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Tomorrow Daily: Tomorrow Daily 010: Third-person VR, emoji social networks, and more
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Tomorrow Daily: Tomorrow Daily 010: Third-person VR, emoji social networks, and more

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On today's show, we're checking out lots of fun stuff: a wearable that lets you see yourself in third person, a new eco-friendly vending machine, an emoji social network, new releases, and your user feedback.

There's an Occulus Rift add on that lets you see yourself in the third person. Going to Taco Bell and wolfing down a chalupa, has never felt so heroic. In Australia, they have machines that reward you for depositing your junk. In America, you'd get arrested for that. And a new social network is launching that only allows emoji. All I have to say about that is, angry devil, octopus, flexing arm, star. It's Tomorrow Daily. Let's celebrate. [MUSIC] And, of course, I would want to celebrate by using Emojis, which would be the, let's see, the New Years Eve Emoji? The little champagne cork popping. Champagne Emojis. That's how we would express that on Emojily. We'll get to that shortly. But, hi, welcome to Tomorrow Daily. I am Ashley Esqueda and joining me as always Rich DeMuro, my pet partner in crime. It feels so good to be here. It does feel good to be here. We were just wondering how this show even happened, because we love doing it so much. Yeah. We do love it. It's a lot of fun. I hope you guys realize how much we love doing it. For real. And the fact that. Still a work in progress. Yeah, of course. I mean, let's not, let's not, mince words here. But then we've go all kinds of improvements coming in July. I'm actually really excited about all the things. We've got new graphics coming, new segments, new games, maybe some give aways. Ooh. We'll see what's going on, but, to all of you who have stuck around the first couple of weeks, thanks, cuz it's been pretty fun. Yeah. So, with that being said, let's jump into the headlines. [MUSIC] As I mentioned, there is now a, a, an Oculus Rift add-on that is also a wearable. So wearables upon wearables now we're getting into. This is a really interesting piece of technology that allows you to use an Oculus Rift, so you have the headset on. And then you have a backpack that has two cameras mounted on it and it gives you the double camera vision. That you would need to be able to see what you are doing in the third person and here is the guy. it is kind of like a virtual periscope with you in it but you you are the subject cameras you are the subject like your very own video game and there he is walking around. You know, this would have been much cooler if maybe he had a sword. Yeah. If he was fighting. You need some virtual swords and things that you can hold in your hand. Yeah like a staff, maybe some magic, that would have been cool. Shoot him in a wizard robe. Oh. Like you see yourself. Well, hang on, why can't they just do that, they'll, somebody will build that upon But, AR, yeah Yeah With like, you can put a little bar code that will scan you in a costume. [LAUGH] Sounds amazing. How much does this thing cost, do they say, or? No, no, still in development. Actually this looks like it is an entry for an intel wearable contest Hm. So they, at the very end of this video, they say, [UNKNOWN] this is our entry for this contest. So, I actually kinda think it's a cool thing. And this company Messy or Meepy [CROSSTALK]. Yeah, we're not sure how to pronounce it. [LAUGH] I'm not 100% certain on this, because their Polish and so, I'm not 100% [CROSSTALK] That'd be Meepy. No, I'm just kidding [LAUGH]. Oh, well there you go. [LAUGH] Any, Polish viewers out there, feel free to correct us and tell us how that's pronounced. They were saying that it's powered by Arduino. So it's an Arduino kit and the built the cameras and kinda figured out how they wanted to do it. And then they also see it being used beyond basic you know, gaming uses. So they see it being used in medical, or being used in driving. You know, any kinda stimulation which is really kinda cool. It, it's a smart idea, you are talking about dreams earlier. So a couple thoughts on this. First off, when you dream, a lot of times you dream in third person. Like you see almost like a camera. You see yourself. Right. So that's kinda like that. Second thing is I feel like this is going to the lowest common denominator. Porn. Yeah, I mean, some sorta, maybe not, but like, yeah people. Sexy time movie. That's what you're saying. YEah, just different angles, vantage points. Yeah, well of course. And really traditionally just to, to, get a little more professional with it. That industry, the adult film industry, has actually pushed a lot of technology to the forefront, like for example, VHS. Yeah, they like to claim all that stuff. They, it really. Yeah, I mean it did, but. It really did, so I mean, it, it's not so much so as it was, maybe 30 years ago. But for, for sure there are applications