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Tomorrow Daily 004: T-Mobile's UnRadio service, Lego Fusion, cake math, and more: Tomorrow Daily

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Tomorrow Daily: Tomorrow Daily 004: T-Mobile's UnRadio service, Lego Fusion, cake math, and more

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Today, Tomorrow Daily wonders if T-Mobile's newest Uncarrier initiative is good (or bad!) for consumers, checks out Lego Fusion, watches a number nerd show us the "scientifically correct" way to slice up a cake, and discusses your thoughts on the Amazon Fire smartphone.

John Ledger unveiled Un-carrier five and six last night for T-Mobile, but I think he just throws these events so he can swear at all of us. Lego's introducing a new augmented reality set, it's one more way millions of parents won't be playing with their kids. And some math geek tells us the scientifically correct way to cut a cake. I say if you have cake left over, you're doing it wrong. All right, guys, it's our very last show for our first week. Welcome to Tomorrow Daily. [MUSIC] Hey internet. Welcome to Tomorrow Daily, your favorite technology show that you've barely heard of. I think that's going to be my, going to be for this week. That's sort of my saying. That's it. Oh we should consider that [CROSSTALK] Next week, I'll make up a new one. Well, you'll know it by then Yeah. Maybe next week, we'll keep going with that and then we'll change it again. Because people will know it by then. That's true. I'm your host Ashley [UNKNOWN]. I'm Rich DeMuro. And- Glad to be here. We've got lots of good stories today. It's a fun day. This has been a fun week. This has been a very fun week. It's always nice when you have one of those big events. And next week we have an even bigger event. We have Google I/O happening. Yes. Cannot wait for that. So many things, apparently. Maybe the Moto 360's gonna make an experience there. We will see. But. Let's jump right into the headlines it's been a pretty great day. So first of all, we have to talk about John Leg, John Legere. Oh yeah, old T-Mo. I like, I like to call him legs. Ok this is gonna be my You know, you mentioned him every day this week now. I do, legs, listen. He got a little out of hand last night [LAUGH] the Un-carrier Five event. Where they announced that they would be letting users, any consumer come to T-Mobile, go online and order, for a test drive, an iPhone 5S. Brilliant. I think this is totally brilliant. And T-Mobile's network has come a long way. True. It's still, it's still really good in the metropolitan areas, not so good sometimes in, like, the. Not so good out in rural areas. Rural areas. But that's what's great about it. It's 'cuz so many people are scared of getting this phone and this carrier. If you have an iPhone for a week and say it works where I work, it works where I live. This thing's gonna be just fine. And you know, they've, they've sold it and their LTE network has really gotten good. My question for you, Ashley. Okay. When you get this, phone, there's no way, this thing must be in like an Otter Box case, right? They're just not gonna put an iPhone out in the wild to like random people Yeah that's what their doing. Without a case. Yeah, they're just gonna- What if I drop it and scuff it? Maybe you can- And I go back into the store. Maybe you can also rent a case for a week. Yeah, I feel like they should put these in, like, I mean, I get it, they- But that's like putting tape on a rental car. I know, okay, yeah, I get it, you, yeah. You can't do that. It's like putting plastic seat covers on a rental car, it's kinda weird. That was my big question. I think this is brilliant. I think it's very smart. It's a good idea. I think it's going to win a lot of people that are scared to go there because they don't know. Right. I mean here's the thing like, we get to test a lot of stuff. We get to try out a lot of stuff. We do. We get very lucky. So I know what works and what doesn't in various places around Los Angeles and you know, the US where I've traveled. Most people don't have that ability. No. And those maps are only so good. I mean we know you can be driving- Right. In a place where the map says green and it just doesn't work. Where you drop down. There's no service. Yeah. We've all been there. And the other thing is they announced this has been this is very over dramatic sorry T-Mobile. They had a bunch of fans there to see Macklemore and Ryan Lewis because of course that was the artist that John Legend loves to have at his events or talk