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The specs that Matter: Tech Culture

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Tech Culture: The specs that Matter

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CNET's TV editor David Katzmaier shares his top TV picks of the season. CNET's Cheapskate Rick Broida reveals the best time to shop for that new TV and Darold Rydl from Woot.com explains Woot's popular "Bag of Crap".

speaker 1: Hello everyone. I am Molly Wood here with Brian Cooley. Brian Tong has fled to Hawaii for obvious reasons. Speaker 2: Yeah. Speaker 1: But welcome to the holiday helpdesk this is the second installment of our weekly holiday helpdesk help session. Speaker 2: I'm therapeutic. Speaker 1: It is kind of. We're gonna spend about 45 minutes on you and your buying needs helping you find the right tech gift product all season long. Speaker 2: Yeah. Speaker 1: If you didn't already spend all your money on Black Friday and Cyber Monday which I gather... Speaker 2: Which I hope you didn't. Speaker 1: From the data is a distinct possibility. Speaker 2: It's a distinct possibility but there are so many more deals still coming. Cyber Monday is now.. well Walmart's calling it Cyber Week this week. That's why it has Cyber Weekend. They just finished. They're all threading it out. No more of this one day you'll never get this deal again. We always knew that was (??). Now they're at least admitting it. Speaker 1: Next year will be Cyber 2012. Speaker 2: Right. And that starts in about a month. Speaker 1: Cool. Buy things. Speaker 2: So we've also brought in as we always do on the holiday help desk some special guest to help us out here. We'll have in this episode. Seen at HDTV expert David (Kattmyer?) looping in from our New York office. There's (Katts?) right there. Hello David. We'll see you in a few minutes as well. We got our cheapskate Rick Broida. He's always a fixture here on Holiday Helpdesk because no one pinches pennies like Dr. Broida and we also will check in a little bit later what I think our first Welsh guest. Daryl Riddle from woot.com. I'm going ancestry on him and if he's not drunk I'll be very disappointed. Given his lineage. Speaker 1: And given what we just learned about wine.woot.com. Speaker 2: Oh wait a minute you're right. There's my evidence. Speaker 1: If this isn't gonna be the bets show ever. Speaker 2: Next it'll be just disconnected. He'll give us a preview of the best deals you can snag at woot which is a long time favorite among the tech savvy for finding very focused very good deals. This is show number 2 of a total of a series of 5 of this that run basically right up to the holiday season between now and December 19th. Speaker 1: That's right and if you are joining us live. Please call us up. This first couple of shows are about the only chance you have. Do not have to get a busy signal. So call us up 1-888-900-CNET 2638 is our phone number. You can also e-mail us at holidayhelpdesk@cnet.com and if you're watching us live on our website at cnet.com/live. Your fellow chatters have many more answers that we could even hope to Google. So you can get a lot of help there too. Speaker 2: A little live crowd sourcing going on right now. Speaker 1: No it's wonderful. All right let's jump right in though with the penny pinching because it is all about more than ever. It is all about deal this year. So our own cheapskate Rick (Broida?) from the bunker in Michigan. What do you got? What do you got today. Hello Rick speaker 2: Hello Rick. Speaker 3: Hi guys. How are you doing? speaker 1: You look good today. You look real I like the specs you look relaxed. Speaker 3: Thanks. I am getting a little glare there but that's the deal. You gotta be able to see the screen. Speaker 2: Gotta have the monitor in your lenses, that's been very luck. Without that it is not cool. Speaker 1: I know exactly. All right so I am pulling up cnet.com/chipscase right now. What is going on with the hot deal today and is it sold out? Speaker 3: Yeah you know I had... I couldn't pick just one of course on cyber Monday so I served up fives a week. Cyber Monday deals and I am very unhappy to report that they are sold out. Speaker 1: No. Speaker 2: No wait a minute. You fraud. Speaker 1: Real mean. Speaker 3: Oh you sound like a lot of the commentors now. Speaker 2: Really? Really all five of them as it is been up for a while 'cause I saw these hours ago and I thought, wow this are gonna go really quick 'cause they are really good. Speaker 1: They will be. Speaker 3: Actually the laptop of ram kit for 25 bucks shipped the last night check that was still available and that is still actually a great deal but everything else is gone I'm sorry... Speaker 2: And that stick around. That's a sexy Christmas present. I love you on that. Speaker 1: But it does indicate that those prices are still staying pretty insanely low. The higher 42-inch HD TV for 299 shipped. Rick, I need your advice because I tried really hard. Really, I spent many hours trying to buy a TV on Black Friday. Are these deals gonna keep going because I didn't find the right combination of price and features but I am still hopeful. Speaker 3: Oh yeah, no don't give up. Don't give up. There's always TV deals around you know, right there on the corner I said this last week. You know that higher 299 is gone but I guarantee you you wait a couple of days or a week at the most and we'll start seeing other vendors offering, their 42-inch sets for 299 or maybe a few bucks more. So all is not lost. Speaker 1: What do you think about the cyber Monday deals compared to the Black Friday deals? I saw one person speculating on Twitter that they didn't seem quite as good. The Black Friday I think is better. Speaker 3: You know that's always on the case where Cyber Monday kinda fails and compares in the Black Friday and certainly if you just look at the TV, part of it alone, you know best that I had that $199, 42-inch Sharp versus 299 is about the best equipment deal here on cyber Monday. So I think that you know, what I send to see day to day year round is pretty equivalent to what we're seeing on cyber Monday and now they are having some very good deals and in fact one update I just put in the chips gate post was to a market place post on eBay which is one of those test rebate size and in honor of cyber Monday, they are offering double cash back from about 500 different stores. So even if you can't necessarily of core great price upfront, you can get a great cash rebate deal 5%, 10% and so that kind of waiting to couple but... Speaker 1: Yeah I was wondering about those rebates if that seems to be something kind of new and exciting to check out. So you're saying, so it's worth it 'cause I've been a little weary of those sites that seems confusing or rebates is like a dirty word a little bit. Speaker 2: I don't quite trust them. Speaker 3: Yeah you know when I kinda felt the same way myself but what's nice about the site's... At least the bigger one is that it's a fairly hassle free way to go. In other words, you sign up for an account and then you just kinda start your shopping at that site and it links you through to whatever story you wanna go to. You make a purchase like you normally would. There is no coupon codes you have to deal with. There is no forms you have to submit. It just uses a special linky goodness to keep track of what you purchased and then you know in two, three months time, you get your money back and get your percentage back. So it's pretty harmless and kind of almost crazy not to do it. Speaker 1: Okay. Speaker 3: Yeah as far the same mechanism as the credit card companies and give you cash back on purchases they are just taking a percentage of rolling it up and the infinity is what their somewhere splitting that would emerge them. So I guess it's a promotional costs to get that fee and send it back, yeah. Speaker 3: Yeah like something like that. Speaker 2: So basically my belief that it is some kind of a shell game is when I found it. And so I put that out there, I'm gonna putting with the other business at eBay during that holiday that's not cool. Speaker 1: Although I mean I think people rebate is a word that makes people a little bit nervous but these sites have gotten so popular that it is... That... Speaker 2: Yeah. Speaker 1: I'm happy to hear you validate them because you know I've had great luck with cash back on credit card shopping so this seems like a great way to go. Speaker 2: As long as you get it back as cash, I mean how do you get your money? As a gift card or as cash or as a debit card, do you know? Speaker 3: Well varying from site to site but with eBay for example, you have a choice between getting an actual check in the mail but you can also get PayPal as there an option. Speaker 2: Okay that's good. 