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Tech Culture: The iPad-obsessed Christina Milian and her love of tech

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Tech Culture: The iPad-obsessed Christina Milian and her love of tech

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Kevin Frazier, co-anchor of OMG Insider, spends time with Christina Milian on the set of "The Voice." Plus, CNET Senior Editor Brian Tong breaks down Google Glass and some of the best accessories for the iPad.

-Hey, guys. What's going on? Welcome to Hooked Up. I'm Kevin Frazier. And you know this is the show where technology and celebrity collide. And I am, right now, in the media area at The Voice. Now in a moment, this will be pack with press. But before that happens, I'm gonna sneak back stage and hang out with the shows social media correspondent, the lovely and talented, Christine Milian, to find out how she keeps up on her tech game. Christina, how are you? -I'm great. -What's going on? Thank you for having me over. -Good to see you. Thank you. Good to see you. -What's going on? -Came to The Voice. -All right, no. -You are here. -I feel all official. -All over. -In your room. Christina Milian is a two-time Grammy nominated singer, actress, and fashion designer. -All of y'all bumpin' this in your cars from AM to PM. -She first burst on the pop scene 10 years ago with the hit AM to PM and has had 3 singles on the Billboard Hot 100. -Dip it low, pick it up slow. Roll it all around-- -She continued charting worldwide with Dip it Low in 2004. And as a new member of the Young Money Family, Christina is set to release her 4th studio album later this year. And now Christina is embracing her techie side as the social media correspondent on The Voice. All right, tell me your favorite social media sites now. -I mean, there's the obvious when it comes to social media with the-- -Yeah. -Twitter and Instagrams. I mean, who not in our day of-- den age when it comes to business and when it comes to your private life, doesn't really kinda put yourself out there when it comes to the social media world, but-- -Sure. -when it comes to tech-- like you know-- all the gadgets-- -Well, that's what I'm saying [unk]-- -I have been a gadget girl, but you just might as well call me a gadget girl since I was-- -Really. -I can remember-- since I can afford it, that's more like it. -What do you have over there, like why do you have three phones and a tab? -I have-well, I have every type of phone, at least that I know of, I mean there's different types of headphones. I like-- when I work out, I like to use Urbanears. I don't know if you've ever use that before-- -Oh yes, of course. -but they fit perfect in your ears. -Yep. -Great sound. -Yeah. -I use it even when I'm talking on the phone in the car, like it's really good. And then there's some other products like the techie things that are great for charging. You know, like the Mophie. -Yes. -It's wonderful for charging your phone. -Yeah. -Need that-- -Yes. -all the time. -So, what's the next big gadget Christina is excited to get her hands on? -The technology I am looking for to, and I must have and I will have, I don't care what list I have to be put on, I don't have to-- I will tap dance for anything, it's awesome. Google Glass. -Yes, yes, yes. -Google Glass. -Glass. -You put these glasses on and it's-- you see the world in a whole new light. It's just incredible. And when I saw the design of it, and the fact that you could just-- there's so many things you can do with it. You can take a picture with-- you just tell to take a picture, you tell it to take a video. It's so crystal clear. -We wanna check in real quick with CNET senior editor, Brian Tong. Do you know Brian? -I know Brian Tong. -Yeah? -Yeah. He's got that-- blonde stripe, right? -Yeah. -Yeah. I like that. I hear that he and I are actually gonna share some Google Glasses together, right? He was gonna give me his if he gets it first. -Oh, really. Did Christina Milian just [unk] you out B? -Hi. -Hey, Kev. Don't hate the player. Hate the game-- and hi, Christina. All right guys, now we talked about Google Glass, and really this is the hottest thing in the tech world, so we really wanted to break it down for you, and the first thing is not everyone can get a pair of these. You have to be part of Google's explore program and it cost $1,500. They don't come cheap. But what this is really for is for developers. You know, people that are trying to come up with new apps and ways to use the actual Google Glass. And what you see here is this is a frame here, it's not actually a pair of glasses. It's a thin titanium and sturdy frame. And what it does, it has this piece of glass right here. This is where an image is projected or kind of the heads up display for what you have here. So let me show you how this work. I'm gonna put this glasses on and-- Kev, I make these look good. Check it out, all right. But the first thing you have to do is first of all, you can either tap the side or do a little head bob and it activates the screen. You can see it turn on and I'm gonna start by saying, "Okay glass". Okay, let's give this a shot. Okay glass. I have a variety of options and here I'm gonna say, "Record a video." And you'll see my screen changing. Now you guys can see what I see, I have Michael and Jay here. Hey, boys. Say what's up, wave hi. There you go right. Now you can also do a lot of other things with this. You can use them for map directions. You can actually Google items, names, people, or places. And it does require a data connection so that means you're gonna have to have a phone tethered to this over Bluetooth or even over Wi-Fi. So my first impressions of Glass, I mean these things