice cream, and more

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On today's show, Ashley and Rich discuss Microsoft's new strategy, the ice cream 3D printer, and a guy building an Alien costume with unusual materials. Also, Timberman, a beautifully animated Futurama intro, and your thoughts on United Weapons Master combat.

Microsoft announced plans to lay off up to 18,000 of it's employees. Master Chief fans, on the other hand, were heard saying, well, that sucks, but is it too soon to ask about the Halo movie? MIT students developed a 3D printer for ice cream. And you thought the folks at Cold Stone took a while to mix your Oreo overload. And a guy in the UK is building a custom Xenomorph suit. I hope he's also building a custom Ripley suit. You know, just in case. I'm not feeling so well. Oh no! Tomorrow Daily. [MUSIC] Greetings citizens of the Internet, welcome to Tomorrow Daily. We went ahead and take, took care of that chest burster. Situation. It's all, don't worry. The studio is really messy right now. Yep. If you guys can't see it, but on the other side of the cameras, the walls are just a disaster. Not good. It's gonna be, it's gonna get terrible. Welcome to Tomorrow Daily. The best, most fun technology talk show in the known universe. I'm you host, Ashley Esqueda. Joining me as always, Rich DeMuro. How's it going? You feeling a little better? I'm feeling a little bit better. I'm ready for the weekend. Are you? Yeah, I am ready for the weekend. It's gonna be, it's gonna be a nice, fun hopefully relaxing weekend. Yes, you've got an action packed weekend I hear. Very, oh yes, very action packed. But you know, before we get to the weekend, we have to hit the headlines. [MUSIC] So, if you haven't heard about it, at this point, well, you must live under a rock, somewhere. Because, Microsoft has announced restructuring. And, that includes about 14% of their global staff, about, 18,000 people being layed off. This is pretty big news. That's a lot of people. Now, if you guys are trying to come to the show for a lot of cost benefit analysis, [LAUGH] And business strategy, you are so in the wrong place. because,. We have seen it. Your not going to get any here. We have seen it You will have to look at the rest of the site. Much smarter and wiser. More business inclined folks who study and follow this stuff all the time have great things to say and good insights. But we were most interested for us about the Microsoft Entertainment Studio. Microsoft Entertainment Studios totally shut down. And this is kind of a big deal. It seems like it, because they, you know, they announced a bunch of original programming, and now the fate of that programming is sort of up in the air, although I did read that they say some of the projects will continue. Like they'll keep some of like the key people. They will finish some of the projects. And hopefully, the Halo project is one of those things. Yeah, so there's two main ones. You have the Halo project, and then you have the, what was the other one? In the Atari thing, what was it called? It's a documentary, and it's called Signal to Noise. Signal to Noise, so. And this is, I mean 200 people, in Santa Monica lost their jobs, yeah, here's where. There it is, this is when they found the game CET game. Yeah, they went to a landfill in New Mexico, it was rumored that Atari had. Written off this huge loss for E.T. and will dumped all of the remaining cartridges in a landfill. And then they went and dug them up, and sure enough, there they were. Pretty cool. True story. So here's what I don't understand about this. So, why give up, okay? So you've got Netflix that's killing it with the original programming. You've got, let's see, who else do you have? You have Yahoo! just getting into original programming. Amazon. Amazon. Hulu. Hulu trying to figure it out. YouTube, sort of onto some things. But you have all of these new companies that are trying to do what Microsoft wanted to do. And here's the thing, Microsoft has a little bit of a step ahead, because they've got the actual box in your livingroom. That's very true. Like Netflix and all the rest are just sort of platforms. Microsoft owns that box. When you turn on your Xbox. What do you see? Whatever Microsoft wants you to see. But, let me ask you this. Like, do you really think of original entertainment programming when you think of Microsoft? No. I didn't, I didn't think of that when Netflix started doing it. Who, who thought of Netflix. You think of games and you think of. I mean, I, but you, but you think of video and, and entertainment when you think of Netflix. Well, you do now. But, like, Microsoft is, I mean, you think of. Entertainment for sure. I mean, what's I think, whenever I think of Netflix, even when it first started, I think of movies, tv shows. Right, and see, you thought of movies, not TV shows. And that's what their bread and butter is. TV shows. No, I thought of TV shows. That's Netflix. I said I think movies. I think TV shows. Oh. OK But I, but I don't think about that when I think of Microsoft. I don't