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Crave: 'The Leftovers' is just a summer TV appetizer for the CraveCast crew

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Crave: 'The Leftovers' is just a summer TV appetizer for the CraveCast crew

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Summer has become a time to check out new sci-fi series. The latest CraveCast covers HBO's "The Leftovers" and the next "Doctor Who," and also gives kudos to the comedy "Community" heading to Yahoo.

[MUSIC] And welcome to the Cravecast. I'm Eric Mac in Taos, New Mexico, joined by Kelsey Adams, Bonnie Burton, Jeff Sparkman and Steven Beacham at the cnet studios in San Francisco. And Amanda Cuzier joining us just slightly south in Albuquerque, New Mexico. 'Cuz we gotta cover all the bases so [UNKNOWN] [LAUGH]. So [INAUDIBLE] Erik, you're going in and out. It sounds like you're either doing a Dalek impression, in honor us talking about Doctor Who. Or your WiFi is messing with you. Your internet is failing Oh If you're kidnapped by aliens during this. [INAUDIBLE] Just do a Dalek impression and it'll work out. Let me, let me kill some stuff here. How, how am I now. Can you guys here me now? Can you hear me now? Yeah, we're fine. We're good. You killed the right thing. Just like a Dalek. He's totally frozen. Oh no, he's frozen. [LAUGH] Awww. See, I thought Eric word was just really, I never, no ever listens to me like that anymore. [LAUGH] It was good. I was like, my first boyfriend. Aw. Sharing on Crave Cast. Am I back? Yeah, you're back. You're back. All right. Skype, rah. We just thought you were a really good listener. Or very, very shy. Yeah. Well, did I get to introduce everybody? Did we get everyone's names in at least? Not yet. We can now if you want. Alright. Well, this is the creative cast and we're back. I am hopefully to be heard now. I'm in Taos. I'm joined by Kelsey Adams, Bonnie Burton, Jeff Sparkland and Stephen Beecham at the C-Net Studio there in San Francisco. And Amanda Koozer is joining us. How are you guys doing? Can you hear me>>Yeah, we can hear you but we don't see you now. Your video disappeared. You're ominous.>>Okay>> We've got a lot of technical difficulties.>>That's okay, this is nothing compared to, most like Google Plus and You Tube shows I'm on, its like we're lucky if. Someone doesn't get electrocuted, electrocuted by accident. [LAUGH] So this is good. Well, good. That could be interesting. I know. [CROSSTALK] Not suggesting it, I'm just saying. Yeah, we could, we can re-enact that new Doctor Who trailer. That's fine. Tardis blowing up, things electrocuting. It'd be great. [UNKNOWN] Yeah. But fortunately I'm not going to be sending you the video. So we can, you know we can talk [LAUGH] through this. Let's work through ASU's technical and otherwise. Sounds good. We've all gathered here today actually to discuss television. Which used to be one of the most boring things you could talk about in the summer. But not anymore. And actually just like last summer some of the network and cable channels including HBO are testing out some new sci-fi shows with. Short summer runs. Last year I actually got into Under the Dome and Siberia and I wound up disappointed. Merely because Under the Dome was terrible. And Siberia was intriguing and interesting but it didn't get a second season. Now this summer. There's a few more new sci-fi series. Probably the most high profile being HBOs, The Leftovers which I think, we might have a trailer for. And it stars Justin Theroux and some other folks. And the, the basic premise is, it's a couple af, a couple of years after what seems to have been some sort of a rapture, but nobody's sure. Basically, like 1% of the population just disappeared. In an instant. And the show takes place a couple years afterwards and how people are dealing with it, and it's had some, some mixed reviews, I've watched all three episodes so far, and I just have no idea where the thing is going, or if I'm going to stick with it. What do you guys think? I, I've been watching, I actually kind of like it. I don't know, I I'm just glad cause it. It's, you know, now we'd have to worry about population control. [LAUGH] And the rapture, I mean if you actually, I, I was, I was raised Catholic. So I remember, you know, you, hearing about the rapture and that sort of