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Tomorrow Daily 015: Tom Merritt fills in, the world's tallest water slide, and more: Tomorrow Daily

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Tomorrow Daily: Tomorrow Daily 015: Tom Merritt fills in, the world's tallest water slide, and more

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On today's show, Tom Merritt fills in for Rich; Ashley and Tom discuss fruit flies in space, the amazing visual effects in 'Game of Thrones,' and the world's tallest water slide (which Ashley will never ride).

Game of Thrones released a video showing off the visual effects in Westeros where are my dragons? Fruit flies will live on the international space station for testing, at least until the cosmic radiation mutates them into terrifying murderous Jeff Goldblums. And the world's tallest water slide opens in Kansas City. Adding to my list of nope, never, not gonna. Wait a minute you're not Rich. You're not Molly. [INAUDIBLE] [MUSIC] Greetings, citizens of the internet, welcome to Tomorrow Daily, your favorite technology, I don't want to say your favorite daily tech talk [LAUGH] show in the known universe. I'm your host, Ashley Esqueda and joining us today, Tom Merritt. Your favorite intentionally video, daily technology show. Yeah, yeah. Hey, thanks for having me, this is great. Yeah, yeah, we're super excited to have you, If you're not familiar with Tom's work, he does Daily Tech News show. You can check that out pretty easily online and you can go to www.tommeritt.com. www.dailytechnewsshow.com. www.dailytechnewsshow.com there's so many ways. Yeah. To see Tom Merritt on the internet I'll bring it to your house. [LAUGH] He will literally show up. [CROSSTALK]. I will. I, so, Tom is really filling in for Rich for today and tomorrow, Rich is on vacation, He's off getting a tan somewhere I'm sure. He's probably at the International Space Station delivering the fruit flies. Cuz you're probably right so, with that being said, I think we should hear the headline. [MUSIC] Alright, so our very first story of the day, international space station is going to be sending fruit, they're, they're gonna be hosting fruit flies. Hosting. Hosting, it's like a little hotel, they're gonna check in. They're turning it into California. Yeah, they're gonna be hosting fruit flies, which are very prominent here in California. they're, they're doing this so that they can test the effect of extended space flight on aging, cardiovascular fitness, sleep, stress, and more. And we might think that it's kinda weird, but actually we share 70% of known human disease genes have a recognizable match, in the genetic code of fruit flies. So this is kind of a really interesting way for scientists to, sort of, see how certain fruit flies, kind of, react to different scenarios and this is, obviously, on the march to send a person to Mars. Right, what? Really? Yeah, yeah. like, the next step? fruit flies on the International Space Station, boom, we're on Mars. Yeah, that's definitely step one, in theory, that's what they said. [LAUGH] No, no intervene I was surprised that they haven't been there before I guess they had been on a space shuttle, on the discovery? Yeah, they, they've, well they were on the ISS before but it was for only 13 days. Okay. And so this is gonna be generations of fruit flies, like I had said earlier, Mike they're gonna be there for generations- It is like how ship of fruit flies. It is It's gonna be like a colony, just like in Battlestar Galactica, they're just gonna live there and live our their whole lives- The fruit flies have a plan. I'm sure they do, I do worry about that cosmic radiation [LAUGH] though, this is very concerning to me. Well, one would think it's shielded for the benefit of the astronauts, so the astronauts so the fruit flies should. I should hope so. Shouldn't, mutate, right, Isn't that what they say right before if all goes bad. I think so what could possibly go wrong. Everything's fine. It's all fine the fruit flies, they'll be great but yeah, they're gonna be up there for a really long time, and the reason for that is they want to see sort of how they respond to extended time in space. so, and, and probably I would imagine, generations, they can now see sort of how they evolve over, a few generations as opposed to waiting to see how a human would do it which would take a pretty long time. Yeah, they generate faster. Much faster, what's their lifespan like 3 days? It's short, yeah. Pretty short. Talk about live fast die young. Yeah, seems kind of sad. Corpse, yeah. Yeah [CROSSTALK] and they're, they're also gonna be freezing fruit flies and sending them back down to earth, like Han Solo in carbonite [LAUGH] and we just send them back down. Oh, that's yeah, that, I would- Again, what could possibly go wrong, you guys? Yeah. Possibly go wrong. Will little fruit fly Leias show up to free them? I can only hope, I have my fingers crossed- And does that cast us into the role of Jabba the Hut? Yeah! 