Crave: Toasty! A breakfast with the news on your bread
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Crave: Toasty! A breakfast with the news on your bread

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It's all about electronics and the things you Crave. Makes sense, right? Brian and Bonnie talk about CTIA, the second-generation iPod Touch, a bacon cooker that will make you say "wow," and a toaster like no other.

^B00:00:00 >> Bonnie's back from CTIA, a gadget with CNET's elusive Editor's Choice Award, and what's shakin' bacon? That'll make sense in a little bit. All that and more on this week's Crave. ^M00:00:10 [ Music ] ^M00:00:14 What's up guys? Welcome to Crave, everything quirky, weird, cool, and tech is here. I've got my main squeeze, Bonnie Cha. >> That's a good one. >> Let me just say boom, boom, boom. I'm here to say A-O. Okay, never mind. Bonnie, you're back from CTIA. >> I am. >> And you saw a lot of stuff. >> Yes. >> So I guess -- what were some of the trends or big things that you saw when you were out there? >> A lot of touchscreens coming out. >> Mm-hmm. >> And a lot of phones for texting. This one is the ATC Touch Diamond for Sprint. They did a really good job with the interface. And it's not going to be for everyone. The interface -- I mean it's cool, but it takes a -- it's not as intuitive as the iPhone. >> Now, I was also reading on the Crave blog, there were a lot of purple phones? >> Yes. >> Is that true? >> Yes. >> Or -- I'm surprised 'cause -- I mean is that -- is it because there's a lot more females that they think these phones are going to cater to? >> I guess so, although I would never get a purple phone, you know? Nice for you. ^M00:01:01 [ Music ] ^M00:01:03 >> We got the iPod Touch, and this is one of those rare devices that get our CNET's Editor's Choice. >> Uh huh. >> And this is the first time I've actually been able to feel it in person. >> Uh huh. >> And I love it. It's... >> It's pretty hot. >> It's really sexy. >> Yeah. >> Now, some of the features that really make it different, they added the Nike Fit software program... >> Yes. >> ...that talks in the little Nike Fit device. >> But -- yeah. Remember we were talking about this a little bit earlier. I don't -- I wouldn't run with the iPod touch. >> Yeah. It's like -- Look at that thing. >> Yeah, it's -- like that. And I don't want to like... >> It's huge. Not my arm. The actual iPod touch. >> Well, yeah, I know that. ^M00:01:31 [ Music ] ^M00:01:33 >> I'm a little -- you know, transitioning from touch screens to food because it's so smooth. >> Good transition. Yeah. >> I was checking out the Crave blog... >> Uh huh. >> And there's this thing called the "WowBacon!." >> Yes. >> And it's like a bacon cooker. And you -- like, it looks like a pitcher, and you drape, like... >> Yeah, the bacon. >> ...the bacon over it. >> Right. >> And then you can pop it in the microwave because bacon is so messy to cook, like when you want it real fast. >> It is. >> I thought it was pretty cool. >> And then all the oil drips down. >> It has nothing to do with tech, I guess. >> No -- well, sort of. >> Kind of? Okay, cool. ^M00:02:02 [ Music ] ^M00:02:04 All right, well, we also wanted to just give props to all of our Crave trivia winners. And if you watched our videos, the people that wrote in -- we got plenty of responses. It was Waikiki. You saw Diamondhead. You saw all the hotels, which is very un-Hawaii-like, but I mean it was a fun place to surf that day. >> Yeah. >> So for the winners, we've got Tobin Galong [assumed spelling], James Maha [assumed spelling] Tyler McGee [assumed spelling], Aaron Mesa [assumed spelling], and Matthew Thomas [assumed spelling]. So congratulations you guys. We'll be getting in touch with you. We'll be sending out those spec hard shells. And the funny thing is that some of these are pink and purple. >> I was just gonna say there are no girls in there. >> I -- well, there were a lot of dudes that wrote. There -- we sometimes >> Ladies, come on. >> We get girls writing, but this time... >> Yeah. >> So I'm sorry if you get a purple one. >> But that's the hot color. >> All right, now you guys know what time it is. It's time for Do Not... >> Crave. >> Crave. If you're a morning breakfast person, you might like this. Check out the Scan Toaster. Now, it's a working concept from Sun Bae Chang that burns images into your toast. And we're talking pictures and texts, things like your horoscope or the news. Now, I think the idea is so amazing and so out of the box that I got to give it some love. But it's also so ridiculous. Like, I'm not gonna want to eat a piece of toast with my woman's face on it unless it's Halle Berry. You know what? That actually sounds really, really good. But back to the point. Are you really going to use this? All I got to say is Do Not Crave. ^M00:03:29 [ Music ] ^M00:03:32 So, you know, morning toast... >> Yeah. >> Could you? >> I don't know. >> What if it was, like, little motivational -- little quotes? >> That would -- yeah, I wouldn't be into that. >> No? >> No. >> You'd just throw that toast back in my face. >> I'd just be like -- yeah, I'd be like... >> All right. Thanks for watching, guys. Everything, again, you can find at our blog at Go there. Check it out. Write some comments about some of the things you saw here. And we will see you next week. See you. >> Bye. ^M00:03:57 [ Music ]

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