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Tomorrow Daily: Tomorrow Daily 001: The Pilot

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Tomorrow Daily: Tomorrow Daily 001: The Pilot

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Our pilot episode is finally here; we're excited to launch, and we hope you enjoy Ashley and Rich's take on Amazon's newest teaser, AirDog, warp ships, overly excitable Kings fans, and more.

Amazon sent out a children's book nobody's ever heard of as a metaphor for their upcoming smart phone. I'm guessing it was the only children's book available with free two day shipping. A lot of folks are complaining about an XBox One commercial that's accidentally turning on users units. Victoria's Secret rushed to Microsoft's defense saying, we've been doing that for years. And Dominos unveiled a virtual assistant that will allow you to order a pizza through their app. What's next, Domino's? You gonna let people call Domino's locations and order a pizza with a real live person? All right, guys, it's our very first show. It's Tomorrow Daily. [MUSIC] Hey everybody, welcome to Tomorrow Daily. It is our very first show. Woo-hoo. I am your host Ashley Esqueda, and joining me from this moment forward, Rich DeMuro. Hey guys. We are so excited for our brand new show. We're gonna be delivering you all kinds of great news. Monday through Thursday, right here. Yeah, right here on CNET. And it's gonna be really really fun. We want all of you guys to leave the show in a better mood than when you came in. That's, that's our goal. And if you haven't heard of us before, that's oka. We will not hold that against you. No. I have been doing technology video for a long time, and I have worked for places like Techa, G4. And a slew of other great sites like Techno Buffalo. She knows her stuff, believe me, she will challenge you on just about anything I'm Rich Damiro, I've been doing tech news for several years now. [LAUGH] In fact I used to work at CNet many many moons ago. A CNet alum, everybody. Very very happy to be back, it's fun to see that little lo, wait where's the logo, right there, there we go, beep. Fun to see that logo once again. [LAUGH] And currently also works as a tech reporter at a local TV station based in Los Angeles, which is where we do the show. Yes, yes, we are here in Los Angeles at Television City, and if you are not familiar with Television City, it's where all these great shows get recorded, like The Price is Right. Yeah, just a little bit of history here. You walk through these halls, you never know who you're gonna run into. And then you get to our closet where we do the show and you're not gonna run into anyone. [LAUGH] That's terrible. That's terrible. But we are hoping that from the intro of the show you know that this is something a little bit different than your standard tech show. We wanna have fun with you guys. We like joking around. And we want you to be involved. So with that being said. Yes. Let's hit the news. So our very first story today has to do with the children's book that I mentioned. Amazon sent out a children's book as a teaser and a metaphor for their upcoming smart phone. Now this is a event that's going to be happening on Wednesday. This is a book called Mr. Pine's Purple House. Now actually I have a three year old. I have never heard of this book in my entire life. Apparently this is Jeff Bezos's favorite book from a kid. Yeah. I, I think really what it is, is maybe not his favorite book from when he was a kid, but a book he remembered that was cheap to licence [LAUGH] as part of a promotion. No, he, and this book is about a man named Mr. Pine. And he, there's a whole bunch of white houses on a street and he decides to paint his house purple. And so in doing so becomes a unique outlier on his street and everybody really loves his house and. Wants, you know, wants to be unique too and so Amazon's really making a play saying they're going to be. Different. DIfferent. So of course everyone's reading this book. This book is 61 pages or something like that. It says 61 pages. That is a long children's book. That is a really long children's book. Children's attention spans were much longer in the 60s. Apparently, cuz they didn't have the iPad, they didn't have to worry about all this stuff. That's right, that's right. Now we have five page [INAUDIBLE] book. But people are seriously slicing and dicing this book, reading it and trying to figure out why he gave out this book and I think you're onto something. So they're saying basically, I mean, I get it, all the fifty white houses are the i-phone. He wants to be different! and the 3-D smartphone that amazon came out with They all look the same, they all look the same. Is the purple, purple house, not too many purple houses on the streets though, in general. No, no, I definitely don't see too many purple houses out and about. However, the word on the street is that they will have some kind of 3D interface that subtly kind of moves with you. This is kind of the. Not like parallax, cuz I turned that off on my