thing, and that's a Christian, definitely a Christian phenomenon to think about. And it's supposed to be a lot more dramatic. Like angels coming down, raining fire, all that stuff. And, and this is just. Blink and it's gone, like people just disappeared. So it's interesting, and it's interesting how people cope with it, and it's interesting how people will go into denial, like, oh, everything's fine, let's not think about it. But, when you think about this is [INAUDIBLE] loss, so there is gonna be, something happening. Towards the end that either all of us are gonna think it's awesome, or we're all going to go, go to his house with pitch forks. Because I, I still, I still have Lost wounds, so [LAUGH] Yeah, I mean Lost wasn't that long ago when we're all like, hey wait a minute, that's the ending we all [UNKNOWN] I mean, with this hopefully there's still some surprises left in him. But it is a compelling show. I, I, I'm giving it a chance. But I, I don't know about the rest of you, but I've become cynical and bitter as a TV watcher cuz I'm like, this isn't gonna get renewed. This isn't gonna get renewed. I'm going to waste all this time watching season one and two of something and nothing's gonna get solved and I'm just gonna wonder the rest of my life, how did gravity end? You know, how did. I'm like afraid to like anything. Yeah. Because, I mean. You know. I already. Pudding pops. Still waiting for those to come back [LAUGH] once I get a lock on them, they disappear. Crystal Pepsi right? Yeah, right! [LAUGH] I mean not so much Zima but, whatever. There's a lot of TV shows that I invested in that people warned me not to. Like I was at park avenue six six six, i'm like wait what happened? That was the devil and things and he was in charge of a hotel. Yeah. So I don't know. I'm trying, I'm trying to have faith cause I don't want to invest too much in leftovers and then not have leftovers. I guess. Wah, wah. So that's the thing. Has HBO done that? Have they just left something for dead so much? Hm. I don't know. I can't think of one. [CROSSTALK] I can't. I don't know, because that's the thing when you have, when you have networks like HBO, Showtime and Starz. Starz is a great example. [INAUDIBLE] Hello Torchwood. It just sort of went nowhere after Stars took it over. Right. So I don't know. I guess it just depends on the network and same with like things like Netflix, Amazon, and Yahoo. They're starting to take no pun intended, well, sort of pun intended. Leftovers. Yeah. Lets be honest here. Because, and we'll talk about that too. A little bit. But, I think these types of networks. Give shows more of a chance than let's say ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, you know. Yeah. So maybe we have a chance to have closure but I don't know. I imagine they don't have to deal with sponsors getting all angry about content and stuff like that. Yeah. That's true. I don't know. So I have a question, plot-wise. Yeah. Do you guys really find it convincing that the world would fall apart this much losing only 2% of the population? Cuz we've had bigger losses than that in the past. Yeah. We've lost more than 1% of the population at of nowhere? Like that. I mean recently. Well, not recently. Well, when I was a kid. But to think people have actually become that much more sensitive than they were in the middle ages. I mean... I think now that the world's connected, I think, you know, we're all so interconnected and we're all so... Yeah, but I imagine people doing like, nobodies liking my pictures. I know, I just kept thinking of. [INAUDIBLE] If we lo-, if we lose 1, I think it's 1%, not 2%, right. I'm pretty sure it's 2. Okay. If it's 1 or 2%, I don't know. This sounds very mathy. I also feel like, how many twitter followers would I lose? [LAUGH] Sorry, that was, a very sad thing to admit, but that's all I care about. There goes my Klout score. Yeah I, I don't know if we would care or if we would be in denial, or if the government would try it, because that would be really hard to cover up, too. Mm. I don't. I feel like everybody would just put a positive spin on it. Like, you know, hey there's more room. Hey, there's more places to live. Hey, there's more parking spaces. Crowded. Yeah, I think it's basically that people are blown away by the randomness, right? Yeah. Like if I can't count on anything