go gosh, that's where I want to go get my television from. And that's the problem is that they need to figure out a way to make that happen, because they have the money, they have the platform, they have the. Talent, but why weren't they able to do that? So why would they layoff all of these people? I don't know. Maybe they'll, they'll just outsource it. Who knows. I mean, maybe they'll say like, we don't need this in house. We'll just outsource it. I think the bigger thing is th, for me, I, my prediction is gonna be that they say, you know what, we don't need to make content. We have so many << Entertainment partnerships with other companies for the XBox One and really that's like the media console. If you want a console filled with media from other places, You can plug your cable box into it, you can check out all of the orignal channels. They have Twitch, they have so many different. << Yes, but so does everyone else. So did Netflix, they had all these movies. << But they don't have a box. [CROSSTALK] [UNKNOWN] The original Roku was branded Netflix. Yeah I guess. So I mean they did have the box and that's the thing these companies they want to down a bigger piece of the pie. Of course. And of course Microsoft can license themself out to anyone but the reality is when you own that content. It's better for you in the long term. Oh yeah, I mean, you make more money, but I think, on that same note, it's very expensive. A lot of companies, I think, wanna get into the sort of original programming, and even, even YouTube is having this issue where they're not realizing it is expensive to make video. It is much cheaper to make video than it ever has been for an individual. But it has also never been so expensive to make it on a professional level. Exactly. Look at all the movie budgets. We're now seeing $200 million budgets are kind of, like, we don't even flinch at that anymore. And sometimes those movies don't even return what they need to for that huge budget. No. And you have someone that makes a tiny budgeting movie that makes a ton of movie. Right. So there's got to be this little magic formula that these companies, you know, YouTube They're still looking to balance. Exactly. You think YouTube would figure it out immediately, cuz they have the viewership. Nope. Nope, not really. [CROSSTALK] Still makes it more than some of the original programming. Gangnam style, still one of the most viewed videos on YouTube. I don't know, guys, I don't know, it's just a crazy situation and. I mean absolutely our hearts go out to all of the people who are going to be affected by this. This is going to go for about a year. All of these layoffs are going to go on and on and on so - - It's not going to happen overnight. Not - - won't happen overnight. Won't be quick like a band-aid. So it's going to be kind of - - it'll kind of suck for some people. In the next year or so. But, generally speaking, I mean, I'm really curious if you guys think that Microsoft should make original content. You guys should email us, that would be cool. or, if you know, let us know on Twitter. But, going from, going from a very, kind of a bummer story to. This is a fun story. Kind of a fun story. It's the weekend, we're thinking ice cream. It's gonna be hot. It's hot, it's cold. It's. You know, in LA, it's been kind of hot across the country as well, but this is cool. Three MIT students came up with a 3D printer that prints ice cream. Do you feel like we should have an MIT segment every I think we need it I think we re, I think we report on MIT all the time on this show. Well they always come up with cool stuff and they always have the cool proof of concept videos to prove it. So here's what they did. They took a Solidoodle 3D printer and a Cuisinart soft serve ice cream maker, patched them together with some [UNKNOWN], parts, and next thing you know Liquid nitrogen! You can spit out this soft serve and instantly freeze it and make these little print outs. So that you can see they're printing out stuff. Put it in a little shape. You could have a star, a, a butter pecan. A butter pecan star. So, they said that this is not just to show how cool it is for ice cream. What they said, is that this will actually get kids interested in engineering. I agree with that. I think, that's really smart, and it, I always like going to, the places where they have the. Liquid nitrogen ice cream. Mm-hm. Where they mix your ice cream in a bowl with liquid nitrogen. And it all phew. [INAUDIBLE] Cool. Yes. And you watch it. Flows and it's like this. Dry ice. And it's like this huge production for a like a tiny little bit of ice cream. Kind of but it's like so good. It's kind of fun. It's really fun. It's a lot more dense too like the ice cream is. But it's not like as fatty because it's still. They don't knead it. I don't know the guy was explaining it to me. It's ice cream. I don't really care. But it's delicious. Yes. But, you know, I kind of alluded to it earlier But it gets me interested in science too, like I'm always wondering, like, how they do that. So, that