'Cause a lot of the rebates these days are coming in forms a very restrictive pre-loaded debit cards. A lot of the one you get smart phones they come that one. Speaker 3: Not that a debit card is a bad thing but yeah you definitely wanna read the sign prints and find out on what the scoop is. Speaker 2: Yeah. Speaker 1: All right so then last question. So if I miss maybe my opportunity on Black Friday to get a TV even though I couldn't find the right combination of performance and price, when do the very best deals comes? So between now and Christmas or now that you have to sort the way till after Christmas to like really get this screamers. Speaker 3: You know, honestly Miles, I don't think there's any hard and fast rules when it comes to that. You know as I said our previous deals all year round and the trend has been, especially for TV's is that the prices are just gradually sneaking lower and lower and lower. So you know it's a little bit of a role and I see you might wanna wait until after the year and see if the deals get any better but I think that no matter what happens, as time goes on, they're just gonna get cheaper. So as long as you wanna wait, you're in for a better deal. Speaker 1: It is a good time to be a deal hunter. Speaker 2: Then we'll catch Myer on later on the show who will be very much focused on the TV prices in particular and we'll see if there's a lot of ring out in those prices. Lot of folks keep thinking, hey when is the next big convulsive drop? And there isn't a big convulsive drop left in the industry. They've got it down to fairly close to cost for those bargains at. 42-inch for 499, there isn't another 100 dollars they can take out of that. They can give them away as a promotion as a loft leader but it's not gonna be like they're gonna sell a bunch of them at 250. Never gonna happen. Not a bad.. And not for a top TV. Speaker 1: All right thank you very much Rick. We will see you next week and we'll be hoping for some fresh not sold out deals. I know it's not your fault and I hate to DC about it but it's so... It is like you gotta be serious about that deal watching it to bookmarkcnet.com/cheapsgauge and you have to check it hourly because otherwise it's not happening. Speaker 2: It's like you asked and go over to brunch they bring the boggles. You just bring some bag and there's some onions in the bottom you know little bit fell off the thing. Crying out loud here. Speaker 1: All right. Thanks Rick. See you next week. Speaker 3: Thank you. Speaker 2: Thanks Rick. Speaker 1: All right we have like you said David Catmyer coming up from our New York studio soon to help answer your calls and e-mails and that the calls are already coming in which is outstanding. So keep them coming 888-900-2638 and in the mean time while we research some of the questions you're asking us, let's have a look at David's top pick in the TV category. Speaker 4: Hi, I am David Catmyer from CNET and this is the Samsung PND7000 series. This TV is our favorite for 2011 and that makes it our holiday gift pick among all the TV's we reviewed this year. This plasma TV is available on a 51, 59 and 64-inch size. We expect performance on all those sizes to be relatively similar so all this comments will apply to every size in the series. Taking a look at how the PND7000 compares of the rest of the TV we reviewed this year, we are really impressed by picture quality overall. This TV is the cheapest one we found that actually squared to 9. The other cue that got a 9 in performance are lot more expensive. That doesn't mean the PND7000 the cheap power rate is still one of the more expensive plasma TV's on the market. One of the other TV squared on the performance to Samsung's PND8000 series is actually a little bit more expensive than this TV but they have very similar pitch quality between the two and we feel that the only difference a remote isn't worth the extra price. Looking at the design of this TV, it's one of the nicest looking plasma TV's we've seen. Round the edges are very shin doubled, it's a nice dark brush metal color. There's also a shin transparent edge. The TV itself presents one of the most compact frames you'll find in the screen this large. The 7000 is also really thin so when seen from the side, you must mistake it for an LED TV. Samsung included a full boat load of features on this set. On top of the list is it's Smart TV application suite which includes pretty much every streaming video service and application that we find of any value. There is a NetFlix, Hulu Plus, Vudu and a host of other services. Samsung don't... Does include a search on this TV but it really doesn't work all that well. The real strength is again the breathe of content. Samsung also includes an app store which has more app selections than any other TV manufacture. While the selection of app is broad it's really not that deep. We are really mostly intrigued by some of the Google applications like Google voice and Google maps which I know other TV offers at this point. 7000 also is built in WiFi which makes using all those internet features relatively easy. You don't have to connect a wire to the TV in the living room or buy a third party WiFi dangle. Like most of our high end Samsung TV's it's when it includes plenty of features to just a picture quality and they actually work extremely well. If you view those features well enough you'll find this TV has excellent reference color. The best we tested this year. A part of that is because it has a very full pledge color management system as well as the 10 point gray scale adjustment. Both of which work very well. TV also has the ability to handle 70P24 sources but when we checked that out, we actually found that it has the picture quality a little bit so we decided to stick with this standard 70P60 mode which is in all that bigger deal unless you're real stickler for video quality. Rest of it wasn't quite that deep as the Panasonic VT30 that we checked a little bit earlier. On the flip side, they are very, very deep and just about as good as you can expect from any none VT30 TV. The set also has the excellent uniformity and off angle characteristics of plasma which makes it a favored among video files compared to LED and LCD TV's. Another bonus on the 7000, it's relatively good with anti reflective screen when you turn on the lights on the room that actually did a pretty good job of adjusting reflections and also preserving black levels. Around back to Samsung has playing input, you'll find 4DHDMI, two USB as well as some component input and a PC input. The analog