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Tomorrow Daily: Tomorrow Daily 019: A futuristic combat league, ASIMO evolves, and more

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Tomorrow Daily: Tomorrow Daily 019: A futuristic combat league, ASIMO evolves, and more

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We're talking about a new high-tech combat league, ASIMO's evolution, and the Minecraft remake of "Star Wars: A New Hope." Also, a notebook that makes you cry (literally), and your user feedback.

A new combat league is letting you fight with high tech armor and actual weapons, bringing my dream of the thunderdome ever closer to reality. Honda's showing off their latest Awesome-O robot in Europe, and it does all kinds of new tricks, making it their best, and scariest creation ever. And a fan of Minecraft is recreating the entirety of Star Wars a new hope in game. When asked for comment he said, these aren't the creepers you're looking for. It's Tomorrow Daily. Greetings citizens of the internet, welcome to Tomorrow Daily, the best. Tech talk show in the known universe. I'm your host, Ashley Esqueda. And joining me as always, Rich DeMuro. That's fun, I hope you guys enjoy the new open. Yeah. Also we're joined by other Rich DeMuro. I know. Did you notice the little, the little Rich DeMuro? Tiny Rich DeMuro. So let me tell you the story. Staples now does 3-D printing in like two stores, one here in LA. And then one in New York and they let me make a little 3D me. This is a Trekkie rich. Does it look the same? The profile? No. I think it looks pretty similar. I think they definitely got my muscles right because I am definitely that large. Oh yeah definitely muscles. In real life. anyway, kinda fun, and those things start at like 65 bucks so, it's kinda fun to have a little action figuring of yourself. Maybe we need action, I need an action figure now to match yours. We do. I think that would be delightful. but, we've got the news to talk about, so let's jump into the headlines. [MUSIC] Our very first story today is a brand new combat league that I am. I'm so pumped for. Sometimes I feel like UFC is and like MMA fighting is a little bit too intense for me. << Little too much blood? << Yeah, yeah, no it's just sometimes it's too intense like when you see the guy's ankle break nd he's like limping around. His ankle's flopping around. That's kind, that's crazy to me. << That's where you draw the line. << I mean those guys are hardcore, don't get me wrong, but. This is the unified weaponmaster training and so, this is full weapon combat. Okay. Four Aussie guys did this and it's full weapon combat and these armors are called loricas. and what they have in them are little sensors, so when you hit. Somebody. It measures, first of all, how hard you hit them in that spot. Oh, that's cool. And then, it will measure based on, it will compare to biomedical data, and you get points based on how much you would have injured somebody. But they, they don't actually get hurt. Yeah, they can do full power swings on it. Wow, that's pretty amazing. So I think if this becomes a real thing I think American Gladiator's making a comeback. Oh, I think we need to just have people, this is like Roman gladius, this is Roman gladiators. This like some. Old school. But here's the problem with all this armor on your body. How do you show off your personality? How do you show off like the, you know, they always have like the oiled up muscles. Oh yeah, and the walking out when you're about to fight like in boxing inside. That's true, you gotta have a big entrance. [CROSSTALK] look the same. Yeah you guys have a big entrance. I guess you would wait to put your helmet on. Oh at the very end. Yeah just before you fight you put your helmet on. So your hair has to be really cool looking. Shake out the hair yes, long flowing Fabio locks. Yes. Okay, so this is, to me this is very fascinating in that,. th, the armor itself is many different layers, which is cool. And then I also really like the idea that the future of this is gonna end up being. Like Producer Logan and I were talking about how cool it would be if, in the future. Like, let's say you got hit really hard in the arm and the biomedical data said, well, that would've broken your shoulder. Yes. And then you can't use your arm. Like the machine- Oh, like it disables that part. Like the armor locks down your arm and disables that part as you fight. << So, what would your name be? I know these guys all had name, mine would be Blaze. << If your rich, rich Blaze Demiro. << Just Blaze. << Yes, I think you stole that from American Gladiators. Weren't there like 8 gladiators name Blaze and Laser? << Maybe. << I would be Ashley the Destroyer Escava. << Aren't you already? << Yes. Destroyer of dreams. Let's talk about another robot. This is my favorite robot in the world, okay? Or, I, I would say everyone's favorite robot in the world. Asimo? Yeah. So, everyone