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Tomorrow Daily 012: Anime Expo 2014, Tokyo's toilet exhibit, and more: Tomorrow Daily

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Tomorrow Daily: Tomorrow Daily 012: Anime Expo 2014, Tokyo's toilet exhibit, and more

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On today's show, Ashley and Rich discuss Anime Expo 2014, a very odd toilet exhibition at a Japanese museum, and Marvel's cool new promo for "Guardians of the Galaxy."

Anime Expo returns to Los Angeles this weekend. I'm wondering if I could get away with wearing my college volleyball uniform as a cosplay, Probably not. A new website helps you plan a vacation that's, out of this world. You know what? I think I'll wait until I can name my own price for space travel. And a new exhibition in Tokyo has the history and future of toilets, complete with futuristic commodes. Here in America we're stuck with the same old sh, stuff. Sh, stuff? This is Tomorrow Daily! [MUSIC]. Hello, citizens of the Internet! Welcome to Tomorrow Daily your favorite tech show, in the known universe. I like the known universe. I think that's good. Yeah, that works. Think it's good. I'm your host Ashley Esqueda. Joining me as always, my partner in crime for technology news, Rich DeMuro. Yes. How's it going? Oh, so good. Can't wait for the weekend. Yeah. The big 4th of July. What are you doing? I'm, you know what, I think I'm gonna work on my tan. I will be doing the exact opposite of that and staying inside and playing video games, so as to not work on my tan. Makes sense. Anti, anti-tanning, as I like to call it. That's why we get along. Yeah. Yin, yang. Yeah. Which one's yin? I'll say Yang. Okay. That sound exciting. But there are some fun news for items that we'd like to talk about today, maybe a little less in depth reporting. As if you ever get that on this show anyway, [LAUGH] but here are the headlines. [MUSIC] Okay, gonna talk about our first story, this is the toilet exhibition in Tokyo. First of all, if you're not familiar with Tokyo and Japan in general's toilets, they are amazing. Yes. Literally, so space age compared to what we have here. It makes you We have very boring toilets here. It makes you realize that Americans do not get the whole bathroom thing. Yeah, like they're all about luxury. Luxury and cleanliness. Luxury in the bathroom, cleanly, very clean, yeah. and cleanliness, very clean. So, this is called toilets, [LAUGH] human waste and earth's future. Now, to be fair the toilet in general, and, and sewage treatment has actually caused, it's really changed society. You think from going in a hole. Yeah, or in the ground. in the ground. or in a bucket. But it's actually, I mean it's very safe. We can see there are very entertaining things happening in this museum, because it's Japan of course. What kind of hat is that? It looks like a poo hat [LAUGH]. I think that's a poop, that's a chocolate pudding hat, just like the emoji, right? This is a, yeah, exactly. This is the kind of story that local news reporters or news reporters in general, love to be sent to. Because guess what? You get to use, every poop pun in the book. Oh yeah, of course. And here's, this is actually a real thing. So they [LAUGH], you put on a little, I'm gonna call it chocolate pudding. You put on a chocolate pudding hat, and you slide into a giant 15-foot high toilet, and this is so gross, but so entertaining to us. I'm a child, I mean. [CROSSTALK] Oh, there's a little child. Look at this kid crying, like he's wondering where the poo is. No! No, like please don't make me fly into the toilet no, no. Don't send me into depths of the toilet. That's the worst. But they also have other things like what toilets might look like in the future, which is pretty cool. And they are lingering way to long on that shot, but yeah. Was that chocolate you get at the end of the show? [CROSSTALK] So, this would be the same thing. They, they, they have a Hershey's world in Pennsylvania, it's kind of like the same thing. No, it's not, it's not like the same thing. No, well okay I think that look like it, I think then we confused the video. But this is one of those things that, this fits Japan so well their culture is just all about this kind of stuff. See these toilets right here they're actually it's a singing chorus of toilets, as you leave thanking you for learning about toilet, and the, their history. Why do you think this, this. I like the old man toilet looks like Wilfred Brimley, [LAUGH] I wonder if it has diabetes. Is that the Quaker guy? Oh, diabetes, diabetes. No it's the guy with [UNKNOWN] diabetes. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Why do you think these like the cleanliness factor of like these better toilets, these high tech toilets haven't caught on in the US? Cuz I want one but every time I go home I keep on saying, I'm not gonna buy one for 700 bucks. Is that why, is it a price thing? I think it's a little bit of price, and the other thing is that in Japan. Shintoism is actually the biggest belief system, which is all about cleanliness and, and minimalism and really taking care of yourself, hygiene is like one of the very top tenants, of that belief structure. Hm, okay. So I'm sorry I have something stuck in my throat [COUGH]. That was a way, way more exact I was laughing too hard. answer than I ever would imagine, but wow. I'm sorry again weird trivia. So yeah this is sort of the reason why I think that, the Japanese sort of hold things like cleanliness and ways to clean yourself, in very high regard and are always looking for new ways to just [INAUDIBLE] clean so, And just the grounds, so I mean I've been to Tokyo a few times, it's so clean there, it's just, it's really like, it makes you realize kind of, how dirty some American cities are sadly. Yup. Especially when you're on the, have you been on the train there, like the Subway system, or. I have not yet been to Japan. Oh, oh,. It's like the saddest, Well okay, hold on this is bucket list, this bucket list, I feel like I've lived vicariously through reading everything I can. I was going to say, you know more about this place than I do, and I've been there, [CROSSTALK] and I. Okay, I thought you were like old hat Japan. My brother and I are obsessed with Japanese culture, no, we're just obsessed with it. We're gonna, we're gonna rally for a Tomorrow Daily trip to Japan. I figure it would be pretty fun to do the show from there. I vote yes, I'm in. Our next story is, we find this very interesting. So, viral marketing is a big thing with movies, and this is a viral marketing campaign for Guardians of the Galaxy, which we're both very excited to see next month. It's only a month away not, it's July. And this is called Galaxy Getaways. And if you go to Galaxy Getaways, if you look it up, so they have this beautiful. They have all these images of Bali and Hawaii, and just gorgeous destinations here in the States. And then they're like, it just looks terrible compared to where you could go in. In Space. The worl, the, the universe! Universe! And so, so yeah, they have this really cool website and this is the, the best part of it is the website. So, they have this video and that's all fine and dandy and there's, it's like a promo for Galaxy Getaways, and it kinda reminds me of Star Tours a little bit. Mm-hm, yeah It has that ring to it. But then you go to the website, and Producer Logan has the website up right now and so here is, all of the different destinations you can go to. But if you click on discover, you can actually go into, there's like a galaxy, there's sort of a, a map. The st, the street view. There's a street view that you can view. There's a street view of these places. Which is really, really cool, so. I think it's at the bottom, there it is, explore street view. Explore street view, so you can click on things and it'll take you through all these different areas. And you can actually, like click, and like turn your camera. Like look around, as you would in street view on Google Maps, which is so awesome. This is the thing, now, movies, like, okay, number one, just to clarify in this movie. I think this went from when I first saw the trailer. I was kinda like, a little bit like, ne, now that I've seen what they're doing like, the second trailer, and now this site. They're gone from like, okay maybe to now these might be the smartest people in Hollywood. Too, I am pumped. Right. Whoever has the job to think up these campaigns Yeah. Like, you have such a cool job. But here's the thing, you can sit here and explore and it doesn't feel like it's an advertisement. No. Because you're actually kinda see like, I wanted to see, you know they call it like six star resorts or whatever, six star dining. Yeah, yeah, six star resorts. What was in their mind? How did they make these places look so beautiful? I mean, look how neat that looks. Yeah, can we look at Xandar? Let's go to Xandar, it's on the top. Let's look at Xandar, can