and for several require break out cables which is kinda manifested by the release and frame. Free picture quality on the 7000 with excellent among the best we tested this year as does most of the LCD's in terms of 3D but not quite as good as the very best Samsung LCD we tested. Samsung does not include any 3D glasses but it does sell it's lease expensive version from 50 bucks a piece and got the step up version here that 150 bucks a piece is a little cool looking. We can also find many bundles that include this last for free depending on a vendor especially towards the holiday season. Also the Samsung PND7000 series represents a complete package with the excellent scores and designs, features and performance, as well as being a very, very good value for a high end TV. That's why we consider it our best pick in our holiday go to choice for 2011. Our CNET David Catsmyer and that's been the look at Samsung's PND7000 plasma. Speaker 2: Yeah free TV now, where is the dog? Speaker 1: I have really important question David Catsmyer. Who made that video with the dog in it because I want that dog. Speaker 2: Cats. Speaker 1: Are you there? He can't stand and watch himself on TV. He has the... Speaker 2: Come on you're beautiful. Don't... Speaker 1: He puts himself right to sleep. Speaker 2: Don't be that way. Hello Cats. Speaker 4: Yeah that dog. I don't know where that came from. I think I put it a shot in and around of this (??) far and know what and they were quite... Speaker 1: It is? Speaker 4: Yeah. Speaker 1: Our executive producer just told us that it is the dog of our camera man, Blance our camera guy. Really? How did I know and know this. I am dog (??). Speaker 2: The Jim's? Speaker 1: That little creator. That's Jim's dog? Speaker 2: Crying out loud. Speaker 1: Well, can you come visit? All right. We'll get back. Speaker 2: We'll get back to the line. All right so. So Cats we were just talking over at CNET gothem just a couple weeks ago about some of your favorite televisions. Refresh for folks 'cause we have a whole different audience savory likely that don't know... You had two picks that were very interesting. One was kind of your value pick and one was your... This is what I buy for me pick going a little higher at the food chain. What was your value pick TV? Your kinda go to at a great price? Speaker 4: I'll skip to the which I would buy myself and not the one that we just talked about the 7000, the value pick is the Panasonic ST30 series and quick that we know that thing and got a pretty serious price reductions over the weekend, the 55-inch model is now under a $1000. Speaker 2: What? Seriously? Speaker 4: Yeah that's insane. Speaker 1: Wow. Speaker 2: That's a great price. Speaker 4: That price I think, probably had just been... Speaker 2: Which is on your TV. Little more... Speaker 4: 'Cause I have been... Speaker 2: But 55. Speaker 4: That's a nice big TV and those are all or nothing. Speaker 2: The thing about the... Other thing I read is that 60 is the new 50. I mean it used to be a 50-inch TV was kind of like, okay this is the new you know kind of a large TV I'm gonna splurge a little. Now 60-inch is like the slightly big TV I'm gonna splurge a little. Is that kinda what you're feeling because the prices are coming down, people are really buying some gigantic TV's? Speaker 4: You know, it all really depends on what fits in your room and whether you can even you have having (stay up?)...I would say you know, pretend that you know the TV that and fit you know maybe 9-feet or 8-feet back from it, as close as you can get and say wow, that'd be really cool and then think, okay which one to be a little bit cooler is what the bigger. I would say buy a larger TV as you can and then get you through it because essentially you're... You know don't read (??) that. It really does make a big difference and you know after a couple days you start to go out, how did I you know (??)... Speaker 1: Okay, wait now tell me again the model number of the TV that I'm about to buy. Speaker 4: The Panasonic that's between the two, ECP55 at ST30. Speaker 1: ST30 you know he did that on the top of his head. Yeah he just memorize that. Speaker 2: The only person we know who can do that. Speaker 1: Because this is the... Tell me what you think about this. So what happened to me on Black Friday when I was TV shopping was that I kept looking for some combination of the right price and for HD on my port. Why is that such a premium, like I felt like one I got to the level of TV that had for HD on my port that added $300? Why is that such a premium like, yeah... Speaker 4: You're right. There is a lot of you know features that people can you know compare and everything but a lot of them really don't add too much the price to HTMI, currently enough does add a lot of the price I thought cheaper discounted. Samsung LED over the weekend. I think it was a 55-inch TV for a $1000. And that thing, only a 2-inch you have ports on it and it's gonna be like that's the only real thing that they drop off. So to answer your question, yeah the higher end TV's you know generally have four, some of them have three. You really need four Molly? Speaker 1: Yes. Here's what. Well okay. It's possible that I could go down to three but right now what I'm gonna want is a Blue Ray player, Roccu Box, DVR and Xbox. So and if I get a Blue Ray player that built in streaming, I could probably then lose Roccu. But I really like my Roccu. Speaker 2: And Cats, most of these products like Molly's listing here, none of those have HTMI and only receivers and TV's have that right? Speaker 4: Yeah so you're gonna be... Unless... Speaker 2: But you can't day and change any of products. Speaker 4: Yeah unless you're using your receiver for HTMI switching with springs another set of issue. You know you're gonna be limited by the number of HTMI put on this TV. You could you know Molly, you could go super ghetto and get a splitter. Speaker 1: I thought about that too 'cause that would cost a lot less but I don't know... That just sounds like introducing trouble. Also it's making (??) scroll and actually. So I don't know what it is about them but apparently they're upsetting. Speaker 2: Wires looping around. Speaker 1: Really upsetting. Speaker 2: From single irritation and stuff. Speaker 1: So clearly I can't go that. Speaker 2: It's not gonna work out. Speaker 1: Although the chat room is also putting out that I could be using my Xbox for Net Flix and Hulu and then I'm sure I have to get a streaming Blue Ray player. So I could go down to three. You know. Speaker 2: And between that two you have every service I would have to think. You bought the Blue Ray player right with the right platform on it 'cause I mean really who cares about the Blue Ray player at this point unless your total video file... Speaker 1: Like a VD670 was the one I think that has... It doesn't... There is no need... It doesn't have 3D. It's just like more on streaming. Speaker 2: Yeah it's one of our picks that could... Had that... We've got one of those here and the thing is if you buy it... Tell me about this Cats. If you buy a Blue Ray player today unless you are really serious in the home theater and you want the super fast access and load time so there can be no issue. Can you... Are you safe right now basically buying a Blue Ray player on its streaming platforms and the rest is just kinda generic? Speaker 4: Yeah that's only part of the matter. That end a WiFi would it still turn off, right? Speaker 2: Oh right. Speaker 1: So what are... We see... I'm glad I was not imagining the HTMI think. So that's one spec of that matter. Are there other specs at this point that you need to be looking for 