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The latest iPhone 6 rumours and more in CNET UK podcast 397: CNET UK Podcast

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CNET UK Podcast: The latest iPhone 6 rumours and more in CNET UK podcast 397

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We take a look at the latest on the iPhone 6, wince as Microsoft cuts thousands of jobs, and head underground for the future of farming.

[MUSIC] Hello, and welcome. You're listening to CNET UK podcast. This is episode 397 for Friday the 18th of July, 2014. The sun's out for summer, which can mean only one thing. It's time to gossip about the next iPhone. We round up the latest rumors about the iPhone 6, plus we find out why gamers are being kept out of the army. And, we grow underground with a farm in an old war time bunker. I'm Rich Turner and be joining me in our high tech London studio this week is Jason Jenkins. Hello! Hello! Hello. Good to see you. I'm here. It's been awhile. I'm on the table, look I can lean on the table. [UNKNOWN] That we can do. Yeah. Cool little red table, this. And Lucas, we're heading, you getting nonchalant, you can lean on the table, or you can- No, actually, I'm not sure this is on camera, but I'm doing a kind of lean, with my leg. Oh, don't show that. Oh my god. Very, family show people. yeah, I lean with my bottom. I see, well if you, if you do want to see Luke's bottom half leaning then you can watch this and a live video on seen it or www.youtube.com/seenit but for now lets kick off with the latest news. So, Microsoft has said, that its going to be cutting 18,000 jobs, in the next year. 12.5 thousand of which, roughly speaking, are expected to come from Nokia. Nokia devices which Microsoft of course, has only just acquired. So Nokia's kind of, bought that bit of Nokia, the devices section. And now it is cleaning house. The Microsoft's new CEO, Satya Nadella said. Making these decisions to change our difficult but necessary. [UNKNOWN] added that he would shift select Nokia X smartphones which are the, the Nokia phones that run on Android over to Lumia and Windows phones. So,. Getting rid of a lot of people. And Android as well. it's, yeah, it was ashamed here, but but job loss. Especially for [UNKNOWN] you're a European company. But some of our commenter's feel that it was a necessary thing. So we have Zane Azark, said there was always a need to clean house at Nokia. If Nokia did it five years ago, there could have been a turn around success story. Instead, the workers took the elevators all the way down and now it's hit the ground floor. Layoffs always happen with mergers and in this case, Microsoft acquired a company well past its heyday. Strong words there. Wow [INAUDIBLE] yeah. That is, that's quite harsh, really. Yeah. I mean, I guess he's right. There was some sort of inevitability about this. Mm-hm. But I do feel sorry for the people at Nokia, who. I've been working really hard in the run up for this acquisition going through to kind of make it work. Absolutely Pardon ourselves but we certainly like to try to [UNKNOWN] business with marks and be rewarded with a P45, which is a bit of a shame, really. And I guess it's. Well, it's sort of dumping Android, that's, that's really [INAUDIBLE] .It's also dumped [INAUDIBLE]. remember those? Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. These kind of thing didn't make sense either, for developing countries. Very basic phones. Very basic phones, [UNKNOWN] phones, basically smart phones but kind of smart phone-like. They're getting rid of those and replacing them with Windows phones. and they get rid of Series 40, like that was [INAUDIBLE] that was left. They're getting rid of all of that stuff. So everything is Windows phone. So their new kind of strategy is. Get as many Windows phones out there, for as cheaply as possible. So everything's Windows phone. And I guess that was the reason, the real reason that Microsoft bought Nokia's [UNKNOWN] was just to somehow increase their Windows phone market share, because they're absolutely nowhere in the market, there are no apps, no one's really bought them. Not in significant numbers. Mm. So you can kinda see the sense, but the, the human cost is pretty high, I think. