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Tomorrow Daily: Tomorrow Daily 013: Climate-controlled cities, muscle-powered robots, potato salad, and more
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Tomorrow Daily: Tomorrow Daily 013: Climate-controlled cities, muscle-powered robots, potato salad, and more

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On today's Tomorrow Daily, Rich and Ashley check out tiny muscle-powered robots, Hyundai's newest viral video, and Dubai Holding's plan for a climate-controlled city. Also, the original potato salad Kickstarter, and your best (and worst!) fireworks photos.

A lab in Illinois has developed tiny walking robots using real human muscle tissue. They're the cutest little robot overlords yet. Don't try this at home. Hyundai is showing off it's lifesaving car features the good old-fashioned way, by putting real lives at risk. And Dubai Holding announced a climate controlled city to launch in 2020. I don't even want to know how much that air conditioning bill is gonna be. So let's do this, it's Tomorrow Daily. [MUSIC] Greetings, citizens of the Internet, welcome to Tomorrow Daily. It's the best daily tech talk show in the known universe, that's what I'm going with. I'm your host, Ashley Esqueda. Join me as always. Rich DeMuro, What's going on? How's, how's your 4th of July? Oh my gosh, so much fourthing going on. In the pool for half the weekend. And then, I also like uploaded like all my videos to Google Drive, like all my old videos. [CROSSTALK] So having fun with that. Went nuts with that. I just cleaned out my iPhone storage Oh, did we run out of space? Yeah. Like the old dreaded, can't take another picture. Yep, pretty much that's what happen. And I just couldn't, I had to figure out how to clear my cache and mail, which I don't even use, I use Mailbox. And there's still like 300 meg You know what takes up a lot? The messages. Like iMessage. iMessage. Two gigs. Yeah. Cleaned that out like, you just don't realize that you build it up over time. It's crazy. But we've got a lot to talk about today so let's hear the headlines. [MUSIC] Our very first story today is muscle powered robots. Pretty cool. Kinda cool. So that's there's a lab research group of scientists in Illinois. And, they have developed a way to control robots, tiny robots, tiny robots, not huge, using strips of muscle. Hm So it's very interesting, they're calling a Bio-Bot. Okay, so if Less then a centimeter long. This has got like a 3D printed part, Yeah. Like a real living muscle tissue part,. Uh-huh. And there's a third part right? Yeah, there are two posts that that are, they kind of act like tendon. Okay. So there's they're 3D printed bases made of hydrogel. Hm. Some kind of water. And then what they do is they use they use muscle to kind of stimulate. They stimulate the muscle with electricity and then you can move the robot. So the By electric pulses. The whole point is that these can move in a more natural way. Right. Adapt to their, their surrounding. Right, and also it is a little bit easier for them to move because they're not being they're not limited by things like hydraulics or. Metal Yeah that ridiculous metal we're just skipping right to bio biological robots but this is a really neat thing and they actually started doing this with a rat heart. Before but realized that it was very difficult to sort of move this little tiny robot. These are the feet. There see there moving it. Yeah. It's the, the robot was walking. So is this is scary or awesome or a combination of both. I think a little bit of both. Because this is like one step closer to what humans can do. This what's really to me, interesting about the whole robotics field is like, ideally they just want to create super humans, like, everything a human can do! They want to enhance human beings. Right. Cyborgs. Cyborgs. We're gonna be cyborgs someday. So it's kinda scary. But also kind of cool. It is pretty neat. And, and one of the things that this. This group of scientists are saying they would like for these robots to do in the future after they develop them to be a little larger, is things like They said, our goal is for these devices to be used as autonomous sensors, we want it to sense a specific chemical and then move towards it and release agents to neutralize a toxin for example. Yes. So that would be one thing that they can do. I'd like to have that with a skunk. Like if I could do that. Like if I see a skunk. I'm like neutralize it. I think there are way more serious chemical. Oh, okay. Applications that you could apply, but skunks okay. But maybe start with a skunk. Okay, start with a skunk. See you take and neutralize the skunk and then move onto there to like, you know crazy, you know biological warfare. Yeah. Thing. But this a really cool, this is a really cool thing. And I, I, it's real exciting, sort of, I would love seeing these new developments in nanotechnology, biotechnology it's really amazing. And, you