about because he crashed that party a few months ago at CES. But he announced music freedom. So this is now a deal, sort of a sponsored data deal but not paid for by the companies that are participating. It's just that T-Mobile will not count streaming music services including in this plan against your data cap. So if you use, Spotify, if you use Rhapsody, if you use. Pandora. Pandora, if you, there's a whole, like, handful of services. Not Google Music. But not [INAUDIBLE] and not Audio which is a service I use. However, they did say that they would be doing voting on [INAUDIBLE] website. Those are all the services that you can use right now. Obviously Beats not included in there. That is one of the voting things. That is one of the voting options. You will be able to go over to their Facebook page. On Facebook, you can vote for, it's either Beats Audio and, Google Play Music All Access. And some other ones like, like. Tune In Radio, I mean there's a whole list. I looked today. Tune In. Which is, this is, this is kind of a slippery slope to go down, because number one. I think this is a little dangerous. It's confusing too because T-Mobile's big thing is that they have unlimited data. Right. What this really pushes to the forefront is that fact that you are throttled after your. After your cap. Cap runs out. There's been a lot of talk about does this violate net neutrality. I mean I get it you guys. You want. It sounds amazing. You guys are able to have this, you know. You know. Free streaming like all I listen to is Spotify, like I'm just gonna listen to all day long. But then you have to think about the idea that smaller start ups may not be able to get in on these partnerships because they don't have the user base to be included. I finally caved to Spotify. Just because everyone's on there. Sort of like you have that. I'm not. Crowd mentality and it's like. I think a lot of people feel that way. Yeah. And especially now that they're gonna add this free streaming data. Somebody's who's not already on might say, huh. Yeah. You know what, maybe I just wanna go and stream. Maybe I stream so much music on an RDIO or Google Play that it's not worth it for me. Mm-hm. That I get data capped so quickly, I'm gonna start using Spotify and that's. That's where it kind of gets a little bit scary in terms of the future of how we're gonna, you know, kind of treat these companies. It's one of those things that kind of makes me go, well, that's really great for consumer, but But, still iffy. I don't know how it makes me feel on the inside. Sides. Overall what T-Mobile's doing has been really good for the industry. I agree. It's shaking things up. We switched, my family switched. I haven't switched yet but, my plan on my other carrier has definitely gotten cheaper because of T-Mobile. Because of it right. And I love that I just think that this was an odd kind of thing because it really, like I said, it puts to the forefront the fact that they're not unlimited data. No. It's very much throttled after a certain amount of time. They're all throttled. which is a bummer, unless your grandfathered in on that old AT&T plan or Verizon, which so few of you are left. [CROSSTALK] You're an endangered species. So tough. It's so tough to keep those plans. I mean, I have people with like old iPhones coming up to me like I won't upgrade I won't do anything because I have this $30 plan I will keep this 3GS until it dies. Yeah no I, I, there are so few of you guys left, you're an endangered species and kudos to you for sticking with it because honestly, I don't know how you do it. With the, just really quickly before I move on to the next thing, a lot of you were wondering if the iPhone 6 would be included in this sort of take your phone out for a test drive. Test drive. On T-Mobile, yes, John Ledger said that it would be when the 6 comes out, that would be an option, instead of the 5S, so. I'm sure that's subject to availability because there are shortages usually right at the beginning of an iPhone launch. But. Manufactured. But, you know, we'll see. So, but the 6 apparently will be part of this program. So there you go. Cool. Rich, tell me a little bit about this Lego set. Because I don't have kids. I have dogs. And so dogs are really bad at playing with Legos. Okay, so you, Ashley- Really. Have not ever tripped or stepped on a Lego, a rogue Lego in the middle of the living room, at, like, 2 a.m. when you get up to go to the bathroom? Well, I did win. Well, my little brother and I shared a bedroom when I was a kid. Okay. And he had Legos, and so