'Cuz we're holding the fruit flies. We are the Huts of this story, everybody, we are the Huts of the Fruit Fly Saga. Oh, I know what it is, It's Botany Bay, those little genetically modified fruit flies. [LAUGH]. Are going to be the con,. This is, this has gone too far. Yeah, let's move on. Gone too far, shall we move on? Okay. Game of Thrones is a lie, I'm sorry. It, it kind of is I was I thought this was found footage, really, game of thrones. I did too, [CROSSTALK] it's not, I mean it's shot on site, but the sites don't look like that. Cuz have you seen this Vimeo video yet? I've seen some of it, and this gorgeous so this, this is the guy who we interviewed on CNET, it the, he does visual effects, and his name is, and I'm gonna totally butcher this, I'm sorry, Jorn Groshans. That's probably pretty close. I hope that's close. But this is, they released this video today, and it, how they put together these sort of epic sweeping landscapes, and different shots, and how they put people in different spots and everything, It's really impressive. Yeah It's a, it's a reel for Macky Vision, the company that put this together. And they wanted to show off their chops and man do they. One of the most impressive scenes that I saw was the sailboat scene, where they they just show the water and the sailboat is composited in at the end, when you actually see the sailboat on the water I'm convinced, it's a real sailboat. That isn't a real sailboat felt crazy [CROSSTALK] But it's not, even though I just saw it happen. [CROSSTALK]. I know, It tricked my brain a little bit. Yeah. I love the one where, when you, it gets, this is one of the wedding sequences, they gonna walking through the purple wedding, and, I, I don't want to give away too many, I don't wanna give away spoilers you guys. So many weddings. We're anti spoiler, there's so many weddings [CROSSTALK] Actually, watching this stuff can be spoilery if you're really sensitive, Just cuz you'll see people are still alive. Yeah, you might see some folks are still alive and well. but yeah, it's just been a really interesting and fascinating look into what goes into making a show like Game of Thrones. And also kind of explains the price tag of every episode, which I think is upwards of $3 million. Yeah, and you wonder sometimes, where did they find a setting like that, with those kinds of buildings. And what got me in this video was seeing, that most of a village was real, right? Yeah [CROSSTALK] But then, they make it other worldly. Just added a couple extra [UNKNOWN]. Yeah exactly, or extending crowds, where they actually have ,you know, part of the people walking and they'll just, plop the rest of them in on the trail. Yeah look they added a trail there. Yeah. Into that mountain Can they get, this is the one I really like, so they record these guys working on a green screen and then stick em, way in the background on this boat. That's a lot of work. Just to have guys in the background working on the boat. On a boat yeah. That is crazy to me, and again with the green screen, I mean it's really unbelievable. They are not on a boat. This is all fake, this is not real I would imagine some of this, I thought maybe they were just recording a guy rowing a boat. Yeah, right, I mean you know like oh dragons right, that's gotta be visual effects. Dragons. But guy rowing a boat. Seems legit. Like, no, you want to make it look exactly the way you want it to look yeah. Well, I guess that's [UNKNOWN] Or crowds running through the streets of King's Landing. Yeah. I, I guess I hadn't thought about it before, but yeah, you can't really higher thousands of people so you just VFX them in here. Well, also you don't want, like, that crazy extra who's, you know, staring at the cameras like. [LAUGH] Hi Mom, I'm running through King's Landing. Game of Thrones. I'm totally on Game of Thrones right now. This is the best day of my life. I hope I don't get shot by an arrow. Just VFX him out. Yeah, just well, you just erase him, best thing ever so, going from the best thing ever to the worst thing ever. Oh no, this is the best thing ever. No, it's the worst thing ever. This is amazing. No, it's the worlds tallest water slide officially, named