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah bad news for a lot of [INAUDIBLE] employees. Hm. Unfortunately. All right, next up of three. The UK phone network is putting WiFi on the underground. This is a good news for Londonist. They tie up with Virgin Media tube WiFi. Mm-hm. Which is already offered on, like, I think every other major UK network [INAUDIBLE] [UNKNOWN] as well. What's quite interesting about this though, is as well as getting connected on the London Underground. So I think it's 127 stations, which is pretty good. I think it's 137, but they're adding a few more, so it will be 150 very soon. Wow, cool. But you'll be able to make calls and send texts underground, because [INAUDIBLE] is launching something called its In Touch app, which is a snappy name. [LAUGH] Rich, what exactly is In Touch? this is an app that allows you to make calls and send texts over wi-fi but using your actual allowance so it;s not just its not just a separate app or something that does voice calling. It actually allows you to use your minutes and use your data plan that sort of thing. So you could be underground and you could actually make calls and send texts and everything. You could be on the train and be like, hello, I'm on the train. How's he doing that? He knew, he's magician, isn't that a weird thing for a phone network to lauch seeing as they offer phone sort of services. Well that's it. I mean this is kind of interesting. It's a wider thing, I mean obviously this is a very London-centric story but the general wider sort of trend. Networks have been offering free wi-fi as kind of a selling point. But also, they're [UNKNOWN] they're looking as their bandwidth getting stretched by lots of data and especially with 4G. They're looking at trying to kind of, keep you on. But, but you know that they're not necessarily getting the revenue from, the phone calls and texts that you are sending. They are trying to find other ways of keeping you on and still having you make calls. And, they used to be dead against all this VOIP stuff, but, now they realize they they make their own. Then they can have their own version of Skype, and then they can make money from you that way. Right, right. Crafty. Mm. How's that word, VOIP. [LAUGH] and meanwhile, in South Korea, being addicted to video games, may get you out of military service. so, this is, recently online, people have shon-, shone a light on a policy amendment from 2010. The [UNKNOWN] exemption from South Korea's mandatory 21 months of military service, for. Healthy young males, if you're addicted to games. Right. So according to the regulations relating to the discharge of military public service, exemption from mandatory military service may be granted if the person has received six or more months of treatment for alcohol, drug or video game addiction. so, they go [CROSSTALK] Well it should be about national service, obviously [CROSSTALK] They have national service and they [CROSSTALK] Bring back hanging, bring back national service all that kind of stuff. [LAUGH] Hang on, I feel like I should be writing this down. Hanging, national service. Okay Kid's these days, their not, their not born. Job openings at the daily mail if you really, [LAUGH] Quite right, right. if you want a bit further. Well I think what's interesting about this is, is they're entering games into, into sorta the same conversation as drugs and alcohol. Yes. And especially in a legal context. To actually enshrine that in the law. That gaming can be considered as an addiction that says. Potentially as harmful, or as, as, as addictive as drugs or alcohol. And, and this all flared up because it is part of a wider discussion in South Korea as to whether games should be regulated like, like those other in, intoxicants. So there you go, so should our, are game, are games addictive? Who knows I say but if, if you, if you got you out of serving in the army I think I would quite quickly find games very addictive. Yeah, yeah [LAUGH] oh yeah, oh oh I'm sorry I can't, I can't I'm still playing tetris. [UNKNOWN] Yeah whats that one more game,just, just one more game. One more game I'll get right there sir, right there I'm crushing candy Once that fudge charged. I'll be right with you. Hold on. Just let me save this.>>That is worth it, perhaps not a single person so far has qualified for exemption.>>Have you got a place where he basically died? yes, if you die you're exempt as well.>>Oh, ok.>>That's good to know. Not from taxes.>>No, no.>>Ok.>>Uh Amazon is eyeing up unlimited book subscriptions for one cent under $10 a month. That's nine ninety nine dollars in less confusing parlance, so what's happened here is a web, an Amazon web page has since has been taken down, Yeah, If you watch the video you can kind of see the story on screen now, points to a service called Kindle Unlimited, you can see a banner there and it basically suggests that it's going to be like a kind of Spotify for books. You pay a subscription fee,. And then you get unlimited access to all the books and some audio books. [INAUDIBLE] We don't even know if it's really happening, but really there's a strong indication that this is what Amazon's planning. I think it's great. Why? I would totally pay for it. Why would you pay for it? Because Spotify really changed the way I listen to music and I think I mean read quite a lot, I wouldn't want to spend the money on buying books, I can't afford to buy all the books I want to buy. Or, I buy the books I want to buy and then I haven't got any money. So, I would certainly pay for this. I really would. All right. And the other thing about, the other thing about Spotify as well with, with music. I don't know if this has