how can I even plan my life from now on? Is that the idea? Right, yeah. And that's kind of the show too is you see how people deal with it. It's more, it's not. I mean obviously there's that overlooming question of well, where'd they go. But then there's the. Okay, how do you deal with this? Like, you know, how do you deal with someone you love, just gone or your kids just gone? You know, a lot of them are asking, why aren't we, why didn't we go. [CROSSTALK] Yeah, why didn't we go? Cuz rapture is like, you know. The tickets. It's supposed to be all the good people, right? [LAUGH] Right! It's the Willy Wonka, it's like the Willy Wonka elevator to awesome. [LAUGH] So here's the thing, okay, so we thought baby disappearing, so shouldn't all the babies disappear, or are some babies better people than other babies? Oh, God. Have we never seen Elman? I mean, there's a lot of evil babies out there. Mm. Seriously. [CROSSTALK] blood type, maybe they're just seeking a certain blood type. Yeah, and, and we still don't know what it is. So it could be aliens, it could be Rapture, it could just be anything. This trailer totally terrifies my wife. When we watch it after Game of Thrones, or before Game of Thrones or something. Where the baby just disappears? She's like, I don't want to see this show. This show's horrible. Yeah, exactly. Aww, yeah. And like for a split second we're like oh, quiet. Yeah, that's what I would think. I just i've been watching a lot of stuff on Netflix recently. And world war Z was on. And all I kept thinking was, that kid cares about her blanket and zombies are attacking. And she's whining about her blankie missing? That's a rapture victim right there i'd be glad Well it's a comfortable blanket Yeah. I don't know, I'm not a parent, so I sound horrible, So I'm just like. I am a parent. Can just the noisy drunk people be raptured, because that would be great. [LAUGH] And on the next grey cast, no one. No one, no one. I don't know it's a very interesting concept, and I do like. Te idea of it because its, its a, it's something that people are definitely talking about. And it's not your typical sci fi horror type show. You know what I mean? It's definitely has [CROSSTALK] Things leftover to talk about. Yeah, anyway. Each episode has be delving deeper into these characters. Like the episode this week was just all about one character and. it, which, you know, either they're building to something great, kind of on the lines of Breaking Bad, we have just really amazing, just character that, that you follow through crazy stuff. And that seems like maybe that's where it's going, but right now it's just like really slow and I'm having a hard time. Keeping up with it. Isn't that was Lost did, too? Didn't Lost focus on a couple character each episode instead of everybody and then you got really super invested in those characters. And then when they started killing them off you were like oh that's sad. They had with way more crazy weird stuff. There's a lot more mystery going on. This show doesn't even really seem to care about explaining, you know, the context. Yeah, I mean if they replaced everyone that they took away with invisible smoke monsters and polar bears, I'd be totally down. So. That's kind of a given really. Yeah. So I don't know. I, I'm giving it a chance, but again you're right they need to speed it up a little bit more. And maybe we're just all a little bit ADD, but there needs to be a bit more excitement for me to keep going. So anyway that's what I think of Leftovers. The end. [LAUGH] Did we get Amanda's take on it? Okay, here's my take. I've got pretty much two things to say about it. One, kudos to casting former Dr. Who Christopher Eckleson. Always nice to see him. He plays the reverend. Mm hm. But for especially the 1st 2 episodes I was watching him and I was thinking, this really feels like a Stephen King mini-series. [CROSSTALK] Does anybody else kind of have that. You know, it's funny you said that because Entertainment Weekly had an interview with both Damon Lindalof and Stephen King. Because Stephen King has his own TV show that's doing really well too. Is that Under the Dome? That's Under the Dome. That's Under the Dome, right? And they discussed each other, like each other's shows and plot points and stuff and I think Stephen King made a reference that he's a big