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Mobile World Congress 2014: Tizen OS gets early walkthrough in hands-on video

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Mobile World Congress 2014: Tizen OS gets early walkthrough in hands-on video

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Check out the key features of this new operating system, which is running on a Samsung prototype and takes on Android.

-Hello, I'm Luke Westaway for CNET here at Mobile Congress in Barcelona. We're gonna take a look at Tizen OS, a new operating system backed by Samsung. We're looking at it running on Samsung prototype device. This operating system wants to go head to head with Android. So, let's take a look of what the interface is like. All right, so this is the home screen of Tizen. Bear in mind this is a very early version of the operating system, so all of this is subject to change, but you can see you have your apps arranged on the home screen. As opposed to android, there is no normal home screen that you fill with widgets and then a separate app tray. The app tray is the home screen if you like. So, if dive into some of these, you can see-- if I'm going to my first example, you can see how the basic layout works, so in the bottom right you have a back button, which is quite similar to how android works while over on the left, you got this context sense to menu, which will display different things depending on what you're looking at. So, if I open to the camera and have a look there, you can see I've got the option to create folder for example or hide the file extensions. At the moment, we're using a Samsung prototype device. All right, if you take a look on the back, you can see the Samsung branding there, but we don't really know anything about the hardware of this device itself, and again, this is not final. If you press the home button, currently, that takes you back to the home screen. Now, if you swipe down from the top, that brings you notifications page. It's a little bit slow. Again, this is still early stuff, so this is quite different from the way Android works because instead of sweeping over the top of the screen, it pushes up, sounds it's the way, but on this notification screen, you do have an impressive number options. So, I like that you can turn the brightness up or down very conveniently and it's got a battery indicator there as well. There's also a short cut to the settings menu in the top right corner. If we are into the settings, you can see the version that we're using. The model is just called reference device and the version is Tizen 2.0.0. On thing I do like about the settings menu, but I think it's possibly a little neater than Android is that at the bottom it has 3 currently used buttons. So, if you tap this, you will see the settings that you most often go to. So, I think it's like WiFi or location. That is quite a good idea because I for one I'm always fiddling around in settings menu trying to find the things that I want from a long list. So, it's quite handy I would be able to quickly jump to the things that I'm usually looking for. Let's take a look at the camera. As you can see on screen, it says, "If you tap and hold the camera button, then you can take a burst shot." So, if I press like that, it's taking some burst shots along the button there. That is quite a lot. I think that was 20 photos in roughly a second and now it's processing all of them. If you tap on the button, you got more options such as some editing. You can crop where you take left and right such as slide show. You can see the details, which is quite in depth Because you can see things like I saw an exposure time and you can also add tags, which should help you organize your photos. More camera options. In the top right, you've got settings for the flash and in the top left, you got general camera settings. This is the phone app, no real surprises here. It's very similar to what you would get on Android-- keypads, contacts, key logs, jumping out to that and into the browser. Typing on the phone feels quite comfortable. This on screen keyboard is very familiar to anyone who has used Android or even the iPhone. No real surprises there. Obviously, this is all prototype, but the browser does feel quite sleek zooming in and out seems very smooth. So that is promising. We're in the gallery now, something that's a little unusual. If you tap an image, you're zoom in using this slider on the bottom. If I try and pinch to zoom, you can't do that. Double tapping doesn't do anything either. You can scroll around the image, but if you want to zoom in and out, you have to use this bottom. So, obviously, very rough around the edges, quite far from being finished, but it seems like Tizen has a couple of good ideas that I'm interested in seeing more of. Will be enough like to take on the likes of Android, I'm not sure. I'm Luke Westaway for CNET and that was a quick look at Tizen OS.

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