happened to you, but I find myself listening to a much wider range of stuff. Even if I only listen to it for a bit and then don't like it. So, I might read a couple of chapters and then, and then give up [UNKNOWN]. It's post-ownership. I, I don't like owning things. This is great. I could totally go for it. It's really not, is it? It's really not. [LAUGH]. That books are not expensive. They are not expensive, they are a few quid. Depends how often you read, how many your read. How many books do you really read? I read for a bit every night. And with the Kindle you can get, like a sample of a book anyway. You can get like the first chapter, which is more than enough to know. This is just, this is just probably another way of locking people into that massive con that is Amazon Prime. 70 80 pounds 70 pounds here I think, it's like no way is it worth it, I don't, I am not as enthused at this, and I like the idea of owning books, come on we're that generation right I'm still like [UNKNOWN] that I have all my books are digital, because I've had to buy so many [UNKNOWN] Kindles since I've lost them. Well it been stolen. Right. Cuz I spend more on Kindles than I have with books. You know what I mean. Yeah. I, to read, to read my actual library, I keep buying Kindles for 100 quid. Well I read, I read on, I read on the train everyday so I'm reading probably about as much you, the normal person with a job that's not reading can. And I probably spend like six pounds every sort of. I don't know, eight weeks, six or eight weeks, on a new book... You're quite a slow reader. I'm a very slow reader, I must say. Famously. Speaking of which, Growing Underground aims to take, Growing Underground aims to take agriculture, subterranean, so this is something Andy's been to see, he's not here at the moment you'll notice, . He's gone underground. We sent him to Sunderland. As punishment. To think about what he's done. What's the moleman been up to? Well what Andy Moleman has been up to, is he went underground into a London World War II bomb shelter which has been reclaimed for underground farming, and it's pretty cool you can see some of the pictures on screen now again if you are watching. It is modern hydroponic farming methods and LED technology. So basically, it's these huge underground tracks of, of tunnel that are full basically of these tiny seeds and they're not grown in, in soil and the water is on a constantly recycled circuit. The temperature is constant so it doesn't need to be heated. And because it's a closed environment there's no pests. And and basically who knew that underground there is the perfect farming environment. So we've been foolishly farming on the surface like idiots. For What chumps. Thousands, thousands of years. So it's, yeah, an interesting look at the way farming may go in the future. It looks really cool, doesn't it? It does, yeah. I mean, there's not much, there's not much there yet, but the, the, the idea there is that there's like stacks and stacks of these. It's not just like one line of plants like it is at the moment. It's more a proof of concept at the moment. Mm-hm. Mm-hm. I totally [UNKNOWN] survive a zombie apocalypse, [UNKNOWN] I think. [LAUGH] Yeah. As long as you survive the World War II bombing, [UNKNOWN] survive the zombie apocalypse. [LAUGH] As long as you like crash some time cuz [LAUGH] that's basically all that's growing there at the time. Not like radishes and [LAUGH]. Radishes. Delicious radishes. [LAUGH] All the radishes you can farm. If only there was radishes, it would solve everything! I'd go down there now. I'm going to buy you some radishes. Well we have actually dispatched Andy out into the field a few times as you may have noticed from his absence on this podcast so look out for more photo stories from him. He went to the [UNKNOWN] airshow this week. Planes! Well that's. Yeah. [INAUDIBLE] You didn't have a good play noise and I just had the word. Together, they give a full picture [INAUDIBLE] Why don't we go on and find out what's happening in this week's big picture? [MUSIC] Yes, it's that time again. The rumors are flying, the gossip is flowing, and simply everyone is talking about the next iPhone. So what do we know about the iPhone 6? Precious little just yet. It's due later this year and if the rumors are true, we may see some big changes. And the main change everyone's talking about is that, for the first time, the iPhone could change size. As five inch phones become the norm and six inch tablets threaten to take the place of tablets for many phone fans, Apple has generally resisted the trend towards bigger devices and yes we've seen it grow fractionally longer and we've seen it get a new colorful casing, but if the new 4.7 inch or even a 5.5 inch version is unveiled this time around, it'll be the biggest physical change yet. As usual though, Apple is keeping its cards close to its chest. But Apple has given us a few clues in iOS8, the new software. The touch ID fingerprint