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First Look: The powerful and highly customizable Origin EON17-S

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First Look: The powerful and highly customizable Origin EON17-S

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First out of the gate with the latest quad-core Intel CPUs, Origin is one of the few high-end boutique gaming PC makers that really pays attention to laptops.

I'm Dan Ackerman and we are here taking a look at the Origin Eon17-S now. If you think this looks a lot like the last version of this laptop we reviewed, that's because it pretty much looks exactly the same. The big difference is under the hood, this is one of the very first laptops to offer one of Intel's third generation core I series CPUs otherwise know by the code name Ivy Bridge. Now this has one of the fastest Iry Bridge CPUs out. It's one of the new core i7 quad-core1 SC3920 and further Origin even over clock it from that. Of course the main advantage of the new Ivy Bridge tip is not really the performance or the battery life. They are only incrementally improved over the previous generation. It's in the integrated graphics. The stuff that you use when you're not using your dedicated GPU or if you have a laptop without a dedicated GPU. This recalls Intel AC3000. Now it's called Intel HD4000. The problem is, with the big gaming laptop like this, you probably never gonna use it because you got a graphics card in there and in this case, it's one of the new ones. It's the G4675 which is a very powerful card. So in order to actually test the Intel HD400 graphics, we had to disable that card and run our gaming test and then of course we turn it back on and run the gaming test again. Obviously with the (??) GPU enabled, they play games fantastically even if it's super high resolutions. When we took the graphics card out of the equation and just used the Intel HD4000 integrated graphics, we actually got the better score than we expected. At least better than we would have gotten last year playing games like Metro 2033 and Street Fighter 4 and we played around Skyrim and they're all playable. It's not gonna replace your discreet GPU if you're a serious gamer. But if you have let's say, a smaller more mainstream, mid-sized laptop and just wanna play a little bit of a game here and there, it's gonna do better than the same laptop would have done last year. It's getting to the point where you ca get away without a GPU is you really need to on this particular super high end system backed with keyboard which we didn't have it last year (??) which I really appreciate. The touch pad's still kinda small and if the whole thing looks sort of generic and bouncy, that's because it's not really a custom made laptop. It's a generic Clevo body that laptop makers buy and customize. In this case, they put a customer panel on the back. In fact, Origin has a whole new set of custom back panels that add kinda fins on them and looks very sort of Alienware-like. That wasn't ready in time for this review here. But when you see them, they look perfectly nice. Although it does kinda fly in the face of the current trade in laptop design towards thinner, smarter sort of more sophisticated design rather than big, black, bulky gamer-iffic design. However, if you've got $3,000 and more to throw away on a big gaming laptop, I can't think of anyone who really does it as well or offers as many customization (??) as Origin. But if you went right out and get one of these very ones with the (??) CPUs, just remember, you're probably never taking advantage of those better integrated graphics that Intel is offering. I'm Dan Ackerman and that is the Origin Eon17-S.

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