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Apple Byte: The latest iPhone 5S news and rumors

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Apple Byte: The latest iPhone 5S news and rumors

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New MacBook Pros have been spotted in the wild, the latest iPhone 5S rumblings, and Apple gets smacked down by the U.S. Department of Justice.

-What's up? Brian Tong here and welcome to the Apple Byte. It's all the good and bad inside the world of Apple. So let's get to the show and talk about the next big Apple product we can expect to see next. Now, Geekbench test was spotted by MacRumors recently that appears to be the next-gen 15-inch MacBook Pro with 16 gigs of RAM running OS 10.9 Mavericks. The bench mark score of 12,497 is comparable to current gen MacBook Pros and with the next-gen Haswell processors, it's really an improvement in battery life instead of horsepower that we're expecting to see. That's been the case with our recent test of the 14 plus hour MacBook Air 13-inch. Now, the bench mark also revealed an Intel core I7 processor featuring Iris 5200 Graphics which is Intel's top of the line GPU option. And the timing of this bench mark combined with the back-to-school season makes this a prime candidate for Apples next product release in the very near future. Now, there's plenty of developments on the iOS 7 front. The Cupertino kids released their third beta for iOS 7 earlier in the week, that brought more visual improvements including indicator dots on the calendar app if you have events or appointments, some changes to the icons, and the fonts have been made easier to read across the board for multiple apps as well. We've also talked about how all signs point to an improved camera and slow motion capture from the next iPhone, but 9to5Mac has been able to get more details for the new camera feature called Mogul discovered by Hamza Sood. It's not the final name, but Mogul as in the media Mogul, would allow the iPhone camera to record at 120 frames per second, there's no confirmation at what resolution it will record at, but here's an example of a non-iPhone video shot at 120 frames and slow down, you'll just have to trust me, if you've never seen a butterfly in real life, their wings move faster than this. Plus butterflies are kinda magical. Now on other iOS beta findings, it looks like Apple's iOS car integration feature will be compatible with specific cars over Wi-Fi instead of having to be connected by a physical cable. Apple has signed up auto makers like Honda, Mercedes, Nissan, Ferrari, and more and that WWDC, they said integration could start as soon 2014 as long as it works with my car that I'm letting you all see right now, well, then I'm good with this feature. All right, sticking with cars, the Big A was recently granted a patent for touch screen controls in a car that also include tactile feedback so drivers can keep their eyes on the road. It's an extension of the very basic multi touch invention that's been adapted to automotive uses or Telematix and communication via mobile phone. You would be able to control things like your AC, or windshield wipers, and the screen itself could have raised areas or ridges to offer tactile feel, like potato chips. Now, I'm still waiting for cars to fly, so you guys can let me know when you get that one locked down. All right, in iPhone rumors and news, a Chinese business news report says Foxconn is reportedly hiring workers to build the next-gen iPhone. Foxconn has begun a large-scale recruitment of workers and a firm reports that they currently have 210,000 workers compared to their peak of 300,000 in 2012-- that's a lot of numbers. Plus, do you wanna see more pictures of the rumored low cost iPhone in different colors? You have 2 seconds to say yes or no. Okay, I heard you through the screen and here they are. Tech D even made this mock up video of what the next budget iPhone might look like. People have a lot of time in their hands and I'm okay with that so I could put this video on the show. All right, congratulations are in order for the app store's 5th anniversary and to celebrate, Apple is giving these apps and games away for free, for a limited time to celebrate. So, go on and get them. I would recommend Tiny Wings, really cool game and How to Cook Everything because, I learned how to scramble and egg and it could be very, very difficult. But everything is not all happy in Apple land. US Department of Justice ruled that Apple violated federal law by playing a central role in conspiring with publishers to raise eBook prices. Amazon is still the dominant player in eBooks, but Apple's actions cause some eBook prices to raise to 12.99 or 14.99 from the 9.99 prices that Amazon had charged and established early on and I'm aging so, I like cheaper things. Now, the Big 5 publishes including CBS's own Simon and Schuster paid more than $166 million into settlement, but it was only Apple that went to trial. Apple said they will appeal the ruling, but this smells like remnants from SJ and Apple's brash nature of the past, and we're throwing out the bad apple. Now, we also wanted to address a correction of our own. Last week's show, I gave Apple a bad apple for only giving consumers an app store gift card, but I stand corrected. Apple is still offering the full educational discounts on max on top of giving you the app store card and that's a bad apple on me. We've also made sure the appropriate disciplinary action has been taken. -I told you're a bad apple. You're a bad apple, bad apple. I told you're a bad apple, apple. -My booty still hurts. -bad, bad, bad. -All right guys, we told you we'd read some of what you the Apple Byters wanna see in the upcoming iPhone and by far the number one request was longer battery life, like Hassan Farooqi, who sent us this picture of himself and he looks kinda weird. Isaac Christiansen wants the rumored finger print scanner built into the home button. Earl Attwell on Twitter wants a better color scheme on iOS 7 because he thinks it looks a little too girly. Angelo Caddell-- you like how I said that-- he hangs out with monkeys and wants one of the seary voices to be mine. Okay, well, as long as he don't ask any dirty questions like, what is dirt made of? And Rex wants my face blown up on the back glass panel of the next iPhone, unfortunately, Apple rejected our idea for the limited exclusive BriPhone 5. All right, thanks for all of your entries and everyone that I mentioned, you guys are getting an awesome Tru-Fit artist collection iPhone case, where they partnered with some of my favorite artist and two anti-glare films from Tru-Fit as well for their iPhone 5 and I told you guys, we'd hook you up. Plus Tru Protection is also giving the Apple Byte nation 25 percent off everything on their online store with the promo code CNET25, so check out their stuff and how you're purchases will also benefit organizations that help preserve our planet-- so we you do good things here. All right, that's gonna do it for this week's show. Send us your emails to the AppleByte@CNET.com. I'm Brian Tong, thanks for watching, and we'll catch you guys next time for another byte of the Apple. of the Apple.

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