beyond you know, your basic video game stuff. That, that people are gonna use this for, whether it be a little you know, a little racy, a little risqué. A little more risqué. Or you know, for something like, medical use, saving a life. So really cool, so good on you guys. It's a really neat way to use Oculus. Yeah, it's a good, it's a good thing seeing the Oculus technology, that whole, just. It's opening up new worlds. Yeah. You know, and they put together the Go Pro's. This is sorta like, off the shelfs components. Yeah. With a little software mixed in. And it goes to show what the imagination can bring. And let's people live out their video game fantasies. Like, to me, it looks like you should be walking the Land of Zelda. Like, the new trailer they showed [CROSSTALK]. So great. I love it. Tell me about this vending machine, because I find this very fascinating, and I wanna know why we don't have these all over. Well we should, right? So it's called Envirobank It's basically a vending machine that you deposit your recycables in Australia. Okay. So it's putting these up around town. Apparently 58% of stuff in Australia that should be recycled is not. Wow, that's a lot. Now that seems like a really high number. So they're just trying to get people off the streets to kinda you know, pick up their stuff throw it in this machine instead of throwing it out. And when you put your stuff in this machine, your junk, as we said, they can give you rewards. Like you put in a bottle and you might get you know, a ticket for a lottery. Yeah, they ask you what kinda reward you want. So you can get an immediate reward that is maybe less valuable. So maybe you get a two-for-one coupon at a food truck or something like that. Or you can actually enter almost like a recycling raffle. I'm gonna call it a recycle raffle. Sure. Sounds good. A recycling raffle where you can win things like tickets to events and different bigger prizes. So, this is a really great way to sorta get people to recycle when they normally wouldn't. Or, you know, I find a lot of times if I'm walking down the street somewhere and I'm not near my home, I don't recycle because. You just throw it on the ground, right. Well yeah, of course I just, I angrily throw it on the ground. You crush it first, then throw it on the ground. No there's just, there's regular trash cans. And so, if you just throw it on the ground, you don't think twice about it or,. But. Or you throw it in the trash can and don't think twice about. Okay, here's my problem with all this, and I think recycling is great, but I think number one, that number seems really high. Like in America, I feel like in the main, in the main cities, a lot of stuff is recycled. Number two, I feel like the trash companies recycle stuff too. Like even if you throw- That's what we have- In that regular trash, don't- We have- Don't they recycle? Like in the city I live in, we don't a recycling bin, this city actually pays for all trash Right. In the city to be sorted at a facility, like it is all recycled. So that way it keeps people who would never recycle, like if they would recycle their stuff too. But maybe you know what, the difference is- You have to pay for that. Exactly, I bet you it costs more money to recycle trash after the fact,. As opposed to making people just do it themselves. Okay, right. When they're just walking down the street. I would love this in tourist areas. To me this is like a thing I wanna see in Times Square. This is a thing I wanna see in Hollywood by Gra, TCL Chinese theater. It's not Gramens anymore, we can't all it Gramens. TCL Chinese theater or like you know, the Kodak or the Dolby or whatever, whatever it's name this year. Cuz all these theaters, they get new names. But I really like this idea and I think that we should be seeing stuff like this a lot more often. Especially in tourist areas. And you think Beaches. Beaches. The reward, the reward is what makes it kinda fun. I mean you're not getting Yeah. A huge reward. But it is It's something. People love something. Exactly. And it's not just like a nickel or you know like, I know people who take in bags and bags of recycling. Really. Like once every couple of months. Are they your friends? Yeah, They collect bottles and cans and it looks like they have kids Who are you hanging out with? And it's like a fun thing for them to do and they're, well, they're very environmentally minded people. Okay, that makes more sense. So, they take a giant bag of cans, like they crush all the cans together, they take them down, it's a very exciting thing for the kids. But, you know, they get a couple of bucks back and that's fine. But, like this, to me is a way that's fun for the kids to get, like, you know, a little allowance money. Yeah, of course. But for adults I feel like this is a better way to get people to recycle when they're out and about. And it teaches kids good things. You know, it teaches them the, the, you know, the value of a dollar. It teaches them good work ethic. All that good stuff. Yeah. Exactly. So, good job. Envirobank