phone. Did you shut off parallax? When it first came out, I, I really. I like parallax a lot. I, I don't know, it's like. Not for you? Well I think it's like one of those polarizing things. Now 3D has always been kind of the holy grail of, of displays. True. But, the question is, what can they do with 3D that's really different on this phone? And not a gimmick. And not a gimmick. I mean, why do I need three, I mean, we save like the Evo three come out, like, they could take the pictures. Right. Any pictures? You couldn't share it with anybody. Yeah, you couldn't share it, exactly. I kept two of them on my Evernote, when I had that phone as a test unit, just in the hopes like it's, like it's a time capsule. [CROSSTALK] Someday, someday. One of these days I'll be able to open up these pictures. I'm sorry to break your, to, crush your spirit on this, but- No. No. Don't do this to me on the first show, Ashley. I'm sorry. Rich. It's not going to happen. What? Just, I'm sorry. Do you need a tissue? What? I'm waiting for preview to let me open these things. [CROSSTALK] It's never going to happen. Ever. Okay. So we definitely expect this to be a 3D phone at the event. I think so. I thought this was a cute way to do this. They've had a lot of mystery surrounding this event. I think Jeff is becoming, like. Like, kind of like a Wizard of Oz character. Like, this mysterious He's very whimsical. Yeah. And he decided to go with this very whimsical approach, and, and that's great. I think that that's cool and it's different. Again with the whole being different theme. But I also am. [INAUDIBLE] I'm very confused as to why they picked this really old children's book, maybe something that people are more familiar with would be better. Yeah, Harold and the purple crayon, you could have done that. Harold and the purple crayon, would be good. have you ever heard of that one? Yeah, i've heard of that one. See? Very popular children's book. And it still has that purple theme. I don't even have kids and they're, it's popular, popular enough for me to know what it is. So, that's what I said. I mean that's, that's what's going on with Amazon. But we'll, we'll know exactly what they have on Wednesday. Whe, I am very excited, everyone. I know, this is why we do the show. You and I get giddy about this kind of stuff. Like, like I will wake up Wednesday morning and I will sit there and I will say, the world is gonna change in a little way today. It's true. Because of this new phone. I don't care what they reveal, it's still gonna be cool. Yeah. And it's a world changing thing. We gotta talk about this, everybody. We love this. I really love this story. So, everybody wants faster than light travel. Everybody wants to be able to travel at warp speed. This is such a cool idea. My mom talks about this all the time. [INAUDIBLE] I know, right? Isn't it- My grandma, she just can't stop asking me about it. When can we go to another star system. This is actually really an amazing story. So this doctor who works for NASA, Harold White I believe is his name. That's it. Harold White works for NASA, he's an engineer and he works on a project that has to do with warp drives. Creating warp drives, faster than light travel. This is amazing. And he decided. He wanted to work with a Dutch designer named Mark Rademaker. And wanted to explore the idea of what a ship would look like with this warp drive. Like, hypothetical warp drive. It doesn't exist yet. There's a lot of maybes in this story. I know you mentioned, I'm sorry. Wait, it doesn't exist? Yeah, everything in the title is like,. Might, should, could, possibly, if so then [CROSSTALK] Hypothetical. Hypothetical, but it's still really cool- It is. Because we're fascinated by this idea of, like, I mean, I don't even understand how you could possibly travel faster than light, because how do you even see what's out there? But look at how exact these renderings are. And here's the thing. Since he's working for NASA, you know they don't just bring stuff up into space because it looks cool. Yeah. Everything has to have a purpose, and basically he says there are like 25 pieces of this ship. 25 hundred pieces of this ship. 25 hundred, yeah, sorry, 25 hundred. And every single one of them has a purpose. Has a purpose. NASA was very specific and said if you're gonna render something onto the ship, here is the full render, which looks so freaking cool. I'm ready to cos play on that ship right now. Would you go into space in the ship? Get me, not a red shirt, please get me ensign uniform, yeah. I'm in, sign me up, I'm going to space on that ship. Is that Elan Musk in the window? There? I think it is. On the bridge? I think I see a little window right there, just right, he's just hanging out waving at everybody. So is this going to happen? How much does this thing cost? Cost to build. I, well too much, I mean too much money obviously. Seriously, I love these renders of like the inside of the ship. I mean, everything again has a purpose, this is a really, really cool concept. And a lot of people, okay, we got to talk about