'cause I know there is... That whole is... You know I was like... I want a 120 hertz in for HTMI and that's kind of all I care about. Are there other specs that you should be looking for specifically when you deal shop? Speaker 4: Again the UV's, specially in entry levels, different shadier whether it's 120 hertz or not... You know... Speaker 1: Does that even matter? Speaker 4: That TV is not the (best part of it?). Speaker 1: Oh so I could get a 60 hertz? Speaker 4: Oh yeah that'd be for (??). Speaker 2: Okay but what if she is using the 3D function in it then that has that refreshment right? Speaker 4: Right. The 3D's are all 120 at least and most customer (can play?). Speaker 1: I love by the way, I appreciate you guy shopping for just me. We could also shop for other employee you know... Speaker 2: You know cool little more broader for the audience. So that brings us to this one where today is the big bus topic right now. Leaving 3D aside is LED, LCD is it fully banks 'cause last year we talked on the show and you said, all right they're really having some growing pains, not awful ones but about getting the technology and do really good even lighting. Where we at? Speaker 4: That's still an issue but most people don't seem to care. LED's real failing point is that the thinness the fact that you know, it receives as being more energy efficient it is with their accept but it's maybe planner for some of the year doesn't... You know it's really like a slightly poor looking form factor than the old LCD. We just reviewed a couple of really nice non LED TV's that are less expensive. But the real thing is that the LED's are also getting really, really, cute so compared the last year the prices in LED and non LED or CFL is really small you know like maybe a $100, $120 depending on the model and some manufactures like Sony are pretty much facing out CFL entirely. I think we might have one series of non LED and Samsung is the thing that really pushing LED. I feel like next year we're gonna be talking about LED, non LED as kinda what you think about. Speaker 2: Okay yeah. Moving along pretty quickly. That seems a couple phone calls here right up your ally Cats. Let's go to... Let's see. We've got, Matthew is in Tampa Florida and he's got a question about sound bars. He's got a... If you got a Sony TV Matthew, what's your story? Speaker 5: Oh yeah I got a Sony Bravia. I had it for about 4 years you know really like watching movies, I feel like I got Blue Ray DVD's, we got Net Flix, we're always watching TV movies you know but I notice sometimes when we're watching movies, I have a little trouble differentiating audio you know like voice from the TV speaker. So I wanna try to get a little improvement going on the audio. Speaker 2: All right. So he's not getting great sound on channel Cats. What would you say for Matthew in Tampa? Speaker 4: Well if you wanna go ahead and buy a sound bar, that's one thing you can do. The sound bars generally do have really good center channel. Another thing you can do is if you have any receiver connected, you can just turn up the center channel by self, that works for pretty much anybody, had an AV receiver connected just go ahead and boost the center channel which is a cheap way you know if you already have any receiver. If you don't there's not much you could do besides buying an external audio solution like a sound bar. You know they can get pretty inexpensive. We saw a couple good ones you know there's once the mono price after this pretty darn good for about a 100 bucks. You know and that'll swamped your pump for sure because a lot of these shows or encoding surrounds them and I can get models if you try and force to this Freddie speakers with the TV set all then. Speaker 2: Which is just left and right. Yeah. Speaker 1: I have totally noticed that actually and I didn't know what the problem was. Speaker 2: Yeah 'cause they've got a center channel and most of vocal is, you don't have a center channel amp or speaker in your TV so it kinda splits it up and it goes where it doesn't wanna go. Speaker 1: I thought I was just really getting super old. You guys are so helpful. Speaker 2: You are holding the popcorn cone to your hand and... Speaker 1: I was in my own so all they have and tell and I can't hear Julie and Marculis at all. Speaker 2: Tony in Masadonia, do I have that right Tony? Welcome to holiday help desk. Speaker 6: Thank you very much. Yeah it's Masadonia, it's all the way in Denver part of the world. Speaker 2: Part of the world. Speaker 1: How awesome. Speaker 2: You got a streaming... And you got really cool ring tone. You've got a streaming TV box question. What's on your mind for David Catsmyer? Speaker 6: Well here in Masadonia, we have an authorized Apple retailer and we can get Apple TV's but I wasn't sure about the limitations that they might come with the Apple TV. Speaker 2: Two can play that game. I got sound effects too. All right. If you wanna do that we'll do it all day. Speaker 1: So the question really is what's thew region lacking with Apple TV? Speaker 2: Yeah. Speaker 1: I mean Apple TV... Sorry. Go ahead. Speaker 6: Yeah, well I can also get a Roccu because I'm traveling to United States in like a little bit of time but I just can't decide and I wanna know the limitations. Speaker 2: Okay. So this is an issue we don't... I don't know, Cats do we really know exactly what the limitations are country by country that gonna be something we have at the top bar head? Speaker 1: I don't know about country by country but Roccu is planning to expand and bring top boxes specifically to Canada and the UK in early points which would suggest that they are gonna be a little bit more region friendly. People have definitely complained about iTunes content only being available in the US and that is a limitation of all of this free Hulu and those streaming services. It don't... Speaker 2: What the box makers problem it's just the studios have their holding back rights. Because they wanna do the up to way and a lot of them also have deals with the distributors in your country like the HPO deals in this country with those distributors have certain right so their hands can be tied for a period of time. Speaker 1: That sounds like Roccu might be... Making some efforts until that might be... Speaker 2: Pretty ambitious. Speaker 1: Yeah that might, that Roccu may end up being the better option. Speaker 2: And we love the Roccu. I mean you'll get it figured, so you're coming to the US so you'll be able to... I don't know what the pricing is in your country but over here the Roccu LT is like our cheap pick of the entire season at under $50 US, we... Kind of like our main go to product of everything this year is like everyone should have one and it's a little wager and even if you had some blocked programming, you'd still get your moneys worth out of it. So that is something to go to there. But Apple TV if you're really in iTunes, maybe one day it'll be more open in your country. Speaker 1: I mean there is... There are countries specific iTunes installations. So it's just a... So what I would do is... As you're trying to sort of make your purchase decision, go on iTunes and see what the library looks like and if you feel like you have enough content then Apple TV is certainly a very good device. Although Roccu is cheaper. Speaker 2: And there's no way to check a Roccu array ahead of time but I do know bunch of this basically Googling and some anecdote and stuff even because there's no app you can put on your machine to replicate that function like it came with iTunes. But he can truly experience iTunes before he buys the box. With Roccu, you gotta buy the box especially if you