and bring them here. Yes. We like that idea, we like it a lot. Rich, we need to discuss, and I am not really sure how we can discuss. Yeah we can't use words for this story. We can't use words for this story. Emojli [INAUDIBLE] this is really weird. Is a new social network, so it is like a Twitter, like a Facebook, but you can only use Emoji. You cannot use words or letters, you can not use any of that. None of that. Numbers, nothing. Only emoji. This is the emoji-only network. So, here's there, here's their promo video. Is this a joke? Come on. I, you know. Tell me if it's a joke. The, the president of the company is saying this is not a joke. This 100% not a gag. We are not kidding, this is for real, so. Now do you have unlimited emoji's or just the official emoji's. I, you know, I would imagine you can get, cuz you can get apps that have more emojis in them, so maybe that they're supported. I'm not 100% sure. But on the website, it's like, no words, no spam, it's emoji. And it even says like, you, there can't be spam cuz there's not an emoji for spam. Well maybe they'll come up with a spam emoji. Somebody is gonna, somebody please come up with a spam emoji. How do you choose, so you have to, so your username has to be emojis as well? Yeah it says on the website it says, reserve your username, your username must only be emoji. Mm. That's it, and it's only available for iOS right now. Okay, has it opened yet? Or it's opening soon? Not yet. Yeah, you can reserve your username, that's what's going on right now. This makes sense, I mean a lot of people on Facebook are already responding to comments, Speaking emoji. Speaking emoji, a lot of people text emoji. But don't you need words to convey? Like isn't there context you know, brought up by, no. Look, it's a little. What's underneath the, what's underneath, is that That's chocolate, that's chocolate Ice cream. Chocolate ice cream. Okay, here's my prediction. I've got my prediction right here. I say Emojily is going to buy the Yo app. It's gonna be an acquisition. Emojily and Yo, they're gonna merge, all right. Yeah, they're gonna merge In the next year or so. Mark my words. All right, and then you'll be able to post Yo or an Emoji. Yo or Emoji. All right, that's a really good prediction. In 100 or something characters or less. It's yeah, only 100 emojis. Are there a limit to the emojis? I would image there has to be some limit. Like can you imagine too many? Okay, so you send me a message in emoji right now and I'll try and guess what that message is. Okay heart. [LAUGH] Lady in a red dress, now. Yeah that was it. Yeah, I love the lady in the red dress. LIke I guess, I mean there is a game on Facebook that lets you do that lets you do whatchamacallit. You, you gives you about of emoji, and you have to get the movie or the concept of the word. That is kinda fun. Yeah, that is kinda fun. I did a story a couple of days ago, it is an app called Line. Have you heard of this thing? [UNKNOWN] So they do stickers which are like bigger emojis. Oh yeah okay. And my million dollar idea said you know what these are great, because they really want you to communicate any stickers versus the typing. I said, but you should be able to type into the database of stickers. Like words. To find what you want to express. Yeah, you type out a sentence and it automatically, we need an emoji translator. That's what we're gonna do. Oh, someone's gotta do that. Look. Wait. We're gonna take a quick break. Emoji translator. We're gonna develop an emoji translator during the break and when we come back, we're gonna get into new releases cuz it's Tuesday. And we're gonna do your user feedback. So click away, it's Tomorrow Daily. [MUSIC] Welcome back, this is Tomorrow Daily, the show that could not develop an emjoi translator during the break. Ugh, just not enough time. Sorry guys. Yeah, we're working on it. I promise. Gives us like another minute or two. Give us a few, give us a few breaks over episodes. We have a hackathon going on the control room right now. Yes, every, we do like a 30 second hackathon every single episode, and at some point we're gonna strike gold. Yeah. it's gonna happen. It's Tuesday. That means new releases. There's lots of new stuff out there. And we're super excited because it's the beginning of the month, it's July 1 which means lots of new Netflix stuff. Yeah. Which I always like. Like a whole, the catalog just turns over Yeah. Every month at Netflix. It's really, I mean it is extremely dramatic if you are really into these things. So did, we lost a couple of movies, really great movies, like Dr. Strangelove, and Raging Bull. But now we're gaining some really good stuff. For example, we have we'll see. What have we got going on this time around? We have the entire Karate Kid series, the oh gee Karate Kids series one, two, three. Yeah, I gotta rewatch that. Wow, Ralph Macchio. This is good, now did it fall to cliff? I don't remember like the third one? I'm pretty sure it probably fell off the cliff. I don't even think I saw the third one, yeah, jumping