yes there were some Legos [UNKNOWN] but it's been a really long time. Okay, and not as painful when you're that young. No, he could bounce back, he could bounce back. When you're an adult and, you know, you're a little bit like, you know, groggy whatever. So I've got the three year old at home and he likes, he's not a huge Lego kid just yet. Okay. I mean he likes the bigger ones. Duplo. Anyway, this is yeah. Duplos. This is called Lego Fusion. And what it is, it's sort of like their answer to augmented reality and virtual worlds in Lego. So you build something- Okay. With these special blocks and then you point your ap, iPad or I'm assuming iPhone too maybe with these special Lego virtual reality app added, and it sort of comes to life. But there's also a game element, too. You're teaching your child to take a picture with a tablet. That upsets me very much. [LAUGH] That's the only take away I get out of this. No, it's cool. This is the way of the world, I mean it's one of those things where, you know, I think it's good that they're doing this. It looks really interesting. I think that they made it, they gameified it. Which I think is kind of fun. Yeah. So, when you build something, it sort of comes to life inside this world. And it challenges you do to other things. Like you were saying that it's like, it asks you if, if you build like a store. Like the person might come out and say now build me a tree or something. Yeah like there's a, there's one that's a town sort of town fusion came you can play where you build like let's say a little house and then you take a picture of it. And the app brings it in. So you can see here some video of it, and oh, there's a house, and a little person comes out and they say I need XYZ. So, maybe they need a firefighter, or whatever. Okay. Yeah, and look it, there's a firefighter spraying water. And then you need to build. Go back to your legos, and build a firehouse, and then you import that into the game. And then your, maybe your firefighter needs something, and so you keep building things. And that's sort of how it works. It's sort of this infinitely generated, kind of, content. Overall, I think it's a great twist on Legos. I think that, this is a brand that is- It's really smart. Loved around the world. It is smart and it's a, it's a fun way of. Bringing them into the 21st century. Yeah. Legos are not going anywhere. No. I mean, they're, they're, they're a great toy. Kids love them. Adults- Adults love them! Like them. Will it be the successful thing Lego ever came out with? Maybe not. Maybe, maybe not. But it's a good, like you said, it's a good way to sort of introduce a new generation of kids to Lego. And also incorporate all of our fancy technology that we have. Which is great. And I like the augmented reality stuff. It's just kind of more fun. Very true, very true. So I didn't know if you knew this- Oh I love this. But you have been cutting cake all wrong your whole life. Man. Many people have said that. Just all wrong. I am, I am a terrible cake cutter. You are, you are the worst. We're all the worst cake cutter ever. All of us. This- Mathematically. This guy on YouTube put up this video and apparently there is this old scientific paper that was published but here he is cutting this cake. So this is the best way apparently to cut a cake and have left overs and then use them the next day. So he cuts this parallel line slice out of the middle of the cake. And he says if you cut it into the little triangles like you would a pie, a slice of pie, that they dry out. The sides dry out when you put it in the fridge. Which is true. But you say. But I say if you have cake left over, you're doing it wrong. Like I said at the beginning, you guys, eat all the cake. That's a tiny cake too. Number one, you should not have leftovers if a cake is that small. It is a small cake. So, so you have this slice in the middle and then he sort of pushes it together. And then wraps a rubber band around. Yeah. Come on. This is where he jumps the shark. The rubber band. This is a little bit shark jumpy so yeah, here is he pushed the cake together, he's got the other flights out and then here he comes with this rubber band and he's like I'm gonna rubber band this cake. Now first of all, not all cakes are covered in like hard fondant. And they're also not that small, like I'm talking in America, we use. Cakes from Costco at parties. In America [LAUGH] this guy's British so it's probably, that's probably the number one, but he's so yeah here he is again he's like okay here's your leftover cake you're getting