knows about Asimo. So, this new version of him is way more advanced than the old versions. They were showing him off in Europe. He made his debut today. Look at how amazing. Now he can run, okay? I didn't realize how far he had progressed. So they started working on this guy in 1986 and at first I was like, Oh I've heard about him so often. Like I'm kind of over the progression, but no. It used to take him five seconds back in 1986 between steps. << Wow. << And now he can run. He also has autonomous behavior which means he can think for himself. he can stop what he's doing to respond to someone's intention. So, let's say he's like, doing his little dance, and you kinda like, go up to him, and you're like, hey! He would stop and respond to you. And be like, oh, hey, Ashley, what do you need? [CROSSTALK] Hello, Ashley I want one of these as a personal assistant. Walk, run, run backwards. Hop on one foot. Ok, well since these are movement things, what else can Asimo do? [CROSSTALK] I need more stuff. Give me more. ok, [CROSSTALK] he can understand three people at once. So three people, you know when you are at work and a bunch of people are talking to you? [CROSSTALK] He can understand all three of them at once. So a water cooler conversation. Humans can't, no, you can't understand three people at once. [LAUGH] Pour drinks into cups. He doesn't crush the drinks. He has now like fingers. [CROSSTALK] He has articulated hands. Look at this. So, normally a robot is so strong he would just crush that cup in a second. Now look how gentle that paper cup. Like an autem bone. man, I love this robot right now. Let's see what else, sign language in English and Japanese. That's pretty cool. Now let me ask you how much am I going to pay for this? I'm not sure it seems like a lot. First of all Craig's list, I'm sure theres a price tag for an ASimo now, but these are the questions I have, I mean TV is bleh I want to know when these are going to be affordable. By the way a little bit of trivia for you, if anyone ever asks what Asimo stands for. Advanced step, in innovative mobility. Oh, I like that. Very nice. [INAUDIBLE] So when I saw this video, I was actually at the same time, impressed and really scared, because- It's kind of terrifying. Isn't it? It's sort of like, when I see the Boston Dynamics video, of like pet man. Like the dog. Like when they're like running at like forty miles per hour you're just like that is going to hunt me down at some point that is going to hunt me down.>> And theres no stopping it. Theres no reasoning with it theres no stopping it. It's done. So.>>I mean now you can like unplug them or you can shut them down but soon. Soon. Sky net. It's the only logical step its very terrifying. Awesome I mean there's gonna be a time of utopia where we're gonna live in harmony with the robots before they crush us. Short time yeah. But I would absolutely wanna have one of these in my home. I would wanna have this any day of the week. I would have an awesome [xx] Honda lets just get this in the real world. Sign it up, send us one. I would totally make Ossimo a third host on this show. Will he stand right there. A hundred percent. So are you, do you, do you love Star Wars? I'm, I'm, I wouldn't say I'm a lover of Star Wars. 'Kay. But I love Star Wars. I mean, I. But your not a fan boy. No, no, I'm not a fanatic but I, I mean, obviously growing up it was a huge part of my life. Okay, so this person that we're- I wish I still have my old stuff. I bet. This person that we're going to talk about. Created or is in the process of recreating the entirety of Stars Wars The New Hope. Here's the first seen you see. [UNKNOWN] [UNKNOWN] Imperial Starship. Made all of this in Mine Craft and some of these ships and crafts took months to build. Yeah. I mean I imagine this was not easy to do. No. It's taken him, it's been over three years since he's started this project and now he was saying they just released the full trailer for it. It looks like they got about ten more minutes or so of footage left to recreate in Minecraft. But then after that, they'll have a full shot by shot remake of Star Wars. Pretty amazing. And now, this person must do this in their free time. They have a lot. I mean. But they're not. They said they're not gonna sell it. Look at the Death Star trench. Look at the trench. Now are they doing the speaking parts too. I, I don't know, I don't know if they're doing, the actual, like, movie audio underneath, I, look, I'm not a 100% sure on that, cuz I watch all these things with no audio, cuz I'm the worst. But no, they, well they laid under in the trailer, they laid under actual, like, movie, the, the tri, the original trailer, like one of the original trailers I think that was released. When the newer movies came out, they did a trailer for episode four. So he kinda synced em up. And he synced em up, yeah, he synced up all the shots, that kinda thing. Okay. That's