Leftovers fan. And so you can kind of see that kind of. Influence for sure. I'm glad Eckleson's in that, too, by the way. Even though, you know, I don't know, I was kind of hoping that I would see him in more British programming, but I'm glad that Americans are sending him paychecks. I'm sure they'll take him back. Yeah, they'll take him back. I don't know, after "Heroes", I don't know if he's allowed back into the country but we'll see. But, yeah, no, it's. It's good to see, I love seeing is it Justin Thr, Theroux? Theroux. Theroux. The guy from Romy and Michele's. Mis, Mr. Anniston. [LAUGH] Yeah. So I like seeing him in stuff. So hopefully, they'll keep, keep going. I'm going to pick up the golden segue way here since next up on our list is actually Dr. Who. Yeah. So the Season 8 trailer for the BBC series actually aired during the final of the World Cup on. Sunday, giving the entire globe something to fill our football void or at least some of us. So I, for this I think I'll just hand it back over to you guys cuz you guys are more [CROSSTALK] Yeah, that's [CROSSTALK] Involved with Doctor Universe. That's actually not the trailer for the TV show, That's a trailer for their tour that they're doing. I wrote an article about this on c-net, But they're, I think its like seven cities or something, And its Capaldi and Coleman, And Moffat. Moffat's only going to be at a couple of the cities, Because I've been stalking Moffat for awhile [LAUGH] But I know he's not going to be at all of them. But that's kind of cool because they're doing like a world tour. There we go, There's the major trailer. Life returns. I don't think I know who the Doctor is anymore. Life prevails. [MUSIC] I'm the doctor. I've lived for over ten thousand years. I've made many mistakes. And it's about time I did something about that. Where are we going? Into darkness. Here we go again. [MUSIC] [NOISE] Gotta tell me. Am I a good man? I, don't know. Dr. Who. Saturday. Yay! I'm getting chills. I get chills every time I watch that because yay it's gonna be a dark doctor instead of a goofball. Like, I, I like Matt Smith and I like the other doctors obviously ten, ten and. The others. Tom Baker was always my favorite, but. I've been waiting for a super dark. Mm-hm. Going into, you know, battling the inner demons kind of Doctor. I found, I found Tennant's Doctor very dark. He was very dark, and he got dark towards the end for sure, and that's one of these things where I'm like, oh finally. Because I mean you can't live that. Long. And not be bitter and angry at some point. And i'm glad that they were kind of bringing that out. It's fun to see the snippets of anything. Like I like anything with T-rex and dinosaurs. So i'm glad they're bringing that sort of thing back. I know me too Polar bears I know me too. I mean I don't know what it is I was like oh great space battle eh whatever. and i'm like horse chase, that's kind of cool, oh Daleks blah blah, T-rex! So I don't know I'm excited for it. I'm sure Amanda and the rest of you guy swill chime in cause your doctoring exams too. There were two other teaser trailers that I cover for CNET as well and one of them you actually get to see the two beating hearts. As usual and Doctor Who tradition the tartis that has to go through some major malfunctions and blow up and have things go wrong in the control panel. So it was great to see that again. I'm just excited. That may or may not be Davao's voice. I mean that's the big discussion It's certainly Dalek style It definitely sounds like him to me. And i'm just excited to see it so. I'm gonna stop talking cause I could talk about this all day. But i'm just yay gimme more Dr Who. I really wanna hear Amanda. Yeah Amanda, chime in! Okay, well first of all I wore my Tom Baker TARDIS key. Aw, I did too. I wore my TARDIS, too. So Tom Baker's my Doctor I've been a fan since way back. I do enjoy the new series considerably. Eccleston was probably my favorite of the new Doctors so far. I enjoyed Tennant, love Matt Smith, but I'm super excited about Peter Capaldi. I, I took, I took notes on that trailers, the, the long trailer. And it's a three word. Dyno, Dalics, Darker [CROSSTALK]. Yep, yep. You know, I, I, I gather that from what I, the rumblings that I've been hearing is they really wanna take this in a, in a different direction than what they've had