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Apple Byte: The iPad Mini is in mass production

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Apple Byte: The iPad Mini is in mass production

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Multiple reports confirm that the iPad Mini is coming soon. Forget about Maps, Purplegate is the new Bad Apple. Plus, our iPhone 5 giveaway!

-Oh, this is my favorite part. I love this stuff. -Hey Brian. -Hey, what's up Jim? -You see some of the comments on the show? -On you YouTube. -Yeah. -Yeah, I read all of them. -I'm sure you do then you would know that they like my part in that -Yeah, I saw that. -quite a bit. -I saw that. -It was great. I think my I should get a bigger part of the show, bigger role than you think. -Well, you want a bigger part in the Apple Byte. -Yeah, I mean, look-- look at somebody's-- look at somebody's comments. They are great. They are great. It's like oh, he's fantastic, he's my hero, and they wanna see more of me. -Okay, okay, yeah, yeah. You know what yeah let's do that, yeah. -Really? -Yeah, sure Jim, alright. -Great. -Okay. -What's up! Brian Tong here and welcome to the Apple Byte for all the good and bad inside the world of Apple. Now, we have a sweet, goodie give away at the end of our show, but first to the stories. Now, hot on the hills of the iPhone 5, the news is now all about the iPad mini. According to the Wall Street journal, Apple has started mass production of the new iPad mini, my own sources confirmed the same information and Macotakara reported earlier in the week that [unk] some facilities had started production in Brazil. It's also where they shot that awesome scene in Fast Five where they were like jumping through these buildings in Rio de Janeiro. Uh-huh, that was sick. Alright guys, now, you know, these stories are true because guess what even more leak parts. Okay, now, not of this is official, but website Ukrainian iphone.com claims these are more of images of iPad mini parts from factories in China featuring the inside of an iPad mini back cover with the headphone mini jack that will still remain on top and a SIM card that's been moved to a lower position. The out part of the back cover appears to have the same lack anodized aluminum as the iPhone 5, sexy but sensitive. Now, you can also see this image with the reported 7.85-inch LCD display and the front vessel of a white iPad mini as well that match it with rumors from over a month ago. So when might we expect an announcement? Well, a report from the Apple 2.0 blog says invitations for Apple's mini event will be sent out on October 10th with the unveiling to happen on October 17th and the iPad minis would then go on sale on Friday, November 2nd. The source, a major investor, translation, a really, really rich guy who's trying to drive a [unk]. Now, we're expecting an announcement this year, but if Apple is selling the new 4-inch screen iPad touch with 32 gigs for 299. What are they going to sell on iPad mini for? 299, 349, even if the other competitors on the 7-inch space are 199. Well, we'll see and you can be sure we'll be all over the iPad mini news and like stripes on zebra. Then, let's not forget about the iPhone 5. Now, a lot of you were not really happy with what I said last week. For example, Matthew writes in with hey, "This is the Apple Byte. Why don't you just quit the show or just called the Samsung Byte, go buy a Galaxy S III already." Okay, I think I'll just quit. Now, Elizabeth on Twitter says, "I wanna cash you out. What you say about the Galaxy S III? We're team iPhone over here." Actually, I'm team Edward. Now, on the more positive unrelated note an anonymous viewer writes in with this, "After finding my iPod Touch all wet multiple times a day, I caught my 2-year-old leaking the screen. She won't confess the learning to lick the screen from you, but since we watch the apple every week, it is likely she has picked up this behavior from you." Mission accomplished. Alright guys, Apple Byters, See some of you guys get crazy like way too crazy. I didn't say the S III was the best phone that always comes down to what you want in a phone, not me, but it's absolutely really most innovative phone right now, just deal with it. Unfortunately, it doesn't get any better with the latest iPhone 5 [unk] called Purplegate. This is where a purple haze or purple flares appear when you point the camera towards the sun or bright lights. Have you guys seen this effect on your pictures? Well, some photography experts have speculated that the new sapphire glass offering on the iPhone's camera might be the culprit. Can we just throw a bad Apple out already? Now picture comparisons clearly show the effect and Apple had an official response for one Gizmodo reader recommended her to angle the camera away form the bright light source, which implies that you might be holding it wrong. Now, Apple also says the purple flare is considered normal behavior for the iPhone 5's camera. Well, at least I won't have to use Instagram filters anymore. Now, you guys probably heard Apple CEO Tim Cook made public apology for Apple's poor maps right after last week's beat down of a show from us. So, clearly, he watches the Apple Bye. -I can't think of a better reason of getting up in the morning. -In Cook's statement, he said Apple was extremely sorry and even suggested Mac alternatives to use until Apple gets their maps right. Now, even created a section on their apps store for them. Some you wrote into try using Bing maps, Map Quest alongside the other alternatives we gave, but in some good news, street view is coming to the web version of the Google maps by the time you see this and you can use it on an iPhone or iPad at maps.google.com. So, we like that. Alright guys, let's take a break to check out the app of the week. You guys have to check a new game called Granny Smith and it's just 99 cents. It's a fund raising side scholar where the goal is to collect 3 apples and coins time you jump so you land your feet by releasing the jump button at the perfect time and then use your cane to slide on rails. With all the coins you've collected, you can then use them to upgrade Granny Smith with gadgets like banana peels and baseballs. See all the things your grandma actually kept in their pockets. Now, the 3 graphics have these call Wallace and grandma styling and it's a refreshing new and unique game on iOS devices, so check it out. And finally guys, let's do our give away. If you guys have an iPhone 5 and you don't want it to get all scratched up or beat up, my good friends at Speck are hooking you up the apple byters with the PixelSkin HD and fab shell cases for the iPhone 5. Now, these cases are hot right now. Now, I personally have a purple case because it's my favorite color. -I hope your case is like Justin Bieber. -As long as you love me, love me, love me-- -Alright guys, all you have to is watch last week's episode and name just 5 of the apps that were on my iPhone 5 screen when I opened it. Send your responses to my Twitter account at Brian Tong or e-mail us at the applebyte@cnet.com and we'll randomly pick the winners and announce them on next week's show. And finally guys we just want to take a moment to announce October 5th as the one year anniversary since Steve Jobs passed way. Now, you guys can say what you want about it, but you can't deny. It was one of greatest minds we've ever seen in technology and business and let's be honest, our show wouldn't even exist without him. Alright guys, that's gonna do it for this week's show. I'm Brian Tong. Thanks for watching. We'll cath you guys next time for another byte of the Apple. -Alright guys, that's gonna do it for this week's show. I'm Brian Tong. Thanks for watching. We'll cath you guys next time for another byte of the Apple. Alright guys that's a wrap. Hey Jim, Jim. -Yeah, hey Brian, yeah, yeah. -So, that expanded really you're talking about, you know, -Yeah. -being on the Apple Byte a little more. -What do you want? -I got the perfect thing for you. -Excellent. I'm ready. -This stage needs to be swept. It's a little dirty. I like you to clean it up. Alright? Here you go. -Yes sir. Yeah. -I'll see you next week, okay. -Yeah, yeah.

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