pretty impressive. [CROSSTALK] you're a Minecraft player, you know that that probably took a long time. Yeah, and this guy's name is Paradise Decay, that's his, like, handle. That's a cool name. It is pretty cool. But yeah, and there. Celebration is coming next year to Anaheim. It'll be here in April which I will be going. I have a ticket and they're, they're saying that it's possible they could screen this at Celebration with the permission of Lucas. Yeah that's the weird thing about this. They are so, they are kind of like, they take a lot of control over this stuff. So, are they going to let him do this? Yeah, I think they've really said, you have our blessing go forth and make Minecraft Star Wars. Kinda neat. Well played sir and really,. Just impressive. I would love, like, I have a problem with open world video games [CROSSTALK] I think I need like a therapist because, okay, I played Fallout 3 and I never finished it, because, this is my problem, for those of you familiar with Fallout 3, post apocalyptic wasteland, you're walking around, and the very first place you show up to is a little house and I killed the lady in the house. And then I made that house like my hoard, stash and I, I literally just started picking up cans. And that was it. And that was, I'm like I'm going to clean up the apocalypse, one can at a time, one new coca-cola bottle at a time, and I had a whole house just full of garbage, absolute garbage. Wow, okay. I have a, maybe a hoarding problem in [INAUDIBLE]. Like, and sandbox game to much. Not in real life. No definitely not in real life. Yea, it's just to much. Like just want to do like, i get wrapped up in the mundane in those types of games. It's very difficult for me to finish. Skyrim also went very badly for me. I spent like. Such a good game to. I spent like two, three hours like just customizing my guy. Yeah character grazing. At the beginning, yeah, and then was. We got to. We got to, that's the only way. We are going to take a short break we will be right back in 30 seconds, so don't click away. This is Tomorrow Daily. [MUSIC] Welcome back to Tomorrow Daily. Again, once again, the best of the best of the best of daily tech talk shows, really cuz there's like one, I think, it's us. And then. Oh. We're a talk show and like, yeah and Tom Merritt's got the other half of the market cornered, with like the news and so. It just works out really well. Back to back, they work well. Yes, yeah, back to back, we're good companion teams, But anyway, we have probably the most hilarious singers one that I think we've ever found. It's a good one, this is a really odd one. Really bizarre, so it's time to tell people if it's gonna sink or swim. [MUSIC] << That graphic just is delightful. << Hits a little close to home, with the whole shark sighting in Huntington. << Manhattan Beach? << Yes, recently. << No, come on, sharks are great. You have a bigger chance of dying from almost everything else. << OK, so I'm ok. << As opposed to a shark. I think you're fine. We have to talk about the Onion Note, and this is it's a very serious product. It's very emotional to talk about. I know. Are we ready? It's a notebook, it's a notebook, and let's steel our nerves. Take a deep breath. Okay. This is a notebook that was unveiled in Japan. And, it is a notebook that when you write in it makes you cry. Now how could they possibly do this they might ask? How could they possibly put this together. So here we go she's going write on it what is going to happen. Should we listen to the music? Let's listen to the music. [MUSIC] I feel so sad, what's he writing? It must be the saddest story ever. Must be a really sad story. It must be a really sad journal entry. It must be. He must have broken up with his girlfriend or boyfriend. Can't really get through it, it's so sad. Wait a minute. What? New York is a big city. That's all he was writing? He was so sad? And he gets sad, yeah, so this is how this notebook works, this is insane. I mean, it's like one of my favorite pieces of technology I've ever seen in my life. This notebook, very specifically, the aloe propil compound. Which is the thing in onions that makes you cry when you cut them, when you chop onions, which is when you're on Reddit and all over the internet you see, aw damn onion cutting ninjas are in the room when you see something really depressing. this, I guess, vaporized. So this technology has onion laden paper. And it basically, as you write on it it releases that vapor and makes you cry. Very smart. Gives you emotional write, it feels like you're really into what you're writing. Emotional. So, you can write like the great American, the saddest. You know who would write in this notebook? The guy who wrote the Notebook. What's the, Nicholas Spark. Yah, Nicholas Spark needs to buy about a thousand of these. Or does he? Oh maybe not. Maybe he cries just on command, as he writes. He's like oh it's time for me to sit down and