it out on the second day, you've got your rubber band around it you're going to now cut perpendicular to your original slice and you're going to snap this rubber band and hope it doesn't hit you right in the eye. Hit some kid in the face. Yeah, totally like smack your kid in the eye. God forbid that you're cutting at a birthday party. And nobody is going to do, now, come on. You'll shoot your eye out. You know you've been at birthday parties where I actually do get a little upset when I see people like kind of mangle a cake when they cut it. Yes. But I always feel like I can cut it better than the person cutting it, like. That's true, I do that too. I keep that passive aggressiveness inside, but with that said. Cutting cake elitism. Right? Like you're like. I could totally tell that [UNKNOWN] You're really just ruining this for everyone. Especially when the kid takes the first cut its like [UNKNOWN]. But at the same time if you tried to do this at a party, nobody would deal with it. Everyone would be like what are you even doing. Stop it. What is happening here. And so heres this old thing. This is Francis Galton this is actually a pretty renowned. Re-, a scientist researcher he wrote this into a newspaper in 1906. Look how old that was. This is a cake cutting theory that's over 100 years old. There's our horrible, old, old fashioned, triangular cut. Yeah. And now he just keeps cutting parallel. My problem is that these rubber bands like- Yeah I know. First of all if you have a regular sort of marshmallow frosting it's just going to cut right, slice, slice right through the middle of the cake. So I I don't know. I think it's all wrong and you know like I said, just eat all the cake, problem solved. How hungry are you right now for that cake. That cake looks really good. It looked so moist even after a couple of days. Alright guys we'll be taking a little break and when we come back we'll be talking about some rumors. Of, one in particular is very, very interesting about Samsung. When we come back, but until then don't touch that internet dial. This is Tomorrow Daily. [MUSIC] Hey everybody, welcome back to Tomorrow Daily. We are jumping into the rumor mill. Time for the rumor mill. And we have a really interesting story, I, I've, allegedly, always with the rumors allegedly. It is a rumor mill, not the truth mill. Not the truth mill, that's correct, the truth mill we visit other times, before, before the break we visited the truth mill. This is the rumor mill and this is a very interesting rumor going around, Samsung is going to buy Nuance. Which is the company behind Dragon Dictation, Swipe, very big keyboard app on Android. And, also- The big one. Siri's voice recognition- Yeah. System. So this is, kind of a, this could be a little bit of a big deal. Could be kinda dicey for Apple, because my question is. Does Apple, so they power the voice recognition, but how much of that does Apple own on like the back end of like the sort of like the smarts of Siri. Like could they just replace the voice and be just fine? With just the recognition, it's the technology that recognizes what you're saying to Siri, so it's like Dragon Dictation. It's that same type of technology where. It can listen to what you're saying and can textually provide answers. I think Apple probably, they're not on the potential buyer's list, by the way, so Samsung is one of many potential buyers for Nuance. And Apple's not on the. And they've had a long relationship, Samsung and Nuance. They I'm not sure if Nuance powers S Voice which is Samsung's own version of Siri. Uh-huh. But they do have Swipe, like, sort of, pre-installed. Right. On all their phones. So, they've had a long relationship with this company. It makes total sense. I mean, it's a total power play. Yeah. It's actually a money saving play. Oh, of course it is because then you don't have license anything. You own the place. So, that sounds good. And, and Nuance has, pretty much has the best voice recognition technology. They've been working on it forever. It is very good. What does this mean for these other companies? That's really what happens, cuz Nuance is licensed in so many different ways. That is true. And- Now. Swipe is supposed to be coming to ios8 in the fall. What happens to that? What happens to that? What happens to swipe on Android? Maybe it just goes to Tizen if Samsung decides to only make Tizen phones in the future. Maybe they are Samsung Galaxy S exclusives keyboard. Maybe that's the keyboard that comes with you Galaxy Note, you know? Maybe and I'm sure with Apple, it could be a