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First Look: The Toshiba 40E220U is a great value for its price

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First Look: The Toshiba 40E220U is a great value for its price

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At $100 or so cheaper than the Samsung E550, the Toshiba E220 is a solid performer and better than most TVs at the price.

-Hi. I'm Ty Pendlebury and this is the Toshiba 40E220 LCD Television. If you're looking and buying a TV under $500 or even a $1,000 then Toshiba is a brand you should consider. TVs like the E220 have very good black labels for the money and decent picture performance. TVs not much to look at cosmetically with the silver strip at the bottom making the TV look a bit dated. The remote isn't much choppy though with little buttons and no backlight. You also don't get any real features for your money but that's what a $50 [unk] box is for. You do get 2 HDMI ports, a component, PC input and USB for your flash. What you're paying for here is picture quality and the Toshiba is very good. While it doesn't have many tricks, they're not really needed. The TV has deep blacks and vibrant natural colors. The Toshiba may not have the best shadow detail but not many cheap TVs do. At $100 also cheaper than a Samsung E550, the Toshiba E220 is a solid performer and better than most TVs at the price. This has been Ty Pendlebury for CNET.

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