the shark. But the first and second ones are classic, so if you haven't seen any, you should totally watch them. Mister Miyagi, oh man. And this, this was, that was a formative part of childhood. I think most kids like born around our time. Catching the flies with chopsticks. Yeah, yeah, wax on wax off. Wax on, wax off. New thing, it's so good. We also have Bad Santa, which is my favorite Christmas movie of all time, starring Billy Bob Thornton. This is a great one. Hilarious. Now, producer. [CROSSTALK] Also not for children. Producer Logan said, of course this is great that they have this right now, Christmas in July. July 1st, yeah. But, he said of course it's probably not gonna be there when you actually wanna watch it in December. November and December you'll never see it, But you don't know. Maybe they kept it, maybe it's like a year long run. Who knows? Yeah it might be. Okay. Maybe they'll keep it for six months. [UNKNOWN] six month contract. Six months. There you go. I mean who does contracts for less than six months? [CROSSTALK]. Could be gone January 1st. Maybe that'll be it, and then the last one is The Master, which I haven't actually seen but I'm kinda dying to see it. I'm really excited it's on Netflix now cuz I can just add it to my que. What is this about? Golf? This is the one, this is the [UNKNOWN], I can't speak this is with Joaquin Phoenix and the late great Philip Seymour Hoffman. Oh. Sort of a, oh, it's not a parody because it is not funny it is a dramatic movie but it is definitely inspired by maybe a little scientology in there. Oh, oh okay. But very, very good it is about how you know, Joaquin Phoenix's character kinda gets Taking in by Philip Seymour and his wife. And he's very magnetic, he has a magnetic personality. And he leads this group of believers in their sorta, they have their own little group sorta their own little thing going on. Very, very interesting stuff and but very, very good movie. And of course, Philip Seymour Hoffman, even though he is no longer with us. Just a fantastic actor. Absolutely. And, really brilliant apparently, in this, I've heard nothing but good things. So, there's that and technology wise, we have a new iPod touch out, if you are so inclined. Now, is anyone buying these things still? I mean, I guess, I feel like the market is children. Yeah, I think so. And also, I really like sometimes having physical media and I find that I take so many photos and video on my phone. That I prefer to have a separate device just for music for like, in my car. okay. And so now we have a 16 gig iPod Touch. We, we had one before, but it was only available in space grey and was it- It's not very full featured. It didn't have a camera on the front. Yeah, and, and, and it's didn't have a rear facing camera. No can't, would that have any camera? No, I think it had a front facing camera. Hi, oh just front facing But no rear facing camera, it wasn't really, there weren't a lot of color options. The 16 gig. No. The other, the 32 and the 64 were still available. Yeah, there were, that was like their big push when they came out with the new iPod Touches that were like,. Yeah. The little, the little loop cord. Yeah. But now they've made it, but it was expensive to get into that one. Now it's 199, so you can get a 16 gig for 199. I still think that might be a little too expensive, but it seems like it when you. It seems like flash memory, like, we really, we can really get down to, I feel like that iPod Touch could be 150, like 149. I would say 99, 99's like a sweet spot for any gadget. 99 still seems, that's well, because you have a touch screen and because you have a camera on it, and stuff. That's true [INAUDIBLE]. Like, I say 149, like 149 seems appropriate and then like. Now there is a price drop on the 32 and the 64 gig the got a $100 price drop from 399 to 299. So maybe we will see late this fall a refresh of the iPod line because we haven't seen one in a while and we might see a 128 gig ipod. There will be a refresh to the iPod line it is called the iPhone 6. [LAUGH] I see what you did there hilarious. Let's get into your user feedback so that we can wrap this show up, we have a lot of really good feedback. Again, you guys are amazing. Yeah. Yesterday we asked you to tweet at us with #tvhoverbike, and we asked would you ride it. And, I love this one, @you_failed_me. Very optimistic user handle. He says, If I ever get to use a hover bike, I would never get off of it. Even if it ran out of fuel. #tdhoverbike. I love it. Even if it ran out of fuel. Ran out of fuel. That's what I think. I think we make it solar powered Ian and we continue to ride it off into the sunset, and it will never ever run out of fuel. Lots of dust storms behind you I'd imagine, if you're in the desert. Yeah. Why don't we get Mister Fusion on there, Yeah, right. Let's start dumping in banana peels and stuff. Or get that, yeah, it's like that vending machine in Australia Yeah, get a little, miniature version if it. Just throw in the trash and it keeps going. Throw in the trash. It's a miniature, it's