know, someday we might see a robot made of muscle tissue injected into your system to go fight to go fight a disease or or to go kill a cancer somewhere, kill a tumor off which is really neat, I just I think that is so cool. Yeah that's that is an amazing news I thought you were gonna say that we're gonna see robots that are like, biological is like. Cylon, you come face to face with those? If you've never seen Battlestar Galactica that's homework now. Cuz that is now future. That is now a real thing that is probably going to happen at some point. I feel like a lot of our audience has seen that. Something tells me that they have. Maybe you were too young, maybe you missed it. It was a really good show though. Tell me a little bit about this Hyundai thing. Okay. So, I'm obsessed with car technology. I do love cars. I love new technology happening in cars and this is from Hyundai. They did probably the best viral video I've seen with car technology in awhile because they weren't afraid to kind of show off what you can do. They weren't afraid to put lives in danger. Yeah, like I said. So they took these 5, I guess these are the Genesis, which are like a really super high-end car. The 2015 Genesis, this next year right? Next year or probably,. Yeah, I think is says the 2015 Gen.. So it comes out in August! I believe next, month? Yeah. So, anyway, they put these cars in like, the desert. They've got this race car driver lining them up. And they all jump out of the cars to show off the automatic cruise control and automatic braking system. So these cars stay in a line and stay in the lane while all these drivers jump out of it. I really hope that. How insane. I really hope that different, I guess, transportation departments keep the lines on the road well painted. Yes. That's what I'm hoping for. So I. Look at this guy Look at, look at, he just, straight up, flew out of the car, like, just jumped, lept out. Like, Speed. And the car stayed. It's Keanu Reeves in Speed. Normally. Leaping on a bus. Normally there'd be a driver in that, another driver keeping the car steady but they don't have to. Oh they don't need [UNKNOWN]. Here's the thing, I've been inside an Infinity with this technology. Okay. Okay I drove it from Vegas, LA to Vegas. So this is not 100% new. This is sort of, has been around. It's been around but it's. Newish. In the very high end cars at this point. Okay. And the thing is, it's pretty amazing. It was the scariest thing to take my hands off the wheel at 70 miles an hour. I would not do that. [CROSSTALK] Okay, well. [CROSSTALK] I don't think I could. You would. You would try because you have to in the name of science. [CROSSTALK] Oh, I would be so scared. But here's the thing- In the name of science? It follows those little lane markings. And it really does a good job. And it also adapts to the car in front of you. So the, the worst part about cruise control is like. Speeding up, slowing down. Yeah, yeah. But here's the thing that I think is a little bit scary about this. We're in this in between stage right now where, you know. This is new. Well. Things could go wrong. Exactly. That's terrifying to me. And you don't know what the, you don't know what the upper limit is. Yeah. Like at the end of that video they show the car screeching to a hault, okay. Right. But when you're driving it you're like, wait is this car gonna stop and you have to trust it. Now when we have full driving cars, you know, the self driving. Maybe you'd trust it a little more. Exactly, but right now we don't know. But this is an actually car so here's the auto emergency breaking. This truck slams on it's brakes. Boom, boom, boom. They all slam on their brakes and come to a stop. Right in the nick of time. Look at that one. Oh, too close. So what do you think? You, would you want to do that? Would you want to be in that car while it's controlled like that? Well first of all I would not be leaping out of the sun roof of a car onto a truck but. No, not that part. Not that part. That's number one. [LAUGH] But I don't know. I. It would be very hard for me. I like to drive my own car because I have control over my car. Do you ever use cruise control, though? No. I never do. You don't, okay. Yeah, I'm a big, when I was growing up my parents did not like cruise control because it made you lazy like you could fall asleep basically. Oh, okay. So I always grew up with that ingrained and then when I got older, I was like, no I love cruise control. Cruise control's great. I think it's the greatest thing ever, but I do think it makes you a little lazy. And you have to be on your guard, but now you don't because of this new technology. [CROSSTALK] The car will break for you. It's interesting. It's a scary new frontier but I think. I don't think I could do, I don't, not yet. I don't think I could do it yet. At the end of the day it's good though. If it, if it means less accidents on the road then I think that's a great thing. Oh yeah, no that's awesome. And you know