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CNET Update: The latest mess in Facebook's IPO

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CNET Update: The latest mess in Facebook's IPO

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Shareholders sue Facebook, Amazon Prime Instant Video adds hundreds of movies, and Windows Phone users must update to the latest operating system to download apps.

FaceBook shareholders are you mean windows phones are -- -- and prime subscribers are streaming. I'm Bridget Carey and this interest -- -- update. FaceBook and investment banks have been slapped with a lawsuit over accusations of hiding information days before going public accusation that FaceBook -- additional information that pleasant it's meaning amended filing. With a select group of analysts now share knowledge -- saying this isn't fair and suing for financial damages from investing without knowing the full picture. The lawsuit targets everyone involved including Mark Zuckerberg and banks like Morgan Stanley Goldman Sachs JPMorgan and units -- -- America and Barclays. Video streaming through Amazon prime just got better Amazon is getting hundreds of films from Paramount Pictures. The titles are a bit old like Mission Impossible three -- -- and mean girls but it's just Amazon is continuing to step up its game. To compete for content against Netflix. Amazon prime is a membership program that costs eighty dollars a year. And gives customers perks like free two day shipping. If you don't know -- has found a better update to the seven point five operating system or else you won't be able to downloading more apps. Most phones are already running seven point five which has released last fall. Dell is cranking out some new tablets ultra books and hybrids designed for windows eight's metro touch interface Michael Dell made the announcement during a conference call. And if you're worried about the risks of renting your room out through air -- and -- just 50000 dollars but it doesn't cover stealing cash collectibles where artwork -- -- pets and personal liability. The online -- ranger room community of air being the had its trusted reputation bruised last year after a host hatter home ransacked and -- -- frontier. -- You usually see these pixelated squares on billboards mail fliers or other marketing materials operating shortcut to a -- -- website but. I -- can make one easily. And that means the -- -- code can at least two maliciously or apt. If you don't trust the source you might -- -- and UQR code scanner from semantic called Norton snapped. It's a free app available for both Apple and -- devices. -- check the link in the code and provide you with the safety rating and details about the website. That -- tech news update for today for more on the stories as they show -- at cnet.com slash update from our studious in New York I'm Bridget Carey --
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