scanner is open to third party apps. The camera has more manual control. And most interesting, you'll be able to connect your phone and your iMac to answer phone calls on your computer. As usual we can expect more power and possibly a bigger battery. But whatever is in the iPhone 6, it's bound to sell like hotcakes. Which leads to the biggest question of all, when can you get your hands on it. Well, keep it to yourself, we reckon you should clear your calendar in September. Anyway so what's what have we been hearing from our readers about this. Well Sketch has written in. Sketch R and he said 5.5 inches is overkill the Galaxy S5 is 5.1 inch and even that seems cartoonishly large for a phone in my humble opinion. I think 4.7 inch will hit the sweet spot for people who want both functionality and compactness and by compactness I mean, it can still fit in your pocket fairly comfortably. That's Sketcher's opinion. Alright, well, thanks Sketcher. Alright, Norsemen in the comments is far less patient, he's says. Why doesnt? Rampaging and pillaging through the course. Norse, I'm assuming it's a he, because it's Norseman. Yeah. Who knows? Norseman says why doesn't Apple just put a phone in the iPad mini to make monster phone fans happy and get it over with? [LAUGH] [LAUGH] Get it over with, Apple. Yeah. Why doesn't Apple just end this grim charade? [LAUGH] And just. Make a big phone iPad and then we can all just go and live in a cafe with it. Absolutely and then beat each other over the head with it. Actually, Norseman, tech news junkie replies. Well, with the new continuity feature on iOS 8 you can still receive calls when your phone rings. Not the same but pretty cool. That being said it would be nice to have an iPad with a speaker phone. I think what's happened there is Tech News Junkie has taken kind of the letter of what Norseman said, but not the spirit. [LAUGH] [INAUDIBLE] memoirs, trying to make serious point [CROSSTALK]. I think they're clear with monster phone fans. Monster phone, yep. Absolutely. So what do you guys think? I mean Jason, how do you think is this a very Apple thing to do? Did he change sizes? Well, it's interesting, isn't it, cuz I thought for years went it's own way. Right. Refused to kind of respond to trends in the market. Was famous for, well, this is really a Jobsian thing, Steve Jobs. He was kind of refused to bow to anyone really. Mm But that kind of changed round about the iPad Mini. Remember at that time. Hey, Steve Jobs once upon a time said, oh, we're never gonna make a small iPad. Mm-hm. cuz, you know, you need to file off your fingers to use it. It was, it was that sort of thing anyway. And then, of course, lo and behold they came out with the iPad Mini, which was basically an attempt to stop Google from kinda taking away market share with cheap Android tablets. Mm-hm. And very successful it was, too. And that kind of was really the first time I've really seen Apple completely respond to a market joined in some recent times. And if you look at [UNKNOWN] [UNKNOWN], well that whole sort of WWDC conference really was all about. For me, anyway, it was all about Apple coming up to speed, getting up to speed with Android in many ways. Sure. Looking at some of the things that people liked about Android. The customizability, the, the ability for apps to kind of talk to each other, and all that. And a lot of that was kind of, a lot, a lot of those features are kinda of taken from Android and done in a great Apple-y way. So I don't think this would, and so it wouldn't, it wouldn't surprise me if, if the next iPhone is essentially a. Response to people, for many years people were saying, oh, we want a larger screen. We want a larger screen. Or maybe even, like having two sizes of iPhone [CROSSTALK] Good choice. Which once [UNKNOWN] [UNKNOWN] a very honorful thing to do, but that's one of the rumors, that there will be two different sizes of iPhone. That would seem, hey, because people, cuz there are different people that want different things right, maybe one iPhone isn't for everyone Absolutely. Okay. My view. I'm saying. Pretty cool. And Luke what do you think? I think that we won't see anything particularly exciting with the iPhone 6. I think we're, I think a couple of iPhone generations ago we got into the point where Apple is basically sort of, coasting, kind of milking the iPhone. I mean you, you can say that it's lazy, but it did sort of invent the category. And kind of invented tablet category in a meaningful way. I know it wasn't the first smartphone, first tablet, but. It's like the demo, isn't it? Exactly. Yeah. [CROSSTALK] The, yeah exactly. Apple's sort of, Apple's schtick is that it invents new product. And so does it care too much about the iPhone 6, you know, like it's just sort of churning them out. Well I think I know what you're getting at. I think you're hinting at a new product somewhere down the line. Yes. You're hinting at a new product, what could it be? Yeah, it's a Cassio watch. [LAUGH] My God, we've got the world exclusive. First look at the iWatch. It's got a little light. It's got a stopwatch. It can show twenty contacts.