we explore it with street view? That looks like an expensive place to go. It does look like a very expensive destination, I'm super into it, and I would like to go to there. I would like to go here, now, how long would it take to get here? I would probably die. We would have to be in cry, cryostasis, definitely need to be cryogenically frozen, and The technology would have to come a little further to get us there. A little? It would take a lot, yeah a lot. But it would be really cool if, if you have a second this weekend, it would be really fun to check out. Like look at all the different areas and everything. Plus gives you little hints about the movie like what to expect in the movie, so this is brilliant. Yeah. Places you're gonna see. It's just a brilliant way to like, bringing this movie into your world before you even see it, it get you hyped up. Yeah and without really feeling like all in your face about being like, ad you know, ads, ads, ads, promos, promos, promos. It's like it's a cool, interactive way to sort of check out some, some locations in Guardians of the Galaxy [CROSSTALK]. They just upped the antics, for every movie basically. I, you know, I well Cloverfield did some really good viral marketing. Like, JJ Abrams tends to do some really good viral marketing. And then the movie came out. I liked Cloverfield. Oh, sorry. We can't be hosts together anymore. We can't agree on everything Ashley. No we can't, that's true. Anime expo is now in Los Angeles, it's here, I saw. Five players on the train today coming in. What? Yeah. I saw four, four cosplayers, one dressed as BB from Final Fantasy Nine, because that's one of my Final Fantasies. Or I guess one of the earlier Final Fantasies, the Black Midge. And then there were other people dressed up as other anime and Mongo characters, Final Fantasy characters. Really cool. I got my street passes from them. So thank you. I'm obsessed with my 3DS. Here's some footage from last year's anime expo. There are, there are tons of merchandises, [UNKNOWN] like Comi Con, but it focuses on Japanese culture, mangau anime all these different there's a Lolita girl, the loli con the loli girls. Our show is very Japanese today. It is very Japanese today. It's a very Japanese themed Tomorrow Daily. You're welcome everybody who loves Japanese culture. And this is the kind of stuff you can buy, you know, you can buy the little Chibis and all the different cool little items. And then they have you know, artists there, you know graphic novels, it's a really, really fun show, and so if you're anywhere in the L.A. area this weekend and you don't have anything to do. You can drop in on, anime cons, people's true passion. Or if you're just looking at, you know Twitter and you want to see like the cool costumes people are doing. Yeah. Here's the things about these people. I know, obviously in the mainstream world these people sort of get made fun of. Right, But but they are serious. They are, but they're not, they're, And they're cool. also, they're the best people ever. Like Comic Con, I haven't been to the anime one but the Comic Con folks. You know, people that are all dressed up. THey are literally the nicest people you will ever meet in your lives. No, it's true. These are the people you want on your side, if something's ever going wrong. You know what I mean? you want them to rush to your defense, not some rando on the street, that's not dressed up. Not at all, and the other thing is, is I mean, these are like I consider people who, I know lots of cosplayers. Like these if were my friends, these are, I am one of these people. I don't have cosplay, but it's like, I love this, this sort of community. Like, they, they really work hard on some of these costumes. I've seen costumes that cost people $3000 and they wear, they wear it for one year, and then they start over. Big source of pride for them. Really amazing. Let me show you. I happened to run into a couple of these Yeah. These folk. Yeah, this guy hanging out. at the, at the KTLA. So these are apparently the sailor, okay now tell me is this Sailor Moon or Sailor Scout? Let me look at the picture here. So producer Logan let's see the picture. And then okay, so I haven't seen any Japanese versions of Sailor Moon but I believe this is Sailor Scout because Sailor Moon has the two meatballs on top of her head and she's blonde. So I think i'm gonna go with Taylor Scout on this one. Good to know. Then you have some other, other scouts. Well, I don't