by the Guinness Book of World Records as of last month, this is at the Schlitterbauhn. Schlitterbauhn. One of Schlitterbauhn the, well you said you saw commercials for this place when you were a kid in the Mid West. Yeah, growing up St. Louis, they'd even want us to come out to Kansas City. So, yeah, the flatter side is called Verruckt and- What does Verruckt mean? I think it means crazy or insane in German. It sure does cause this is tall. This is very tall. That looks like a refinery. It does do you know this is taller than the Statue of Liberty? Really. Yeah, this is a water slide taller than the statue of liberty, and you get in this little raft. Good idea, they should change the statue of liberty into one. And they fling you out of it and you go really, really fast and you can see here, the miles per hour,eigth, nine,10,11, 12 and it goes all the way up to a little over 40 miles an hours. And then it slows down again and it speeds up again, and then you're done. Can I tell you a secret? I'm deathly afraid of rollercoasters. Rollercoasters? But water slides, I've always been fine with, for some weird reason. See, I'm deathly afraid of heights. I don't really love heights either, but I, I might do this [CROSSTALK] as soon as they were putting me in the raft, I'd regret it. You'd be like [CROSSTALK] No, I'm turning around and they'd be like sorry, too late. Like, gotta go, get out and just kick you. But it's safety tested, right? It kind of is so, this is very interesting to me I, I read this piece in the article about this. A county state agency inspected the ride for structural soundness but rider safety is actually not part of that inspection. And, [LAUGH] Edwin Birch, the spokesman for the Unified Government of [INAUDIBLE] county and Kansas City, Kansas. Unified Government. The Unified Government. The federation of [UNKNOWN] okay, I got it. Yes I says, there are quote, very few, if any rules in the state of Kansas, unquote, governing rider safety at theme parks. And the most interesting part of this to me is the just after Guinness World Records has visited the park in April to verify that this is the world's tallest water slide. The rides design had to be changed after some test rafts went flying through the air, and crashed to the ground. But see that is why you do testing. Also we have a chain linked fence on the top of that thing. Cuz then you know that okay, that's possible, we'll fix that they fixed it. No, nope I don't believe it I think it's fake, I think that fix is not real. Oh, come on let's go. No I'll watch you. Right after we'll fly to Kansas City right now. I'll take some pictures right from the bottom, like hey Tom, hey. We'll like BA Baracus you in A-Team, you'll wake up on the top of that. No, no, no please no I'll turn into no, no cat I'll be like no, no, no, no, no, no, no that'll be. It would be no, no, no, No, no, I don't even want to think about it. Alright. Alright, we're gonna take a quick break, we'll be back in 30 seconds, and we'll be back with some rumor mill, some delicious rumor mill action, and your user feedback and our phonetographer of the day, so don't click away It's tomorrow daily. [MUSIC}]. Welcome back to tomorrow daily we're back after our quick break in which I still refuse to get on that water slide. I tried. It was a good effort. It was a small water slide that I built though, not nearly as tall. Yeah, yeah, the water slide for fruit flies. I only had a few minutes. Even the fruit flies wouldn't get on. Fruit fly slide, perfect. But now we are gonna go from fact to maybe, probably fact, this is the rumor mill where we talk about a rumor that has been going around the internet, and today was a very interesting one, it's kinda been going around for a while here, we've been kinda hearing rumors. And Samsung's even dropped some hints that they're going to do a VR [INAUDIBLE] helmet thingy. Yeah, Yeah so Samsung is reportedly going to be announcing a virtual reality headset of their own, this year, at IFA. So, in Berlin, in September, they are going to be, set to unveil this headset. But it's a little bit different than saying Oculus Rift, from what we've seen so, what site is this? This is a very interesting site SamMobile re, released this kind of [CROSSTALK] render. They said they've got a source They've got a source. They've got some looks at it. Got some looks at it, had a little render, and so this, this render is very interesting because it's modular, so they're saying that you're gonna be able to put your Galaxy device into it. Right It uses some, it's a, it's Oculus VR meets the cardboard