are amazing. This is really the future and we've never seen anything like this, but wearing them is a little socially awkward. Yo, Jay. What's up, bro? You're gonna kick it later tonight man? Jay? You know, I don't know if we'll be wearing these 24/7, but Christina, I know you're feeling these, and if you want these from me right now, you're gonna have to work a lot harder. -We'll be back with more Hooked Up in just a moment. -I'm surrounded by so much talent up here. I've got Garrett, I've got Sarah-- -For the past 3 years on The Voice, Christina has served as the social media correspondent. -All right, well we have another question. It is from Twitter. -Giving fans exclusive access to their favorite contestants and coaches with online bonus features behind the scenes interviews, and up to the minute updates during the live broadcast. How's it been being social media ambassador? -It's been great. I mean I never thought I would be-- I would have this title as a job. Like, I'm like-- -Uh huh. -total renaissance woman now with everything I've done-- singer, song writer, actress, this and that. -Uh huh. -And now a social media correspondent is really a new job. Like it's a real job that people are getting hired for and that are helping businesses. So I love it. This is such a great show. And this show has done so well with social media because they're all about connecting with their fans. And so with my job, I get to speak to the fans. Show them the most exclusive footage and do-- we're doing now, which really just laid back. -Yes. -And it's not so like, "Hey, how did you feel going up on the stage?" Like it's really like, let's get into your story and let's get up close. And then the world is really learning about them, you know, to that moment. -So in a sense, is this a dream job for you? -Absolutely. It's a dream job because I love what I'm doing. I already-- like this was something I did already and now to get you to do something that I love. -Right. -It's like, oh well, it's like I hit the lottery. -From Instagram and Twitter to up and coming apps like Mobli, Christina is active on a wide range of platforms. -I'm huge on Instagram. I love Instagram. Well, a few social media, to see the pictures, 'cause I tend to find them, you know, when people hash tag my name, I'll find it on Twitter or I'll find it on Instagram or Mobli. Mobli's another one-- it's video and it's pictures. And, you know, a hash tag is pretty much starts a story, so it makes everything so much easier to find everything. My best one's are like especially ones that are for pictures, because I feel the world speaks through pictures now. -Uh huh. -You know, even if I'm placing something on the Instagram, I might have put it through 3 other apps before placing it on Instagram or Twitter-- -Sure. -or on our Facebook page of The Voice or something. I tend to go to like Pic Stitch and try to put it now as much pictures as I can. Gosh there's so many. There's a new one, well I don't know if it's new, but it's called Fancy. And I'm a shopper-- -Uh huh. Oh. -I like to shop. -The Fancy. -Yes. See. -Of course. I have it-- I have that app. It's yeah-- -That one's so cool because it opens your eyes to so many new products that are out there, and you could just fancy it or you could buy it. -If you could invent an app-- -Uh huh. -what would that app be? -If I can invent an app, I've had a couple different ideas-- other than something like the songwriter's pen, I've also have an idea to invent an app where it's kinda like that travel buddy where-- but it's gear towards women. I find a lot of women are traveling more often now when they're having like girls vacations and it's like all about girls time. I would love there to be an app that is kind of a travel app where you're kinda placing up pictures about your trip and what you did. Where's the place to go, how much fun you had? And like you know, you can kinda just share it with your friends. You know talking about, you know, all the fun places we've been and kinda sharing those moments in the right places to go with each other. -So how does Christina stay so connected to her favorite apps? -I have 2 regular iPads, like the first one is like the one, and then I got the mini one. But the mini works out well in my purse with the three other-- three other phones. -Wow. So tell me, what do you do on your iPad? -I think I've just, you know, I just purchased them immediately as far-- you know, as soon as they all came out. And I just thought it was-- -Yeah. -genius because I was tired of kinda carrying my laptop around everywhere. -[unk] that right. -So, on each one-- I mean they're kind of all very similar, but they might have more apps or different apps on each one. -Uh huh. -Like maybe one, I have iMovie and that's where I'll edit like movies or things that I'll put on my YouTube channel. -Yeah. -And because that takes up a lot more space, I won't put that on my other iPad. My second one, I probably have a lot of shopping stuff like Gills. And I have-- -I love Gills. -Fab. The foundry of all of the shopping websites, I have probably on that one. -Much more with Christina coming up in just a moment. But I wanna toss it over to my man, Brian Tong. In CNET, he's the senior editor there-- and by the way, Brian, this is one of the great secrets of covering Hollywood and being a member of the media, they always feed you at the show. So, while I grub, you go ahead and fill everybody in. Cheesecake is fantastic at The Voice, by the way. -So, Kevin you're gonna need to slow it down on that cheesecake because you know, I know how much you care about your figure. All right, now Christina talked about how she has three different iPads, so this is the perfect time for me to