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Apple Byte: The iPhone 5 jailbreak is here

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Apple Byte: The iPhone 5 jailbreak is here

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Do you want a solar-powered iPhone? Also, OS X 10.9 surfaces, Apple and HBO Go are in talks, and we sit down with Will.i.am at MacWorld 2013.

-Hey Brian, sorry about the Super Bowl loss there. I thought the-- -Yeah. -Niners were gonna-- you know, thought that they were supposed to win-- -[unk] -your favorite and everything. -Well, okay. Yeah, I get it. -Crazy. What happened? -Next year-- Next year, Jim. -Any idea what happened? -No, I don't know what happened. -Really? -Next year. -You know what, next year-- -Yeah. -Okay. -Thanks man. -Yeah, next year, great. Yeah, we'll see. Next year, when they play with the Ravens again. -Okay. -Bye. -I hate that guy. What shaken Brian Tong here? And welcome to the Apple Byte for all the good and bad inside the world of Apple. And yes, I'm still getting over the Super Bowl loss, but congratulations goes out to all you Ravens fans, all two of you. So, let's get to the stories and really the big news this week was the official release of the Evasion jailbreak for the iPhone 5. It's an untethered jailbreak and it's the first of its kind to work on all iOS 6.1 cable devices including iPods, iPads, and iPhones, even going as far back as the 3GS. Now, the user reaction has been great with over four million unique devices using the Cydia App Store since the jailbreak release. Now, in response, Apple recently updated their knowledge-based article to warn of the side effects of jailbreaking such as iOS instability, security vulnerabilities, shortened battery life, and a potentially inoperable device. Now, blurry vision, shortness of breath, or dizziness were not included. -Oh, Brian, those are my estrogen pills. -I have no idea where this came from. Now, you know, jailbreaking becomes a game of cat and mouse with every iOS update and Apple has already released their latest iOS 6.1.1 for developers. There's no new major features here, but improvements for maps for Japanese users and it possibly fixes the jailbreak from working. All right, sticking with iOS, 9to5Mac reports finding files for radio buttons in the iPad Music app in iOS 6.1. The icon is similar to that radio icon that used to be an iTunes for the Mac and some of the files featured the word "buy" in the file names. It lends some weight to the Apple music radio service rumors that Bloomberg predicted to launch in the first quarter of 2013, even though negotiations with music labels have been moving very slowly. So, we'll see if these are placeholders if the music deals are made. Also, Apple rumor sites are seeing web traffic logs from unidentified machines claiming to run OS 10.9 make a significant jump from a few dozen last month to thousands in the most recent month. Apple is still on a yearly cycle of its Mac OS release around July, so the timing of this could indicate a similar timetable for OS 10.9. Hello Kitty cat. That's what they're calling it. Now, an Apple patent news, the big A was just granted a patent relating to an integrated touch sensor and a solar panel configuration. A screen would have both functions where, when idle, it can be used like a solar panel in a charging mode, but once it detects an approaching object, like a finger, it would switch its function to a capacitive touchscreen. Now, this is crazy stuff and doesn't prove it's coming, but this would be a killer feature for any phone and it's worth keeping an eye on. All right, now, if you guys wanna quench your thirst for some Apple TV news, another patent finally from the big A also revealed a system that can adjust and enhance audio based on the user's proximity to the device. It could be used for a phone, tablet, or laptop, but the diagram shows a TV with multiple people as the example. A multiple microphone array proximity sensors and facial recognition could also be used for a video conferencing function as well. And Apple TV fans that are wondering when will Apple open their walled garden and bring more content to the platform should be happy about this news. A Bloomberg report says the Cupertino kids are in talks with HBO to bring the company's HBO Go service to the Apple TV. Now, you'll have to be an HBO subscriber to use it and it's reported to be coming in mid-2013. All right, we gave you guys a little bonus episode from the Macworld show floor earlier this week and you should check it out if you haven't seen it already, but we also got the chance to sit down with the music artist, Will.i.am, to talk about his really expensive iPhone case he's pimped in, his connection to Apple, and his amazement with my last name. -Will.i.am, one of the creative minds out there and really getting involved in the technology, also has a pretty good hairstylist, if you-- if you recognize that. -Your last name is Tong? -Tong, yeah. T-O-N-G. Tong, tong, to-tong, tong, tong. -That's crazy. -All right, Will, so, you're here. You're one of the first artists that got involved with technology companies from a creative side. You actually have an iPhone case under the i.am+ line, right? The foto.sosho-- -Yeah. -photo show, you're gonna rock that. -Yes. So this is my-- the thing I created, funded, and put out-- -Uh-huh. -back to market. So, it works like this. It's a camera with different lenses. This is the fisheye lens, my favorite. We have a 360 lens,-- -Uh-huh. -a panoramic lens, a zoom lens, and a wide-angle lens. It has a better flash and a battery and a keyboard, so-- and the way it works is your iPhone gets in it like a cartridge, so this would be like your film, like the old school-- -Yeah, yeah. -like in cameras. And it sits in, closes, and snaps. And then boom! That's how it works. -How much you're gonna retail these guys for? -These are cheap. It's like, you know, 7 Gs. -Oh, really? Okay. -No. It's-- It's like $199. -All right, that's cool. So, will you be coming back to Macworld in the future? What do you think? -Yeah. I'm an Apple fan. I stare at my-- you know, my Mac OS everyday and I can use it like really [unk] Mac account for my e-mail. -All right, that's cool. Well, there you have it, Will.i.am, my striped-hair brother from another mother. -Yeah. -All right, now, you guys can watch the entire interview on its own, but I definitely feel that he wants to be connected to the tech community and he's willing to prove it himself. But Will.i.am? It's called an iCloud account. iCloud, not Mac account. -Who says stuff like that? -All right, that's gonna do it for this week's show. Send us your e-mails or tweets to the Apple Byte at CNET.com. I'm Br.i.an. I will catch you guys next week for another bite of the apple. All right, this has gotta pick me up. Okay, here we go. Okay. Nothing makes me feel better than peanut better and chocolate. What? Come on! Come on! -Hey, what's wrong, Brian? You're still upset about the Niners? -My candy, it-- -Too bad. -What-- What are you doing? -I'm sorry. Oh. -What are you doing? -I'm gonna get something to eat. I'd like-- I like Reese's a lot. -Well, I just put in money for Reese's. -Did you? Well-- That's neat. I'm sure you're gonna enjoy yours. -Woah! Right on! -No! -Oh, this is excellent. -Jim, Jim, Jim, Jim, Jim. -Can't you see this? I got two of them. -See? Go Niners.

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