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CNET Update: The main perk of Starbucks-Square deal
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CNET Update: The main perk of Starbucks-Square deal

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Why the Starbucks and Square partnership matters, the growing concerns over cell phone radiation, and the free app that brings caller ID to your Android phone.

We're ordering up a low -- triple shot of mobile news to perk you up I'm Bridget Carey and if -- -- update. Starbucks has partnered with square and invested 29 million dollars into the mobile payments company that -- -- for this little credit card scanner dongle. This holiday season you'll be able to buy a cup of -- by showing cashier a bar code on your phone screen with a paint it square app is that -- taking out your wallet. But wait a second. You can do all that already with the Starbucks app this extra perk you get for using the square app. The Starbucks -- actually has more benefits like giving you rewards for frequent visits. So buying the partnership well right now it matters because it'll raise awareness of the square -- -- get the public more comfortable. But the concept of pain that the phone. But in time as they worked together Starbucks could add more features might never -- -- take out your phone. -- -- many small businesses already use that technology it's where you just walk up and say your name and that's how you pay at that you walk out. But Starbucks isn't going that -- -- technology at least not yet. A government report says will need to test and update the standards of how -- cell -- radio frequency leaks those ourselves and reports on healthy. The Federal Communications Commission set exposure -- standards. Eighteen years ago now is before we were holding phones to our heads for hours and putting the bags and pockets. Report is in the US Government Accountability Office and it doesn't -- that supplements -- say. It's just that we need to do better to test the -- -- cellphone use. You heard of complaints about the working conditions at Apple's factories well now Samsung is under fire an investigation from China labor watch. Says that children are being hired and working long hours at the factory that makes Samsung phones and dvd players. Samsung quickly responded saying at a statement -- its line -- to the factory to investigate claims. If you use Google docs for creating spreadsheets there's a new feature that -- you lock down south to prevent others from editing. It can't protect -- ranges and it's helpful if you multiple people working on document. And -- app to watch is one takes caller ID -- of the cell -- -- -- White pages launched a free -- Apple's current caller ID. It shows you who is calling -- -- that number is not your address book it also shows social connections that number. And they'll hit you with local news and weather based on incoming call IP a lot to take it before you actually answer the call eight experiment wondering if you should pick up for not. That's your tech -- update and give more details on today's story slash update from our -- in the Arctic temperatures caring. --
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