write the notebook. And he just cries the whole time. So do you have to use a special pen or is it like that. I saw they were both using a pencil. They were both using pencils. I feel like you might have to scratch it a little bit in order for it to like really release. I feel like you might be right. Like if you some If you used a sharpie, it might defeat the purpose, cause you like, would be like overcome with fumes, like Oh! God! I got, I got, [CROSSTALK] It's just like out of control [UNKNOWN] what if it mixes, badly? Oh, No, what if it's like toxic and it kills you? Yeah,you mix like sharpie with onion paper, and it's like cannot be good. And it's like horrible fumes that like rise up and then just. Like knock you out. Or if it leaks through to the other side and you're like, okay, I got to turn the page so I can start fresh. And then. And it like, burns through and you go And then you start sobbing. For me, if any imagine why you would use these notebooks for anything other than writing the saddest diary entries of all time. Like emo. EMO teenagers, like really sad, like overly dramatic teenagers would use this. I'd wanna try it at least once. I think it'd be [CROSSTALK] I think I feel like I kinda do. Be kinda fun, to like just sit there and just have it out. Maybe you know just like a, you know by yourself. Start writing a thing about, like, the saddest story ever. And write it, and just see how your emotions go, just go with the flow. Well it reminds me of in Beetlejuice when she's writing the note about, like, joining the afterlife, and she's like I am alone. Lydia is like I am alone, and she's like I am utterly alone. It's just like that's what it reminds me of, like no, not sad enough, not sad enough. Needs sadder. Needs to be sadder. So, yes or no? Sink or swim? Do you think this is gonna be a big thing? I think it's a good novelty. I think swim. You think swim? I think this is going to sink like a rock, to the bottom of the sea. I think people will be like wow this things really weird and interesting but no one is actually going to buy it. What? If you went to Japan and saw this in a store. Guaranteed you'd buy it. I would buy it. Then it's swims. And then I would like give it to a friend as a gag gift. Spencer's Gifts, that's where you'd find it. Imagine how many that times a 1,000. Fair enough. All right touche. Swim. Okay, all right. You've swayed me. Oh now I swayed you? Yeah. I'll say swim. No, it's fair cuz if I did see it in a store and it was like, this notebook will make you cry because it's. Paper is made of onion I would probably buy it. And if the bundled the notebook with the notebook. Oh, like write youre feelings about the notebook in this notebook. I think it would be a fun gag gift to give to someone you don't tell them they start writing in it. Why is this onion, oh the paper is made of onion it's fine. I'm trying to remember there's like a little trick to make you not cry when you cut an onion. And I can't remember what the trick is. Like. I can't remember either but I think it's something like soaking the onion in water or something. I don't know. Nah and opening a lemon at the same time. Yeah, maybe something like that. Or just like manning up. [LAUGH] Just manning up. yeah, okay. We have some user feedback. So let's hit user feedback. Manning up. Yesterday we asked you we asked you to send your Tomorrow Daily windshield tweets. Okay. About our virtual windshield. And we had a couple of very good responses. Our first one is from @Hi5Rik and he says TD Windshield I would love to see Jarvis like features in my car. Makes a cool self driving feature. Ghosts and training is for race cars only. I'd agree with that. Yeah. Ghost and training race cars or training drivers and stuff. Yeah, ghost cars seem to be a racing thing only. Yes. But Jarvis... That could be cool. [INAUDIBLE] something. What about integration with CarPlay? There you go. That's more realistic. Integration with like CarPlay or Android Auto? yeah, but then it's like so big on your- Or Google? Yeah actually, okay. Google would be, or Siri, like- You're driving. Here's me, I'm driving. I'm driving in my car, as you know, you drive. You always drive like this. Oh. And I'm driving my car and I'm like like, okay, Google. Show me where the nearest Wendy's is, because I want a spicy chicken sandwich. And then it just goes, [NOISE], and then like, there it right there. Well, we said that yesterday. No I, but, but integrating it in with like, Android auto and car play. Okay. Seems like the closest you'll get to Jarvis. I just can't get over you driving. You look like in Psycho, like the lady driving. Yeah. Like [NOISE]. [LAUGH] We were just talking about Psycho, today's a kind of Alfred Hitchcock sort of day. And then our second tweet is from @CJarretTravels and she says, @TomorrowDaily, TDWindshield, If self driving cars, I would love to see movies. Oh, a self driving car, okay. Yeah No, that's a good Yeah, she's combining I feel like. Everyone thinks you can just put whatever you want up there pretty much. Yeah. Like once you have this technology you just throw whatever you want. Yeah, but, see I feel like that would be like a way to get ads in your car. Like during the movies, like you'd load up something and then like Hulu, it'll be like every 15 minutes you get an ad [CROSSTALK] based on where you are. Why do you get an ad when I pay for Hulu Plus? That's infuriating. Right. To me. I won't, I won't use it because I get, still get ads when I've paid for it. Even when I talk about several clips I, even on YouTube which is like big [CROSSTALK] 20 second clips. 