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Apple Byte: The iPhone Slim?

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Apple Byte: The iPhone Slim?

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The iPhone prototype is measured and it's a whole lot thinner; a solar-powered Smart Cover might be in the works; and our Brenthaven winners!

What's up I'm Brian Tong and welcome to the Apple byte for the good stuff the bass up all of it. Inside the world of Apple plus we will announce our winners from our -- now -- you guys are hungry for more iPhone news and rumors. This -- show is for you even if the phones expect announcement is over a month away. Now the latest news that Apple's new iPhone is expected to be 18%. Dinner not officially confirmed but expected. That's up the -- -- Apple pro took measurements of the leaked enclosures for the purported next iPhone. Pending closure was measured at seven point six millimeters thick compared -- the iPhone four -- -- thickness of nine point three millimeters and trust me. Every millimeter counts. Now they point out that Apple has been able to reduce the thickness -- some modifications like an elongated design with a bigger screen the relocation of the headphone Jack to the bottom. The use of the new -- sim card trick that takes up 40% less space. And the more compact MagSafe style dock connector on the web site E*Trade also put their helpers the work and found the front -- piece was point one millimeters thinner. As well. The overall dimensions of the phone measured were also found to pretty much -- the -- schematic that were discovered in June. Now Apple also released the fourth beta of Iowa six out to developers this -- which has helped offer even more clues. Which piece of the IOS simulator nine to five Mac found that Iowa six. Is capable of automatically scaling its home screen to fit a taller 1136 by 640 display. More interest seen -- that change and -- at any other resolution. Will not correctly display five rows of icons so there's definitely something specific about the resolution that Apple has been working -- Now -- six will also no longer include the YouTube app that's been a staple violence and -- remove this from the fourth beta as well. Apple so the license agreement with YouTube had ended YouTube -- expect to be working on their own app but it's a clear sign that Google Apple moving further and further away from each other. Now everyone is still talking about the new dock connection. And inside of the IOS six code a new hardware feature is referenced as nine -- Which can point to the smaller dock connector but that's still up in the air after reports of -- 1910 and eight pin connector from other rumor sites. Plus I -- which first claimed a smaller dock connector was coming. Now says that the miniaturized dock connector is coming to all of the IOS devices and will implement it as early as September 12. With the new iPhone. IPod Touch and -- The rumored seven inch iPad mini you can choose to believe this -- is also there including an updated version of the current nine point seven inch iPad. And that's why we call some of these stories rumors. Pilots -- is an actual news and some tidbits that have come from the ongoing -- Between Apple and Samsung the big -- continues to plead its case a Samsung went as far as even lifting their icons from their iPhone and iPad. -- -- provided evidence comparing icons they use the same colors or similar graphics so here's a look at Samsung's music player icon that. -- -- kinda looks like an iTunes logo. The contacts -- wholly different color. Totally. Now the photo icon. Are you sure that's a sunflower in both icons yes I'm pretty sure it is. Maybe notes let's look at that well the pages turning there on old Samsung so that's different and settings. Yeah I always think of -- -- I -- -- settings and the phone icon. Okay Samsung -- -- done. -- quote of the trial came from Apple's first expert witness. Industrial designer Peter wrestler when he was pressed multiple times over the with on the side margin between Apple Samsung device. Wrestler said you're asking me to compare peanut butter that Turkey. -- that's the kind of testimony we're getting here so is Apple the peanut butter that sweet and sticky treat us fix the root your mouth. -- -- dogs like peanut butter a lot. Like a lot to know why can't Apple Samsung just -- a long I've seen a peanut butter Turkey -- -- -- -- so I know it's possible and yes. This trial continues. Where he revealed content chief Eddy Q was pushing for a seven inch iPad by January 2011. Internal emails show that Steve Jobs seemed receptive to the idea in -- recent times and yes rumors about seven inch iPad picked up shortly after that. Also in patent use and a peek into the possible future. Who -- discovered a newly filed patent application from Apple. Showing off a significantly enhanced iPad Smart cover that can include features like a -- -- display on the inside. With embedded solar power cells. The keyboard on the inside like. The Microsoft surface or even the ability to control your music and change tracks on the back side of the Smart cover when it's being used as a stand which. Seems like the most realistic one to me. There's some really cool ideas here but again it remains to be seen of any of these ideas will be implemented. A -- to the quick bites Google's planning to roll out its new version of Google search for the iPhone. The new feature. And it brings natural language voice search to the app. And asked for things like weather mapping info information about people and more using the same as an -- will now product does and it's worth checking out for those of you who don't have a forest for really didn't just don't care for -- And after a harsh criticism from the public and media. Apple is taken down those uninspiring. Non iconic -- genius ads from circulation on TV. They're really really. Bad Apple worthy -- the biggest said the ads were only intended for the 1 run during the Olympics so just for the -- generate -- guys and the iPhone isn't coming in September. All right let's get our winners for the total project to messenger bag from Grand Haven our first winner is hated almost said who emailed us with. I would stuff about attendance forty pounds a new -- it in that bag. Also I would storm my vote to keep up with the Apple byte as I -- my fingers clean -- -- -- goodness Hayden. I hope you meant to replace -- -- with an I instead of having a -- with first letter and from Twitter stands Arctic says. I mean that -- a bag of Brian Tong so I -- -- related jump on my -- and why you safely through. And -- rainbow sunrise. Unless you like to do that but seriously. Alright guys congrats to all our winners -- remember you can also use the code CNET when he and -- haven dot com for 20% off everything on their online store. -- -- that's gonna deal for this -- show next week is your show you sending you questions comments tweets. Pictures drives and videos and any weird kind. To the applebyte@cnet.com. Because we're doing a show that's all about you the Apple byters. I'm Brad talk face to watch it we'll catch you guys next time for the bite of the Apple.

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