Apple Byte: The latest 'skinny' on the new iPhone
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Apple Byte: The latest 'skinny' on the new iPhone

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It's a bucket of rumors for a potential iPhone Slim, Apple has to publicly say Samsung didn't copy the iPad, and I'll show you how to get a MacBook Air Jordan.

-- Was accident. Brian Tong here fresh from comic con 2012. If Apple -- -- it. What -- is what Jamie look this is hot I have my. We are you serious yes -- Alright guys. Over the box. You mean second. Just. 60. Guys and gals. It's all the good and bad inside the Babylon there's -- bundled iPhone 5 rumors so let's get you up to speed with those first. Now everyone is talking about the potential chance of a slimmer iPhone. And the Wall Street Journal is confirming an earlier April river -- Apple's next -- only used in cell technology to make the screen thinner. And the technology integrates touch screen sensors into the LCD removing the separate touch screen layer that makes the whole screen thinner by half a millimeter. And also improves the image quality at the same time. The journal also claims production of the screens has already started by LCD maker sharp LG and Japan display incorporated. Now a thinner screen could make the whole device even thinner believe it or not -- Apple could even use that extra space for larger battery. Yeah I'm saying -- more battery. Now some reports claim the iPhone is already in production. The boy genius report says the device is in the third engineering verification test phase it's at least three months out and has not entered the design verification test -- yet. So guys try saying that fastening times design verification testing Zagreb in -- phase of my friends if base. Now the report also claims of confirmed several hardware. Integrated four GL TE connectivity a bump up to one gigs of ram and NFC text as well. And -- still don't believe the parts floating around Internet. An image of the purported front face plate for the white next gen iPhone was leaked out earlier this week that again. Features of facetime cameras that are at the top instead of on the side the speaker. And Chinese case makers from TV -- -- are moving forward with their case designs. Before a phone is even announced I gotta love my people and this design features a -- phone. With the smaller dock connector opening and a headphone Jack -- on the bottom of the -- like -- -- from leaked photos and specs but is still doesn't mean this is the real deal. Now speaking of real and also an actual stories that are really happening and not just pure speculation at this. Apple recently won a patent for removable iPhone case that cuts down on background noise calling it a -- screen design. Is designed to reduce wind noise. Air blasts and other noises -- Apple -- -- -- -- up and it's also clever idea but we'll see if Apple does anything with this future. Now I've primarily -- all the back important all the lawsuits between Apple and Samsung and other companies on this show but. I won't today after UK judge ruled Apple must display on its UK website for six months and also in British newspapers and magazines. A published advertisement. Acknowledging that Samsung did not copy the design of the iPad with the Galaxy Tab ten point line. Now the UK court had ruled earlier that the galaxy -- one was simply. Not as cool as the iPad. Now take a look at this exclusive the Apple byte was lucky enough to get our hands on Apple's proposed ad campaign. That makes it very clear from the naked -- -- that Samsung did not copy them. There's also an iPad design Samsung would never have copied during Johnny I was deposition. Reference and early iPad prototype that was produced sometime between 2000 to 2004. Network world was unable to attract only images of that iPad prototype. Even though it almost looked. As thick as an iBook back then it's at many of those design cues into a thinner version of the current iPad we have today alright guys on the quick bites. And the third beta of IOS six. The developers and there are few nuggets of in bootable from it. The biggest is that iPhone 3GS users were shown a little unexpected love as Apple is not added the VIP list feature an email. And photo -- -- for 3GS users. You'll also have the ability to adjust the navigation voice volume level in maps. Something that we all wish we could do -- or significant others. At times and auto brightness increases gradually instead of instantly plus -- message on the iPad now -- -- phone numbers and there's other small business as well. And we wanted to update you on Apple dropping out of EP will look like they've heard the backlash from consumers and governments who would no longer be able to purchase their computers the keyword beam. Purchase they haven't listened to previously -- -- their products just days after leaving it and the MacBook Pro -- still remains the only an eligible product at the moment. Alright guys now a lot of new ultimate asking me about my MacBook Air Jordan and -- post on -- you know that -- Sexy well I talked to my good buddies -- 20% off -- -- That's good until August 16 the out everything from Star Wars the Simpsons the -- -- and cool other patterns and designs you'll find it here and yes. You can have a MacBook Air Jordan of your -- to just enter the code -- when he when he checked out C. I'm looking out for all of you. All right friends are scheduled for this week -- Nelson the I'm Brian Tong and we'll see you next week for another bite. Of the Apple. -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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