the fact that a lot of people online are like, this is never gonna happen. Oh really. That's not true. This is never gonna happen, we're never gonna see, faster than light travel is impossible, it's just not gonna happen. Wow. But. But, I say, there are many things that we have done and seen. Mm-hm. In the world, and thought were impossible, that we've accomplished. This is optimist Ashley speaking right now. It is optimist me. And here's the thing, there are so many things just in my lifetime, when you look at, you know, the rise of smart phones and like just, you know, people still debate whether we went to the moon. But the fact is, we have done amazing things in this world that people never thought was possible. Yeah, well And this is another example Wait, wait wait, did you just say people still debate whether we went to the moon? [LAUGH] Don't they? Stop. Stop doing that. [CROSSTALK] It was actually done here at CBS TV studios. [CROSSTALK] No, it was not. We went, but, but the point is- Are you sure? I'm, I'm sure. I got to look at that footage again. The point is, is that people thought we would never go there. It was impossible. Like Mars right now. Even, even 50 years before we went to the moon, people thought that was. Totally not possible, and then it happened. So who knows what's gonna happen this year. And it continues to happen. Oh, oh wait, it doesn't. Oh stop. Come on, they're gonna do a fly by of Eu, Europa. They're gonna go all the way out to the edge of the solar system, it's gonna be amazing. So what's, what's the point of all this? Is it to just, just to have it, like it's a proof of concep, like what. Yeah, proof of concept, really. Will we use this to travel place, like where will we travel? Anywhere. We could go anywhere. Yeah. We could go anywhere. Listen. So many possibilities. Where would want to visit? I'd send you a postcard. I'm still waiting for the DeLorean, so. Oh, you're going to be waiting awhile for that. I feel like, I feel like that would happen for this. You're going to be waiting awhile. It's like, isn't there a pecking order of, like. Time travel and warp speed. Time travel machines, yeah. Yeah. First we have time travel, and then we have faster than light travel? Maybe that's the timeline. Yeah. But I'm curious as to what you guys think about it. You have to let us know. This very last story for our news. Oh, I love this story. It happened a little bit last week, and it got kinda buried under E3, but it is so funny to me to c, to think about this happening to people at home. Took their XBox One. Apparently the very talented actor Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad, the, the one and only Jesse Pinkman was tapped to do a commercial for Xbox One. Mm-hm. And here's the commercial, you can see him he's hanging out on his couch. Just hanging out. He's talking to [UNKNOWN], he's reading scripts, he's, he's getting movie offers. And now he's playing his Xbox. And if you are not aware of the Xbox One's capabilities, the new Kinect allows you to turn on the Xbox One by saying Xbox on, and do things like snap footage to the side, and record your gameplay footage. So here's his game clip recorded. So basically he's showing off all these cool aspects of his Xbox one using his voice to control it through connect. Super cool. Which is funny they advertise it with the 399 but that's that part that's not. [CROSSTALK] Without the connect. Which is odd. Weird yeah. It's a weird, I just saw that [CROSSTALK] Super weird commercial. Microsoft what are you doing? They should probably have the part that you need anyway. Yeah. What's happening is his voice is activating a bunch of people's XBox Ones at home, when he says, XBox on. Yeah, I've been watching tv and see that commercial, the XBox is like, oh, I just heard someone tell me to turn on. Like, whirring to life. Yeah. And so, he's Aaron Paul is controlling our Xbox One. How funny is that? That's what's happening. Like a wizard. So, so some people are debating whether this was like a little Easter egg by Microsoft. Do you think, do you think engineers knew this? Because let's put it this way. I was editing a story on the Google, the. The Moto X. Mm-hm. You know, the one that you can say, okay Google. Okay Google, right. Oh, I think it's okay Google now, one of those commands. I think it's okay Google. So, we were editing. My photographer was editing, and while he was editing, the phone that was sitting there, our test unit. Lit up. Lit up and came to life with. My voice. Yeah, I think there is, I think engineers probably know that that's something that's gonna happen, but I definitely think that it's not something that they intentionally are like oh, it's gonna be so hilarious to play this prank on users. Like, because most people are not video recording. Their, you know, product working or them losing their product But, I mean, yeah. And it makes sense, because while they're editing these commercials, they probably didn't have XBox Ones laying around. Laying around. Yeah just hanging out. Yeah, no editor's like, oh, I see