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Tomorrow Daily: Tomorrow Daily 011: Denny's "Hashteroids," levitating monorails, and more

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Tomorrow Daily: Tomorrow Daily 011: Denny's "Hashteroids," levitating monorails, and more

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On today's Tomorrow Daily, Denny's announced three remixed Atari classics, Israel plans on testing a levitating monorail within 2 years, and Sugru made a crazy overpowered water gun. Also, we back (or hack?) Pond's wireless charger, and read your emoji tweets.

Denny's remixed three old Atari games and gave them cutesy food names like hashteroids. I really, really hope they don't announce their fried frogger legs grand slam later this year. They're building a levitating monorail in Israel, and already magicians around the world are trying to figure out how it's done,. And the makers of Subaru are showing off a gatling gun water pistol, making me very excited for the next time someone knocks on my door and tries to sell me something. [CROSSTALK] Knock knock. It's tomorrow daily. [MUSIC] Hello everybody, hello [UNKNOWN] of the internet welcome to tomorrow daily, your favorite technology show in the entire known universe. But maybe not the unknown universe. I'm your host Ashley Esqueda. Joining me as always is Rich Demeuro. How's it going, Rich? It's going great. Knock knock. Going pretty good. Not, not so people you don't want to come to your house. No. Unannounced, don't go to Ashley's house unannounced. Don't try to. Listen, you can come over unannounced that's fine just don't try to sell me something like girl scouts. No. I don't want. Really? Okay, maybe I'll buy some cookies. Sad, come on. Those are so good. But then, after I buy the cookies, then I will shoo them away with a gatling gun water pistol. Water machine gun? I guess it's a water machine gun. Whatever it is, it is high powered. That's true but we've got a lot to talk about. So let's hit the headlines. [MUSIC] So, a few members of the press, this week received a press box from Denny's. Now, that's not something a text blogger or a video gaming blogger might expect in the mail. I love Denny's in the mail. You do? Wait oh, it was delivered by mail? [CROSSTALK] okay. so, they got this box from Denny's and it had an Atari 20600 in it. That's cool. Kind of, kind of cool. Did it, work? That would catch my attention, that's all I'm saying. We did not receive said Denny's box, because we're not cool enough for that, but other people did, and what Denny's is now doing is, they have teamed up with Atari, and they are making modified, remixed versions of three Atari classics, and they've renames them to be very cutesy and, and food space, so there's hashteroids. You can see it's just like Asteroids except you are a bottle of ketchup and you are shooting hash browns. Then there's centepuff, which is sort of like they're, you know, hush puppies. Not sure of the joke there, and then they have Take-Out, which is like break out, but with breakfast food. Oh that's the only one I didnt play. That's the only one you didnt play. Oh my gosh and that looks like the most fun one. It's pretty cool. So I kin, it's kind of a neat way to get people to download the Denny's App of course because that's where you have to go get it. But, those are the games. I love how they've even made cartridge art, like old Atari cartridge art for it. This is smart, I think this is a good thing. Because like, Denny's is like Americana, Atari is kind of associated with the 50s, Oh geeze video games made in the 50s, get out. Get out. Get out Rich [UNKNOWN] you don't know anything about video games. When I was growing up. In the 50s. In the old days in the 40s. Rich you look great for 70 years old. I, I'm turning 75 so for me I guess Denny's is more 50s, Atari more 80s. I actually, I never had the Atari box, I don't think like I had a big pong in our garage. Okay the original like arcade machine. Like the original like, arcade machine. Which I usually, like, plug in. That's pretty awesome. It was pretty cool. We like got it at a garage sale, or a neighbor's, whatever it was. But I would like plug it in, my dad was like don't plug it in, but I would. You're gonna explode! But this is really fun. I downloaded this to my Android phone, they really push you to whole, like, Google Play thing. Yes! Share, share, like, oh yeah, they want all your information. You can press Cancel. I pre, pre, I kept pressing Cancel and it still let me play. But I wanna, now I wanna play the breakout one. It looks really fun. Yeah, you