before. Especially with Matt Smith. And I'm curious to see how bold they're willing to go with that. If this season is about answering that question, am I a good man. I think it's going to be very compelling. And I can't wait. I'm just excited we're going to get a doctor that's not like on the cover of teen beat. I mean not to say Peter Cavaldi isn't adorkable in his own way but I. I'm so tired of companions falling in love with the doctor and smoochy, flirty doctor and companion stuff. I think that's why. [CROSSTALK] I think it's wonderful. I know, I mean I'm just saying that could happen too but I, you know, I, I don't think Jenna Coleman. I don't see her doing that. Probably not. Probably not. Cause you could see in the new trailer she's kinda like, her body language alone that pretty much proves it but. She's got the brave little girl. Thing. Yeah, It's just I, I'm just excited to have a doctor where it's not all the will they or won't they kissy crap. I just want to see will they or won't they go really super dark. And I'm, I'm very excited to see Capaldi's version of the doctor even though I know I'm gonna be on the edge of my. Thinking he's going to swear at some point, because all the other shows I've seen Capalde in give the bleep every five seconds. That would be awesome. That would be so great. I know, I know, I'm so excited. Yeah me, I like, I've, I've been trying to catch up and get in to, and with my schedule the way it is I get to watch more Sponge Bob, then anything else Same thing. Yeah, well you know. Actually you know>>Ha Ha>>Maybe the pineapple is a tar, oh my gosh>>I know I just blew your mind>>Yeah my head>>Bikini bottom is now space. Yeah I think they actually have a couple of Doctor Who references in Sponge Bob, yeah, they have everything in there. After the first. Couple times I watch So Patrick would be the worst companion, I'm just saying. Talk about blowing the TARDIS every five seconds. Yeah he totally would. Oh my god. Alright, so I have a question, I think I've already asked you this before but like I'm kind of a doctor who newbie. I remember watching something with my mom, in like the 1980s, but, like, I'm a little more familiar with it now, but I don't know where to start. Like, where do I jump in to get caught up? Like 2005, maybe? I think everyone, I think everyone has their own viewpoints on that. Like, I, I'm, if you're gonna start with a reboot, I say start at the very beginning with Eckleson's reboot. Because that, it's not even a reboot, I mean, obviously, it takes, you know, it follows canon, but I, I, and Amanda might have a different suggestion, but I would say start there, and then watch all the new stuff, and then go back. And, and all the old stuff's on Hulu, Netflix has a bunch too. So you can watch a lot of the, I think Hulu has the, Hulu Plus has the very first one and you can go from there. And it's a pretty, it's pretty slow when it's black and white, 60. My husband restrospected it from the beginning, and I've been hearing a lot about the [CROSSTALK] Yeah. Your kinda slow, but then again you'll get all of these really great references, because Moffat is a really huge Doctor Who fan. Russell T Davies is too. Obviously, a lot of writers put in these little easter eggs from like, old, old, old episodes. But Amanda, what, what would you suggest people start. I'm actually with you on that. I think new people coming into it, I think it's great to start with Eccelston for the new series. You know, it's got the production values and the pacing that, current viewers can really accept. And if you like that, then I see us digging into some of the older ones but I usually direct people to Tom Baker partly because I love him and partly because I think. That those also still resonate really well with the modern membership [?]