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Tech Culture: Tom Merritt's Holiday Wish List

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Tech Culture: Tom Merritt's Holiday Wish List

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Find out what free gift you can give Merritt this year.

As part of the whole holiday gift guide here at CNET we've all been ask to let you know what WE would put on our own wish lists. And frankly I've no idea if you'll care. It's not like I want you to get me these things. At first I thought of being all smarmy and saying that all I want is an end to world hunger and war. Not that I don't, I do. But I also want to ask for things I think I'll get. So honestly, I need a new microphone. Maybe a nice Heil PR40, oh and a good boom mount too. On the more practical front, I'd also like a wireless charging mat. Since it;'s a WISH listI want one in several places, like my desk the coffee table, you know. Wherever I may need to lay down my phone. And while I'm wishing, how about a real simple networking protocol that allows all kinds of machines, no matter the OS or manufacturer, to talk to each other. Like WiFi Direct but better! Now we're in danger of me asking for all the things I want to be invented. I'll save that for an episode of top 5. You know the gift I really want, the one you can give me is easy. Keep on being the smartest most fun audience in the world. SHLOCKY I know. But I mean it. The folks who write and call and chat are invaluable. You make our shows and our jobs the best. Thank you. And happy holidays!

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