got to play Take-out. Take-out. Take-out. It says they're only available for a limited time. Yeah, they're gonna, seems like it's gonna be short time thing. I'm sure they'll have some other promotion that they have available, but pretty cool and, obviously a really good marketing play because we're talking about it so mission accomplished. Yeah, and it got me to play. It's mission accomplished get out the banners. A game anyone can play. Yeah, it is a game anyone can play, so kind of cool. So good job Denny's, good job Atari. Kind of, can feeds my nostalgia for the day. I always like that when I get fed, fed my nostalgia for the day. Okay, do you think this is better than the promotion they did with the hobbit? Like remember when they had the I liked the middle earth breakfast, come on I love Denny's. All right, next story is I, this is very interesting and kind of future tech. Israel is going to be testing a levitating monorail. Now that sounds kinda of insane [CROSSTALK]. Awesome. And awesome. But it's, the, the theory behind this is almost like maglev trains but upside down. And also personalized. So there are these little tiny pods you can fit like I'm assuming maybe four or six people in? It look yeah, it looks like a couple. [CROSSTALK]. Yeah or maybe two. Two yeah- [CROSSTALK]. But maybe four for like a family or. [UNKNOWN] six. So you would call one of these up with, here's a [CROSSTALK] concept are [CROSSTALK]. Really cool, and you would call up one of these as you would an Uber. Here you go. Two. Two? So very thin. Wow. Skinny. So yeah, you call it up using the App and it, it somehow arrives to your little place. Yeah, we'll pick you up and then [CROSSTALK]. [LAUGH] Look at all the traffic! Oh God, looks like Los Angeles! Above all the traffic. That's LA. That's downtown LA. [CROSSTALK] This is cheaper to build than a typical rail system, or a typical highway system. This picture is interesting to me, the one with the, I love the hole in the building. So they just drop me off at work right next to the elevator. That's what I, that's my dream in life. I guess their point is that these are way smaller, they're quiet, they're safer. Very quiet, no pollution. There's no emission. You have your iPad in there. Very interesting sort of, way to go about travel. But this company, the thing that I found very interesting about this particular company is that. They're based here. They are based here. In, in mountain view. They're a California transit company named Skytran, and they are a NASA partner, so these, these are a team of people, researcher engineers who know what they're doing. Like these are people who are not just like, random students getting together and saying we have this lofty idea that, you know, we're not really sure can happen. We're gonna try it. Like, this is gonna get built and tested Yeah. in Tel Aviv. It says 24 months from the start of construction, Two years, that's short. It's projected for Q4 20, the first commercial system is gonna open Q4 2016. Soon. That's pretty soon. I feel like that's really soon. This, I don't know about you, but this has always been my dream, like, I love these, this idea of this type of transportation. It's as close as we're gonna get to the Jetsons. Right? Right. That's sort of as close as we get. How could would this be? And it sounds like it'd be totally quiet, it'd be fast. They say it can go up to 150 miles per hour. Smooth. That would be, but I would not wanna see a crash at 150 miles per hour. Well, they're saying, oh. I mean, real trains crash sometimes. Exactly. That's what I'm saying. So I wouldn't wanna see. But then again, but then again, here's the thing and not to diminish the value of one or two human lives. Oh no, don't go there. If one crashes, it's two people, it's not 150 people. You're saying it's totally fine? But if one's gonna crash. No, I'm saying it's just less of a, it is less of a giant, like accident, like, you know what I'm saying? It's just two lives. Its just two people and of course that would be me and like my, my dog. What if it crashes in that building that was, that was- Oh yeah, see, that's, that's when it That was going through. You see, there's collateral damage? That's when it becomes a problem. I still like tube- So we love that. I still like tube travelling, like in Futurama- The hyper- Where you just get in a tube and it just shoots you somewhere. I thought you were talking about Elon Musk's what is it called? The hyper- Oh yeah, the hyperloop. The hyperloop,that- I want the hyp, the hyperloop. I don't know if that's ever going to happen, though. And then our