like a [UNKNOWN] fuel And it gives you rewards. I love that. We also got an email. You guys will be interested in this. This is an email from Eli, He says; I just watched the last episode from last Friday, which was our Thursday episode. And was pretty excited about that WorldView near space experience. I was excited until I saw the price tag. Both of you were off about the price. Going price to reserve a spot is $75,000 per person! Yeah, not going to happen for us regular folks anytime soon. Woah, that's a lot. Unfortunately, Now is that 75 a deposit or is it the actual price? Like it's even more. I think that's to reserve your spot yeah. Oh my gosh. So yeah. But no, I think that's the full price. Oh that is the full, okay. I think it's just you're paying for you, you're paying for the full experience up front so they can use that money Yeah. To develop again to keep paying into the development. Mm. I see what they're doing. [CROSSTALK] That's pretty expensive. But maybe after it launches it will be cheaper, I don't know. Hopefully. But yeah no, I know we will not be paying. I put 50,000, I thought that was really high so. It'll be, after the first one crashes, it'll be really cheap. Yeah, yeah, because the first one crashes. You know, the prices always go down. Not the first one you know, but like the first. After the first capsule crashes, the prices will crash with it. They always go down. It'll be great. And then our very last entry or user feedback is actually our phonetographer of the day. Our phonetographer of the day is Elvis J from Slovenia. Ooh, what a name. He has this beautiful picture. He wrote to us and said, love your show, watched it since it started. Anyway, here are some submissions for the phone-tography section. They were taken and edited on an iPhone 5, with VSO, V-S, I can not- VIO VSCO cam. Nice. And this is Bosnia and Herzegovina. Wow. Hopefully I'm saying that right. And if I'm not, I'm sorry. But it's so gorgeous, right? So, so green. Yeah. We don't have those colors in Southern California. I don't think. You need water for those colors. Yeah. We don't, we don't have water to make those colors, here. But so beautiful. I mean what a beautiful, beautiful country. He sent some other pictures too. His Instagram is actually stunning. Like you see this guy's Instagram page, I think it's Photo Elvis. Yeah with a name like Photo Elvis you gotta live up to your, your Instagram name. No, and he does. Photo Elvis let me tell you I was, I was Instagram stalking you and your stuff is pretty great. Like he's got some amazing photography on that page. Really, highly recommend. I like to stalk, guys, I stalk you guys just so you know. Everybody out there Yeah you think you stalk her? She stalks you. I'm watching you 100%. I know, I read every, everyone that has followed me on twitter, I read their bios. Wow, oh my god. I go through like a little, everyday, just go check And you just grab your coffee and like sit down. If you don't have a picture. If you don't have an avatar, I don't read your bio. Well, it sounds like they're watching the World Cup. Yeah, USA scored, the World Cup is happening outside. Pretty sure someone just scored outside. Something terrible or great has just happened. So on that note, we are gonna wrap this show up. Usually when that happens it's an earthquake in LA. Yes, usually an earthquake but no, it's the World Cup this time. So we're gonna wrap the show up but here is our hashtag of the day. Our hashtag of the day, just so everyone is aware, is #TDEMOJI. And I want you guys to write me a little emoji tweet and we're gonna try to decipher it. Oh, nice. So only emojis and then we're gonna try to figure out what you said. And no using emoji word translators. Yeah, yeah, yeah, none of that. If you find one online, don't use that. Don't use that. Just try to guess. Gotta make it up yourself. Like Star Wars, it'd be like star. And then you would have like a gun and a bomb and something else and a spaceship. Cape. Cape, light saber. That would be really easy. That's an easy one, so send your TD] Emoji use #tdemoji, you can tweet us those and you can also email us. Pretty much anything. E-mail us your phonetographer of the day submission. Send us a link cause it makes it easier for us to check it out. You can e-mail us tomorrow at with all of your love, your comments, your critiques. All of those things, you can find us on social media. Twitter, [CROSSTALK] Instagram, Facebook. We're Tomorrow Daily on all those places. Super easy to find. Very easy. And if you want to find us individually on social media I'm Ashley Esqueda. I'm Rick DeMero and I don't, I don't look at everyone's file. Sometimes I do. But I don't do it the way she does. Yeah, Rick hates people way more than I do. No I, I'm just really into it. So, you can find us online and we will be back tomorrow with an all new episode filled with great technology. And with that being said, that's been Tomorrow Daily, be good humans, we'll see you tomorrow. [MUSIC]
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