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Tomorrow Daily: Tomorrow Daily 018: Mapping Mars, future windshields, high-tech contacts, and more

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Tomorrow Daily: Tomorrow Daily 018: Mapping Mars, future windshields, high-tech contacts, and more

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On today's show, we're checking out the newest map of Mars, Jaguar's fancy windshields, and Google's new partnership for their high-tech contact lenses. Also, new releases, and your user feedback.

The USGS released the most detailed map of Mars ever. APRA responded by saying wait guys, we can't even get Earth right yet. Jaguar's showing off an augmented reality windshield that's at least ten years out. Hm. I wonder what my robot driver will think of this one? And Google announced tha, that they've partnered to make contact lenses that measure glucose. really, it pales in comparison to the most renewable energy source on Earth, fan boy tears. Oh, Rich. This is Tomorrow Daily. Greetings, internet. Welcome, Tomorrow Daily, the best tech daily talk show. Saying, in the known universe. I'm your host Ashley Esqueda, and joining me as always, the very sad, apparently, Rich DeMuro. Is it really the 5.5 inch really delayed? Ugh. Oh, no. You know, you can't. Say it ain't so! Listen. You can't be delayed unless it's been officially announced. There can't be a delay if there is no official announcement. Oh, okay. Well the iPad pro is also delayed too. Yeah, the completely non-existent iPad pro. What about Apple TV 2,3,7? Still, yeah. The set, the Apple television set? Yeah. Not existent. What about the new Samsung, no, well I watch, too, yeah. Yeah. What about the new Samsung Pro? Delayed. All delayed. Delayed cuz they don't exist yet officially. What about the Fire Phone? I, I won't, I don't ever want to, let's not, let's not. Fire Phone is a thing. That's a thing. It's a thing. That's true it is a thing. Yeah, I got you. You did get me there. You had me. You thought I was doing the thing where, yeah anyway. [LAUGH] All right let's you know what let's just jump right in. Let's hit the headlines. [MUSIC] All right, so our very first story today comes all the way from Mars, which you know, I love Mars. USGS US geological survey has released what is the most up to date geologic map of Mars to date. Looks pretty awesome. Pretty cool. Like this is a pretty awesome map. This is over years and years, I think its two decades of took a while research and probes and pictures and, you know, all these different things That they were finally able to make this full map of the planet with all these, you know, all these different places you can see You can see parts of the map where you can see things like Mount Olympus, which is the highest. Mountain in the entire solar system. That's cool. Pretty neat. What is it? Mons Olympus? Mons Olympus. Mons Olympus. So cool. And I might be, I might be getting that backwards. But I don't think I am. I don't care. It still looks cool. Yeah. It doesn't matter. It's like, the topography of this map, I looked at the PDF, it was like 35 megabytes. And you look at the topography, and it's just beautiful looking. It's like- It is pretty cool. It, you like sit, like and you go, we'll, that will be the expensive place to live. Yeah. That would be the cheap place to live. There's where Hollywood is. Here's where the valley is. Aw. That's really sad. I keep thinking like, where we, where would we put our freeways? And it is, by the way, it's [Laugh] How would we cut this up? It's Olympus Mons. I just, I keep, I always mix them up. No way. I'm sorry. That's my bad, internet. But I've, I've corrected it. It's so neat. I love that we're able to do this. Have you ever seen the. The thing online that, if the moon was one pixel, and it's a side scrolling map and it shows you the vastness of space. No, but it sounds amazing.>>> It's really neat. You guys should check this out. It's I'm gonna>>> There it is.>>Yeah, if the moon were only one pixel. It's a side scrolling thing, where you could literally side scroll all the way from the sun to what, generally is, kind of like the end of the planets in our solar system. It goes all the way out to Mars. You can see, at the bottom of our screen, under our CNET bug there's a little, tiny scrolling thing.