last story today is pretty great. The 4th of July is coming up, if everyone celebrates 4th of July, everybody loves a watergun fight, I mean come on. Everyone is celebrating the 4th of July, there's no question if you are. No, but there's people who watch our show who don't live in America. Oh, okay. [CROSSTALK] Okay, listen. In Canada, you celebrated Canada Day earlier. So, here you go. Another thing to celebrate this weekend. Okay. We should all just celebrate the existence of this water gun. The makers of Subaru, which is that putty stuff that you can use, that is waterproof. People use it to solder and fix things and add handles and stuff. They decided to get a little crazy when the summer started and they created this, which looks very dangerous, but is a water pistol. Which is awesome. [CROSSTALK] This looks like a lot of fun. I, I love this, I feel so much enthusiasm for this, that it just they, like, they, they've put paint in it, or like, they, they watered down [CROSSTALK]. Some kind of colored water, which Yeah, some colorful water. [CROSSTALK] I would like to see With the food coloring in the water It wouldn't have looked as good [CROSSTALK] No, no of course not. If they hadn't done the colored water [CROSSTALK] Of course not. Amazing, I love it. So, this stuff basically is like Playdoh, but then you can shape it? I'd never heard of it. [CROSSTALK] It's super, really? You play with it and it turns hard after 30 minutes [CROSSTALK] into rubber. I've seen this on my. [UNKNOWN]. Like you, you can, it's very pliable until you set it and leave it alone, and then once it cures it's like, very strong stuff. But it's rubbery. It's like, still a little malleable. Yeah, it's a little malleable. But it fixes things, so it's almost like a super-powered silly putty. But it's not for kids. You don't give this to your kid to play with. No, cuz they would eat it. But if they were older, maybe like ten to 13, they could probably use it to like build some cool stuff, so that's. But super makers made this gigantic, ridiculous amazing water pistol machine gun, as a gatling gun. I would like to see if they use a CO2 canister. Yeah. [CROSSTALK] water fight. I wanna see two people run after each other like that. Just like they're in Counter Strike. Shoot each other with water guns. How much is that gun? They are not producing it, actually. I'm placing my order. What? Oh, man. They will not be, can't preorder that one. Sorry Rich. No Kickstarter? Maybe. Maybe Super will do a Kickstarter. Super, if you're listening, I think people would really enjoy Put those plans up, on Yeah just like Google Cardboard. Exactly. Put the plans up so people can DIY their own at home. I can just see that backfiring on me. [LAUGH] Yeah. **** in this CO2 canister wrong, then all of a sudden just. Yeah. Right in my face. All right, we are gonna take a very short break, 30 seconds to be exact, but before we do that we saw this video and it has nothing to do with news-slyness, or. No. With anything. Anything, it just looked cool and We love it. It's been making the rounds on the Internet and this is a tree getting cut down into mulch in five seconds, kind of, kind of scary, honestly. I would not wanna be underneath this. I would not wanna be that tree, is what I'm saying. Don't get near this device. Logan, roll the tape. Oh, brings a whole new meaning too, bye bye birdie. All right, we're gonna go on a 30 second break. Don't click away. It's Tomorrow Daily. [MUSIC] Welcome back, to Tomorrow Daily. We shaved down six trees in the time, that you watched that Ad. Pretty awesome. So it's all mulch now, so it's all being recycled, it's okay. Yeah, that's right. It's all going back into the earth. Except for maybe any animals. I hope no animals were harmed, I truly hope no animals were harmed. Circle of life. We're in the second half of the show, this time around today, we're gonna do Back it or Hack it, we've got a pretty good Kick-starter that we saw, we could, caught our eye this morning. It's got a, got about a month left and we've got some very interesting things to say about it. So this is the pond wireless charger. And what this is, is it's a wireless charger for IOS and Android. It's a [UNKNOWN] charging. So it's if you have that standard available, it's automatically work. Like the two phones that have it. Like the two phones that have it. Android, of course. But where is it? Where is it? I don't see it. Wait. Where? Oh, there it is right there. Oh, it's that beautiful wow, I thought that was a beautiful piece of art. It's this beautiful dish. And you'll notice there's no cables coming out