Google thing. Yeah, Google Cardboard. Because it uses Oculus technology in it, but instead of actually having a headset built in you put a Gear, a Galaxy phone. Galaxy S5 in there. Yeah, and then like in the Cardboard, you just put that up and that is your screen. That is kind of I kinda love that, but I also fear a touch with virtual reality experience. I, I tried the cardboard last night. Did you? Yeah, a friend of mine had it, and I was expecting it to be much less impressive- [CROSSTALK]. Kinda jenky? Do you know, the sensors in your phone are really powerful, you've got an Accelerometer, you got GPS in there. And, I actually felt like I was looking around San Francisco, so if your screen is good enough and it can track your head well enough. This is gonna be a lot more comfortable then cardboard I'll give you that. Fair enough [INAUDIBLE] it does look a lot more comfortable then, then a cardboard head set. [LAUGH] I will absolutely give that to Samsung it does look cool, It looks' light weight. It's also possible that this is sort of a big speculation, that it might be pretty inexpensive if you only need, if you have to add the power of your device, your Galaxy gear device, but the thing is is also that says to me like, you're kind of cutting off so many other people in the market because you're saying we, now you have to own a Galaxy gear, a Galaxy-esque device- That same such thing though, right? They do it with the watches too. Yeah, like it's very proprietary. Yeah, they're always like, oh but you really wanna own a Samsung, right? Of course you do. And if you don't well. That's like you have a Samsung Galaxy 5 right? Of course you do. Yeah. Now you can buy our headset. They, They've taken a play out of Sony's old book, like try to force people to buy our stuff, but by doing it proprietary. Proprietary. And we all saw how that worked out, Sony's still doing very well. Followed by memory sticks that we all. And Sony's doing very well, so I guess it works, which is a little fortunate. They were skating a little close to the edge there for a while but yeah. They were, they were in deed, but I mean, I think this was a little interesting. I would be, I would be willing to try it out, I'd definitely be willing to see how it works. Oh sure, yeah. But I'm very curious to see how, what they do with, like I guess it would be at at touch wiz run, android would be based on android and I guess you would, is, are they working with oculus like didn't they organize some- Yeah they're using some oculus technology, I guess it's gonna be an App. License. Cuz what cardboard has is an App of its own,. Okay. And then you have little Apps inside, I meant, guessing that it's gonna be an oculus. Same type of thing. And you'll be able to do some games, In panoramic shots. I'm interested in that, photosphere. That, my big question is, other than games, what am I gonna use it for? Photosphering, all over town. Yeah, that gets old after a while, though. This strikes me as very interesting, because I could see this being used you know how Google was trying to do this thing where you would take pictures of insides of stores and malls. Yeah, right. This strikes me as a thing, Project Tango, yeah. yeah, a thing that would kinda go in line in that, would you wear it, [CROSSTALK] actually 3D but, But you would be able to look around and sort of see how the inside a business would look or how, somehow it seems like Google might want that information, like hey if we're gonna let you do this. You have to Yeah. Send some, send some pictures back with a Mac- Well if you could map with Project Tango in 3D and then show it in 3D on the headset Be kinda cool. Now we're talking. Also walking directions, that would be really good if you had google You could just wear it. You have like, instead of Google cars, you have them having google headsets [CROSSTALK]. And instead of Google Glass, you wear the headset and you don't actually see where you're going [CROSSTALK] video representing where you're going. Super dangerous. So it's totally fine. Yeah, yeah, absolutely fine I'm sure, again, I'm sure it'll be fine. Nothing could possibly go wrong, no plan, no plans like that. I feel like gaming's the only thing people are really gonna use this for. I think so. In reality. I think you might be right. Yeah. But you know, if there's any flagship phone equipped to handle pretty, pretty intensive mobile game and I think it would be that. A nice OLED screen, good processor, yeah. It'd be a good choice so [INAUDIBLE] you probably look for that at [UNKNOWN] along side the Note 3, the Note 4. September 