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First Look: The Samsung Gear Fit combines smartwatch and fitness band, with mixed success
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First Look: The Samsung Gear Fit combines smartwatch and fitness band, with mixed success

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A big, bright curved screen, a heart rate monitor, and it can get messages too: the Gear Fit is a step forward for design, but it's not a perfect home run yet.

[MUSIC] There are a lot of wearable devices out there and they're all looking to take over your wrist. You've got fitness bands and you've got smart watches. The Samsung Gear Fit looks to be the best of both worlds by combining a fitness features of a band, but still making it a fully capable smart watch. I'm Scott Stein and this is the Samsung Gear Fit. What the Gear Fit is, it's really kind of a hybrid between a Nike Fuel Band type device and something like the Pebble Smart Watch. It can get notifications from your phone, it can tell you anything from Facebook to Twitter to incoming phone calls and ping you about what's coming in. But it also acts as a full fledged fitness band and we're not just talking about pedometer. We are also about heart rate because on the back of the gear fit is a heart rate monitor and this is able to measure standing heart rate but also in-action heart rate and works a, with a coaching aid when you are running or when you are cycling. Telling you when to speed up or slow down. So you can set your exercise mode right from the Gear Fit and you can pick a goal based on the amount of time you run or the amount of estimated calories or by the distance. So I'm gonna try running here, set the goal, distance for, I don't know, one mile, and. You can actually set the heart rate to be displayed. And also be able to, set whether you want coaching which tells you whether to speed up or slow down, based on your heart rate. Now, I'm not on a treadmill right now, but I'm gonna give this a try right here. It's gonna start by measuring the heart rate. Getting a ping. And then it's gonna give me a three, two, one, to start working out. So, three, two, one, and I get a buzz. I should start working, start running. We'll see how it's going. It says speed up. So I'm going to speed up. Now I just keep doing this. It actually didn't tell me to keep the pace. Sometimes it tells you to keep the pace. Even if you're standing still if your heart rate is high. So little up and down in terms of how the coaching is going and you don't know whether it's buzzing to tell you to speed up or slow down or whether you are buzzing, because you got a Facebook notification. It all depends. Alright. [INAUDIBLE] to speed up. Okay. It's hard. Now, unfortunately as both a watch and a band. The gear fit leaves a little bit to be desired. It does have a pretty forward looking design and a gorgeous looking amoled display that is curved. You never seen anything like this before and you swipe it. And it's got a variety of colors and watch faces. And it actually pops out of this plasticky band. So you can change out the band and pick something else. It's a pretty cool design, but it's a little bulky, bulkier than you might think. So, it's not the super curved around your wrist feel. It has a little bit of a bulbous top. And when it comes to that curved screen, it's hard to read messages. The battery life is really only functionally about two days before a recharge, based on what I was using it for. Using it for heartrate monitoring and always being connected. Plus the gear fit only works with Samsung phones. That brings up the point that if you're buying a fitness band, a lot of those work on both iOS and Android, with the exception of a few. So if you're buying this you're really closing yourself out of a lot of flexibility and this needs to tie into S health. Which is Samsung's own health application which has been expanded now to add heart rate monitoring and in the future, sleep monitoring too all through the gear fit. Or actually, through your phone because the Samsung Galaxy S5 also has heart rate monitoring. But at 199 this comes in at the same price as the Gear 2 Neo which is a more full featured watch. Which counts against Samsung. They've created a competing product out there which you might wanna pick instead. All of that stuff with a cool display, that costs you on battery. I feel like this is a half step forward into the future. Something that does fuse fitness and watch but is not the best at either. It's something I like showing off. [MUSIC] But I'm not sure I'd always wanna use. I'm Scott Stein with Cnet and that's the Samsung Gear Fit in a nutshell. [MUSIC]

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