>> Yeah, no, it can't do that actually. But it can do both, and, 12:05. No, this is no the IO watch. No, we're thinking now, and I'm sure Apple is thinking as well. As to what comes next, because the iPhone is almost at the end of its rope I think. Right, okay. Cool. Well so far let's stick with the iPhone then. You're not going to enjoy this week's quiz because it is all about the iPhone. So let's head in. Let's talk about some Apple rumors. So this week's quiz is all about Apple rumors. So what we're going to do is I'm going to name some rumors and you are going to tell us whether these were real Apple rumors rumored by real people or whether I have just made them up. So, we'll just talk about some ridiculous Apple rumors. That sounds hard. The answer could be anything. It's just like 50 50 isn't it? That's what it is. I think let's find out. So, question number one. I'm thankful. Well, we don't know what we sound like. Oh yes, what does everyone sound like? Luke, you sound like this. [MUSIC] Classic. And Jason sounds like this. [MUSIC] Patriotic. Very good. Very British. It goes on for a little while, doesn't it. [LAUGH] Right, so, question number one. Is this a real rumor that actually happened? Was this something that people were actually talking about? Apple has created a whole new **** to stop people getting into the iPhone. Mine takes too long to start. [LAUGH] Yes! [UNKNOWN] Well, I might get wrong. The best kind of win, yeah. Was that a rumor that people actually thought was a rumor? Yeah, that was a rumor I remember you writing that rumor. Yeah. [LAUGH] Pencil Obik or something like that. In August 2012 Apple, it was rumored Apple would creat a whole new screen but it turns out they just. We're using a very unusual screen test [CROSSTALK] [UNKNOWN] Just an old scourge [UNKNOWN] That's classic apple, classic Apple. Just an old ****. Question number two. Apple, they're now, is this a real rumor, or is it just made up. Apple has planned to sell a phone, called the iPhone Ma- Jason. That's not a real room. That was a real room [CROSSTALK] No! In 2013 there was talk of a slightly larger called the iPhone Max. Or the iPhone [UNKNOWN] I guess [UNKNOWN] American name. One point to Luke, and, Really, That was a, hey a chinese website [INAUDIBLE] and finally, so this is another rumour that may, or may not have been going around. Was this an actual rumour, or is it something I've just made up. Apple is ditching Mac OS10 for Windows. Jason. That was a true room. That was a true room, yeah. Definitely, I think [INAUDIBLE]. No, I didn't. Back in 2006 that was. 2006. Wow. It never came to pass. Isn't that strange? [LAUGH] Okay, so in that case, yeah it's won all the tie-breaker, nail bites [INAUDIBLE] tie break situation. Oh yeah. So, the first iPhone, before the iPhone 3G, the very, very first. Model of iPhone. How many did the iPhone sell, the first iPhone? [NOISE] Jason? 10 million. Let's see if Lou can get as close as that. Oh, that's a bit of a clue isn't it? [LAUGH] Okay, oh I never remember how to properly game this, this [INAUDIBLE] so [UNKNOWN]. I can't remember. [LAUGH] Was it 22.1 million. No, I think [UNKNOWN] I think what 1.5 million. That's incorrect. It was 6 million. So, [CROSSTALK] [LAUGH] No. 6 million for the first iPhone? That's right. Yeah. Wow. That actually really, really? Yeah. That's really impressive. Well, considering some say that S5 sells like in two weeks. Yeah, but the very first, so the one without 3G. Yep, that's right. 6 million people bought a phone without 3G? That's amazing. I did. I know I did. [LAUGH]. Honestly, I find that quite interesting. There's good stuff that first iPhone. [INAUDIBLE] Next iPhone business. I think I locked that one out. But okay, I'll take it. You haven't won any quizzes yet. [INAUDIBLE] Yeah, I shouldn't say that in case anyone is like. No one would notice. Well, we notice. We notice. Yes. This is the section that matters more to us than, people watching. If you're still watching. Absolutely. It gets better now. On the leaderboard. Let's, let's see what you guys have been talking about about this week, instead of what we've been talking about. Why don't we go to this week's feedback. [music] Okay, first up Liam O'Malley says is Microsoft ever going to release the Windows phone 8.1 update? Is he ever gonna release it? You see? We've been waiting forever. Is he? Come on Microsoft. Come on Bill Gates. If only it had been released this week. Oh, yeah. it's already out. It's already out. It's on, I think it's probably on every phone. So this is the Cyan update? Okay good. Well done, well done Microsoft. So, [INAUDIBLE] download away. Ben Holland Young, he emails: What do you think of the Nexus 5? Good question. Great. Love the Nexus 5. Yeah. Fantastic. It's good. It's cheap. About 300 quid, something like