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Apple Byte: The iPhone 5 is here

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Apple Byte: The iPhone 5 is here

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Did you get your iPhone 5 or are you still waiting in line...? iPad Mini dummy units are spotted in the wild, and the best Apple Byte Prize Pack EVAR.

-What's happening. I'm Brian Tong and welcome to the Apple Byte for all the good and bad inside the world of Apple. Now we'll have a special giveaway contest later in the show, but first to the stories. Now there are lines around the world for all of you who missed out on the iPhone 5 online preorders and let's just say the experience was anything but smooth. But is it really worth waiting in line to be this guy? Well, maybe it is since online shipping times have been pushed back to 3 to 4 weeks. Now the iPhone 5 coming out this Friday, we wanna show you a few snippets from our own CNET review with Scott Stein in New York. -Well, it looks a lot like an iPhone from the front. On the back it looks a little bit different, maybe almost like a Macbook or an iPad because there's an aluminum back that's either shaded silver or dark slate gray on the black model. So let's talk about that screen first because this is the first time that the iPhone has gone for a larger screen. There's been a retina display movement that doubled the pixel resolution but never a larger screen that went beyond 3.5 inches. That's done here but it hasn't really changed the feel of the iPhone, although it is longer than before. It still has that iconic look and the width still feels the same, so it actually feels surprisingly holdable in the hand and doesn't really feel awkward to grab. The real killer app for this larger video screen is video playback because now that it's a 16:9 resolution, you get less letterboxing which creates an even larger sense of effect of space on the iPhone. Now how does the battery hold up? That's a good question because this iPhone is actually thinner and lighter than before. You're dealing with percentages, 18 percent thinner, 20 percent lighter. The thing you're really going to notice is maybe not so much the thin element but that's light. It's really light. It makes the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S feel much more laden and dense. There are other additions too. The camera has been tweaked a little bit. It's still 8 megapixels, but there are some additional features built in and it works faster. Another design change, you can totally see on the bottom of the iPhone 5 is that headphone connector is now on the bottom and in the middle there, that's the lightning connector. This phone though is probably not gonna have one particular feature that's going to make you run out and scream, oh boy, this is a completely different experience. In fact this newly redesigned and rebooted iPhone 5 may not be something from the distant future, but it's something in the current moment that happens to be an excellent device. -Isn't Scott's voice just so gentle like snuggles? -Snuggle. Wee. -Now we ask you the Apple Byters your thoughts about the iPhone 5. Kimberly Maddox writes in with I'm a little disappointed with the iPhone 5. All they did was add things that's already on other phones or should've already been on the phone, bad apple. I'm still gonna get mine. Now, Victor Hernandez says not impressed at all with the products that Apple unveiled. No, I will not be purchasing the iPhone 5. And Michael Vogle chimes in with I have a 4S and really don't see a compelling reason to upgrade to a 5. Now guys I'll be upgrading from my 4 to the 5 and I'm happy to get new hardware but I'm not super hyped up at all with this release. Sure this is the best iPhone yet? But this is really the phone we should' have had last year. Now if you're a 4S owner and you feel like breaking contract and spending 250 dollars, we'll that's on you but why don't you just get iOS 6. It's just been released. You'll get all the new features and then you can just wait for the 5S. Come on guys. At least you know what it looks like already. Alright. I know a lot of you have issues about not having the latest technology so here's a How To. -Hey guys. Brian Tong here with CNET.com and we know that the iPhone 5 is longer in size than the iPhone 4 so we wanna show you how to make your 4 or 4S look like the iPhone 5. So what you'll need to do first is just hold it in as normal position just like I have right here, and we have the iPhone 4 and then the iPhone 5. Alright, let's do it again just so you guys, pay attention here. iPhone 4, iPhone 5, and all you guys out there, it also works on body parts. wow. That was amazing. Now Apple plans on selling a boatload of these with estimates targeting as high as 8 million units for the first weekend. Benchmarks have been released and this is really one of the fastest mobile devices we've ever seen on the market. Geekbench test scores show that the iPhone 5 with its dual-core A6 processor more than doubled the performance of an iPad 3 with a score of 1601 to 791 and it narrowly beat out all the other high-end quad core Android devices on the market with a Nexus 7 tablet and the Samsung Galaxy S III coming in with scores just under 1600. Now in SunSpider JavaScript benchmark test, the iPhone was the first one to come in with a score under 1000 and you can see the other devices in this list are heavy hitters. This phone is a beast and really guys, facts don't lie. But what about the features that Apple didn't show us. Well, it looks like Fox 5 New York had the scoop on everyone, just forgive us for the video quality but it's worth it. -Starting at 200 bucks, the iPhone 5 is sleeker, has a laser keyboard, holographic images, and other cool new features. -A laser keyboard and holograms? I can't wait for my iPhone 5. Alright, guys. Enough of the iPhone talk. OS X Endpoint 8.2 has been released with Facebook integration to share links and photos. You also get more Game Center integration. That's included and dictation adds support for languages like Mandarin, Spanish, and Canadian English. I can't wait to tell you all about my trip. Now there's still no new information about new IMAX and my sources have remained dark up to this point, but we're starting to see more and more reported iPad mini shells and mockups of the device. Now Giz-China has obtained a dummy unit based on rumors and design specs that feature a thinner side bezel and they also will compare it to the size of the regular iPad. Now Apple is still expected to have in October events so we'll just wait and see how true these turn out to be. Also Microsoft Office 2011 now brings support for Macbook Pros with a retina display and that's good news for users who aren't having the ghosting screen issues that we're still hearing about. And finally we know about all the beat between Apple and Samsung, but there's a point where Apple just goes too far. The big A has filed a lawsuit against an online Polish grocery site because they claim they're trying to confuse customers by using the domain www.a.pl. P-L is also Poland's countrywide domain. Really? Apple, you guys are ridiculous. You have something against sausage? Alright, guys. We told you about our crazy giveaway for those who weren't able to make it to our 200th episode which was popping and trust. There were girls like all over. It was crazy. So this is what we're doing. We're giving away an amazing price pack worth I don't know how much including an Incase denim stylish backpack in your headphones, a car charger, and iPhone 5 gumdrop case, a Mophie Reserve Juice Pack, a [unk] 20-dollar gift card, an antiglare screen protector for your iPad, and get this, a premium link lunatic ticktock watch that includes the iPod Nano and yes, I've touched every single item intimately. Now all you guys have to do is send me an email at the Apple Byte at CNET.com or tweet @BrianTong and show or tell me why you the Apple Byter deserves this ultimate prize pack. I wanna see a legit video submission or picture that makes it worthwhile because we aren't messing around here, alright? Seriously. Alright, guys. That's gonna do it for this week's show. I'm Brian Tong, thanks for watching. We'll catch you guys next time for another Byte of the Apple. -Right now. -Tell me what happened. -Yes. -Alright. -R. E.L. R.E.L dude. R.E.L. is so good. - Make it shake, like a vibrator. Laugh now I'm gonna make you cry later. Your boyfriend was the bitch, nigger, bye hater. I'm a get deep in the Tomb Raider.

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