my XBox One has turned on. What shall I do? So, what do you think, I mean, do people, do people care or are they gonna, what are they gonna do about this? [INAUDIBLE]. Oh there's riots in the streets obviously. Now it's a funny little thing that happens that i'm sure there's been some annoyances but nothing, nothing serious. Everybody, put down your pitchforks, put down your torches. It'll be okay. We are gonna be right back, we are gonna go and have a quick break, and when we come back we're gonna talk about what we're in to, we're gonna do some fan mail. Hm. And that's gonna be it for our show, so stick around. Hey. Welcome back to Tomorrow Daily. Our very episode. If you weren't tuned in before, I'm Ashley Skiva. And I'm Rich Demurro. The delightful Rich Demurro. I was going to say, but you know. Oh, well thank you. I would never introduce, introduce myself as delightful. Okay, fair enough. Probably a lot of other people. Humble, he's humble. It's good, it's good. Delightful. We just came back from our news and we are ready to jump into some really fun stuff that we like on the internet. So one of our segments that we really like is called Back It or Hack It where we tell you about a Kickstarter and then we kind of all decide whether or not we would throw our money at. There's so many Kickstarters out there. So it's tough to sit through and find the ones we like. Very many. Or don't like, but we don't, we sort of don't judge pre. No. We just pick them, and then we decide. And then we talk about them. Yeah, we talk about them, so let's talk about this one. Yeah, this one's called Airdog. Airdog. Now what do you think that is, just off the top of your head, just. To me it sounds like a frisbee for like your dog Shaped like a dog, okay, alright. No, it's a drone! Look at that, it's a drone! It's amazing! A drone that follows you, so this is It auto follows the action. There it is, flying in the sky. Look at that. This footage, look at that, looks great. Oh, my gosh, how long does it take them to make this beautiful video? Yeah. So you, you attach like a little, I'm assuming. Yeah, how's this work? How's this work. Well, I'm, I mean, you, you attach like a little kind of harness to yourself. Like a little beacon. It's a, it's a wristband. There's a, there's. There's a wristband that has a tracker in it. And then you send the thing up. To follow you. So, you send it up and then it records you as you go. Yeah, and you, there's different settings too, so you can set it to just hover, so I'm assuming this one is just hovering or pointing and aiming. There's ones that will follow you at a set distance away. So this one right here is obviously is following the guy on the, on the board. That's called I'm awesome mode. Yeah. Look at this one, right above you. [CROSSTALK] You can hover and point straight down. There's all kinds of shooting modes that this thing has. I think there's six of them. So cool. And they're saying they're going to keep adding different shoot modes with, like, firmware and different things. But this is awesome because not only are you unencumbered. You don't have a camera strapped to you? I mean, I love a GoPro and this is what this uses. Ergot uses GoPro. But there's the, there's the wrist band right there. There it is. So it knows where you are. Bigger. A little, little bigger than I'd like. LIttle bigger than I'd like. But that technology So I assume it's waterproof? won't get smaller. The wrist band? [INAUDIBLE] I would imagine so, yeah. If you're doing like. I would imagine so. If you're doing, like, things. Surfing? Yeah, and so. Yeah, surfing and. So, I think this is awesome. What do we think about this? Back it or hack it? Well it's a little bit pricey so if you go over to the kickstarter the earlybird edition, which is all sold out, is. Just shy. Five bucks shy of a thousand dollars at 995. Ooh, that's too much. It's a little bit pricey and I'm assuming that does not include a GoPro which you need to record. So you still have to add a GoPro? Oh my gosh, this is so expensive. So you're looking at a $1,500 after tax and shipping and all these things. It's a little pricey Well that would hire a photographer for one day That is very true So basically, this thing will pay for itself in one, just one action sports shoot. You sound like you're ready to start an infomercial for Airdog, just one Just one, hack it or back it, I will. Operators are standing by now, call today. I like this, I love this idea, I think it's really cool if it works as promised, I think this has a lot of potential. Oh yeah. Because you can be by yourself stranded on a mountain and this drone can be the last thing that you send out for help. And then they'll buy the rights to the movie and buy your footage. Boom. But it'll only say right by you, you'll be like. Go, let me throw this- I know, it's just gonna hover on you slowly dying in the mountains alone. No, I hope that doesn't happen. I hope not either, that doesn't happen to you. But, a lot of really practical applications. For example, if you were pretending, if you were acting