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CNET Update: Time to target those rich Mac users
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CNET Update: Time to target those rich Mac users

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Mass Effect gets new endings, Google computers love cat videos, and Orbitz steers Mac users to pricier rooms.

Today we're worried about terminator cast targeting rich Mac users via their face -- an email addresses I'm Bridget Carey and as you may already know Google -- got this super secret layer that -- laboratory where employees push the limits of technology. -- slabs produced this self driving car and I was augmented reality Google glasses. Well he's mad scientist. Just may have activated sky -- that's right Google engineers strong 161000. Computer processors together. And set the network for young Internet on its own the system -- itself how to recognize. Cats. Scientists never told a systematic countless just saw so many YouTube videos it could tell which ones were cat he has. And yes that's how it starts today at hunt down -- to -- -- and kind. Mac users tend to spend more on things as well -- IMAX so travel website orbits took advantage of that little factoid -- showcasing more expensive hotel room choices to Mac users. And it was shown to windows users and or written in this -- -- -- journal -- it was just something attached to an out since they saw Mac users. About thirty dollars more -- night for the programs up and sort your search by price -- -- sees the same thing it's off fair and square it's just. One more factor that -- marketers can use now to target customers these days. FaceBook has finally put a woman on its board of directors and surprise surprise it's Sheryl Sandberg Facebook's chief operating officer. And Zuckerberg right handling. Multiple online have been asking weight she wasn't on the board already. That announcement comes after months a public criticism of Facebook's all white male board. -- -- -- -- because public there was pressure to make a change Sandberg has long been a vocal advocate and then -- women in technology in the workplace. But that's not only news out of FaceBook the network quietly change the email address displayed on your profile. To the FaceBook email address and if you haven't made a custom -- -- username or email is just ridiculous string -- numbers at FaceBook dot com. They can change it by going to the about section of your profile. That made this sneaky change so more people can use -- in box messaging system and -- -- help the company Europe. The makers of the video -- mass effect have released a new extended ending after fans complain about how epic trilogy ended. You can download the new -- on your console today but judging from the comments folks are just satisfied. That is your tech news update ports -- should come back to -- for coverage of Google's IO developers conference. We'll hear more about new Google products like -- -- -- -- tablet. For more in the story this issue isn't slash update from our state is in New York Cambridge hearing.
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