makes a lot of sense. Ten to fifteen minutes to make one little bit, though. To make the star? Yeah, can you imagine so waiting, so, like, I know, you know, do you ever go for frozen yogurt? It takes people like so long to decide on a flavor? yeah, I know. It makes sense. Maybe if, maybe, OK, maybe you have it in like, in like a Target. And then, so you know, you go over there and you order your ice cream. You take a little number and then you wander around the store. You buy like. And you shop for, like a car wash. You wander around and you buy some stuff and then you're, you go and your ice cream. Yeah. Star is finished. They need a bit coin atm. Cuz it takes like ten minutes to get your money out of there. There you go. So there you go. Bit point atm 3D ice cream. 3G printed ice cream perfect companions. I thinks that's a really, really. Really good, that's really, those are really nice companion pieces to each other. so, speaking of 3D printing, I found this on the Internet this morning. We need a 3D printing show, too. I, I know, I feel like 3D printing is the way. This guy has been doing this for a while, he's been working on this but it just came to my attention today. Whoa. What is that? And by the way that's articulated. You'll, you'll see him move the fingers. Look at that! Wow! Wow! So he is making a 3D-printed alien xenomorph suit. And you can see he's got some flexible bits, and then there's also some rigid bits that are articulated, which is pretty amazing. And he is a, here's the, you know, obviously the inspiration for his costume. And originally I guess this guy had made a full-on special effects costume. That's like, sort of his, his career. Yeah. He's a special effects guy. I think so. And so he made that. As like, a project. But he said it was so messy. And doing the, the molds and the, you know, molding. And then doing the latex and like all this stuff. Mm-hm. Because it was a mess. And he said that the, the suit itself was cool. But it was also really hard to wear. Yeah. Well, these actors talk about it all the time. Like, when they're in these movies- So heavy. It is such a, it's a process to put these things on and to take them off. They're in them for like eight or ten hours a day Right And it takes like two hours to apply them. So, this guy's idea is like let's make this a little simpler. I think so, and so what Even though it's complicated Even though you can sort of see through it. The thing is it's a little more like a coat service theme punkesque kind of. It does, it's very Geigeresque, like which is exactly what you'd want to go for. But yeah, so here's the arm. The finished arm. And he's working on it, it looks very cool and obviously you can see underneath it. But if you're wearing black, you know, morph suit, you'd probably be fine. And apparently this is much lighter weight and easier to sort of manuever than anything that you could make with latex. But I just think this is. So cool. You know he should probably wear a latex suit underneath the exoskeleton. I was gonna say. Okay make it look two suits suited up and it would be great. Yup. No but I just think that is really ingenious. Very cool. But I guess he rigged his 3D printer to print both flexible and rigid material at the same time. That seems not easy. So he was able to make the parts. He was able to make these parts that. Both are flexible for his movement and then also rigid to Oh, not break. I thought this was pretty neat that he's just gonna make his plans available for download. So he does all the hard work and you get to pay. Yea, for a very nominal fee. [CROSSTALK] Yea [CROSSTALK] You can download the source code for this and print it in your own 3-D printer if you can rig it to do what he has done. So,. Really neat stuff. We are gonna take a quick break. We'll be back in 30 seconds, we have an Intuit. And we also have your user feedback on the weapons, on the combat, high-tech weapons fighting league, which we are so excited to talk about. But don't click away. It's Tomorrow Daily. [MUSIC] Welcome back to Tomorrow Daily. Aah we have been talking all week about what we might or might not be into. Aah but every week we do a segment and talk about the things we love and that are great. Out, so this is Into It. All right, Rich, so what are you into? I am into a new game that's been around for a little bit now. 