show off some of the cool new accessories you can get forth and we know there's a lot out there, but these are three of the hottest. And we'll start off with someone who loves to travel, who's on the go, and loves movies. These are the Seagate Wireless Plus and it cost 199. It's a wireless 1 terabyte hard drive. And what it allows you to do is stream movies, music or photos directly to three different devices at the same time. And it has a 10-hour battery life. So, for someone like that's also on the go, this is my BFF. Now the next product we have here, this is the Belkin Ultimate Keyboard Case, and what makes this one unique is there's others out there, but it entirely protects the back side, so it has this kind of plastic slash leather surface on the back. Then when you flip it open it connects and you can set it at three different angles, so that gives you some versatility. And then once you set it at an angle, it automatically connect to Bluetooth, you don't have to flip on a switch. And then you can type away. And really this is the closest experience that you'll get to having a laptop like feel with your iPad. And finally, you see this guy, this is an iPad with the photo lens. I know you've seen that whole phenomena where people are holding up their iPads taking pictures in public. Well you know what, it's here, we might as well embrace it, even though I think it's dirty. But check this out-- this is a Telephoto Lens from Photojojo.com. It cost $25 and they make a set for the regular iPad or the iPad Mini and it includes a Telephoto 10x or 12x lens. This is really a versatile package to get those tight shots from something way far away. And you know if you're okay with being that person, this is the kit for you. And plus, they also have a really cool three lens kit for phone, so you guys should check that out. So, if you look at everything here, these are just three really unique accessories for your iPad, we're checking out. Back to you, Kev. -Christina has focused her passion for tech and fashion by partnering up with The Hunt, a site that turns the virtual shopping experience into a social supported search. Tell me about The Hunt. -The Hunt, yes. I'm so glad you mentioned that. The Hunt is a really awesome website. I actually have been posting stuff even on my Instagram and Mobli. It's a shopping website, where basically, you know, sometimes you'll see an item and you have no idea where it comes from. -Uh huh. -Or you'll see it like really expensive item-- like let's just say this dress is Roberto Cavalli and you're the average girl who has a budget. And you wanna find something similar to it. So what you do is you just post the picture of the item and you say, "Hey, I'd love to find something similar to this or I wanna find this exactly." Or you can even style the item, say-- -Uh huh. -"I got this dress-- I don't know what to wear with it. Can you guys post like hunt for it-- hunt for some items that can go with it or hunt for this outfit, 'cause I can't find it anywhere." -So in a sense, I work with a lot of women. So I-- -Yes. -understand, it's like having your girlfriends-- -We love to shop. -around you though to kinda help you out. -Yes. -Because they always turn to like, they'll turn to me and I'm like, "I don't know." -Oh yeah, no. My girlfriends are like if they see something they like, they're gonna ask me, "Where did you get that?" Now I'm the type that's gonna tell them, but not every girl has the access to knowing all that kind of stuff-- -Sure. -So-- and this case people will go out, all the girls, even guys, go out looking-yeah-- guy, they propose something, they like I can't find these Lil Wayne T-shirt or something like, and somebody will go out and look for it and post it and tell you where you can buy it. So it's really cool. It's a great site. And I'm glad to be part of it. -How long have you been into the social media gig? Like were you one of the early adapters? -Absolutely. -Really? -Yeah, you know, I've always have this attraction to-- just the internet and when I found out the World Wide Web, like it was just-- -Uh huh. Sure. -such a big deal when it became-- -Uh huh. -when it came out, it just seems so interesting. And it was intriguing at the time. I was you know, probably 12, 13 when it really became popular-- -Yeah, [unk]. -and I became familiar with it. And it started off with like the AOL chat rooms. And I'm sitting there waiting for my phone, you know, for my phone to dial in. all that's-- those noises, you just-- I almost have that memorize exactly how the sound was when you knew you're about to sign on. -That was so crazy. -So, that happened and then as soon as my career started to sprout, I think what attracts me as well was seeing that people started to develop fan sites for me. And-- -Uh huh. -people started to act like they were me. You know, in other-- you know chat rooms and websites and stuff like that, you know-- -Really? -Yeah. So I wanted to clear it up. So I signed on to any and everything you can think off and let people know the real deal. And my real fans kinda found that out and made it possible for, you know, the world to know it was really me. -That was fun and Christina Milian, beautiful and she loves tech stuff. I mean like that's a nerds perfect dream. I'm not saying I'm a nerd, but maybe. Anyway, it was a lot of fun and-- oh wait a minute, I'm gonna send her a tweet real quick to thank her. Well, there's a BBM alert right now from my assistant Natalie. She thinks I'm gonna be late for my next shoot. I'm never late, Natalie. Well, maybe sometimes. Christina, thanks again so much-- it was a blast. And of course we'll see you next time on Hooked Up.
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