in a movie where you were dying in the mountains, this would be a great point of view shot that you could use. It would be. And it would be inexpensive for student filmmakers. So I say, yes on Airdog. I say back it. I'm gonna say back it. I think it's pretty cool. It's, it's one of those things that's going to happen. Yeah. If you're Whether you like, whether we back it or not, this will happen. This is awesome. This is a thing. This is a thing now and, and I definitely think, for sure, if you have the cash but you can't afford a full-time videographer, that's a great investment in your production repertoire. So now we want to talk about what we're into. And this is a segment called into it where Rich and I talk about things we're obsessed with every week. Every week we have a new thing we're obsessed with. Pretty much every day for me. Every, Rich every day. He I just. Just wake up and I see what's going on and I'm like, all right. I want that. I'm obsessed with that. I get obsessed like, about a week. And then I'm like, okay, next thing, so. Yeah. Then I'm like, another phone? Again? Seriously? Yeah, just every phone every week, there's gonna be a new thing. So Ashley, here's what I'm obsessed with today. Ordering pizza. Not just the regular way. I would imagine you're obsessed with that your whole life. That's a lifelong into it. Well I do, I love pizza. I've been ordering pizza. Ever wonder how many pizzas you've ordered in your life? I don't want to know. For me, it's probably in, like, the hundreds of tens of thousands. You know how Diablo or, like, World of Warcraft in animode, you can look at how much hours you've played? Yes. I don't want to look that up, how many pizzas I've ordered in my life. See, I need, like, a FitBit for pizza. Like, my life, my life [UNKNOWN] I grew up in New Jersey. I grew up, pizza was a way of life. Okay. So this is a new app from, Dominos, basically, or a new virtual assistant, I should say. It's called Dom. There's our producer, Logan. Clever. Using him to order the pizza. So you speak into your phone. You're not talking to a person. You're talking to a robot. You're talking to a robot. Who then takes your order. And- And I'm assuming then makes your pizza. Yeah. Now, I like to order my pizza, like, online, so I use, like, the app just to build my pizza. I mean I think this is fun, I think it's kitschy, people will try this. Yeah. I mean I'll try it once. If you're into it you can order pizza via voice. Totally, I love it. I say that if you would like to order pizza via voice you would pick up your cell phone, dial the local Dominos. No. And speak to a. No. Human being who does not have to wait and parse a command, say I would like a pepperoni pizza. Pizza, and then they don't have to wait ten seconds and be like... Would you like bread sticks with that? I heard, I heard Donald Parsee in the commands, he did pretty well. I dunno. And think sometimes he might do better than some of the people when you have a bad connection, it's like impossible and they're like, you know, there's a lot of activity going on in the pizza place, they can't understand you. All right, all right. I'm all about this, I'm all about ordering without human interaction. You're selling me pretty hard on this. No matter what it is in life, I don't want to talk to a person ever.>> Except for me, he's hoping. Well except here. I'm an automated robot really. Here. That's me. This is, this is easy. If only this is in Rich's contract writer for the job. This is the last. Last human interaction Human interaction I want No more, no more Otherwise, Amazon Prime or, if I can figure out a way to order, or to email someone, I will do that, rather than call. That's a shame. That is a shame. No! It's the way of the world. The way of the world also What are you into, Ash? Oh boy Let's get what you're in to The way of the world in Los Angeles is that, when we win championships, we do crazy things! Now, fortunately this year, we did not riot. Which is very nice. When the, the Los Angeles Kings won the Stanley Cup, oh, it was the best moment. Double overtime, Martinez right in the goal, oh it was amazing. There we go, there's our footage. We got all of our, that's our delightful team captain. I'm [UNKNOWN] shed a tear, look at the Stanley Cup, it's so beautiful. But, you know, as Los Angelenos are wont to do after. A celebration such as this. We wanna fly drones. [CROSSTALK] Maybe we like to do dumb things. And so a crowd gathered outside of Staples Center and somebody decided to get drone footage with that crowd. Someone got drones. Here's the drone, and it's getting all this great crowd footage. Woo hoo. And then something terrible happens. You know something bad is. [LAUGH] Oh, no. That guy just lost a drone. [INAUDIBLE] Wow>>Three drones for the crowd.