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First Look: The Nikon D3300: A friendly dSLR for first timers

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First Look: The Nikon D3300: A friendly dSLR for first timers

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The Nikon D3300 delivers the photo quality and speed you expect when stepping up from a point-and-shoot.

Hi I'm Lori Grunin from CNET and this is the Nikon 3300. With some what better photo quality and slightly better performance -- 3300 delivers a modest improvement over its predecessor the 3200. Not to bump up its rating -- improve its status relative to some competitors. But not so much that it's definitively worth the extra money over the 3200 for buyers on tight but it's. Thrust of the updates are minor they include 108060. It keeps the old eleven point auto focus system -- its predecessor and still acts -- and built in Wi-Fi. The new collapse of okay Atlantans ships with -- 3300 seems kind of -- necessary to me. Unlike with -- systems where the bodies are so much smaller that collapsed -- makes sense the body of the 3300 still relatively large. And the new -- only shaves about half an inch in link -- conference and 2.4 ounces from the way. It's certainly not worth the extra fifty dollars if you're buying it standalone. And -- co exist in the market with a traditional eighteen to 55 millimeter version watch out when you're shopping and make sure you're getting the -- that you expect. But I also bet that there will be cheaper versions of the kit available -- let's. The body it's also almost identical to the 3200. Which it barely changed from the 3100 before that -- for a few tweaks it's got a big comfortable grip. An -- updated and streamlined its beginner friendly guide and there's easy operation which like auto provides access to a limited number of ops levels and advanced mode. Which describes the appropriate settings for the chosen scenario and then allows you to change the settings yourself. Small dim view finder hasn't changed which is not surprising since it's typical for entry level models. I really dislike the tiny focus points which only illuminate and briefly when you have pressed the -- to pre focus. The kind of hard to see in moderate to dim light so if you shoot on anything other than full auto. First you have to press the shutter to find the appropriate focus point -- might take center. Before you even begin different C. Overall the 3300 tasks faster than -- 200 many of its competitors. But it still feels pretty slow -- issue. Possibly because of the relatively sluggish -- the camera does deliver an excellent five point one frame per second burst. With auto focus and no significant slowing as high as thirty shots. However the auto focus can't really keep up with the frame -- so there are a lot of mrs. Photos of the camera strong and video looks pretty good as well. The 3300 improves on the image quality 3200 with most images appearing somewhat sharper as you'd expect from the new. Anti leasing filter -- 24 megapixel sensor. And the camera fares pretty well compared to competitors -- Depending upon -- content the JPEG it's a good up to about iso 16100 and usable to -- 6400. Colors look quite accurate and there's a reasonable amount of recoverable highlight and shadow detail and raw files effort -- -- If you're looking for a competent but inexpensive general purpose first DS LR. 33 hundreds -- lines. I'm Lori Grunin and this is -- -- And.

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