'Kay. But it's called Timberman. Have you heard of this one? I think I remember a. Like a producer in the 90's named Timbaland. Timbaland. But I've never, yeah. And their were shoes called Timberland. That's true. But this is Timber Man. So, it's one of these kind of eight bit inspired games. It's kind of like the next Flappy Bird. And it's just really simple. Tap, tap, tap, tap. You just chop down the tree without getting hit by the branches. It's got a great little music soundtrack behind it. It's just super easy. All you do is just tap on the left tap on the right and try to avoid those branches. It sounds easy but heres the thing, it's one of those games that is easy to play, tough to master. Of course. Of course. So it will have you playing for awhile. There are, 8 timbermen to unlock. There are, of course, high scores. And you've got to chop as fast as you can. Literally, when you download this game you won't be able to put it down for a little bit because you'll want to keep playing. And then, oh, here's the best part. It's available for both iOS and Android. It's very rare that like, a fun, cool game- Where's my Windows Phone? See, you gotta, you gotta do that? Where's my Windows Phone at? Where's my Blackberry, where's my Blackberry marketplace? Can't be happy with just the dual platforms. Nope, nope. I want it in everything. Everybody has to give everybody [CROSSTALK]. There's only one app that has launched on every platform at the same time. Oh at the same time? Never. Not on Blackberry but if you count Android there's a couple games. There's a couple games that have done all three platforms at once. And windows 8.1? Oh, and Windows 8.1? No, no. The windows phone app No, just windows phone Oh, just windows phone okay. Anyways theres too many platforms, but anyways check out the game it's a lot of fun, and I think I just ruined a lot of people's weekends. Well, I'm not going to apologize I'll let [UNKNOWN] do that for ruining your weekend. What are you into? I really love this, I saw it this morning, and this guy made a 3D animated version of the Futurama introduction. This is gorgeous. Wow. This is one guys work. One guy like this is crazy to me. Is this for the reboot of the show or what? I wish this was a futurama movie because I would pay. It's like this is the perfect time to tell people, shut up and take my money. This is the moment. This is the meme take my money. Fry giving us light. I love Futurama and so to see this is just so cool and to be able to see the planet express and just like new new york and it's just That took them a while to do but if you look closely. We'll you don't even have to look closely but if you see all those lens flares this guy looks like he's applying for a job with JJ Abrams. Bad Robot should pick this guy up for the Star Wars movies. Is that a good thing or, I think JJ. He swore off the lens flare. I think he did, I think he, I think he's apologized. I think there's been a public apology on parade. But that took awhile, [CROSSTALK] Like I'm not a graphic designer, But like, I can appreciate the fact that, there's no way that happened quickly. Yeah and then if you go to his b hamp gallery, his name is Alexi Zhakarov, I'm sorry I want to make sure I pronounce that correctly. If you go to his behand scowler, he's got like, the model, the ship model, just the ship render of the ship, here it is right here. Oh wow. All beat up and this is the, this is the render that he used inside the test shot of Futurama 3D and man, it is just impressive and it makes me miss the show Mhm. so much. Rest in peace futurama. That's a good show. I mean that is just absolutely stunning and I have to say like, I mean impressive that one person put that together. But that's what I'm into. I mean I just love when people sort of take things into their own hands and they're like I'm gonna make this amazing thing and just. For like no reason. For no reason other than to make us, make people happy like me. So, thanks. I really appreciate that. That's what we're going to do. Thanks for making Ashley happy, Alex, Thank you. Alexei. Alexei. And on that note we're gonna get into your user feedback. [MUSIC] Yesterday we discussed a combat league that was started in Australia using high tech armor. And actual physical weapons to strike full weapons combat with high tech armour. Amazing. And we ask you guys to use hash tag TDUWM, which is, unified weapons master to tell us what your fighter name would be. I'm still the Destroyer and Rich is still American Gladiator's Blaze. And- Maybe not the best choice. [LAUGH] That's why you gotta have these things prepared in advance. Can't just think of it off the top of your head. We don't prepare anything for this show. I would've been like Lightning. That was my, I think that was my favorite American Gladiator. Wait, what's the difference between Lightning and Blaze. No, that was my favorite American Gladiator, was Lightning. So we asked you guys what your fighter name would be, and what your weapon of choice would be. And our very first, [LAUGH], our very first tweet comes from Itchy Dog, Itchy Dog. Oh my gosh. And he says, my name would be the Jade Jaguar and this would be my weapon. It's and I'm gonna totally butcher this the Machu, Macuahuitl. I'm sorry, like I just cannot pronounce that for the life of me. Well I don't think there is a time in your life where you need to pronounce that word. Mocuatuti, I am going to say mocuatuti. That look like one of those paddles we used in my fraternity. But with razor blades in it. Oh, that's, oh, wow. that would really hurt. I mean it looks kind of like razor blades. It looks like rusted razor blades to me. This seems like a very dangerous weapon to me. And I love the ad. Aztec. This is very or Mayan, I should, is it