. For the most part. Um-hmm. Yeah and that's also in color [lll]. Yeah. And you'll know what the scarf's about. Yeah. And also I think some of the better companions are, were Tom Baker's companions. Because then you get Sarah Jane. And Sarah Jane has here own show. Which I just started watching Sarah Jane Adventures. Because it's all on Hulu Plus. Because I never got into that and I was like, I had a Doctor Who void and I was just like, oh, I'm gonna watch it now. And, it's very, very entertaining. And even though it's meant for kids, there's great references of old school Doctor Who stuff. And it connects really well to the new series. So I, and you know, she's no longer with, the actress that played Sarah James is no longer with us, but I, I loved that series. So if you have a chance, check it out on Hulu. [UNKNOWN] just planned my next sci-fi date night with my wife. Yay. Awesome. So moving away from sci-fi for just a little bit, we want to talk about Community the NBC comedy that's laced with all kinds of awesome geeky and sub culture humor. And it's been going for five seasons, and it's kinda been cancelled and then resurrected then it got cancelled again. And then. Yahoo picked it up. And the, the '60s, and it's gonna be on Yahoo. Which is interesting, and kind of nerdy. And it actually seems like a good home, home for it, in certain ways. But we did have a little debate internally here on whether or not, you know, this is actually a crave cast worthy show. And I'm curious what everyone thinks. I think this is one of my favorite. Sitcoms ever. And there's, you know, so many geeky n jokes, and, and, and references. And I, I am totally psyched that this is going to continue online. It just seems perfect. What do you guys think? Well, I don't see how that's even a question. I mean, if you just watch the trailer, there's every, there's Yeah. A reference to every single thing you could possible think of; Lord of the Rings, Terminator. I mean. It's all. I think some of the episodes, not all the episodes. I mean I've been watching Community since it started, and they have specialty episodes that have Dr. Who references, because, obviously, he did his own Dr. Who spoof. Oh, right, tight. And there's. You know, but now a days there's a Stars Wars reference in everything. I just watched Law and Order Special Value Unit or whatever and it's [LAUGH] You know, they had a Star Wars reference. I mean there's always, you know, I, and I'm not saying I don't like community. I'm a big community fan. But of all the shows, I mean, there's. A crap load of Sci Fi shows coming out, as well as horror and fantasy, that we are not discussing today. And so I think I just pointed, I love that Community is coming back, but it's not Constantine, it's not dominion, it's not the quest, it's not outlander. There is plenty of other stuff too, I am glad that Yahoo picked it up, we will see what happens. Is this the first show that Yahoo. Is doing? Because I didn't even know Yahoo had TV. .> Yeah, we have an article about that. [CROSSTALK] Well, I guess I should read CNet. No it's not. What's the first show then? Cause I didn't even know Yahoo was doing TV until we reported it. So yah But that's the thing. I'm sure no one wants to bash Yahoo, so I'll do it. [LAUGH] Yahoo mail. Yahoo mail is what I used to use before Gmail. I love that show. [CROSSTALK] Yahoo IM. It's what I used to use before Gmail, so, several years ago. Their site is, I mean I thought, I know they're trying but I thought nothing could make Yahoo cool again. And they actually went and did it. They scooped up one of the coolest shows. Yeah. So, wow. Okay. I, I'm all for it. I just honestly, I had no idea Yahoo. Even had a TV component that actually could show TV shows, like it. So I'm excited. Well they've been getting like the SNL archives and stuff like that. Have they? Okay, all right, go Yahoo. Good for them. I'm biased for it, you know, main characters is a narcissist named Jeff, there's a guy on the show who's obsessed with pop culture, so I'm kinda like. Right>>destined to watch the show>>Right>>Um. So I'm always leery when a show comes back like for one more season, like when scrubs did that Yeah>>It was like they actually kind of tidied everything up. And you're like okay closer and then, oh! Another season on another network yeah I know. But there going for six seasons and the movies. Well yeah well I feel this could be totally different. I think, I think it just depends like IT crowd Gran Lilian did, one last episode, which is one like, one episode one season. We complain about Sherlock only being three episodes a season. It was like, the last IT Crowd season was one episode. But that was to wrap everything up. So, you know, he got that chance to like, tie up all loose ends and it was like a nice ending to a show, so I'm all excited to see what Community is going to do on Yahoo. And