little, a little hairy with Apple for bit, but I have a feeling that because they know that they're on the potential buyers list, Apple's all ready looking around for another solution if they haven't all ready found one. I mean, think about it. I'm sure they have many different options available to them. How, I mean, look at how they recovered. So well from the maps fiasco when they dropped Google. Right. Just kidding! So, yeah. Come on. Sorry guys. Nobody uses that. I mean my point is that Apple, maybe they are on the offensive, maybe they know that this might happen but come on they're, this would be kind of tough. But maybe they've learned from the map situation and they're like we'd better get on this this now we'd better find a potential solution, or you know hey maybe they'll license from Samsung they've, they've done that in the past with other- Yeah I mean they do the chips. [CROSSTALK] Do they still build the chips? No, right. No. [CROSSTALK] Yeah right. After the lawsuit there was, you know, a lot of businesses dropped back and forth. [CROSSTALK] That was, the [FOREIGN] was put on that. But but I do think that they'll be fine. And I, I don't think Apple's doomed or anything like that. Sirius. Still kind of okay for me, like, I don't really use it a whole lot, so I don't know, Yeah. How much of a blow this would be to Apple but it still will be very interesting if Samsung did, in fact, end up purchasing Nuance. So, we'll have to keep an eye on that and, if we do, I'm sure we'll talk about it on the show. Probably. But, in the truth mill part of the show. Yeah, we'll do it. It'll switch to the truth, not the rumor. It'll switch to the truth. It won't be a rumor anymore. Do we get, did we get any responses? Oh my gosh. Do you about the fire? It has been amazing The fire or the phone? It has been so great how many responses we've seen on Twitter, Facebook You guys write a lot Email. I don't get the emails yet. You get all the emails I need to like auto forward you the emails You, you would [CROSSTALK]. Spammed. Yeah, well, it, it, but, it's great if people- I'll make a, I'll make a Gmail filter. I'll add a plus Tomorrow Daily to your email. Okay. And then when it, and then you can make a folder. And that way, I have more emails to check. But I love it. That's a, no, no, that's an email tip, you guys. If you didn't know this- Oh, yeah. And you have a Gmail account, you can add. Plus whatever. So if it's like you know Rich is the greatest tech host ever at gmail.com you can then send Rich is the greatest tech host ever plus tomorrow daily at gmail.com, and you can create a filter that when you get emails from that email address it will put them in their own folder. It's also great for spam. Great for spam. So you can sign up for a mailing list. Rich is the greatest tech host of all time. Plus spam all goes into the spam folder, yeah, it's super great. So if you haven't done that yet, it's a really good option. Some companies have gotten a little smart though. When you sign up for like those first time emails They only give you pluses Exactly Jerks Okay, so Asher Johnson Hogan actually Asher sent in this with a hashtag TDFire. Okay. We asked you yesterday basically what you think of the fire phone from Amazon. What do you think? And he said sounds like a phone for shopaholics who don't know that there are much better phones with the same capabilities. Ouch.>> Ow, Asher. Good burn Asher. Sick burn. We got, we got to go get some cream for that burn. [LAUGH] That. It's like second degree. It's serious. I, I agree with that and I also agree, like, this whole Firefly thing, I mean they have that app we talked about yesterday, the Flow. Right. It's basically the same thing. I installed it on my iPhone today and it's like, it does the same stuff. Yeah. And I mean, I don't think it's as good. I think they upped the ante. It's not as integrated, obviously. It's not as vertically integrated because Apple doesn't own an entire marketplace filled with. Physical and digital media products, just digital media. I mean, they have, you know, the iTunes store but at the end of the day it's not nearly as good as Amazon. No, Amazon knows what they're doing. Yeah. Do you want me to read the second one? Yes, do it. From Victor. @vplease, vpease. vpease. vpease said #tdfire. Amazon should give away the Fire for free. For all Amazon Prime subscribers. I love this idea, Victor. I think this would be brilliant. 