>>Those are not cheap drones and I wonder if the guy who brought the drone actually got to take it home. He had to realize that was kind of a dumb move. He had to have, and the other thing is, i'm really, i love this though, because it's like people are so excited. People are so excited they, they took down a drone. I got the drone! Like they're oh I took down a drone like it's video games. Right, right. They're just like I got it! And I, I always wonder if like the t-shirt cannon is gonna be the next defense against a drone at a sporting event. We need the remix of this video where when it comes tumbling down, it explodes. Yeah. [CROSSTALK] explosion. I think someone has to remix this video like a billion different ways. And so that, that would be a true Los Angeles, that would be a true Los Angeles moment. Setting the drone on fire and turning it upside down, that's what we do here. I'd like to see the video from the drone's point of view. Like, it was, it was just happily going along its way and all of a sudden. Oh, yeah, where's the video. Upload it I guess that, I guess that guy didn't get his drone back. We haven't seen the video so I'm assuming he didn't get the drone back. Sell it. Maybe he, yeah, maybe he's selling it to TMZ. That's gotta be it. Boo. Yeah. But that's what I'm gonna do. I, I thought that video was so funny. Like I just love the idea that everyone just was like take down the drone. Like, thinking back. Which is certainly better than a bus. Yeah, or a live truck or whatever, but I think, thinking back, the guy who brought the drone is probably, yeah, probably wasn't the best idea. Who didn't see that happening. Hi, hindsight's 20 20 everybody. Yeah. But that's what I meant, too. And, our very last. Saying that we're gonna do before we go. We have a little bit of fan mail. Yeah already, I can't believe it. Already, our very first show we already have fan mail, you guys are so great. And we have a piece of fan mail from one Dwight L. Segal and I'm sure this is gonna be really positive and cheerful. Wait, I thought you said fan mail. What? And it says, and I quote, I haven't read this yet but I'm excited to read this right now. The thing I hate about most podcasts is they often ramble on for hours about unrelated things. Also let comedians do their job and you do yours. If I want funny, I'll tune into Saturday Night Live. This is no way to start a relationship. Yeah. Why? Why would you say such things? Wow. Well the good news is I'm not a comedian. That is good, that's really good news. You're funny though. You are funny. You're genuinely funny. I'm not. I've done stand up. I've done it. I'm not funny. But you're, you're a funny guy. I can, I can react to your funny, but I'm not gonna be funny. I will, i will take that. That's, that's a really good quality in a host. So I, the thing I hate about most podcasts, they rabble, ramble on for hours while. We only rambled on for a minute. Point us. Yes. I feel like that's, that's a check box in our corner. If I want funny, I'll tune into Saturday Night Live. I would also argue that Saturday Night Live has been hit or miss for the last few years, so checkmark us. You're now converted into a fan of the show. Congrats. You're welcome. Thank you, Dwight. Thanks. Thanks for writing in. That is the end of the show. And if. Wow. If you would like to write in, we wanna hear from you. Lots of ways. Please send us nice things. Or if you wanna send us mean things that's fine too but I probably will make fun of you. It, you could email us. Yes she will. Tomorrow@CNET.com. Ooh. I love that email address. Really great email address. We, we really. Spell it all out. Pretty excited. With all of the double r's. Yeah, yeah. And then if you wanna find us on social media we're everywhere. Everywhere. Tomorrow Daily on Twitter, Tomorrow Daily on Facebook. Tomorrow Daily on Instagram. Yeah. Have we Instagrammed yet? We've Instagrammed like two pictures and a video. Okay. So just keep, you gotta keep your eyes peeled on Instagram. And you can also of course reach us on our personal Twitter pages. I'm @ashleyesqueda. I'm @richdemuro on Twitter. And hopefully soon we're gonna have a phone line for you guys to call in to cuz I love voicemails. Oh yeah, cuz we love talking to real people. I know, that's Rich's favorite thing. I, maybe we'll just take live calls at some point, that would be the best. Voicemail. Voicemail only. Leave it. Rich says e-mail. Yeah it's e-mail. But that is it, that's it. That's [INAUDIBLE] went by so quickly. Our very first show, I hope you enjoyed it. And we hope we will see you again tomorrow. I guess I hope you'll be listening to us tomorrow if you're coming to us from a podcast version of the show. But there is a video version for those at home listening. [LAUGH] Either way. And not seeing our ridiculous faces. [LAUGH] Either way, please tune in tomorrow. We would love to have you back. That is it for us here at Tomorrow Daily. I'm Ashley Eskeva. I'm Rich Demurro. Be a good human. We'll see you tomorrow.
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Logitech MX Master Wireless: A luxury mouse for PCs and Macs
2:24 March 25, 2015
Logitech's $100 flagship wireless mouse is a smooth operator with a built-in rechargeable battery and lots of customization option...
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