like I said, I'm a big proponent of other networks. That, to do new stuff. Amazons a great example, Netflix, obviously proves that you can do this. I'm a big fan of Hamlet Grove, so I'm glad that that second season just launched over the weekend, for Hamlet Grove. So, more power to Yahoo, hopefully Community can live strong there. And it has Dan Harmon back again, yeah? [CROSSTALK] Yeah. [CROSSTALK] Yeah. And I will say one thing that gives me some pause about this was Arrested Development. It was huge Arrested Development. [CROSSTALK] Oh, yeah. The original series came to Netflix for, you know whatever the seasons were. And I didn't finish the Netflix one. It like lost something in that it lost its structure a little bit, because some of the episodes were 30 minutes and some were like 50 minutes and it felt like it lost some of the constraints that they were operating in. Do you think it maybe, do you think it was because the hiatus was too long? Yeah. It was a long wait. Between seasons, because the actors, some of them have more plastic surgery than others so it was a bit. I mean they use jokes about that. I think Portia Roschi had a few jokes about her plastic surgery and how her character looked drastically different than the last season we were used to with arrested development. But I mean here's the big question. Every time a show gets resurrected or saved. Every Firefly fan out there. [LAUGH] I was just going to say. It's like you know, that Josh Weeden guy he's not, he's not doing anything right now, right? So and you know, Nathan Fillion has got that little tiny show Castle, that, that should be cancelled any minute now, so let's just bring back Firefly. I mean that's I love that Firefly, you know the brown coats are just so adamant about you know. We could bring that back. We could just Kickstart that, like that's, you know, gonna resurrect anything. I'd like the Kick- I think it's early death has made it so beloved. Yeah. It never had a chance to get bad. Yeah, I don't know, we'll see. Maybe it'll come back. Fingers crossed. C'mon brown coats, write your congressmen. Kennedy. [LAUGH] He really is. So we got a couple more minutes here and so, let's just wrap up real quick. There were two others shows we wanted to try to get in. Maybe we can throw 'The Strain" in here, too. So let's just go roundtable real quick, sixty seconds. Gotham, Constantine or the Strain. Which one excite you the most and why? Aah! Constantine cuz I love the comic and I, I'm one of the few people that love the movie so I wanna see what they do with the show. But I did watch the Strain and I loved it and it's a great book and go del Toro. So, I say both. Okay, Jeff? Can I, can I go for a fourth option? [LAUGH] Okay. No, actually I'm, I'm in, like intrigued by all of them, but I'm really curious to see the new Flash show. Just because. Oh, yeah. Because like the, I watched the old Flash show and it was really awesome. Cool. That was good. I'm trying to keep it short here. No, no, no, that was good. Oh look we even have a trailer. Oh look at that. Look how on the ball everybody is. [LAUGH] Or is that Arrow? [CROSSTALK] That's the Flash. Yeah. Is it Arrow? Is it Flash? Is it Arrow? Is it Flash? The Flash is introduced on Arrow [CROSSTALK] Oh that's right. That's right. Spun off of Arrow. That's right. Who is playing flash, do we know? Oh yeah, yeah. Is it Brando Bruce, no No. Cuz, he is supposed to be on arrow this next season. Yeah, he's gonna [CROSSTALK] We, we, [UNKNOWN] tv this last time, right. Yeah, I know, if only there was an internet service that told that's this things. Didn't we write an article, maybe we should read Zena once in a while. It's probably on there. All right, what- Josie, what do you think of Gotham and Constantine and things? Well I have questions about Gotham, because they seem to be doing a very dark, gritty kind of thing, but then Well that's Constantine. This is Constantine right here. Yeah. Right, well, I mean- I don't think I have Gotham, sorry. [CROSSTALK] I'm just trying to answer the question [LAUGH]. No, that's all right. So, but then the description sounded really camp, like there's character called Edward Megima, who's, like, a forensic scientist, who speaks in a cryptic language. I mean, can you imagine being introduced to the guy, and then, like one guy says to the