know. Anyway. I'm sorry about that. It was fun, they were again, the nicest people ever. They look like some nice ladies. Yeah. [LAUGH] You're just like, yeah really. No, they were, they were great. Yeah. They were very excited when I, you know, cuz normally sometimes you wonder, when you say can I take a picture with you, are people gonna be like, what? They're so excited to do it. They are, they are but, I wanted to let you know everybody cosplay is not consent. So, make sure even though somebody is dressed up a nice lady in a very sexy costume, doesn't just mean you can snap pictures of her from any angle. Oh, really? Ask nicely. Oh, really? Yeah, Rich. This guy. I think I might be guilty of that at some of the shows. Listen, I'm going to slap Rich around for 30 seconds, and then we're going to come back. Can I hover hand? Nope. We're going to come back in 30 seconds after I slap this guy around, and teach him that cosplay is not consent, and then we will have some fun fireworks tips, shooting pictures of fireworks. And we're going to get into your user feedback. Don't go away. It's Tomorrow Daily. [MUSIC] Welcome back to Tomorrow Daily once again, your favorite tech show in the entire whole universe. I think that if I keep saying that, like, you're going to believe it. Well, Ann, it's going to make it to the end of the universe like at one point. Cuz it takes awhile to get there. Yeah. It'll take a long, long A long time. Forever. It's because the universe is infinite. But we're back and we have some very fun tips for you if you want to take some pictures of fireworks tomorrow. So, it is the 4th of July, and for anybody, and even if you're just seeing a fireworks show somewhere, regardless of 4th of July, cuz a lot of you guys are international. We have some tips on shooting fireworks, not actually shooting them in the sky, but shooting them with your smart phone, or your point and shoot. Leave the shooting for the, the professionals, To proffesionals yeah. you take the pictures. Yeah. Although in some states it's legal to fi, shoot a fireworks. Yeah, even I mean, I think its legal to buy them in the city I live in, but then but we can't shoot that, it's very weird. There's a lot of different models. There was a cool feature that we did on CNN about how fireworks are made, and how they work. It's like behind the fireworks. It's kind of cool. They show you how you make all these really big sort of arena firework shows, which is really neat. But if you want to take pictures of the fireworks int he night sky, there are a couple of things you need to know. These are just some tips and tricks from, from Rich and I, the first thing you want to do definitely is get a tripod. Tripod number one. tripod is, is essential. otherwise, your fireworks are gonna be mr.blurry cam all over the joint and you're going to hate them all of them. Like number one fireworks are the toughest thing to capture on a camera, and most people are using a smart phone to do it. right whenever you're at a show people are sitting there trying to take pictures none of them are going to work 99% of the time unless you really know what you're doing. yes so, tripod, number one, cuz you're gonna want the most stable hand, quote unquote, as possible. So if you see a firework like this, oh my god it's so beautiful. Snap, snap, snap, snap, snap, snap, snap. Snap, snap, snap. Here's the thing, you want to make sure, that you are taking a picture without your flash on guys. And. Put your flash off, please. And without HDR. Yeah, without HDR. Which, I would have thought, I was reading the CNET article, I would have thought the opposite. I would have said, okay, HDR, let me think. It takes three pictures put together, not the case. No. Not good. Because the, because what's gonna happen is you're gonna have an image like, you're gonna have that image of the, the darkest part, which is the night sky, which is very dark, and then you'll have the image of the firework, which is too bright. So you're going to get a really weirdly exposed shot, and also the other thing is it's not really going to be focused very well. And speaking of focus, if you have a manual camera app, or if you have a point and shoot camera, set it to manual and fix your focus before hand. So maybe just right at the beginning of the show, just get your focus in check. And keep it there, your exposure and your focus try to lock those things down so that you are not consistently auto-focusing, and trying to oh no and like