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First Look: The unassuming Acer Aspire V7 offers surprise gaming muscle
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First Look: The unassuming Acer Aspire V7 offers surprise gaming muscle

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Take a bland 14-inch ultrabook, add Nvidia graphics, and you've got an on-the-go entertainment hub.

I'm Dan Ackerman and we are here taking a look at the Acer aspire -- seven. Now you mean look at this rather unassuming fourteen inch ultra book and -- it looks kind of -- looks like -- -- maybe an office cubicle. You would not be wrong it's got a very kind of green brush metal look up black keys -- that little black around the screen bezel here attitude down. I've nothing super exciting but I was pretty impressed what was under the hood in this particular review unit. I'm gonna Intel Core I seven CPU it's got a big one terabyte hard drive also had days small -- if the I -- to it it's got a 1080. 1080. And most importantly it's got Nvidia GeForce 750 M graphics card and that's not a super high and hardcore gamer graphics card but you know what. For big -- -- it's -- pretty good and about as good you're gonna get any super slim ultra book style laptop like this. I'm now that means this is a little bit more expensive than -- what you expected papers and it's a kind of plain looking this configuration is that it 1199. -- but there are several other pre configured versions of the aspire B seven that you can find on my favorite -- but 899 you -- the hard drive down to 500 -- and not the CPU down to a core I five but to -- That Nvidia 750 graphics card. And you know what for playing games like -- guy room more Bioshock as -- to plated medium setting you can keep resolution all the way up at nineteen point 1980. And it plays fairly well I still think Republican budget had a little bit of a budget feel it in -- really shallow keyboard over the touchpad. But for gaining -- from the small compact and slim. I you're not gonna do a heck -- lot better than this I'm Dan Ackerman and that is the Acer aspire -- seven.

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