other, So, he's a, he's a code guy who speaks in code? [LAUGH] Yeah, it's funny. Right? I'm, just like how can they possibly do this in a very serious, noir way? And then in a scantily clad Jonas named Fish Mooney with a right had man named Butch [INAUDIBLE] you know so I'm puzzled. The one I'm actually interested in is Constantine because just I don't know a lot of charisma in that guy A lot, lot of style And he's slightly British [LAUGH] If you watch the Yeah if you watch the tv show. Oh there we go oh yeah. And it, I, it's a major network so hopefully they won't cancel it. I have high hopes. They didn't cancel Grimm. They didn't cancel Sleepy Hallow. Yeah. That seems so. So, that keeps going. So I feel like maybe mainstream America is ready for more scary gothy horror stuff. So, you can never tell. Amanda, where you at on these fall Sci-Fi debuts. Yeah. For me it's a toss-up between Constantine and Gotham. I think when Gotham cast Donal Logue I was kinda signed up to get invested in that. but, you know that carpentry trailer looks really cool. And I'd, I'd, cool, dark and gritty. And the more of that the better. If they actually pull that off on a regular broadcast over the television than I'll be pretty pleased. But, for me, both of those really. Yeah, but I mean, the production value on that Constantine trailer, and, you know, it definitely seems like they were throwing the most oomph behind that one. The Gotham trailer, kinda like, okay, this is kinda like a little origin story. I don't know if I'm. Totally not into it. The Strain, I keep hearing how awesome and gross it is. It is. It's both of those things, and that's great. I, I actually really liked it. Here's something to keep in mind as a new TV viewer to a show. That hasn't been tested out yet. That's a brand new show. Keep track of how expensive the effects look. Cause this is what killed of Heroes pretty quickly, too. I mean, writer strike aside. It was how expensive is each episode because that's what networks look at too. Cause if the numbers aren't there ratings wise, they're gonna get rid of their expensive shows, so. Sleepy Hollow has good effects, it's still around. Grimm has good effects, but it's mostly character-based, too. So, I don't know, fingers crossed. That's good advice, that's good advice for the creative cast, too. We need to keep our [CROSSTALK] budget down. [LAUGH] Yeah, water that plant, Eric! Seriously! This is my post-apocalyptic. [CROSSTALK] Oh my god, it's like little house of horrors over there. Like, Trippin Like feed me Seymour, feed me. I know, I'm just feel like I'm scared for that plant. Last time I was in the mixed prison in South Carolina [LAUGH] I had to bring something back, it's all about the sex. And I do want to give a shout out for the Quest. By the way. Because it's a sci-fi, fantasy, reality tv show, and they call it Amazing Race, meets Lord of the Rings, meets Game of Thrones. I'm scared of that. I'm going to write something for CNET because they're auditioning people at San Diego Comic Con this year, which is like the worst place to audition anyone for anything. Oh, it's going to be an actual- It's an actual reality show. Not like "Siberia". No, it's going to be a LARPing, well, they might dump a bunch of LARPers in Siberia, I'd watch that, but it's. Be interesting. So I just wanted to, even though we're all about scripted stuff, I need to throw in that reality show cuz I just, I can't to see nerds in peril, which is really what they should call it. Yeah. [LAUGH] I'd watched that. I'd watched that. As long it's naked and afraid in the woods or whatever it is. No. I love that show. That's. Oh, that feels great. [LAUGH] I haven't watched that yet. I just keep thinking splinters everywhere. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And thorns. Right. It'd be horrible. Yeah, it's totally. Game of thorns. Yeah. Oh, sorry. Alright. [LAUGH] Times are coming. [LAUGH] Oh my God. Wrap it up. Wrap it up. That's when you know that is the crew cast. For July. Thanks so much for, for joining us. If you got any suggestions for our future shows Tweet us at Crave and, of course keep track of everything at cnet.com/crave that we're working on. Say goodbye guys and we'll do it again next month. Goodbye guys. Bye guys. Bye. Thanks. [LAUGH] [MUSIC]

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