if you're tired, driving drowsy is very dangerous. There's a lot of different ways you could apply this. We have to, we have to finally discuss the climate controlled city in Dubai. Because this is so cool. So Dubai Holdings announced that they would be building. If you're not familiar with Dubai, I should start there. It's amazing, there are skyscrapers everywhere, it's United Arab Emirates. Gorgeous city, very technologically advanced, lots of construction happening there, they have the world's tallest building. [INAUDIBLE] right? They just build whatever they want. They just build whatever they want. Like, they just imagine it and they build it. Like they. If I take the craziest. Amazing Architectural idea, and they're like yeah we can do that. But it is also in middle of the Middle East which is searing hot in the summer time. So they're wanting to expand their tourism trade, and this is the product of wanting to expand their tourism trade. Now when Dubai goes big, they go big. They swing for the fences and that's exactly what this is. So, this is a model of a city within the city that they're planning on building. It's 40,000,000 square feet or 48,000,000 I think. A hundred hotels. Nice. They're gonna have up to 50,000 rooms that you can rent. There's apartments in there. They're gonna have a cultural center, they're gonna have. That looks like the Hollywood Bowl. It's beautiful. This is absolutely beautiful. They're gonna have an area for medical procedures. So cosmetic surgery and spas. And like all the massages and all this stuff, very luxurious and this just looks unbelievable. But the thing is it's enclosed and it has a retractable dome. Glass dome, yeah. Glass dome. And it's climate controlled. So basically Dubai is one of the hottest places like so many months out of the year. Right! So it's not very comfortable. You're inside a lot. It's not very welcoming to tourists. Well, in that aspect, I mean yeah, it gets pretty warm. In the summer, in the summer, it gets pretty hot. So, the fact that they are gonna cool the city down, like you said, I can't imagine, their air conditioning bill is gonna be insane. Six months out of the year, yeah. But here's the thing, I have no doubt they'll actually do this. Oh! A hundred percent I think this'll happen. Like you buy, is, that place that dreams come true when it comes to this kind of design, but here's the thing. Did you see that show, under the dome? No I haven't seen it yet. OK, then you know the concept right? I know, the concept yeah. So apparently someone over there was watching this show. Yeah, and was like I got it. What happens when there's a big fire? Do they just open the dome? And I assume it does not open really fast. Yeah, I imagine so. Probably not, but the thing is they were saying that they would only have the dome open during the winter. Okay. They would keep it open during the winter because that is very nice. Sure. Apparently, the climate if very, very nice during the wintertime and that's their number one sort of tourism. So hopefully no fires during he summer, when it's closed. Hopefully not. But I would imagine, I mean with 40, 40 million square feet, it's actually a little bit, there's more room to like, you know, if there's smoke or whatever, they you would be able to ventilate it. I just can't imagine. I'm sure there's some kind of ventilation. Oh, I'm sure I just can't imagine the ventilation system in this city. Now, I don't know if you're like me but I am such a sucker for like, planned cities. Like, do you remember when that Disney city came out? Yes, celebration. I went there. I've been there. I want to live there. You've been there? I've been there, yeah. I say in 2020 we plan a show trip to Dubai. Yeah. 100%, 2020. We'll be there, 100%. We are gonna take a quick break, we'll be back in 30 seconds. But as we are going out, we have to show the video that everyone's been talking about this weekend which is, a gentlemen flew his drone with a GoPro through some fireworks and got some amazing footage. So once again, we'll be back in 30 seconds, don't click away, this is Tomorrow Daily, check out these fireworks. [MUSIC] [MUSIC] And welcome back to Tomorrow Daily. We are in the second half of the show and we had to call an emergency Back it or Hack It meeting today because usually we do this later in the week but over the weekend a very intriguing Kickstarter popped up and we need to discuss this. Potato salad. That's it. Just. Just potato salad. Just a Kickstarter for potato salad. Some guy put up a Kickstarter for ten bucks, that was his goal, $10. He just wanted ten bucks to make some potato salad. That's a pretty reasonable goal. Fairly reasonable. Apparently the internet loves irony and this guy has made over $34,000 at the time of taping. Wow. 34 grand. This guy's gonna get a whole bunch of money to literally make potato salad, doesn't have to be good, on the Internet. So, here's my question. This is, A, this is either the best thing every