that. Yes, something like that. We have Nick in the office of... chief, chief sub and master of all words The page master, he But yeah Nick has one and actually I see loads in the wild way, way more than I thought I would. Are you like phone spotter? I might [CROSSTALK] Do you like to build all of your tech? I just, yeah [LAUGH] I just love, whats it called, twitching, is that when you- Yeah. Twitching is what I do on the tube. Spring watch, phone watch Yeah there's definitely a pun there but I can't. It's all, I mean it's a really good phone. Cause we can talk about what phones we like, and how, and what good value they are and stuff, but in terms of actually people owning them, and having them in their pockets then. Yeah, I see loads of Lexus 5's actually. Well one thing I would say though, is the Moto G 4G is half the price. And it's also 4G. And okay so the screen's a bit smaller, it's four and a half inches, But, you can lose a half an inch. Is it worth 150, is half an inch worth 150 quid to you, or you, or you? Well it's worth considering. Good, good stuff. Depends on which half an inch it is, I guess. OK, probably enough of that. Joey Scarf, yes, Joey Scarf, he says there are lots of rumors that the Moto 360 smart watch will be, competitive, what's that? competitively priced, oh no, comparatively priced. To LG and Samsung's. Do you think it will be? I'm not so sure. So basically, is the Moto 360 gonna give me the same price, as the ones all available from LG and Samsung? This is like the Android, smart watch, the Android wear one. Hm. From Motorola. That everyone's excited about because it looks quite sexy and [CROSSTALK] Oh yeah, it's better. It doesn't look like a square or. This is the one that's a lovely circle. [CROSSTALK] Yeah. Lovely circle not horrendous square. They put some actual effort into the design rather than, what can we do? Square, plastic, job done. Yeah. Is it even the same price? [UNKNOWN] [CROSSTALK] You know, I don't know. But it better be. I think, it's fair to say [CROSSTALK] yeah, I mean, but it should be cheap, like small watches are gonna get cheaper. Well one problem that they have is that, I, but most of all they might have is that Samsung has been giving some of the watches away with tablets, and phones, so, ya know. That's true, yeah [CROSSTALK]. I mean, even if it, even if this isn't, even if this is expensive or more expensive than the rivals, and this is all still [UNKNOWN] first gen products as well. Yeah. In a year or two, it'll be, I think they'll be next to nothing. They'll be giving away the phones and I think they're pretty useful, though. I still, I hang on to the idea of a small watch. I don't think any of the ones I've seen aren't really worth the time yet. But I see where it's going. Yeah, good. Dom MG Mangels! Amazing, Amazing, Dom! Dom MG Mangles that's amazing. All right which tech are you most looking forward to, that will, that will make your everyday life easier. That's a smart one isn't it? yeah, I mean I like my life to be easier. It's certainly better than the alternative. I'm going to say 5G and the reasoning is, is, I got 4G a couple of months ago and it's actually made a much bigger difference. So my general life and well being you know on the quality of life scale. Yeah it's become as important to me as food. Yeah 4G I think is great. I never realized how frustrated I was with rubbish, rubbish 3G. Right. So yeah I'm looking forward to 5G because now 4G is not enough. I'm that kind of personality. Fast forward a year. So, when you're saying 40 is awful.>> [ttt]>>Well, I'm looking forward to 40 because I live in an era along with 40, along with most of the country so.>>Yeah.>>Yeah, I'm the great unwatched.>>Ok, that's unusual.>>I'm looking forward to reading as many books as I want. On my Kindle, whenever I want.>>Is anyone [uuu]? Yeah well [CROSSTALK] I want my house to do you [CROSSTALK] yeah. I've gone there, I've been testing in there. Ya know, the next thermostat, you know, that sets your heating for you. And it's quite a test ya know, cause it's so hot. [LAUGH] It doesn't turn the heating off, as you'd expect. Which ya know, like any thermostat would do. [CROSSTALK] And I just turn the heating off. That's good though, I mean, fast forward to winter. [CROSSTALK] Or I can set that, I can set the heating from bed. That's, that's making my life easier. So far it's done everything right, you know. So far. [LAUGH] Summer. it's not half eating good job Nest. 200 quid well spent. Full marks. [LAUGH]. All right. Cool. That's the end of the feedback. Well thanks very much everybody, keep the feedback coming. Yeah, email us at our new email address cnetukpodcast@cbsi.com. And, or Facebook as always. So that's it for this week. Right, thank you very much chaps, thank you much, Jason. No worries. Thank you much Lee. Thank you Rich. Thanks to Jason Mark, who you will never see. And right we're off. See you later. [MUSIC]

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