>> Yeah. That you can drag, but it goes forever. I think it takes 547 screens to get all the way across, and it sort of shows off the vastness of space. That's all nothing in space between the planets and how big they are relative to the sun. and things. So on the thing it said it's mainly made up of volcanoes, plateaus, and fields. Yes. Which sounds pretty much like earth. Yeah but the problem is that if you were to ever set foot on Mars, you'd pretty much immediately die. Like not- Oh, okay. Just because of the cold but because of the atmosphere is there are very trace amounts of things like oxygen. It has the, like our atmosphere has like 1%. Well, that's why you'd wear like a big. Breathing Bad>>Big Bubble Helmet>>I read that the surface gravity is 37.6% of earth's>>Yea, you could jump 3 times as high>>That'd make me a great basketball player>>I would say that we should just move the NBA there. The NBA can jump, they're fine. I need to Oh, you need. Well, that's true. The common man needs to be able to jump. Let me tell you guys, Rich had trouble jumping. There was a movie title, I can't remember what it was. But it was about me trying to jump. I think so, I think so. We have a picture of Rich. I'm gonna look for it and try to put it in the show right now. Oh no that sucks. But Rich. Talk this huge game about being able to jump really high. Okay. And then we took this picture when we were doing [INAUDIBLE] with the show and he literally looked like a leprechaun jumping like this high off the ground. This picture actually showed up on my Fire TV yesterday as my screen saver and Did you laugh? And it brought back the memories, this is when we shot the Tomorrow Daily Promo. It was, it was great. And it was like, I can't get off the ground. But that's because I was jumping in a weird way. You wanted to jump like your arms up or something. It's cuz you weren't on Mars. Yes see. I have excuses. Cuz you weren't on Mars. But that is, if you guys want to check that out usgs you can go over there and check that out. And then our story you've found which is really neat. A jaguar. Jaguar. Is that how you say it? They have this new AR windshield. So this is an augmented reality windshield. There it is. That's what it would look like. Cool. Theoretically. So these, they're racers. They're racing, here they are saying ok, pedal to the metal right now. Cuz the track is, and then oh you've got to break. This is where you've got to break. And then oh you've got to let go a little bit, and then. Boom you hit the gas when it turns green. It's like when it turns green you can go, go, go. So it kinda, it kinda identifies the really dangerous curves on the road and says okay we wanna break here, we wanna speed up here. This is the most effective way to take this corner. So they have three different ways. They have ghost cars. You can actually race ghost cars, which kinda makes it fun. Mario Kart in real life. A little gamification of driving. And they also have one where you can kinda weave between cones. Here's the thing that I think is a little bit odd about this. First of all they say this is like ten years out. You know, we've had little heads up displays where you're seeing in like a Lexus and stuff, [UNKNOWN] tells you what speed you're going, Well with this one, why is everything getting so small? Like why Why can't we have big stuff. I want big bold stuff, I guess maybe it's more distracting. Obviously. That would impact me. I think be a little bit more distracting. But it's good for I like that that last part of the video is like training drivers. Like if your 16 year old needs to like really like need for speed you know. Well they don't have to actually hit cones. You can just have virtual ones. That's no fun. Maybe that will be the way that we take our driver's test in the future. Mm. All virtual. Yeah all virtual or. Maybe a virtual reality headset. With an Occulus yeah, something like that. That'd be cool. But honestly, it like, this to me is very strange because in ten years, like you hear saying it, I mean we joke about this, but, in ten years what if most people have self driving cars or even in 20 years? 25 years? Although, hold on. Even if you have a self driving car, If you're sitting in the backseat, or even in the front, I don't know how they're gonna be set up. Like, you know, your heads up display? Still be pretty fun to like see what's goi, actually, maybe it would show you like, I mean the, the opportunities are unlimited, It could show you like cool points of interest on the road ahead of you. See, I like that for road. You get you get somebody involved like, you know, Nokia had a city, like city lens or whatever, and you can like look around and see where all the points of interest, like movie theatre, gas station. So maybe you just tap on your screen, on your console. Say I need fast food or I need gas. And then it'll say, here's where all the gas is. Like, get off right here and. I like that. I like that. Or it will tell you what the Yelp rating is of that restaurant. Good, yeah. Dig that. You know, you've seen Yelp like monocle, or whatever they call it. What about waves? If you did waves in real-time traffic. I, that kind of reminds me of waves, like the gamification, you know how in waves you collect little coins if you go like you know, Yeah, if you're weaving in and out of traffic dangerously? Yeah. [LAUGH]. Now I really did this. I think this is cool. But I'd like to see it sooner than ten years from now. So hurry up. Make those big windshields. Yeah. Get on Jaguar. Jaguar. So you must say Porsche, Porscha. Porscha. Yeah, of course. And then lastly we have our smart contact lens story. Google Ex announced this back in January. This was like a thing about six months ago. But, they now have a partnership. They have a partnership with Novasis, which is a pharmaceutical company to bring you these contact lenses. So, how exactly do these work? Like do you just, I just throw them in? I can't leave them in for a long time or amoebas will eat my eyes. [LAUGH] You of course have to get that in. Yes and they have little sensors in them. They have little you know, little sensors. Little microchips. And, I don't think they have a heads up display, but basically they can measure levels in your eye like they were saying, especially for diabetes. Is that how Wilfred says it? << Diabetes? << Diabetes?