buy it here you're not gonna be able to return it rather I wouldn't think at least know that a hassle. So that's our suggestion on that. Roccu you kinda can't go wrong. They're ahead of Apple and not ahead but they're making efforts to catch up with Apple and international versions and they're cheap. Jose. You're in Miami and you have a question about Google TV. They still make Google TV don't they? Turn down your speakers by the way. Jose what's your question for us here on Holiday help desk? Speaker 7: How are you doing guys? Speaker 2: Good. What's going on? Speaker 7: My question is the internet Google TV, we got the Blue Ray disc today about 159 and 32-inches 399. Is that a good buy to do? Speaker 2: Hey, Cats. Sony Google TV. What's the size again Jose? Speaker 7: 32-inch. Speaker 2: 32-inch Sony with Google TV built in for 400 bucks. Do you like it or is it a pick in the pope? Speaker 4: I wouldn't buy it. You can get a pretty darn good 32-inch TV for less and more importantly you could add a Roccu to that TV and get generally better internet experience. So yeah I wouldn't get that. Speaker 1: All right. Speaker 7: What about the Blue Ray disc? Speaker 2: Okay Blue Ray player with Google TV built in, 159. Cats you go it or you blow it off? Speaker 4: That's a little better. But again a lot of this Blue Ray players have pretty much the same functionality. Of course you can do a little bit more to Google. With sides it's a little slower, crankier and craftier. So again unless you are a beacon willing to put up with a lot of that kinda stuff, I would definitely go with another Blue Ray player. Speaker 1: 'Cause I've seen Blue Ray players for $79, $89. $99 and then the Roccu is so far a little bit less. You can get the Blue Ray player and the Roccu. Although if you are constrained by HTMI ports then I would say get the... Yeah exactly. So really it's just a matter of you know, how many ports do you have. If you have... If you can spare another one for a Roccu then I would get a cheaper Blue Ray player. Speaker 2: And by the way you and all of you, don't forget component is no slouch. It does require a few more, a nastier cable but there's no real quality degradation. It's just and I'm gonna be sitting any TV you buy had got a bunch of component but it's full HD. You just got around five connector wire so that nice neat, single HTMI so there is all your stuff plugged in. You'd have that. Speaker 1: So the man who had a complete freak out over the splitter thing. All right we're gonna take a quick break. Speaker 2: What is different? I figured you're messy. Speaker 1: I hope we answered your questions. Quick break. Speaker 2: Delegate you're using ports you already paid for. Speaker 1: When we come back. Derald Riddle from woot.com. So go check out the deal of today so you can be familiar with what we're gonna talk about. Coming up after this. Welcome back everyone joining us via Skype. Thank you very much in advance for excited. It is Derald Riddle who is the vice president of retail sales at woot.com. Thanks for joining us Derald. Hello. Speaker 8: Hey guys. Nice to be home. Speaker 2: You are Welshman aren't you Derald? Aren't you? Speaker 8: I am. Speaker 2: You are my man. What do I get for guessing that right? A pair of night vision goggles? Speaker 8: Hey you could. Speaker 2: I could if I pay for myself yeah. Speaker 1: I don't know that was a pretty good deal though I have through. All right for those who are not familiar with woot.com though, what's the deal with Woot so to speak and what's that apart from other deal is like? Speaker 8: Well so Woot is the originator of the daily deal model on the internet. We started in 2004 and actually started as a wholesale distributor and I'm merely buying excess inventory from manufactures last year's models, manufacture refurbish products and we continually had the same issue that the manufactures were having was... Which was we always had leftover inventory. So we created Woot as an avenue of getting rid of bar excess inventory essentially and then it just took up. It got really huge and completely viral. We never did any advertising and all root word of mouth and we left out and got some really good price really on Wall Street journal and New York Times and so now we're actually the a suite of sites so we have woot.com. We have Sell Out which is a site that we originally built in conjunction with Yahoo and now it's tied to our deals platform. We have a wine site at wine.woop. We have a home site at home.woop for resell home related items. We have a kids site where we sell part of our kids and should finger kid there and shop but you could buy stuffs for you kids there and then we have a shirt site where it has... It features community contributed designs so you can actually go on if you're an artist, you can create a design, fitted into our editors and neither our editors can select it or at the end of the week we run Europe but during the week we run what's called the derby and so you can contribute your designs the community votes on the shirts and then Friday, Saturday, Sunday we essentially run the top community fix on a shirt that we actually print here in our facility. Speaker 2: Brian Toll would log in there and just never leaves. Speaker 1: I know I love it. Speaker 2: She would just have there graphic T-heaven. So tell me about sellout.woop.com. Is this just a way to make us all feel miserable about stuff that's already been sold out? With a lie you know it's kind of a masochistic way but... Speaker 8: It just so happens today that it is sold out. But we actually named that it was sprang and sheet. Like I said it was originally a partnership with Yahoo and so to kind of get around the fact that we are one deal today and then we originally gonna have two deals. We said and we're selling out and so we named the site Sell Out. And then it just so happens that we usually have quantities over there that happened to sell out so it works out pretty well. Speaker 1: In fact today, sell out deal was one of the ones that Rick Broyda had listed and cheap gate blog which possibly contributed a tiny bit to the almost instance sell out of that the garment GPS. So it is one deal a day. I like that personally because of the focus. It's like you know I'm just gonna shop at this one thing and not going to a day. But can you give, do you have any hints about upcoming deals like are you negotiating this, how do you find out in advance? Speaker 8: Well I'm the guy that actually scheduled the barracks so I specifically have a... I typically have little bit of advance notice but you know, I can tell you this year is the year of the tablet so obviously the iPad kinda rules that category but there's a lot of actually really good tablets out there and unfortunately for them they can't make a gain market share that actually works out pretty well for us because they're typically turning that inventory over when they get tired and trying to fight at (??) the beast that is the iPad. Speaker 2: Are you having lunch with executives from HP, Rim and all kinds of companies these days? Speaker 1: Might tubing hinting an upcoming tablet deal. Speaker 8: We do, we'll have a Samsung tab. You'll see that in a few different sizes. We'll have a busier tablet coming up sometime soon. And Arco's tablet as well. So quite a few deals coming up on tablets and then you know you guys are talking about Roccu earlier. That was our Black Friday deal, was actually a Roccu, it was last year's model. But it was actually one of their higher end models and so we were at $49 on that I think that was to get the equivalent specs in their new line you then to pay about 90 bucks for it. So. Speaker 2: So