5th is when the [UNKNOWN] begins. Do we have a Note four now? Is it the Note four. five. Yeah. So many Notes so little time. [LAUGH] Too many notes. Too many notes, I don't like it but now it's time for your user feedback. [MUSIC] Such a shiny new graphic. Oh, that was nice. My favorite, that was brand new, brand new graphic. Sorry Rich, but I got it first we, yeah Oh, sorry Rich. our, our hashtag of the day yesterday was hashtag TD Restaurant, we're talking about this crazy robot restaurant in Japan. That restaurant was insane. Probably one of the best restaurants of all time. Yeah. And we asked our users, how they felt about it and if they would want to see one, here in the states or wherever they lived. And our very first tweet comes from Vick_Nemesis and he says, that restaurant in Japan sounds awesome, I definitely see Los, New York City or Los Angeles getting a robot restaurant, #TDRestaurant. Asia SF in San Francisco better watch out, that's all I'm saying, cuz robot restaurant is coming. Yeah, they're coming for you Asia SF and then also ultra soup, wrote to us and said they need to open up a #TDrestaurant here in New York, they could have a guest appearance from Michael Jackson's hologram! Oh my gosh, and Tupac. Tupac! Tupac could play. Yep. I'm so into, I'm 100, Elvis. Oh well, that would be a perfect LA restaurant. I mean yeah, with old celebrities, like Pat, that would be amazing! You could actually sit In the diner with the people from the diner picture. At like the derby. Yeah. Yeah that sounds amazing I'm down, let's get investors Where can we find two investors. Guys send us your dollars, quarters, we'll take anything. And then lastly, we also have a graphic for this now, It's time for our phonetographer of the day. [MUSIC] You can thank our lovely graphics people. That was nice. They've been working really hard. Good job. I, and I have to publicly shout them out and just say, you guys are the best And I can never do that so thank you. Our phonetog for the day is Daniel R. And he said I took this photo with my iPhone 5s at Yosemite which of course is absolutely beautiful in and of itself. And, you know it's really amazing how well you can capture details on a cell phone. By a cell phone camera, I mean look at the mountains they're like purple and blue. And as soon as OS X Yosemite comes out that can be his background. Can be your wallpaper. On Yosemite. You should license that to Apple. Yeah, you should actually. [CROSSTALK] That is a really nice picture. Really well done. That's more than postcard, that's poster ready. Yeah, that's like, I mean I want that framed in my living room. I want that on my, I want that to be the wall so I feel like I'm living. That's really I mean stunning, I do have concerns about the fact that there doesnt seem to be a road or he seems to be in the middle of nowhere in this picture. Good framing. Yeah really good framing, perfect Really well done. I hope you didnt use a drone. No. You're not supposed to do that anymore. Yeah, that's illegal now at Yosemite, you cannot use drones anymore. That happened today uh,But that's our phonetographer for the day. Thank you so much Daniel, if you would like to submit your phonetography, If you would line to. Email us, no attachments please alot of you guys have been sending us attachments and I'm gonna stop opening them. But please just email us a link to your picture tomorrow at cnet.com at our email address. You can also find us on social media if you want to check us out, we're pretty much tomorrow daily all over the internet. Tomorrow daily on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram all the, all the, all the regular spots. All the places you go, the interwebs. All the places, all the places in the tubes that you arrive at all the time. And then also feel free to go hit up Tom on Twitter what's your, what's your Twitter handle? Ace detect [LAUGH] I really need to change it. It's, I will- You can find Tom Merritt on Twitter, and then you can find the actual real handle from- Just go to tommerritt.com and then click on the twitter bird [CROSSTALK] and that'll take you right over there, you can also, make sure you watch his daily tech news show. It's daily and it's pretty great it's a little different than ours, but also awesome, so. And Ashley's gonna be on on Friday. Yeah, I'm gonna be on, I'm gonna be on Friday, It's gonna be great. So Tom's gonna be joining us tomorrow you can find me on Twitter at Ashley Esqueda. And be good humans everybody And that's been tomorrow daily We'll see you tomorrow.
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