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CNET Update: There's no escaping the mobile-ad attack
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CNET Update: There's no escaping the mobile-ad attack

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YouTube searches for more money, Google+ adds features that can annoy, and Microsoft gets a design makeover.

Thanks to social media they're closing rates regularly -- acquaintances and I'm Bridget Carey and this -- -- update. I know how much you all love being forced to watch ads that we're playing video well now -- will experience that -- more often because YouTube was putting ads on videos watched on Smartphones and tablets they'll play for five seconds before you can skip it. YouTube is hoping to make more money from mobile of course and -- users will start seeing -- first. That's because the current -- -- -- that doesn't allow ads but that'll change in the next version. -- Google+ social network has updated its light years. Now. Now not those letters of them are would be cool rather this feature is a bottom and slide to measure how many posts from a circle you want to -- -- And now you can set it to the Macs to be alerted for every post or. If -- one prisoner just is too chatty. You can go to their profile to mute them. Also when you're making a post you can check off a box to send an email blast everyone in that circle -- be wise how often -- use bash. Microsoft has a new logo for the first time since 1987. Along -- the new -- that has great type is the floor panels square collar symbol. And as for windows and its other products we provide to the wavy windows flag everything's more square and street edged across the board. And you heard on a previous update if you recently bought a PC you can upgrade to windows eight or fifteen bucks -- that a painful price. Well you can get that upgrade for free for any HP or Compaq PC -- between August 17. You February 2 of next year HP's opry picking -- refunds may be others velocity the same. Another deal for gamers the price of Xbox connect censored just -- forty dollars in time for the holidays it's now retired and ten dollars. And you know how nasty a keyboard can -- dust crumbs germs can be frightening. -- Logitech just came out what the lash of a keyboard for forty bucks no monetary -- If you feel like there's just never enough time in the day why not try living on martian time. A day on myers' 3% longer than a day on -- so you get about forty minutes more -- day. A NASA engineer had his whole family switch to martian time when -- curiosity rover landed. Of course -- to switch back when school starts but you can keep martian time yourself. With Mars clocks Smart -- apps for Android and iPhone. That's your tech news -- -- for today you could buy more. slash update. And -- studios in New York averaging here.
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