100 percent agree. Think about it. Their already discounting it a hundred dollars. Yep. Cause their giving you a year of Prime for free. So, why not just discount the phone? They should have just done this. This should've been a bold move. Let's get legs in there, talking to [UNKNOWN]. Yeah, come on, legs. And say, you know what. No, to AT&T's. Exclusive, it's gotta be Ralph. [CROSSTALK] Come on get in there. Make a deal. Make a deal. Like just, subsidize this, make it zero. And make it where you get this phone when you subscribe for Prime. If you're already a Prime subscriber, you should've gotten an email yesterday saying hey. You can try, use this phone for free on contract at AT&T. Yes. Yes. Or like, make it like 50 bucks with an Amazon. 50 bucks, with an Amazon Prime membership. I mean, anyone who has Amazon Prime knows how much you shop on Amazon already. Exactly. They're gonna, you're gonna make Amazon, you're gonna make that money back. In spades. You're gonna make the money back! Like, what is, what was that the study they did a few years ago about how much more people shop when they have a Prime membership? Oh, yeah. They were saying something like your shopping habits go up like 3,000% over the course of a year based on if you have Amazon Prime, you feel compelled to buy things on Amazon. Let's, let's put it this way. If I'm buying an HDMI cable on Amazon. There's one for $12 on Prime, or there's one for. $2. $4, plus the $3 shipping. Yeah. I'm going with the Prime. Go Prime. Because I'm like, it's easy. Get it in two days. Two days, Prime. Way easier. But no, we agree with you VPs, at VPs. We think that phone should absolutely not be 199 on contract and unless it's for maybe somebody who doesn't have a Prime membership. Membership. Yeah. [CROSSTALK] It's 199 and then you get your free year of Prime. But at the end of the day really why not just offer the phone for Prime members for one, you know, $100. That's like the chicken before the egg though. It is, it is. It's like wait you pay for the phone then you get Prime free. Wait and then your Prime then you get it for free. It doesn't work out. Yeah, okay, fine. [CROSSTALK] And out very last email. Is Brian from Sunset Beach, North Carolina, and he- That sounds nice. That does sound like a very nice place. He says this phone will be an epic fail. It's way too expensive. No sponsored data, gimmick 3D. Does anyone remember the HTC First, the Facebook phone? AT&T exclusive? No? I thought not. Love the new show. Brian from Sunset Beach. Nice. Yeah. I like to still root for that phone as a chop chop. [LAUGH]. [INAUDIBLE]. Yeah, and it. And that was bad. And sort of, I mean the Facebook followers. Dedicated button for a specific service? Firefly, Facebook, could be the same. Well to be fair the firefy blutton, button also does the camera. So it's like it's a dual purpose. That's true it also does the whole like oh recognizing phone numbers and you know and posters. Well no, it does just regular camera, too. Fair enough Like it's one press for camera, long press for firefly, so they hedge their bets, Ashley So confusing It's not just a Facebook button. I know Brian, I kind of agree with you. It's going to fail Does it have an F on it though? What if it looked like a Facebook button? That would be upsetting That's not there [UNKNOWN] it's a little bug. No, it's nothing. [UNKNOWN] nothing. But yeah, you guys There's a little bug in our phone. oh. And all they can say our phone has bugs. [LAUGH] Our phone has a bug. It's a known issue. And it's, and it's a good one. It's a known issue and we did it. It makes you shop a lot. Yeah. That's the known bug in the Fire phone. Anyway, that's it for the show. Keep sending your e-mails. I'm actually, I want to know if people think that Tmobile Okay. Is crossing the net neutrality line with, with- Mm. With unRadio. That's what they're calling it. UnRadio. So, we're going to use TD on radio is going to be the hashtag. you can find us on social media. We're showing all of our social media stuff down below. Tomorrow Daily on everything. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. You can also email us tomorrow@cnet.com, which is our favorite email ever. And of course again, TD. On radio. That's your hashtag or you can email us. Either way. We want to talk about it on Monday. We'll be back, so it's time for you to enjoy the weekend. We know it's either late Thursday or Friday where you are. Relax. Relax. Take a couple days off. From Tomorrow Daily. We'll see you back here Monday. We will. All right, guys. We'll see you then. Thanks for watching. [MUSIC] [INAUDIBLE] I feel good about it. How long? Nice. Okay
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