<< Diabetes. << Very serious thing though if you have it. But if you have that disease, you basically have to measure your glucose. << You have to fingerprick. You have to prick your finger to get a little blood sample, which is first of all, I'd imagine your finger would get. << Sore, really sore. << It's just, ideally, not the best method and people have been trying to come up with better ways of having this constant monitoring. They have little things, that strap to your body, but none of it has been very good. If this can measure on your iPad app or an iPhone app. << That pings you. << That's pretty amazing. << That is pretty nice. it measures your glucose level specifically. I'm really curious. You know how these things are powered. They're saying it's possible they would be, and then this is why they're you know, partnering with the pharmaceutical company to have research and development and get through. Sure. They would still have to get through FDA testing and all these other things. And human trials and all that jazz. But I, I'm wondering how they're gonna power it. Is it by blinking? Maybe it's kinetic? I don't know. Yeah maybe. Kinectically powered? Maybe you have to run a little bit. Like a watch, one of those watches You can jog, keep you in shape but I mean the thing about this is that even though it is like FDA and all this stuff, it seems like it would be easier to get through than like a medicine because it's not really invasive. Like Yah that's true it's something you're wearing on you. So, I'm not sure where the law is with that. It's a wearable But, what was the other thing they said. They said the diabetes, and there was one other thing they said it would be handy for, oh Auto focus, there's like a, a, there's a thing like if your eyes don't auto focus anymore, this could actually help you auto focus. Right. Especially when you're reading. I guess people have a different thing than just like farsightedness or nearsightedness. This is it, sort of called presbiopia. Okay. Presbiopia. And its a condition in which the eye loses its ability to auto focus rendering people unable to see objects up close. Okay. So, it might help restore that functionality. I mean, this is kind of like the beautiful world we live in. Yeah. Pretty awesome. Like, this, there's no doubt in my mind this will be a thing. I mean, we're talking, when this was announced by Google a couple months ago, it was like, okay that's cool, Google announces a lot of stuff. Yeah. But a big company like this with billions and trillions of dollars comes in, and, Yeah, there's so much money to put behind it. pretty great. And it's their interest to make this thing happen. Right, and it's the, it's totally in their interest to help get this thing to market as quickly as humanly possible. So, really, really neat; I'm excited to see what happens with that, cuz, you know how, like. I know people with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes and it's like, that's really tough for them to you know, be out and about. And it's like you then have to carry insulin with you, you don't know how your glucose levels are gonna be. And, I mean I don't have personal experience with it, but I know it can be very frustrating. It can't be a good experience.>>> No.>>>Even though they've gotten to a point where it's. It's pretty easy to do it. Yeah. But at the same time, this is a new way of kind of monitoring, 24/7 you don't have to think about it. Yeah, that's great, I love it. Good job Science. High five to you guys in science. We're going to take a quick break, but we will be right back, we will have new releases and we also have your user feedback including your tweets for the The tree songs which were very funny. But we'll be back in 30 seconds. Don't click away. This is Tomorrow Daily. [MUSIC] Hello and welcome back to Tomorrow Daily. That was an interesting little video. Yeah. Sliding down that urban slip-n-slide. Urban slip-n-slide, it's that sounds pretty fun. Oh yeah. I'm into that. There are a lot of new things that drop every single week that we are pretty excited about. And so, we are gonna get into the new releases. We've got five for you today. We've got a lot of things that we're kind of excited about. The very first being. The Big Hero, The Big Hero 6 trailer. It came out today. It's the first full official trailer. It is hilarious looking. It's about a kid who, there's a guy, an evil guy and he has to make his robot a fighting robot. And he, this robot's a little bit useless as you can see by him chasing