of it and it's actually, it's a totally encased battery. A very high, It's got 10,000 milliamps. Yeah, a 10,000 milliamp battery. So this is a charger that you sort of charge. That you have to charge. Which, I don't like that part. A wireless charger that charge, charges wirelessly without the need of wires to charge it. But you need a case on your phone. You do. If you have an iPhone you definitely need a case. But they also have these little things that you attach, it's like almost like a dongle. Like, they call it the stream, I think? Yeah, they have these little little Add-ons that you can attach that you can also use if you don't wanna use the other thing. Like for your iPad. So like [CROSSTALK] That's what I would do. [CROSSTALK] Here. You just pop it in the lighting port. Yeah. And then you just take it off and leave it on the, on the pond. Yeah. That, that's what I would do. So yeah they say this stuff is so unsightly nobody wants to do this but this oh look at how classy that looks it looks so, so very classy. It is beautiful, it's a beautiful device I think that the chi standard has never really taken off. No not really. I've got it on my Nexus five, I've used my charger with it,I wanna believe in this, this. Yeah. Standard I think it would be great. Or any wireless charging standard that's like really good. Yeah, I mean, but the thing is, if it's not, if it's not built into the iPhone it has a short life. Because nobody, Right You know, a lot of us talk about how we don't like to have cases on our phones. Right And this case is not an extra spare battery it's literally a Gcase. The neat thing is they made it look pretty good. It looks nice. It does look really pretty and they actually have them in different finishes on the back so you can match it to your pond if you so chose. But the one, here's my problem with it, this is supposed to deliver to backers in August. Yeah, how is that possible? Which means you use it for a month, and then there's a new iPhone, and, and rumor has it we're gonna be seeing a, like, I mean, unless some crazy alternate universe starts happening, we're gonna see a larger iPhone in September or October, so. And their ditching lightning now. Oh is that the new rumor? No. [LAUGH] Is that the new rumor? I was like please don't tell me this. Could you imagine like after one year? Oh, people would just, would revolt. I'm just kidding. There's no, they won't do that. Yeah. But, but they're gonna make a bigger phone, which means your case won't work. Yeah that's yeah. So then do you then have to, yeah, now you have to buy another case, from Pond. And you have to figure out how you're gonna make that work. And then who knows how long it's gonna take them to, to manufacture and prototype. Yeah. And manufacture a case for the iPhone 6? It's just a really kind of, that's a risky thing for me unless I say I say you could pack it. I'm gonna say no for me. Like no. Yeah. I'm not gonna do it. Yeah I would say no. I think it's a $140 bucks at the base. Yeah a minimum. But. If you have a two year contract on your iPhone 5s, or your Android device. I say maybe good. [UNKNOWN] I, if I, there's a couple unanswered questions. First off I read that it says full charging up to one Amp. So, I think that the iPad requires two for your charge. So if you wanna actually charge it like in a normal time. It requires two. [CROSSTALK] That's a little strange. Yeah 2.1. Yeah. So and my second thing is, I would like to know if you can leave this plugged in. Cuz I don't really care, I have a table by my door, that I don't mind if there's a little plug coming out. Yeah just have like a little plug. I'm sure you probably could. But I don't know, Because you have to. Cuz it's a rechargeable battery though. So I'm a little concerned that it doesn't like. It can't charge while it's also giving out that charge, I don't know. true, maybe you have to unplug it for it to charge, I don't know. No, I don't know, those are the questions I have, I'm sure I can get those answered if I e-mail. Yeah, yeah. [CROSSTALK] But I'm gonna, I'm gonna hack it right now Sorry guys, sorry Pawns. No It's a real, it's gorgeous, don't get me wrong Yeah, beautiful. It's unbelievably beautiful, but just not right now. Maybe after the, when the sixth comes out. When the sixth. That will be right. And hopefully theres that charging center built in but there won't be. Yea, no, probably not, sorry. No NFC. [CROSSTALK] We'll see. I don't know. Our very last thing we're and gonna do is of course user feed back where we read all of your user tweets and emails. Maybe not all of them because that