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Apple Byte: The iPhone 5S and 5C: Yeah or Meh?

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Apple Byte: The iPhone 5S and 5C: Yeah or Meh?

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We'll recap everything from Apple's iPhone event, show you new goodies in iOS 7, and throw out a few Bad Apple's.

Whats Happening, Brian Tong here and welcome to the Apple Byte for everything good and bad inside the world of Apple and theres a whole bunch of both after Apples iPhone event a few days ago in Cupertino. Last year Tim Cook said Apple was doubling down on secrecy, but nothing could be further from the truth after every new feature, color, and model name was leaked by the rumor mills months before the event. The age of Apple secrecy is over, so lets do a recap of what Apple announced JUST incase you missed it. The iPhone 5S is here on September the 20th starting at $199 with contract. It comes in Gold, White and Space Grey. I actually didnt know space had its own color of grey until yesterday. You wont find a bigger screen or new design like we expected but theres a lot of features I like under the hood with an all-new A7 64 bit processor, an industry first, but we wont really see major benefits from it in the near future. A new M7 co-processor that captures motion data for fitness apps, doesnt use the A7, and requires less battery power. That feature doesnt affect me, unless it can measure the size of my guns(CUTAWAY) The all new improved iSight camera remains 8 megapixels, which is a little letdown and we know megapixels dont completely matter but keeping it at 8 compared to whats out there? Theres a dual LED flash, made up of one white and one amber flash, a first on a smartphone, thats pretty sweet, to give you even better photos with the flash so Ill report back on how this works out at the clubs. Theres new Camera app features like 120 frame per second slo-mo video, and a burst mode feature for action shots that plays catch up to other phones, but it can ONLY be used on the iPhone 5S. SURE IT CAN, thats a BAD APPLE.(CUTAWAY) And the feature they just couldnt keep a secret, kinda ironic since its for security, its the Touch ID fingerprint sensor, that can be used to unlock your phone or approve purchases through the iTunes and App stores. Its just those two things for now, Im really digging it, and theres a lot of potential here for your finger to be the password for all your apps and services, and to get people comfortable with the behavior of using your finger for transactions (booger shot. But Apple wont give developers access to the feature initially, which deserves a crappy apple, but they left it open to change in the future, and really they better open it up sooner rather than later. Now My take on the 5S, is that 4S users are going to LOVE it combined with iOS 7. You guys are in heaven right now. But a lot of iPhone 5 users are let down because they wanted a bigger screen, but we all really knew what to expect, thats if you watch this show. And Shame on you if you dont, even though you cant hear me shaming you. I think the jump from the iPhone 4 to the 4S was weak, and I didnt upgrade. But Im excited about the finger print scanner, all the other improvements, theres actually new tech inside here, yeah I wish it had a bigger screen too and you might not be in the same boat, but Im going to get a 5S. and can you guess what color its going to be(I LOVE GOLD clip) Uh-huh, Oh but no pre-orders for the 5S, Apple is going to make us wait in line so it looks like their stores have big lines again. THATS A BAD APPLE. I want this phone, but I dont want it that bad, so Ill just order it online on the 20th. = = = = = Now the biggest letdown from keynote was the iPhone 5C. Im not even its target market, but it was supposed to be the cheaper iPhone alternative. Instead, apple showed, they wont play in the low cost space and its basically an iPhone 5 ,with the same internals and 5 fruity colors. So I guess the rumor mill got that one wrong. Heres what Jony Ive had to say(ROLL video at :40) PLASTIC, did he really just say PLASTIC? Come On, Was there a trap door under Jonys seat if he didnt say PLASTIC? WEre talking about PLASTIC? The 5C is selling for the SAME price the iPhone 5 would have been once a new model swooped in. $99 with a two year contract. $29 more bucks if you want a case with holes to show of two colors together. This phone unlocked is $549 which is on par with other flagship phones internationally, so is this is not a CHEAP phone. I know people will get the 5C for their kids in school, I had several girlfriends, let me make that clear, girls who are friends, who were excited about a colored iPhone until I told them, its not actually a new iPhone, and yeah, theyll sell a bunch but this is just an iPhone 5 with a color wrapper. This isnt innovation and this might be Apples most deceptive phone for the general consumer. And guess whats the first thing that pops up on Apples website. Not the 5S which actually brings new tech to the table, Its the iPhone 5C. Im not even throwing out a bad apple, from now on, Im just gonna call this the iPhone 5 CRAPPLE. = = = = = Alright I got that out, Lets get back to happy thoughts and iOS 7 is really the bright spot of this event. Itll be available as a free download on September the 18th and will be compatible as far back as the iPhone 4, iPad 2 and iPod Touch 5th generation. Weve talked all about the features like Control Center and iTunes Radio which Apple still says is coming soon, but you want to know about the new stuff Ive found? More new Wallpapers like this one of planet earth or maybe this cool one of the Northern Lights, or this one where Winter Is coming. But even better new text tones and ringtones. They even improved the original tri-tone from this(CUTAWAY red curtain)..to this...(CUTAWAY red curtain - WOW!) And my favorite ring tone right now..WAVES(cutaway green screen background something fun - happy listening) = = = = = In other new stuff coming, All Things D is reporting that we can also expect to see an Apple TV software overhaul on the 18th the same day, when iOS 7 come out. One new feature will allow people to play content they have purchased themselves on the iTunes store and play it back on someone elses Apple TV using AirPlay. So you could stream content you own to any Apple TV box that is typically set up with a single user account. And Space Grey is here to stay, Apple also announced the iPod Touch, iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle will be available in that color" = = = = = But before we move on, let's take a moment to remember the Apple products we've lost, but were so good to us, = = = = = Alright we said wed get to some of your impressions and emails from Apples Event. On Twitter DeadAxS says cant wait to get a 5S, my phone isnt slow yet but cant wait to be a Ferrari on the Digital highway Well vroom vroom to you! = = = = = Marc Owens writes in with: This was the time Apple needed to wow us all back in love with the IPhone. I broke up with my IPhone 4 and havent looked back. Tim Cook is not the leader Apple needs right now. Marc, think the days of being wowed by any Phone are gone. People want to be romanced back, because Steve did it so well, but the reality distortion field is gone, and guess what, reality can suck sometimes. B-Whiteman asks: I was wondering with the new iPhone 5s and 5c chips and antennas, will it allow for simultaneous talk and data with Sprint and Verizon while in LTE areas You wont like this but the answer is still a NO. We asked Apple and they said Verizons network technology prevents voice and data, and that it isn't a problem specific to the iPhone. Some phones like The HTC Thunderbolt have added in separate radios that enable the simultaneous voice and data over the cellular network, but its not that common on Verizon or Sprint. So there you go, keep sending us your emails with your impressions and questions to theapplebyte@cnet.com or tweet me @briantong and well show them off and well be doing another email episode in a couple weeks and I want you to really dig deep and ask me ANYTHING any question you have ever wondered, and well answer them. Thats going to do it for this weeks show Im Brian Tong, thanks for watching and well catch you next week for another bite, of the apple.

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