of all the things you seen that sell out and a lot of them sell out fast, is there one you recall that was like we've never seen anything go that fast? Speaker 8: Well our bag of crap which you're not familiar with Woot so we do something called a bag of tablet... Speaker 2: Oh that's what your CEO. Oh okay. Speaker 8: It sold out so fast, we are, our server's actually just about melt down when we ran the bag of crap. Speaker 2: Bag of crap. Speaker 8: And the story behind that is when we first started Woot years ago... Speaker 1: I know bag, I have tried to buy bag of crap on many items, it always fail. Speaker 8: You just have to get and you know when we started years ago, we were actually scheduling products like the day before we were that tied on scheduling and so we were sitting in the office one day at about 4:00 and didn't have any idea what we'd be selling the next day and one of the buyers came in and he had closed that deal, he just bought from Kinsington. It was a bunch of little neoprene mouth bags that you put your, nope but mouth center on your (??) bags so that you wouldn't get all tore up and he was suggesting that we sell that and I essentially said well that's ridiculous, that's horrible, we can't do that. If you take that bag out in the warehouse and you feel it's a little bunch of crap, we'll sell that and it actually turned out that that was our best option and so that's how the bag of crap was born and that was actually the first day that we got the test or products counter. We had said that it's a sell out of 1500 and we came in the next morning we'd already sold well over 2000 and we figured out, hey our counter doesn't work. Speaker 1: That's a problem Speaker 8: It is but somehow we sell out of 3 or 4,000 bags, it takes about 10 seconds. So... Speaker 1: Yes. Speaker 8: And then grab... Speaker 1: I can even like I have tried to go out the bay and I've never have been successfully... You people. You did start on a company in blog where people can like upload on bagging videos like videos of themselves opening the bag of crap. Speaker 2: I was just looking at one. Yeah this one on Ken (Prass?) of it's like, how it came, you took a picture with a sitting on his step and then he brought it in and he opens it up and he's posing the stuff on his radiator in his living room. People celebrate it. It is like, they don't care what they get, they care that they got it. Speaker 8: Right it's all about the surprise. You don't really know what you're gonna get and honestly a lot of times it is really crap and then at the same time a lot of it you know, we... A lot of our product samples that we come in that we use to evaluate the product, a lot of those products end up in the bag of crap so you can actually get some pretty good, some pretty deals in there. So... Speaker 1: Pretty good crap. Speaker 2: Kinda what Merick use to do, right? Speaker 1: No, no, no I don't. Speaker 2: Yeah I got some crap in my office. You can win it. Speaker 1: Outstanding. Speaker 2: All right. Good stuff. Speaker 1: Yeah thank you so much Derald for joining us. Everybody go check out woot.com. This is your first year on the holiday help desk. Welcome and I hope we see you back here again soon. Speaker 8: Thanks guys. Speaker 2: Thanks Gerald. Appreciate it. Have a good holiday. Okay. So that's Derald Riddle at woot.com. If you're not familiar with the site again with one deal at a day, that's what so cool about him is the focus there. Now, we're getting some more of your calls coming up at 888-900-CNET, 888-900-2638. Before we do that, take a look at this video that are on BT put together, showing you the best streaming video boxes like the Roccus and the other's that's right here. Speaker 9: Hey everyone. Brian Thong with cnet.com and if you're looking for the best set top boxes that stream content from the internet and on to your TV, I'm here to show you CNET's top recommendations that will get you started. Now if you have a game consul already in your home, you might not be using it to its full potential as a streaming box. Microsoft Xbox 360 started $199 and Sony's Play Station 3 starts at $249 and they both offer a variety of video services built in. The biggest one is Net Flix that allows you to watch older movies and TV shows if you're a Net Flix subscriber. now you also have access to Hulu plus, you'll need a separate descriptions of that service and it lets you watch episodes of TV shows that are currently running and older seasons as well. There is plenty of other services too and each consul also has their own video store for purchasing and running movies and TV shows and you'll get a live sports with the ESPN app on the Xbox and Enafel Sunday ticket and majorly baseball on the PS3. And if you wanna get a little social, you'll also find Facebook and Twitter integration on these consuls as well. We like gaming machines because they're so versatile but there's plenty of you that don't need them so there's Blue Ray player from companies like Samsung, Panasonic and LG that can also stream additional video content and services that start around $149 with built in WiFi. Now if you're out in streaming functionality to your TV and you don't wanna pay a hundreds of dollars to do it, these are our top recommendations. The Apple TV is a $99 box that allows you to view content that lives on your other Apple devices like your laptop, iPhone and iPad and leave them directly on your TV set. If you live in the Apple Eco system, you'll fit right in with this. Now in addition to that, it has video services like Net Flix, Youtube and Venil and it also includes access to live sports with the NHL major league baseball and the NBA if you subscribe to them separately. Plus, you'll also be able to rent and purchase content from iTunes directly to the Apple TV and as a solid choice for 99 bucks. Now we always save the best for last and the Roccu box is our top pick for the holiday season. It starts at 499.99 and this is loaded with the most video and online services that you can think of with an easy use interface. You'll get Net Flix and Hulu plus... But you'll also get Amazons instead of video store and HBO go. There's Pandora for music listening and discovery plus hundreds of other channels with specific content like Disney in the UFC including our own channel from CNET. It's really the best all round streaming box you can get and even better it starts under $50 so it's the perfect gift for the holiday season. So that's a round off of our top pick for streaming boxes and if you ask me what my top pick, I'm gonna have to go Roccu. Speaker 2: Okay folks and see holiday help desk. Episode number two, we've got five of this total this roll through December 19th, every Monday at 12:00 Pacific, 3:00 Eastern and the phone number is 888-900-CNET in case you don't get in today and we're getting toward the end of the show. It's 888-900-2638. Let's get right to those calls. Lee is been holding on for a long time in Colorado. He has a question about a unicorn to be honest. Lee, welcome to holiday help desk. Speaker 10: Hey. How are you guys? Speaker 2: Good. Now what do you have and what are you thinking of getting? You've got an interesting dilemma. Speaker 10: Yeah. So hold on let me take you off the speaker. Are you still there? Speaker 2: That's a good speaker phone I'll tell you what. No it's just fine so go ahead yeah we hear you. Speaker 10: Okay. So what I did is I ended up purchasing a new laptop and at the time of purchase I had an option about the HP touch pad. So I went ahead and pick one out. Speaker 1: Yeah you did. Speaker 2: Yeah but like really cheap, tell the price. Speaker 10: Yeah it was (??). Anyways, it was 150 for