would take for ever. But we read some of the stuff and we also have our phone part of the day. Let's check our your TD emoji tweets which honestly, were probably the best thing in the universe to me. You guys sent a lot of TD emoji tweets about the emoji social media network so we're gonna try to decipher your tweets. So we have Chris Zibit, who sent us heart. Finger pointing, to the right, and a camera. I love your show. I'm gonna say love your show, which, we love you back, and then we have greenhornet51, who has apple, eyes, watch, thumbs up, thumbs down. Hmm. Apple for your eyes. I watch, oh, I love Apple products Now I think it's saying Oh, I love the Apple watch. The Apple iWatch thumbs up or thumbs down. Right. I think he asking how we feel, we'll have to see when it comes out I say thumbs up, sight unseen. I say, I say I'm cautiously optimistic. It's gonna be awesome. And then we have Eli Finn who sends us, a face blushing, a face crying with laughter. A knife. A knife? And Fireworks, so I'm gonna guess this means, I am shy, but I laughed at your show so much I cried, and then I stabbed a fireworks. Why would he stab a fireworks? I don't know. I thought he was grilling, and he was like, butchering the meat first, for his fireworks for his barbecue. Oh, okay, cutting up the meat, for the 4th of July BBQ. Somebody asked me today, is emoticon the same as an emoji? No, because emoticon is a text based one. So, you know an emoji is like the little actual ani, like they're little cartoons. Okay. Good to know. I think that's the difference for me, it is. But are all emoticons Your mileage may vary. All emojis are emoticons? Yes. But not all emoticons are emojis. I don't know. I'm not an emoji expert. I should call somebody. I thought you were. Maybe there's a scientist. We need an emoji scientist. I need an emoji expert, you guys. Someone who studies emojis everyday. Do we have any more? No, those our three. And then, and then we have out photographer of the day, which is Andrew S, and he sent us this lovely picture, which is so colorful. I love the sky and he says I love you guy's show. I couldn't wait to send you my photography. I couldn't choose which photo to send you, so I sent two. These are both photos of Vallingby Central in Stockholm, Sweden, taken on my LG G2 D800. So this is on an LG G2, which has a very nice camera. Here's the full screen of it, so gorgeous. Beautiful. Again we don't have any colors in Montana. Again we need. The sky is brown. I love that we have so many international viewers. I do. And now I feel bad about the July 4th comment because now I'm thinking. I'm so- There's more- U.S. centric, there's a whole world out there. Listen there's more to the internet than America, Rich. Man, I got to get out more often. There's more to the internet than America. Yeah this is gorgeous. And now it makes me, I just wanna travel all the time now. Yeah. Your guys picture is making me, want to just get on a plane with a backpack and go around the world. Amazing. The good news is wherever we go we have places to stay. That's true yeah, we can. I am assuming we can both crash at your place. That's all I'm saying, Andrea. But gorgeous picture, congrats. Phonetogropher for the day, it was really fantastic. We at, we get like at least a, a pretty. We get a wide, variety of pictures every single day so we will do our best to get. We can't get to all of them. No. There's just no way. But we do enjoy them all. But we do, I do really truly enjoy them all. Rich, we both look at them and we both ooh and awe over all your great pictures. But on that note, it's time to close out the show. Aw, well it's been fun. I know, it's so sad. [CROSSTALK] It has been fun. And we have one more tomorrow, so that's good. We have our, we want to know what you think about the monorail, so our hashtag for the day is TDMONORAIL, we wanna know how you feel. Would you ride it, would you be scared? Would you, would you want one in your hometown? Ooh. Would you. What would you. What else would you want it to do? Would you want it to take you somewhere? And then, you can also email us. You can email us your links to your phone-tography. You can email us comments, questions, concerns tomorrow@cnet.com. And, you can always find us on social media. We're on Twitter. We're on Facebook. We're on Instagram. We are hash, or, we are user. Tomorrow Daily, on all those places. [INAUDIBLE] Yeah. And if you wanna find us individually, I'm Ashley Esqueda. And I'm Rich Demeuro. [INAUDIBLE] Daily. [UNKNOWN], you guys, we'll see you tomorrow.
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