Mayan. The Mayan calendar has a Jaguar in there. I'm not sure. So yeah, I am super into that. That is awesome. The Jade Jaguar. And it's something you could also hang on your wall too. Itchy the Jade Jaguar Dog. Yeah, you don't want to mess with him. No you don't want to mess with that guy and then W pablick two. Says snow dog cuz I'm cold as ice and ferocious. Wow. However, Walter, we discussed this. You did not include a weapon, so we are gonna have to assign you one. And we came up with something really ferocious. Producer Logan could you bring that up. Yeah, no dog, you're gonna get a barrel around your neck, that's your weapon, you're gonna have to fight them with that. I don't know how, I mean maybe spray them with whiskey. When I think snow dog, that's what I think. So that fits you well. I don't know what it does, maybe it shoots out something, but that's your weapon. Oh, it shoots out acid, it's gotta be acid. Oh, okay. Yeah. Hydrochloric acid just shoots it out at your opponent. Just burns you. Burns through the armour. [NOISE] So great. And then So that's our user feedback. Thank you for sending those in you guys. The hashtag of the day today is going to be Hashtag, I have to make sure that I get this right cuz I don't want to mess it up. #TDIceCream, and we want you to tell us what flavor you would like your 3D printed ice cream Okay. and what shape. Oh, okay. What shape And be creative with flavors. Like you can have any flavor. Any flavor. Like any flavor in the world. Happiness would be my flavor. Mm. Optimism. Would that. Should they make optimism flavored ice cream. Xanax flavored ice cream. What would sad ice cream look like? Oh I don't know. Just like melted. Yeah, it's just be melted in a puddle. It would come out melted. That would be amazing. But that's your hashtag of the day and you can send that but. We also have to check out our phonetographer of the day. And our phonetograph for the day comes from Fiaz, that's how he says you pronounce his name, Fiaz. Okay. He says this is Trinidad and Tobago and it was taken with a Nokia Lumia 1020. Wow. He also mentioned he hopes that they made a new Nokia Lumia 1020 because he was. He said that the specs are kinda getting a little old, but the camera is still amazing. Well, yeah. That, that doesn't change, but yeah, the specs. She's, I don't know, you're, I don't think you're gonna be seeing a new Nokia. Probably not. Anytime soon after today. So this is a gorgeous picture though the ten twenty really does take great pictures [CROSSTALK] Every picture you show I wanna go there. Like I have ten more places on my little map that I wanna go now. I know. Everytime you send in pictures some guy sent in a picture of a kitten and I was like I wanna go to that cat. I wanna go to that adoption agency. Yeah I just wanna go rescue a cat. But this absolutely. Stunning. Obviously Trinidad and Tobago is a beautiful place. White sands. I love seeing how much foliage is scattered through the city. Like you can just see trees and houses all living in harmony together. We're just not used to greenery here in Las Angeles. We really aren't. If you send something that's green there's a pretty high chance of getting it on the show. Now, see I would just see that all like concrete. We should just concrete over all of that. Just a freeway. Just a freeway right to. The beach. The worst. Actually, I'm curious. If you didn't know at home, Rich is color blind. Aw, come on. You have to tell everyone? Well what, what color is that to you? Cuz don't you see different? It looks beautiful. It, it just looks beautiful. It just looks different? Green. Blue. White. Green, blue, white? Okay. Those are pretty basic. I was really, I was curious. It'd feel like if it changes for you. Cuz you're like, oh I just love purple. Like, this is beautiful. No, I can see, I can see the Yellow CNET Logo. Okay. Most colors you can see. Got it. The Yellow CNET Logo? The red sky. The red sky? Perfect. The brown trees. [Laugh]. If you guys want to send in your phone-tography you can email us tomorrow@cnet.com. Also send in your story ideas. If you see something on the internet that you absolutely must have us talk about, send it to us and we'll think about talking about it. And we do read all of your emails. We do. I look at every single one of them and your twitter. We do. Of course we're always on twitter @tomorrowdaily, Facebook, Instagram. [UNKNOWN] if you wanna find us on Google plus we are Tomorrow Daily TV. I'm also on, Twitter personally. That's probably the best way to reach me. Yeah, me too. At Rich [UNKNOWN]. You can also reach me at Rich [UNKNOWN]. No, I'm just kidding. You can reach [CROSSTALK] Actually you probably can cause you probably read my tweets. That's true. I do, I Twitter stalk. Pretty much anybody who follows me on Twitter. But you can find me at Ashley Asteve and once again, your hash tag of the day, TDicecream, don't forget. And that's been Tomorrow Daily. More than ever you guys, be good humans and we'll see you next week.
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