the 32 gig. Speaker 2: She just froze that out. It was 150 I got one, you guys didn't. Yeah that's what I got. Speaker 10: So anyways, I already had... This is for a gift for my daughter. I already have an iPad and so I'm kinda wanting to win my iPad back and this is their own type of touch pad and anyways, myself behind it though, was just... I picked it up for 150, I figured it was cheap enough you know and I wasn't sure if you know maybe I should consider like a candle fire or the... over the touch pad. Speaker 1: Okay well for one thing, a smaller tablet is never, ever going to win you back your iPad. Speaker 2: No way and not for more money. Speaker 1: And not for more money year. I mean you have to get something that is the same size as long as there's a Net Flix app for the touch pad, you're good to go. Speaker 2: Boom. I think there is. Speaker 10: Yeah okay. Speaker 1: Let's hang on to that thing 'cause that's you know, that's becoming like a collectible. Ooh you're drooling for. Speaker 2: Oh yeah here is what I'm thinking, you sell me your touch pad. I'll like you know send your kid my candle fire. She will hate it but I will block your e-mail and everybody wins. Speaker 10: Yeah. Speaker 1: Hang on to touch pad. Speaker 2: Yeah go touch pad 150, candle fire, just less tablet for more money it doesn't make any sense and like Molly says your child doesn't like it ripped off. Speaker 1: Your child will know. Speaker 2: To the tune of 3-inches of screen size. No one's gonna fall for that. Speaker 10: Okay. All right it's good. Just one thing that's good to think about. Yeah I know the other one's real go to small ones so. Speaker 2: Yeah and touch pad is a huge deal. Even at 150 the bundle was I guess, the accessories you got a little, the cradle stand and all that, that's a great deal. So yeah you're in good shape there. Now the dilemma is, does he really want his iPad back? Because web (??) pretty hot. Speaker 10: I think web (less?)is pretty hot. Yeah at least that we can swap back and forth. Speaker 1: I was thinking yeah whichever one he wants the most actually is the one the kid is gonna get. They know. Speaker 2: Let's go to Chad is in Salt Lake and he's got a question here about a laptop question kind of hearing all from tablets. Chad welcome to holiday help desk. What's your question for us today? Chad, you're still there? Did you fall asleep? Did we have you on the hold too long? We'll come back to you Chad. Let's go to Wade is in New York, not sure if that's state or city. But he's got a question about TV's and I believe we still have Catsmyer on the connection with us from New York. Hey, Wade. Speaker 11: Yes. Speaker 2: Wade. Welcome to holiday help desk. Speaker 11: Thank you. Speaker 2: What's your question about Samsung TV as I understand it? Speaker 11: Yeah I'm just trying to look for a quality LED Samsung 55, 52 or higher in this television and is wondering if you guys recommend the 55D7000 is there's a better model. Speaker 2: Okay let's pull in David Catsmyer who I think we still have on the line. He's in our New York City (??) all of our TV goodness, he is the TV boss there. So this is the man that asked the question up. So Cats. What do you think about a 7000 series Samsung? Speaker 4: The 7000 might be a little bit or I have a read it directly over the 8000 which I actually didn't like as much as I like the 6400. So the 8000 and the 7000's are the same that really thin that's well around the edges of screen, if that really stick on up all pictures look. The downside as far as I can see if the picture uniformity. So the edges of the screen on the 8000 operator in the middle and actually does show up in lot of further that goes as you can look it back far or something like that. A lot of movies have those. I would say the 6400 is a better alternative and you'll probably pay less for it than you will for the 7000. Speaker 2: Is he looking at an edge slit said here is that the technology? Speaker 4: Yeah those are all the ones that I just talked about the edge that would be there just in different varieties. The 6400 actually has a pretty thin vessel too better than any other TV on the market is not an 8000 or a 7000. So it is pretty good, pretty good inside the box. Speaker 2: Wade what kind of price are you finding on that 7000. You say you're looking at a 55 or so or 52. What kind of pricing have you seen in the stores? Speaker 11: I think 1699 so far was the cheapest. That's worth on. Speaker 2: Okay Cats. Is he spending his money the best way to get a TV in that load of mid 50's size class at 16 or 1700 bucks? Speaker 4: Well I just Amazoned the 6400 and that's the $100 less, 1599 and you could probably find it you know with other retailers. So again it's the better TV for a little bit less money to spend much about previous session and state. Speaker 1: All right. That's an easy one. Speaker 2: All right so there you go 6400 a way to go there Wade. Speaker 11: Thanks a lot. Speaker 2: You're welcome. Speaker 1: I know. We're so good at this Catsmyer is. Speaker 2: Comma, Catsmyer is. Speaker 1: Is there another question for Catsmyer? Speaker 2: Okay. We got this to one line left number now if you wanna jam a last minute call in your 888-900-CNET, 800-900-2638. We had an e-mail question that just came in here from Douglas who says, hey guys I wanna know the best set top box. Staying on the set top box mean a lot this year. You see the LT, the Roccu LT of 50 bucks but notices that Roccu has recently lost Youtube. They had it kind of a (Quasai?) not legit Youtube app in there that I think it was an unlisted and it wasn't in the official app store. Now it's gone for Google request. Speaker 1: Oh it is. I thought that it was only gone from the LT, from the lowest end model. I thought that that was... I think that may be a feature thing where you get Youtube with a higher end models. Because... Speaker 2: He is looking at the LT. Hey Cats, do you id Youtube gone from all the Roccus or just the LT? Speaker 4: You've stump me. Speaker 2: I don't know on that and because the reason I don't know is I've got an older Roccu and if you have an existing install that Youtube app it's not going away. They're not calling it back. Speaker 1: Oh maybe that's why. Speaker 2: So you might not notice that it is gone but I don't think it's available in the Youtube. I just scorer the Roccu sign it's not listed anywhere in their channels. Speaker 1: Right and you... Speaker 2: That may be gone. Speaker 1: You are right that they did force them to take it down. It maybe that because it was somebody installing a brand new one like I still have the Youtube one on my older Roccu. Speaker 2: Right. That's it. But you can't put on a new box like the one we have here that we're using for demos. Speaker 1: Huge bummer. Speaker 2: So don't take your Youtube app or uninstall that channel off your Roccu box. You can't get it back on there but I have heard that a fact is recently as last month, there was a Roccu blog post or there was a blog post or an e-mail from them to a blog that said we hope to have that done by later this year meaning 2011. So with any luck they'll have a deal done. Apparently what happened was, the way they were doing it they were taking the video and not the app and serve that. So Google said no you gotta serve our ad if you're gonna serve our Youtube videos. So they're figuring out I don't know why it's technically difficult but that's what's missing there. So that's where things stand Douglas. It sounds like if you bought a Roccu, you'll probably get the Youtube app back in sooner than later but no guarantees on that. Speaker 1: Sorry. Speaker 2: Sorry. Speaker 1: Roccu is still cool. All right. We have any other. It looks like we still have two callers. Speaker 2: We had a couple of calls, we've also got a couple e-mails. Well let's get back in try... Speaker 1: What to do, what to do? Speaker 2: Let's pick up Chad who we had in Salt Lake. Chad are you back on the line? No, Chad is gone. He had a question about laptops and that's the end of that. Now we'll having you from Erin in Louisiana. You can call back next week if you wanna take you're okay. No, it's okay. It's okay. Speaker 1: Hey, Cooly won't actually be here so you can't control that. Speaker 2: Right, right yeah and then the other one's much nicer than me. I've always been an Apple fan and I've had all the generations of the iPod touch. Right Erin from Louisiana. I recently discovered the Samsung Galaxy player. This is kind of a little known product which has the 5-inch screen which he says, I think would like to experiment with and to that Android. It's basically an Android, iPod touch but way bigger. 