every time you get a fire workup you miss it. Here's my secret. Do you want to hear it? I do. Okay, so I, I just. Do I have a choice? No, you don't have a choice. Exactly I just sit back, I turned my phone off, I relax. I let 5,000 other people take the pictures, upload them to Facebook, and I enjoy their pictures. Because someone knows how to take pictures, better than I do. And so I just sit there and enjoy them and you know what, I know I don't get my own personal pictures but, I take like a few pictures before and after. Yeah, okay, fair enough fair, take pictures of the events that you're hanging out at with friends and family. Yeah, your friends. and then just, put the phone away maybe that's a good option. If you have a DSLR though, you can get some really good shots. Yeah, if you know what you're doing, then do it. Cuz you're the guy that I'm looking for those pictures on Facebook. Yeah, Richard's trolling your Facebook, your Facebook news feed. Yeah. So he can grab your pictures and pass them off as his own. As my own. Oh, it's your last night. Hey, but look at my great picture, I was like, god Rich, such a great photographer. And he was just like, if they only knew. So, those are our tips I, auto, try to get everything on manual and try to get everything set up, within the first couple minutes of the fireworks show, or even as much as you can before the fireworks show starts. And then, hopefully you'll have good pictures, don't zoom in, because it's just gonna get all pixellated and gross you can crop later. And tripod, tripod, tripod, I said it three times for each leg of a tripod. It's like, It's like clicking your heals together. It is. Does it make one appear? No. It's not like beetle juice. Then our very last thing is, user feedback. We have so much good user feedback today, are tweet of the day yesterday was #, or our # of the day was #TDMONORAIL about the Maglev monorail. Maglev. In Israel that's gonna be tested, and a couple people wrote back. Gridfix Engage wrote to us and said #TDMONORAIL, I think it would be fun but I would get nervous, just how I get with roller coasters. Ooh, good point, because it did seem like a little roller coastery cuz it's like a smaller pod. And it's a magnet too, so it seems like it would almost be like one of those swinging Ferris wheel, deal. Yeah. That might be a little scary, I don't really care [UNKNOWN] so I can't say for sure. Not a fan of [UNKNOWN] either? Nope. Oh good [UNKNOWN] Let's see that. And then @RonyRockstarr wrote to us and said, great idea but I bet the line would be long if it can only fit two passengers at a time, #TDMONORAIL. Agreed. Yeah, that's what we wondered about. That's one of the big questions of like, how do you get, how do you effect the mass transit, and alleviate traffic at some kind of panacea, it would two people a car. Also, it's probably really expensive to make those cars. Yeah, and it seems like you can't have them so close, I don't know, but it seems like on one train, you have like 100 people. You know and that only has two, but maybe it's more, I think they've figured it out. I'm sure the experts, yeah. Give it time. Give it time. And then we also have an email from Tanner, and this doesn't have to necessarily do with the monorail, but he had a question for us. And he said, hi I'm Tanner, I'm 11 years old, and I love Tomorrow Daily. But, I have to watch all my Cnet videos on my iPhone 4, it's extremely sluggish and worn out. Should I jail-break it to revive the phone, or should I let it be and not mess it up even more? By the way, I love your show and CNet is 75% of my internet activity. Cool name by the way, Tanner, I like that name. It's a good name Yeah. It's a good name. so, what do you think My thought is Jail-break or no? No, I am not a fan of jailbreaking iPhones, I know a lot of people don't want to hear that. But, I've done it a few times and, not very good success. So, I would say, at this point your phone is, is pretty old, so it's not gonna get much faster. What I would do, personally, is wipe it clean. Wipe it clean and start over? And start over. Because maybe, I don't know if you've done that in a long time but iPhone 4 you're talking a few years old. So, if you've used it and installed apps and deleted stuffs and taken pictures. It's either really filled up or kind of like, there's little fragments around there. So I would say, wipe it clean and start over. That makes sense, my suggestion to you is this. I would also not jailbreak