2 minute ads. Yeah. Exactly. I agree. I agree. It makes me. Just enraged and I, I get so mad I just can't even watch. I feel like they broke the paying trust of the internet. If you're paying for something it's all free. That's what happens when major studios own a streaming content provider. Yeah well, do they own them anymore? They might have sold them but yeah started by. I know it's started by them. I don't, I don't know. All I know They started that model, that's what I'm saying. Exactly. They started from day one. Oh yeah if you pay we'll just slip these in. What, no I do feel like the wind shield though that struck me as one of the things that would be very annoying. It's like tiny, instead of billboards. Billboards go away and they are just little pop up ads in the bottom of your wind shield. Oh that would,. Would be. Mm-hm. Really frustrating. Or very big opportunity for advertisers. Oh, yes! Very big, very big. Don't tell any advertisers you guys. If you're in advertising act like we just said nothing. Like if you're in a meeting, they're like oh, that's so, has anyone seen anything about this augmented reality windshield on like a show like Tomorrow Daily? No. Nope, we never heard anything about it. What's augmented reality? What's a windshield? Let's keep those safe and free of ads. Free of advertising. It's time to check out our phonetographer of the day. [MUSIC] I have to get this right, this name right. So, let me just. Okay. It's Braydon S. wrote into us. And sais hi Ashley and Rich, I took this photo on a plane while flying to Wisconsin, on my iPhone 5S. It is Mount Hood in Portland, Oregon. Okay, this might get the best award for the best picture ever, but I feel like I've seen this before. Do you? I mean, it's a really nice picture. It is beautiful. Where have I seen...you're right. Where have I seen that before? Where, where have we seen this? Producer Logan. Oh my god. Oh, wait a second. Wait a minute. The illusive [CROSSTALK] Hum, that is probably the most beautiful pictures I've seen now. [CROSSTALK] I've got panoramic, I'm not even sure what seat you were sitting in Braden. Yeah. [CROSSTALK] [LAUGH] Were you the one flying this plane? Because that's amazing. That's a really, really good picture. I really hope this is actually from an iPhone because I don't have the [UNKNOWN] data. Yeah, we need to check the exit from now on. I feel like we need to, right. We need to check out that exit data. If you send pictures without [UNKNOWN], that's it, we can't use it anymore. You're disqualified. You forfeit. But no, really. I mean, if in fact you did take that picture. If you did. Good job. Even if your name is Braden, which we don't really know. pretty, pretty great. How can we believe anything about you anymore? Yeah, I don't know if we can believe anything about you, but you know Paramount needs a replacement picture. I think it's got one. Yeah. I think you got a real future licensing that image out to Paramount Studios. It's pretty good. Yeah. If you guys wanna send your phonetography you can email us. You can email us at tomorrow@cnet.com, that is where you can find us on the internet. You can send in your story tips, if you see something totally insane that you want us to talk about on the show. Also your hash tag of the day. We we ran it earlier. We were going to start running it earlier during and then telling you want we want from you. TDUWM, this is our, our weapons story. << Ok, so what's your name? << Yeah, what is your fighter name? If you were to be in this league, in this weapons fighting league. With the crazy futuristic armor, what would your fighter name be? And try to be more original than Blade. And you're weapon of choice. And you're weapon of choice. Don't, all American Gladiator names are, are. Off limits. Off limits, you cannot use any of those. And while you're at it, you can follow us Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Google Plus. We are TomorrowDaily on all of those except for Google Plus where we are TomorrowDaily TV. Yes, very easy to find us. and, and if you want to find us on Twitter, I'm Ashley Esqueda. I'm Rich DeMuro. And that's been Tomorrow Daily. Be good humans you guys. We'll see you tomorrow.
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