5-inch where the iPod touch is still in that little 3-1/2 inch class. Do you think that 5-inch Samsung Galaxy S50 WiFi they call it is a good device to buy for the holidays? Could be good. The biggest problem is could be hard to find. Now I was routing around here over on Amazon for example. I don't think we have an actual formal review of this product. Speaker 1: Of the 5-inch one. Speaker 2: It's a little bit kind of an odd thing. Speaker 1: Right and I think we reviewed the Samsung Galaxy player which is not the same as the mobile internet device which is very much like that Nokia thing that everybody who has one is obsessed with. Speaker 2: Oh it's kinda like a mid. Speaker 1: Yeah. I don't get that I'm sorry. Speaker 2: Yeah it is a giant iPod touch but without being able to deal with iTunes of course. I mean that's kind of a big thing you're leaving out here on what is basically a playback device. So as long as you got enough stuff to feed it, the 5-inch is showing for 229 on Amazon prime and that's gonna get your free shipping if you're a prime member so it's a pretty good price for a left his storage on that is. I guess I have just one capacity model and it's with 8 gig but expandable for up to 32 more. Speaker 1: I'm waiting for our review to load as well. Speaker 2: So that's not bad. Yeah I think we have some pieces on how we found, I don't know or how we've tried it out in some shows at some demonstrations. I don't think we have a full review. Speaker 1: Yeah we sort of have a first take of it. What it is is it's sort of like the Dell streak, it's an answer to the iPod touch but bigger. I mean I think for me I can understand why like the price is pretty good, the 229 for 8 gig is not bad. But I think that you're probably, the iPod touch at this point has such an expensive universe of accessories not to mention the app. I mean I know Android has a lot of apps but I think you know the iPod has specifically, that's the device that you use for games and media consumption and those apps are already there unless you really, really want the bigger screen. I'm not sure that this one has a front facing camera so you know you can use the iPod touch for face time. To me right now, even though that device needs a refresh that's still probably where I would go. Speaker 2: It does have... It looks they have the same sophistication of (??) meters of an iPod touch if you're gonna use it for gaming. So yeah it looks very equivalent. Something expandable memory is kinda nice. Speaker 1: It is nice. Speaker 2: You never gonna run out of room for videos until you get to the 40 gigabytes. Okay. So that's it. It's a little bit of a hard part to find. It's not showing up in a lot of places and it's obviously got no telephony on it. This is a really small tablet. Speaker 1: I don't understand why it would have no front facing camera. Speaker 2: It doesn't does it? Speaker 1: It apparently has a much better rear camera than the iPod touches but no front facing. So... Speaker 2: Well I think it does have a VGA front. Speaker 1: Nope. Speaker 2: No? Speaker 1: No. No video chatting feature. Out in camera. Speaker 2: Out or camera. Really. Speaker 1: Yeah. Speaker 2: All right well. Speaker 1: I have these five things to know about the Samsung Galaxy player which is a usual article to Google later. Speaker 2: Well there might be a couple models here 'cause I'm looking at one that has a little tiny VGA camera, Samsung Galaxy S Wifi 5.0. Speaker 1: Oh Galaxy S. Oh I have Galaxy player 5.0. Speaker 2: Okay there's an S that has a front camera. Speaker 1: You know what this is already too annoying. Speaker 2: This is still Android. Speaker 1: This is why Apple keeps winning because they just have one damn thing. Speaker 2: This is still Android. This is what happens in Android. Too many models with too many fine variations. Speaker 1: Well this is so Samsung. I mean really, now they've got a tablet in every size you could possibly can keep up down to the 10th of the way. Speaker 2: And the sub models right. Speaker 1: But you can get it... Speaker 2: Did you... I just got a 9-7. Speaker 1: Did you get a 97.5? Speaker 2: Yeah. Speaker 1: 'Cause I got an 98. Speaker 2: I got the 986 actually. Try a little more realistic. It's very nice. Speaker 1: iPod touch is one thing but I have an e-mail so we answer this e-mail because... Speaker 2: Okay let's put that in the middle and wrap it. Speaker 1: This is an interesting question that leads to an interesting new story. My daughter says Janet has the newest Black Berry phone with a Qwerty keyboard and I'm looking at the play book for her because the price dropped yesterday to a $199. So the questions are, will the current play book be up-gradable to the OS, does it have Kindle, Net Flix and Sprint navigation and does play book bridge allowed user to use their phones keyboard on play book? I don't know the answer to any of those questions but it doesn't really matter because apparently the $199 play book was kind of a bay and switch or with people were reporting that what they did is they went and ordered it and then the orders were canceled and then the money was refunded. So I think that, that... It sounds like they are out of inventory for the play book and probably not gonna be selling it anymore so I wouldn't... Speaker 2: Yeah so it may just gone dry. It looks as if no one has that... 'Cause it dropped to 199 right. Speaker 1: Yeah. Speaker 2: Yeah I don't see anyone showing that of the majors right now. So it's become the new touch pad. Speaker 1: I know it's kinda moo... I'm sorry to say. Although I will look up some of those questions for next week in case. Speaker 2: Just in case it comes back in the market. Speaker 1: That comes back on the market and conveniently enough we'll have Jessica Delcourt on next week to talk about mobile devices.... Sorry it could be in a few weeks. Jessica Delcourt will be on in a few weeks to talk about that Dan Acreman will be on next week though and we'll be having hot, hot laptop talk. Speaker 2: Okay so... Speaker 1: Oh Anne with Amazon. Speaker 2: Jeff Bagels will be calling in. No not really. So if you've got a question about laptops for next week, make sure you definitely drill into us then we got Dan Acreman on the horn. Brian Thong will be back in the seat and that's gonna be at 3:00 Eastern, 12:00 Pacific like we do it every Monday rolling right through until December 19th including that day right here on holiday help desk. Don't forget the phone number 888-900-CNET, 888-900-2638 and our e-mail address is holidayhelpdeskcnet.com. Speaker 1: See you next week guys. Speaker 2: Cool. Bye. Speaker 1: Bye.
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