just because no, if all you're going for is the speed upgrade, it's not going to be that much and if you're not looking to do something specific with jailbreak, it's really not worth it. And also, the other part of it is, some of your older apps might not work right if you install iOS if you're able to jailbreak it and install it with sevens. And also, I say, my suggestion is, beg your parents for an iPod touch. And then just use your iPhone as your phone. How American of you. And then use your new iPod touch to watch our show. Just get something new. Yeah, just get something new, are you kidding me? But I like, it's interesting. But wiping it is a good idea. Yeah, yeah. It's really good, it's like re-nice, fresh, reformat the whole thing and then just you know, make a back up, refresh it, and then go from there. But don't install, I wouldn't install back from the cloud. Like I would, I would Oh you would start totally fresh. Oh yeah, totally fresh. Well, okay. Like you have, you're gonna have to download the apps that you want on there to make it. Again, okay. Yeah, otherwise you Clean install, clean reinstall. Clean reinstall. It's a good advice. Yeah. It's good advice. It's my old windows days, clean reinstall. Oh, boy defrags. Yup. Defrags. So that's our advice to you Tanner, good luck with that, let us know how that goes, please write us back. And send a picture of you watching on your little iPod. Yeah, send a picture, if you can. And then, our phonetographer of the day, is Alex D, and he says this was taken with the iPhone 5 in Florida, by Alex Damis, which is neat. So, he took this with the iPhone 5 again, so green. I thought you were saying it was you, I was like wait, what? You know, no, I'm a sucker for green in pictures, so like, everyone else lives in places with lots of greenery and we just, don't have any. Yeah. What's up with that? Some palm trees. Looks pretty nice. It looks like- A gazebo, I was gonna say- I bet you they do a couple weddings out there. Yeah, weddings, out on the lake, like, it looks so peaceful. I feel like I could go out in a little like, canoe and hang out for the day and then maybe have a picnic lunch in the gazebo. Just bring your bug spray, I feel like I'm already- Yeah. Getting- Look, I already have a mosquito bite. It's the worst. Looking at this picture- Just looking at this picture I got a mosquito bite, everybody, it's terrible. We may not have granary here. [UNKNOWN] Logan, pick this up. Look, I got a misquote bite already just from looking from this picture, a misquote bit me. Ashley's been wanting to show off that misquote bite, for like three days now. For a month. So finally, that's the only reason that she picked that picture. I literally go outside hoping mosquitoes bite me, so that I can pick a picture like this and it, the timing just all came together at the right time. So now I don't have to sit outside and, we have a mosquito farm. I can finally get rid of the mosquito farm. Ugh, it's like the best news ever, and on that note, everybody, that is the end of our show. If you would like to be considered for photographer of the day, feel free to e-mail us. You can e-mail us everything else as well, comments, suggestions, questions, criticisms. Whatever. All the things, to tomorrow@cnet.com, and if you're so inclined you can also hit us up on social media. Sure, we're on Facebook, Twitter Instagrams, tomorrowdaily on all those things. Plus if you want to find us individually, I'm Rich Dimiro on Twitter,. And I'm Ashley Esqueda, and also, don't forget to send in your #tdfirework, which is our # of the today. Send in your pictures of fireworks, cuz I want to see how bad and/or good they are. Yeah. Yeah. Even if it's really bad, send those in too. Like [CROSSTALK]. Even if it's awful. Just send in your worst. Actually, that's what I want to see. Send in your worst fireworks pictures. Yeah. Well, no we want to see both, cuz I know there are some people that know how to take killer pictures so. Okay. It doesn't even have to be your phone. Just the best firework, or best firework picture you can take, send that to us #tdfireworks. Might work. Yeah. His best attempt. [INAUDIBLE] Yeah? All right. You guys have a great weekend. If you're here in the States, have a great holiday weekend. And we Be safe. Be safe. Yes, don't light fireworks in your hands, it's bad for you. And be good humans. This is Tomorrow Daily. We'll see you next week. [MUSIC]
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