the soccer ball. Now, have there been five of these movies? Did I miss the first five? [CROSSTALK] No, no. This is an original new franchise. From Marvel and Disney and this is actually San Fransokeo? I think that's the name of the city but it's like, it's safely San Francisco and Tokyo mixed together. And it looks hilarious, it looks adorable. It looks cute. Kind of reminds me of Wreck It Ralph. Yes. Like where it can be really fun and really neat to kinda check out and I feel like it could be, like you know a geek. Classic. We'll see. Should be a classic. And then next up, movies wise, we'll have Wish I was Here, which is the Zach Braff Kick Starter, Oh, yeah, remember this whole thing? This was a big to do, this movie if finally out. I feel like it wasn't a long time, between funding and the movie releasing. yeah, it was probably a year, probably been over a year. A year. [UNKNOWN] I think it's been about a year. But yeah there's a lot of controversy about this cause this is about the same time the Veronica Mars movie is getting funded. And people are like you're rich Zach Braff, and you shouldn't be taking money from people who are broke to make your movie. It's kind of funny cause this was like one of the first big Kickstarter kind of things. Yeah. And now it's like, it's so second nature. I mean no we have potato salad making. Making to much money. You know. making a lot of money. So, are, are you gonna see this movie? I feel like I am. I, you know, I'm hoping it's V, VOD. So, I'm hoping I can get it like on iTunes, or I can, you know, buy it somewhere digitally, like Snowpiercer. You mean like immediately. Like not eventually. Yeah, watch it. Not eventually, but like this weekend I'd love to just watch it at home. Yeah. Like, that seems really nice. Usually they charge you, like, what? 10, 14 bucks? Yeah. If you get it on, like. Early release. Well even like if you sometimes you just release, like Snowpiercer, I hate to bring this up again, its such a good movie. You can rent it immediately at release, because its a limited release, like you can only see it in theaters, like New York and L.A. But most people their only option is to use something like iTunes or Amazon, to get the movie, so I hope they do that. I love that, I like when they do that in movies but. Me, too. They don't do enough. Well, yeah, it's real one of those weird catch 22s where it's about money and they have to be able to make a bunch of money back to cover the cost of production and all that stuff. Tell us how it works, Ashley. Please, please. And then the next thing I though was very interesting is the unlocked Lumia 1020 is available, the Nokia Lumia 1020. Is now available without a contract. That's pretty cool. I love unlocked phones. I think that every phone should be unlocked. I think the carriers stronghold on these phones is like, is so complicated. It is. I mean although in America it's like, people are just so used to paying like $200 getting their phone. Yeah I hate that. Well, what? Pay $600? Pay $549. Pay, just pay full price for it. Get it unlocked. But the funny thing is, nowadays, the carrier sort of have you paying full price, just broken up into like the 30, 20... Yeah, just broken up into two years. Yeah, two years. So it's a really nice phone. It takes great pictures. Yes, yes it does. And I really like how colorful they are. They look very nice. I mean, I'm a big fan of that. I like that a lot. But 540...549 off contract. You have to buy it unlocked, off contract, all that stuff. But you can get it and you can use it on AT&T or T-Mobile here in the states. And then we also have Mandatory Fun, the new album by Weird Al. Weird Al Yankovic is back. This is his new video, Tacky. I think we should listen to a little bit of this. Logan why don't you turn the volume up? [MUSIC] All right. So let's, I think that's a good little, a good little snippet of Weird Al. And of course some Aisha Tyler, actually. Yeah, star-studded cast of characters he was able to recruit for this. Very, very. And all in, in all in one take, which is always impressive. I mean, this guy's been around since I was a kid. You're talking, that's a pretty long career on. Parody songs? And he's still brilliant. And he was doing like viral stuff before it was a thing. Yeah. Like, that's what he did back in the day. I'm Fat. We have so many good ones. Oh, that's so good. Yeah, so many good ones. But you can get that now, Mandatory Fun is out, you can download that in all of your regular music, you know, buying channel. And then lastly, we found this right before we started the show, Pop Secret has a new app out. It is called Perfect Pop. And you put your popcorn in the microwave. And how many of us have burned our popcorn, even using the popcorn button? First rule, I love this. The first rule of every popcorn bag always says, do not use the popcorn button. Yeah, you can't trust it. You can't trust it. So this listens for the popping and tells you when to stop, which- Yeah, it says, hey. I'm going home and I'm trying this. My, one of my- I gotta try this. Absolute favorite