about Kickstarter, or the worst thing ever. I'm not sure, I haven't decided. But like, what does he do with all this money, and can he deliver what he promised? Well so, they talk to him, and we talked to him on Cnet, we interviewed him over the weekend. And apparently he thought that this would not get any farther than Cincinnati. Okay, so he thought. He didn't realize, because some of the backer bonuses are like a bit of the potato salad. Right. But, he's like now I'm trying to figure out the logistics of shipping the potato salad. But it goes bad really quickly. Oh yeah. So, potato salad goes bad kind of quickly, especially if you use the mayo base version. There's a vinegar based potato salad. He's gonna make four different kinds now. Like it's really. This is, like, the most ridiculous thing ever. So what can he do. Okay. So let's say. Cuz it seems like it's gonna be almost impossible. If I gave a dollar, you can't deliver me potato salad for. You can't save a potato salad. So how does he do this and what does he do. It seems like it's now become even more expensive, because you can't not deliver this, right? Because once you get a Kickstarter you sort of, like, have to do it? I think there's a loophole on this. He doesn't actually specify that he will ship you potato salad. I think he can say you have to come to Cincinnati and get the potato salad. Oh, okay. Like if he says you have to pick it up, pick up, local pick up only. Then you don't get any potato salad. Or. Well, now my five dollars turns into a $600 trip to Cincinnati. Yeah, of course, of course, it's a very expensive Kickstarter backing, but somebody else has suggests that, I think on Reddit, somebody has suggested cuz he wanted of course didn't ask me anything I'm a big Redditor. And didn't ask me anything, didn't AMA and somebody said, you know? I was thinking if you sent a potato, and like a packet of ketchup and mayonnaise and like some spices and then basically told them to make the potato salad themselves. Yeah, like a kit. A DIY kit. Yeah, a little DIY potato salad kit. But that's still expensive to do that. Scary. [CROSSTALK] So here's a thing that's frustrating. So there are thousands of people that put their projects on Kickstarter that come up with like You got their music, it's like their life. Well exactly. It's their life. They've come up with so many like a business plan, elevator pitch, detailed plans, drawings and all this stuff and they don't get even half as far as this kid did. Yeah, look at this guy. This guy is $35,000 richer right now because, because people thought it would be ironic to back a potato salad Kickstarter. So, I'm just curious to see what happens with the delivery. I'd pay off my student loans, I'd be like thanks guys, thanks to you. I've made my potato salad, and I'm gonna pay off my student loans. So, I guess you have to read the fine print on these Kickstarters. Because you have to see what's being delivered. Because he said he was gonna read the names of each person that donated, but there's no way to read 2,000 names. He said he's gonna do it while he makes the potato salad. And apparently, they're going to live stream the potato salad making for every backer, $10 level or more. So, this is not the first, the last we've heard of this potato salad. And of course, as you would imagine, many copycat Kickstarters have popped up. There is now macaroni salad, I think somebody else is saying vegan potato salad, they Kickstarted that. I would do tuna salad, because think about it. There are so many ways you can make tuna salad. Like I've heard of people That's true. Put like apples in there. Oh yeah. And I mean so it's kinda neat to see what people would say. I guess that most that'd be like a Facebook post like what would you put in your potato salad? Yeah, that's like, seems like a Facebook post man I don't need money. Maybe I don't need to do the Kickstarter. Maybe he was really just really wanted potato salad and just wanted that ten bucks. I would've done a one day Kickstarter ten bucks. Or I would have just gone to the grocery store. Potato salad. And spent the ten dollars on various ingredients. But what if he didn't have ten dollars? Well I don't know. He needed, that why, that's why he turned to crowd funding. Okay. Cuz he really wanted some potato salad. At least it was like a, a decent goal. Like ten bucks is like okay. Exactly, well he wasn't asking for $1,000 because the would have been outrageous. But Yeah. You know, ten bucks, but now, yeah, he's the, he's, he's up there with, percentage wise, like it says, like, like, over funded or whatever. And so like 30,000. Amazing It's, it's a ridiculous percentage that he's at to, like, have met this goal. This may turn into something, like he may have, like, the next big Shark Tank potato salad company. [CROSSTALK] Come up with the greatest potato salad recipe of all times. Alright, so are you gonna back it or hack it. I back it, I'm in. Let's do this, potato salad up. I'm