foods is popcorn. Ash and I were discussing Now you don't have to burn your popcorn. We were discussing a few days ago how when how we go to the movies, like I have to popcorn. I have I am too. You are too. It's a sick addiction. I ned popcorn and- I have to. Yeah, like this weekend we went went and saw a movie for my best friend's birthday. Happy Birthday Mike. And we went and saw Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. We had just eaten lunch, and I was like, I gotta have popcorn. Who cares? I'm so stuffed! Gotta have popcorn. I gotta have popcorn. Gotta, I mean it's just like maybe I have a second stomach that only accepts popcorn. Oh, popcorn stomach? Yeah. Small, medium, or large? Small. I just had a little small. Oh, see I always overdo it. I always get the medium or the large, cuz I need. Oh my God. You know, it's like $1 more for triple the amount. I know, but it's so. And I get it and I just keep eating it. But what are you really getting out of it? I mean that's scary. A lot, a lot more of a stomach ache. That's the worst. So, those are our new releases for the week. We hope you enjoy them and we hope you seek them out, find them, buy them, down, whatever, you know download this popcorn app. They are all pretty great. Go see them, all the things. It is now time for your user feedback. [MUSIC] [NOISE] We asked you guys yesterday. Who would tweet us with TD tree songs. To tell us what the names of the names of the tracks on this tree album might be. And you guys really rose to the occasion on this one. Like a tree in the forest.>> DaneWgill writes to us and says hash tag TD tree songs I think a good title would be "I'm pine". Hm. Very good. Everything's pine. And then Teaspoon and Co. wrote "leaf sensation dance tree high council #TDtreesongs". Wow, that's quite the title. Yeah. That's almost like a- that's a Star Trek tree song. And, of course we don't have a graphic for this but, our very own copy edit lead Jeff Sparkman had to write to us because he's a. Served terrible puns. Wrote to me this morning and said, wouldn't it be nice, that's the song he suggested. Did you ever say one, I never heard one from you. Well what's yours?>>I don't know.>> I'm sappy.>>Yeah. Hat Sappy. That's, it's sung to the song of Pharell just like Tacky by Weird Al. Happy. Sappy. Yeah. And it's just a tree dancing going because I'm sappy. Clap your branches if you. Aw. Yeah. See. I could totally parody it. I got it in me. Do you have it. [LAUGH] And, and then lastly is the time to check out our phonetographer of the day. So today to we have a macro picture.>> Oh. We have a nice macro picture. This is from Ryan J and he writes to us and says, this was taken with my Galaxy S5, along the Mississippi River, in Wisconsin. That is an excellent picture. A little bitty turtle. And I love that it's 16 by 9. Did we crop this, or did he take it like that? No I believe he sent it to us this way. Very. Very well done>>That's such a nice composition. Look at the clarity in that picture.>>That turtle looks like it means business>> That is, heh, its a great little turtle. I wonder what that turtle is thinking. Like right now>>That turtle thinking.>>In that moment.>>I wonder how many mega pixels this camera is.>>Yeah, is that the new Galaxy? Ha, he's asking>>Is there a dual flash in that camera.>>Hey Bro is that [UUU]. He's actually reading his palm. This is a psychic. Oh, a psychic turtle. That's a psychic turtle. Or it could be just waiting to grow up to be a teenage mutant ninja turtle. Depending on what's in that water. Yeah, maybe that's Michael Bay's turtle. You never know. They were on the set of the movie, they just forgot to put that part. Yeah, that's gotta be it, right? That's gotta be it. But thank you. So much Ryan for sending me your picture. If you would like to send us pretty much anything if you want to send us story ideas, if you see anything crazy that we might miss, you can email us tomorrow@cnet.com. You can only send us links, not attachments to your phonetography. Let us know about what you took picture, like give us a little story. Tell us what you took it on. And, it might be featured on the show. Plus you can find us on all the social networks out there in the known universe, including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, where Tomorrow, Daily, on all of those, and we're also now on Google Plus, we are Tomorrow Daily TV. It is true. And, lastly, because I didn't mention it a second ago, our hash tag of the day today. Is TV windshield and I want you guys to tell us what you would want to see on your car windshield if it had augmented reality. Um-hm fast food places like what do you want to see on your windshield. Get crazy. Get crazy. Get fun. Get happy with it. Yeah get sappy with it. And on that bad pun. We are going to go. But this is we, we love hearing from you guys. Sends us your tips, criticisms, appraise, whatever you want, pictures, all that stuff. Email us. And and that's been Tomorrow Daily. Be good humans and we'll see you tomorrow. [NOISE]
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