out. You're out. No way. [CROSSTALK] I'll do my face book postings for the tuna. What, what do you put in your tuna salad? I don't need any money. I'll give this guy, I'll give him a dollar to read my name on the air, we gotta get into user feedback because wow, you guys sent a lot. A lot, a lot of a, phonetography and b, fireworks pictures. Some of them very, very good. Here are the first one is from not DK five, and he actually. This is cool. Whoa, what's that? This is Auto Awesome, made him a gif. So he has a series of pictures that he took with his S4, he has a Galaxy 4, and auto awesome made him a little, little, animated image. Okay, this is why I love auto awesome on Google, because a ton of them from over the weekend as well. It's just, it's so much fun to like have them do all the work for you. So he uploaded that to Twitter it looks great. You're like It's so fun to have them do all the work for your. it's nice, it's like a little excitement to log in and view those on your Google Plus account. It is really cool. And then we have, one from [UNKNOWN] oh wait, actually who do we have next Logan? Producer Logan has it. This is from Hester John. He sends us, yeah, it was a Lumix DMC-GMI, and he said he deleted the bad ones. The secret is take many shots. That is very true. Take many, many images because you can. You have digital. Some of these firework pictures are gorgeous. Really really beautiful. Producer Logan can you click on one of those, and show us what it looks like? beautiful. I feel I can hear them booming right now. I know. I feel like I'm experiencing the show. Looks like the galaxy. I know it does. Like outer space. That looks like Christmas. That looks like Christmas lights. I love it. All bases covered here with John. All really good pictures too. And then we have one from M Paralez 0429. And he wrote, I love this one. It's between the trees. Yeah, this looks great. And he said, it's my best photo with an iPhone 5. See, 5s Wow, 5s took that? 5s took that That's pretty good. It's really clear, the bigger version of it, yes, there we go, producer Logan is on it today you guys. yes, it's really beautifully shot between the palm trees very so Cal, it's a so Cal fourth of July almost. Between two ferns, I mean palms and he's got the reflection. Yeah, yeah, he's got the, the water reflection. It's a really good picture. And then we have one from Josh0398 [LAUGH] who writes to us, and says, Canada a few days ago here in St. John's, Newfoundland, but I tripped. Now, Josh, we need to talk. [LAUGH] Because this could be the greatest fireworks picture of all time, and you ruined it. That's what just happened. It looks pretty good, I mean it. It's very artistic. Yeah, it's like a Monet. It's abstract. Yeah it's abstract. It's a abstract art now. There you go. it's now officially abstract art. We also got an e-mail from Pedro S. And he says first and best fireworks photos of the Nikon B5010. So DSLR. Okay. Unbelievable, we said no matter what even if it wasn't a phone. Showing off. Definitely gorgeous, really well done, Pedro. This guy needs to write the article on how to take pictures for next year. Yeah. Because that looks professional. We should have Skyped him and have him tell, heh, tell everybody his tips for shooting fireworks. And then lastly, we have our phonetographer of the day. Specifically phonetography, not fireworks related. This is from Enda. And Enda says, great show guys! These are photos which I took in Galway, Ireland on my Sony Xperia Z1. I can't decide which is the best, but I sent you three so you'll have to make the decision, this is one we chose, the dandelion, the macro shot, look at the water droplets on the dandelion, it's so beautiful. That is beautiful, that's a great camera on that Z1. Really good! What do they call it out there? The Z1? The Zed 1. The Zed 1. The Zed 1. yeah, really stunning, so high five and well played on that. And then at the end of the show. If you are interested in sending over your phonetography to be considered for photographer of the day, you can email us to tomorrow at You can also send us your questions, your comments, if you need advice. We can't answer every email because now we're starting to get a whole lot of them. That's a good thing. Which is a good problem to have. But yeah, we can't answer all of them, but we will do our best. And you can always find on the internet, at all those places that we just saw on our lower third graphics. Yeah, go ahead and follow us there. Especially on twitter and Facebook and Instagram because for me Twitter, I'll get back to you like pretty quickly. Yeah, I'm pretty good about Twitter as well. So feel free o hit us up on Twitter. And, and if they wanted to not necessary go to Tomorrow Daily's twitter, but our twitters where would they find you? Uh,Rrichdimiro. And I am Ashley Esqueda. And that's it for Tomorrow Daily you guys. Be good humans. See you tomorrow. [MUSIC]
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